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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Presidential Campaign in Mexico Gets Dirty (Dirtier)

 Posted by DD  Republished from The Real News Network 

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LAURA CARLSEN: This week the gloves came off in the Mexican elections. What appears to be hundreds of thousands of phone calls are being made to cell phones throughout the country, Claiming that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador poses a danger to society. At the end of the recording, which consists of incendiary and often false statements against the candidate, there is a loaded question, and the voice asks the person to mark one to determine whether it’s a Lopez Obrador sympathizer or not.

My call came in the other afternoon. A woman’s voice began: “As you know, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is criticizing major businessmen, which threatens private investment, and the jobs it creates. If you agree that Lopez Obrador picking fights with businessmen even though it risks losing national and foreign investment and job creation, mark one on your phone.”

It sounds like that. It’s not a bad translation. That’s literally how absurd the call was. Other people got calls on different hot button issues in the campaign. Here’s one that warns that Lopez Obrador would release criminals from prison.

Note how the caller plays on fear, saying that AMLO would withdraw the armed forces from the drug war. Which, incidentally, is exactly what every major international human rights organization and most national human rights organizations have been demanding for years.

It’s clear the big data is being employed here. I got the call on foreign investment. Others got calls on education, security, and other issues. Experts have noted that the call can also generate a database by registering whether voters are for or against the candidate. They seemed to be aimed at changing votes. Given the margin AMLO has, the opposition, whoever it is is behind this, would have to flip at least some voters because it can’t even win with undecideds. On Twitter the hashtag #GuerraSucioElectoral is trending: Electoral dirty war. The special prosecutor on electoral crimes has agreed to take complaints and look into the calls.

Calumnious phone calls from anonymous sources are an ominous sign for the days to come, but it gets worse. There have been over 110 political assassinations since the campaign period began on September 8. Most have been candidates, especially on the local level. These elections are already among the bloodiest in Mexican history. On June 2, for example, four women politicians who were assassinated, including Juana Maldonado, a candidate in Puebla, and Pamela Teran, a candidate in Oaxaca who was murdered with the young photographer assigned to cover her campaign, Maria Del Sol Cruz.

The National Electoral Institute decried the violence, but according to CNN declared that it does not have sufficient evidence to prove that the violence is linked to the elections. It’s a coincidence that candidates are being assassinated at a rate of several a day, just weeks before the elections?
Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the United Nations, stated without control, criminal violence is a serious threat to the democratic institutions, and undoubtedly, to democracy itself. On May 10th the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights declared it observes a situation of special risk to political actors in the country, including PRI candidates and candidates of different movements and political affiliations, and demanded that the authorities carry out investigations and respect due process.

The situation is critical. Citizen groups are pressuring the electoral authorities to take a more active role in denouncing and investigating the violence before a cloud of fear settles over the nation on election day, which could threaten lives, keep people home on voting day, and restrict their choices. Low turnout favors the institutional party, which can fall back on its core voter base, forged in large part on vote buying and voter coercion, which is also rampant at this stage of the elections.

Meanwhile, the center-left candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is maintaining his lead, and the assumption that he will take the presidency is growing even among reluctant actors, such as the financial sector. The hard core that rejects this outcome is becoming more aggressive in its tactics and actions. But with every affront, the citizenry invents new ways to call out the dirty tricks on social media, organize for poll watching, and create endless memes and parodies to relieve the tension that surrounds these elections.

 We’ll continue to cover upcoming events. Stay tuned. This is Laura Carlsen with Mexican Elections Update.

This is DD with Borderland Beat.  Times change, technology changes society very rapidly.  You might remember 3 years ago just before  Mexico's midterm elections Pena Nieto's PRI government gave away reportedly about 10 million digital flat screen TVs.

