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Thursday, June 7, 2018

PAN headquarters in Tamaulipas attacked

Translated by El Profe from La Silla Rota 

            Atacan a balazos la sede del PAN en Tamaulipas

Neighbors living near the PAN headquarters commented that around 5:30 am they heard firearm bursts  

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas (La Silla Rota) - The headquarters of the PAN State Committee in Tamaulipas was attacked by gunmen this morning. There were no injuries.

Neighbors at the headquarters of the offices of the National Action Party commented that around 5:30 today, two bursts of large-caliber firearms were heard.

The offices were without staff and the watchman was on the upper floors so he was not injured.

A preliminary report from the agents of the Investigating Police made an expert ballistics survey stating there are more than 25 bullet marks in the facilities.


A vehicle owned by the Party that was parked inside was also damaged.

At the same time it was confirmed that heavy caliber weapons were used in the attack on the headquarters of the PAN State Committee located in Berriozabal Street.

The PAN offices watchman gave notice to the emergency service shortly after 5:30, initiating a police mobilization in search of the aggressors.


  1. Looks like they want to install fear, at runner up Anaya. Obrador if elected, wants to free cartel members locked up in prison.

    1. Looks more like anayas former friends are not very happy with their special amigo.

    2. Anaya El Canalla, is one more US citizen trying to stick it some more to the Mexicans, playing and singing with the huicholes is not helping his ass, and playing tootsie with El cabeza de cagadas de vacas a Tejas born narco-dependent "politician" will not help his ass one bit.
      Propaganda against AMLO is not working either, he never said amnesty for big convicted crooks, only for addicts or small time grameros, don't lie mophaka

  2. Funniest words ive seen today- "Initiating a police mobilization in search of the aggressors" Thanks for the joke!

  3. Sad mexico cannot have free elections

    1. It never did. Its called "the perfect dictatorship" for that reason

  4. Textbook case of an Inside job to get a new car. Seen it as a rookie Johnson.


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