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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Puebla government takes control of security in Ciudad Serdán, Puebla

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Proceso
El secretario general de Gobierno en Puebla, Diódoro Carrasco Altamirano. Foto: Octavio Gómez
The Secretary general of Government in Puebla, Diódoro Carrasco Altamirano. Photo: Octavio Gómez
By Gabriela Hernández

PUEBLA, Pue- For the third time in recent weeks, the state government intervened in the security of a municipality, this time in Ciudad Serdán, in light of the increase in crime rates that afflict that region.

In a press conference, the Secretary General of Government, Diódoro Carrasco, as well as the Public Security Minister, Jesús Morales, specified that in the morning 36 members of the Municipal Police of Ciudad Serdán were arrested, including Ignacio Tobón, Police Supervisor and another manager who was not identified.

Carrasco said that this municipal security intervention was based on a decree issued by the PAN governor Antonio Gali Fayad, as happened in San Martin Texmelucan on May 2.

In addition, yesterday the state government took control of the municipalities of Amozoc, after six police officers were found executed on Friday 15.

As in the other two municipalities, Carrasco informed, 34 policemen and an executive commander were arrested this morning in Serdán and transferred to the Control and Confidence Center for a review of their files and credentials.

Officials also reported on the arrest of Ignacio Tobón, who served as supervisor of the municipal police in Ciudad Serdán, after it was confirmed that he lacked official documents, carried an illegal weapon and had arrest warrants for injuries and abuse of authority.

According to the residents, this operation occurred after the kidnapping of a young man named Kevin Joffre in that locality, which has generated protests among the inhabitants who even blocked the road to demand actions from the authorities.

The three municipalities intervened in are part of the strip where criminal groups operate stealing fuel from Pemex.

Although last year operations began with the support of the Army and the Navy to stop the huachicoleros, what has happened is that the criminal groups continued in other criminal activities, such as kidnapping, extortion, theft of cars, theft of cargo, trains and the "ordeña" and sale of LP gas.

Just this week it was announced that Puebla ranks first in the country in terms of incidence of stealing LP gas, after last year 61 clandestine robberies of this fuel were detected.


  1. The army and theerinas were tbere, but only to pave the road for the Estatales, now thy are there to replace municipales, all the government to ever wanted, to bullet proof the state for El PAN, or for El PRI, elections are coming and the tigers are sharpening their claws, planting tanks and mini tanks wherever they feel they will be needed to steal the coming election, --even Dr Mireles says that...

  2. probesito pinche gobierno de mierda,
    no pueden ni saben que hacer,
    pero pa tapar el sol con un dedo...

  3. stealing gas, never a safety incident or huachicoleros caught

  4. Wow 34 cops arrested and 6 executed!They need to get a handle on this must faster or crime just flourishes.It's too bad they can't trust to report this to the authorities the cops as soon as they are threatened that anything would be done as it depends whether the budget was stolen that particular month or not!

    1. The whole Guarnicion de Ojinaga got arrested a few years back, and a general in charge, for murdering officers and people and robbing and stealing and drug trafficking, "because of an anonymouse message" maykrs, lieutenents, corporal and Sargent were sent to prison in Sinaloa...
      No shit,
      Pablo Acosta never had such desmadres when he had the plaza.

  5. Recently I drove from Zacatecas, Zacatecas to Saltillo, Coahuilla and the road was full of huachicoleros selling diesel fuel. They had the empty five gallon containers setting on the side of the road waiting to be purchased. Sure would be easy to catch and arrest these guys with some undercover work. Obvious there is police and municipal officials getting their cut.

    1. That's how its been working in Mexico for decades. No one operates without PISO. An NPR report interview of journalists and political analysts concluded the mass corruption of government / political leaders in Mexico as a norm.
      Moreover, the government involvement in the drug trade industry. Reffernce to; operating under the radar and impunity of government supervision. A quote from a journalist puts it clearly; that no individual / organization can operate a billion dollar illegal business without government knowledge. Furthermore, without interference and prosecution.

      Political analysts concluded the fragile democratic system is under attack by those who have and will continue to undermine the democratic process. Where politicians and journalists are executed at an alarming rate.


    2. I am surprised you made out alive, they are killing people like animals.

    3. 7:04 I am not afraid to drive it in the daytime and with a full tank of gas to get me to Saltillo from Zacatecas and a quality Hotel. I always drive direct from one big city to another. I know the rules that will get me from one place to another safely. In Zacateces in El Centro it is safe at night. Hard to get out of El Centro driving with the little twisting and one way streets. Also a lot of slow moving traffic. It is loaded with cops and military. The criminals would not get far. Just an example of how I roll and think.

  6. 11:44 5 gallon containers, and diesel huachicoleros, bullshit,
    the containers alone would be more expensive than the profit,
    --The business of selling 20 cent cooper coins for the payphones must have really dried out...


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