The election was widely seen as a referendum on EPM's job performance.    Epn and PRI vowed the give away had nothing to do with the elections, but was to help the poor transition into the digital electronic age.  That year they also gave away millions of Soriana debit cards. (one of mexico's largest grocery chains).  But that didn't work out too well because someone "forgot" to put funds in many of those accounts and they had a bunch of mad Mexicans on their hands because the cards were worthless.

As I said times change.  EPN currently has an approval rating somewhere around 14%.  This evidently has caused PRI to fall on hard times financially.  I couldn't help but laugh a couple of weeks ago when the PRI diehards came through my neighborhood campaigning.  But rather than giving away free gifts, the were selling eggs.  A carton of 30 eggs were 10 pesos (a little less than 1/4 the cost in the stores.).  I bought 2 cartons, 60 eggs, not because I am a PRI supporter but because they were a real bargain and I knew PRI was losing  money on each sale.  After I got my eggs and paid the lady I told her I was a gringo and not a Mex. citizen and couldn't vote in Mexico.  She gave me a pretty dirty look.

     “The people must know before they can act, and there is no educator to compare with the press.
.The Future Depends on Knowing.”


  1. You can also put up a sign in your front yard.

  2. I live in Mexico and neither I or my wife have had that call. I had one from Mexico City but I did not answer. Usually trying to sell something. I have heard on the streets that Obrador is wanting to let prison inmates out. Anything goes here. They are even string arming and following people into voting booths to make sure they vote for one candidate. Mostly being done by PRI corruption just like what happened when Nieto was voted in.

    1. 6:40 Voting has not started, how is anyone strong arming anybody in the voting booths? Mmmh?
      --I think your facking propaganda is still the PRI campaign for election day in the planning.
      Russian bots in action in mexico, is what shit looks like. Russian oligarchs would happily help fack up the US again, AMLO or no AMLO.

  3. It's also noted that companies are instructed to inform their employees of how to vote. Reffernce to job uncertainty if AMLO wins.
    Investors has been on hold due the upcoming elections.


    1. AMLO NEEDS TO HAVE A MEETING with the businessmen
      and poison all the motherfackers, or at least arrest all of their arses and strip them naked of all posessions.

  4. This election is going to make a nail biter out of me yet. If the dreaded “ Colosio Moment “ happens people are gonna go LOCO......and if the election is stolen from him AGAIN, the people are going to go loco and if he wins the elite will ? What ? Just grin and bear it ? Will Mexico’s Congress work with him? and I am guessing that depends on other state and district elections.
    Any insights from your perspective, DD ?

    1. The question that should be asked? What will Mexico become if AMLO wins? What direction will it follow? Business investors are weary to his non- compliance to past business practices.
      Moreover, the so - called AMNESTY for those responsible for what's transpiring in Mexico.

      This recommendation of human rights organizations for non-military use fighting the war on drugs is so absurd. Knowing that municipal officials and police can't be trusted.
      Yet,despite the carelessness and sometimes unethical behavior of military personnel / officials. Its government that implements law and order and not the rent a cop's business practices / motto which has been applied in most Mexican states.


    2. The military are the worst when it comes to human rights,
      The US and the Mexican government were warned about using the military for police work because of many other countries past experiences, it was confirmed in Mexico during THE FECAL EXPERIMENT in Cd Juarez.
      And the worst, giniral Salvador Cienpedos said it himself "we were not prepared for police work, we are not police, we kill, return us to barracks..." what should be done is form a new police with new training and get these crooks out of power and decommission at least all the cream of their murdering ranks and make no bones about it, THEY NEED TO BE DEGRADED AND DRUMMED OUT WITHOUT PENSIONS AND ONLY THOSE THAT PASS THEIR CONFIABILITY EXAMINATIONS be kept in charge, but most military zone commanders need to be examined with lie detectors and waterboarded for good measure, at least sign for it. Bad elements need purging ASAP.

    3. AMLO will make Mexico into Venezuela like Chavez, then he will never give up power, democracy will be over, he is paid off by the cartels like most of the the rest anyway, except he is a real communist.

    4. 3:39 Venezuela has been made into what it is now in revenge for nationalizing THEIR OIL and withdrawing their gold from Foreign banks, the US heads the economic blockade, vote fraud and the opposition fighting the Revolución Bolivariana on the streets with paid agitators,
      That is what awaits AMLO and mexico, foreign intervention and dirty tricks, recommended read:
      "The Confessions of an Economic Hitman"

  5. I'm far from being a leftest but think amlo could do something if he keeps his word on bringing down coruption starting at the top (federal gov). If he wants to pull back marinos and the army from the streets, the only sane option would be to form a coloumbian styled national police with a strict penalty for coruption of 50 years in prison without the possibity of amparos or early release, and get rid of all state and municipal police.

  6. Obrador is not gone be the changed every time he got attack and shown proven to back it up in the debate he would answer with something completely different trying to be funny like when they told him his daughter went to study in Spain SMH I wonder why npbnob attack El bronco?

    1. La Mula Bronca tá mas pendeja que la mula de seises.
      He is only running to shave points from AMLO and if AMLO's daughter studies in Spain so what? At least the government sicarios can't get to her that easy.

  7. Not a pri supporter but you guys are being biased

  8. Well Yaqui its obvious you and DD are backing the commie . Why wouldn't people fear the release of criminals ? Do you think the relationship between USA and Mexico would improve on border issues ? Do you think the cartel will try to hit him ? Sounds kinda cartel friendly to me . Mexico will really suck if he gets power .The government needs to keep killing those crimials down there . Some day it may really become a decent place

    1. Expect a wall if amnesty is granted.
      A current opposition for a wall unless such a proposal is displayed.
      Along with stiff sanctions from world leaders.
      And for those who state Mexico can do without the US? Think again, cheap labor added with cheap manufacturing will only result with little profits.
      Selling and trading between underpaid and impoverished countries is not financially rational.
      Why do you think China is nervous if a trade war were to emerge.

      Quite sure that the narcos are bankrolling his political campaign for the thought of freedom.
      For those who think not ( bankrolling ) his campaign. Must we remind you how things work and has for centuries in Mexico.
      Mexico's citizens should never bow to these fucks. Nor to those paid politicians whose pockets are getting deeper. Moreover, the lack of judicial respect towards its citizens.


    2. Did I say anything , one word, about backing him ?
      I said nothing of the sort.

    3. @4:07PM E 42. Sometimes you post some pretty good comments but I have no idea what you just said.

    4. @12:01 I can't speak for Yaqui. AMLO is not a communist, he is generally considered a left-leaning Populist which doesn't make him a commie.

      AMLO has not released details of his amnesty plan but he has said he would not offer amnesty to convicted killers or violent criminals. He has a committee of experts on the judicial system developing a plan to present to him. Trump just commuted the life sentence of a 1st time offender convicted of trafficking drugs, several conspiracy charges, and money laundering and other charges. She is a 67 year old grandmother who had served 21 years of her sentence. Does her release cause you fear. I have seen several interviews of citizens on the street who have said they don't agree with everything AMLO proposes, but they welcome someone with new ideas and they are willing to give him a chance because they don't want to continue with same type of admin. as in the past.

      No matter who wins the election the relationship between Mx. and US will not improve until US changes some if its policies. Nearly everyone in Mexico does not want to see The Wall built. They view it as stupid and and an insult to Mexico.

      Nearly any public official, including the President runs the risk of assassination but AMLO is willing to take that risk because he thinks he can improve the life of the people of Mx.

      As far as the govt. continuing killing the criminals "down there", they've been doing that for 40 years without any improvement in the life in Mexico. Most knowledgeable people believe the War on Drugs has been a colossal failure with the only result being close to 300,000 drug related homicides. Amlo and the Mexican people believe a different approach is needed.

      As far as me "backing" AMLO, I am an American citizen and cannot vote or be involved in political campaigns in Mexico. What I do back is a different approach to cleaning the govt. of corruption, a different approach and policy for reducing violence and programs to help the poor in Mexico raise their standard of living. I would applaud and cheer for whoever can do that or even try to do that.

    5. Ok Yaqui . Maybe I misread you . What I was thinking was you favored him . Still could have read you wrong . I heard it said one time , "true wisdom is when one realizes everything they think they know could be wrong . I am not truly wise . Maybe I have just been conditioned , growing up in the cold war era , to think communism is a very bad policy . So far it has failed all over the world .

    6. Thank you 9:41. I am very interested in the out come of this election and extremely interested in the future of Mexico. It is already the most violent election cycle and I think DD said it best above. Something someday has got to change for the better soon for the good people of Mexico; I really do not know if AMLO is that change or not, but Anyone trying is a brave soul in today’s Mexico. Look at all the brave women that have already been assassinated just for giving it a try, running for office , ie.

    7. Hes " willing to take that risk " because there is no risk. He is the cartels guy. Wake up.. help the poor help the poor... you know what helps the poor? Jobs do.. your a bleeding heart liberal socialst. Throwing money at it hasnt worked and will never work. You need a populist whos not owned by the cartels who will truly do whats right for Mexico. The ones who would do it right get killed. Think about that for a minute...thats how far gone Mexico is right now. Its going the way of Venezuela and the old Columbia. But the people are so engrained in believing socialism is the answer that its going to fall before they wake up. Mark my words... if Obrador wins, Mexico will be on its knees in less than 10 years. Sadly, Mexican pride blinds itself to the truth. But hey, viva Mexico right?

  9. Mexico might have the revolution it desperately needs. I dont know much about this AMLO guy but I know he was robbed of the election in 2012 thus letting epn and el pri protect cjng which they turned mexico into a living hell. From 2006-2012 mexico had its financial revolution happen when CDS was at the helm and the only people killing each other on a mass scale were narcos. Mayo and RCQ will restore order when AMLO assigns the marina to go after all the dto causing mexico to be a shithole.

    1. 12:43 Mayo and RCQ restoring order ? Man I hope the people with your rational are a very low low percentage of a percentage .

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians are responsible for the calls. Being serious, there has been reports of them getting involved in the Mexican election months ago.

    1. Yea the Russian is coming

    2. @12:51PM You may not have realized it but you were being serious in your first sentence. All the intelligence agencies that have investigated possible Russian involvement in various countries elections have issued a warning that Russia has the capabilities to hack into election systems in any country. If they have an interest in a country's election outcome or if they are paid enough they can influence the election.

    3. 8:51 If the electronic election system is connected to the WWW , the country is equal to being bent over with butter on their ass in a prison shower . It just aint smart .

    4. Blockchain Technology could help solve the issue in regards to election tampering. Hopefully these will be more widely used in the future!


  11. Jalisco is already in Tamaulipas. Their is a relation between what political group controls each state and the cartel they support. PAN is anti Federation, Golfo, Zetas, FM, PRI. The other political parties can go both ways some of them are PRI,PAN you just have to look at the history of each Politian. So its a war between PAN and PRI, Cartel Families vs Cartel Families.

    Tamaulipas PAN A faction of the Gulf cartel is being bank rolled by Jalisco, Juarez, Tijuana, Beltran, most likely caro quintero if he isn't retired and el PAN.

    Aguascalientes PAN

    Baja California PAN

    Baja California Sur PAN

    Chihuahua PAN Juarez fighting the state

    Durango PAN

    Guanajuato PAN Jalisco is in Gunanjuato fighting the state

    Morelos {PRD} PAN Jalisco is in Morelos fighting the state

    Nayarit PAN

    Puebla PAN fighting the state

    Querétaro de Arteaga PAN

    Quintana Roo{PRD} PAN Jalisco is in Quintana Roo fighting the state

    Tabasco{PRD} PAN Jalisco is in Tabasco fighting the state

    Veracruz PAN Jalisco is in Veracruz fighting the state

    Oaxaca{PRI} Jalisco is in Oaxaca fighing the state

    Ciudad de México{PRD} PAN


    Campeche PRI

    Chiapas {PVEM} PRI

    Colima PRI Jalisco is fighting the state and somehow managed to get El Gerardon captured and then killed him in Prison. PRI for sure he worked in Sinaloa for sometime.

    Coahuila de Zaragoza PRI

    Guerrero PRI

    Hidalgo PRI

    Jalisco PRI 2018 is the Governors final year CJNG might just get rid of the pain in the ass that is if Mencho doesn't get plucked first. I believe this governor is behind El Cholos and his group calling itself Cartel Plaza Nueva in Guadalajara. They are also behind Erick Valaencia el 85s release. 2013 was the year he came into power and is the same time Jalisco had the most loses.

    Estado de Mexico PRI

    Michoacán{PRD}PRI Jalisco is in Michoacán financing some of the Templario factions currently the State and Federal Government favor the Viagras while the Templarios Joined forces with Jalisco.

    Nuevo León PRI ran as an independent but that doesn't matter since he has always been PRI

    Oaxaca PRI

    San Luis Potosí PRI

    Sinaloa PRI

    Sonora PRI

    Tlaxcala PRI

    Yucatán PRI

    Zacatecas PRI

    Caro Quenttero was released with the help of Jalisco not Sinaloa I am thinking he is in Durango that is where Mencho asked him to operate if you look at that states history it has always been PRI

    When Caro said he didn't have any problems with Mayo that was a lie I strongly believe that Mayo and Chapo turned on all the bosses of Old and ratted them out to take control of the business and it worked for sometime before Mencho came up. I believe Mencho meet up with Caro sometime during his stay in Jalisco and they came to an agreement.

    Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon were bank rolled by Juarez, Jalisco, Tijuana and a few others most likely Caro Quenttero it was an unexpected turn Calderon started a war to get rid of El PRIs Hench men. The thing I don't understand is what does the US have to do with all this?

    Hope this gets posted.

    1. @5:16PM Man that is complicated. Can you tell me where you obtained all your knowledge of some of the most secretive political activities in the country.

    2. Wiki an hour a brain, List of State governors, history of el Narco in those states, names, the internet, interrogation videos. It seems people that live one day at a time don't have time to notice things.

    3. The last part is just speculation. The rest is 70% to 80%
      there. I would have to get my hands on a few state governors, prosecutors, senators, Police commanders, Army generals, Former American Ambassadors and we would most likely know the rest.

  12. Have you checked how many running politicans have gotten killed.

  13. PRI doesn't want to stop milking our country, what party governed in Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Sinaloa?

    They use narco violence to displace people from natural resources as shale gas and iron mines in rural areas, the Michoacan cartels sold iron to China trough the Lazaro Cardenas port and it's supposed to be taken over by the Marina and the Navy... what a coincidence.

  14. If you think things will get better under AMLO, you are sadly mistaken. He will further tax the already existent middle class, which will drive business out. More so, this will increase people leaving the country for opportunities north of the border--which is what he wants as that money comes at NO cost to him or Mexico. My cousins in Sinaloa will shut down their businesses and go underground to avoid the taxes.

    Finally, human rights organizations are full of shit. The decry the use of the military but offer no solution to the violence. What are they supposed to do? The police? That will only make the problem worse. The ONLY way to stop cartel violence due to corruption is to make a deal with the cartels at the highest level. However, this won't last as the cartels have cut their own throats with the splintering. Cancun was once safer that most places in America and now it is bad---bye bye dollars. Kill the tourism and kill the oil, and you have a country that is on its last leg. Give AMLO the chance and that leg is broken.


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