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Friday, June 8, 2018

Pablo Escobar's widow and son are charged with money laundering for Colombian drug dealer

The widow and son of cocaine cartel leader Pablo Escobar have been charged with money laundering in Argentina - and have each had assets worth $1 million seized.

Victoria Henao and her son Juan Pablo Escobar Henao are accused of being part of a criminal organisation and intermediaries in Argentina for Colombian drug dealer Jose Piedrahita.

The pair, whose characters were portrayed in the hit Netflix series Narcos, will remain free while the case proceeds, said Argentina's official judicial news agency.

They can appeal the decision by local judge Nestor Barral, who also ordered the seizing of some of their assets for about $1 million each. Former Colombia soccer international Mauricio Serna was also charged.
Serna is a former midfielder who helped Boca Juniors win South America's Copa Libertadores in 2000 and 2001. The team won the 2000 Intercontinental Cup by beating Real Madrid. He was a regular with Colombia's national team.

All three are accused of being intermediaries for Piedrahita, laundering money through real estate and a cafe known for its Tango performances.

Piedrahita was arrested in Colombia in September and is wanted for extradition to the US.
The Escobar family fled to Mozambique after the feared Medellin drug lord was shot dead by police in 1993, but later settled in Argentina.

Escobar's widow changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero and his son now goes by Juan Sebastian Marroquin Santos - having reportedly chosen the name at random from a a telephone book.

The story of their earlier lives with Escobar was dramatized in the first two series of Netflix show Narcos, which follows the cartel kingpin and the DEA agents who pursued him throughout the late 1970s to early 1990s until his death, at 44.


  1. One million soles is about $100 dollars, que nó?
    Puro tiatro.

  2. So where are the caletas of el señor Pablo or did the police and us stole all his money

  3. I guess its in the blood.

  4. Love it. They hsve billions. They will walk. Ja ja. Ctm

  5. Old habits die hard...

  6. This sucks it looks like popeye talked damm can't trust no one

  7. 1 USD dollar is about 25.27 argentinian pesos, after all his billions of dollars got stolen, Pablo's family can live off the charity of strangers, no?
    After all US billionaire casino owners get away with trillions of dollars in offshore and US money laundering TAX FREE AND UNINSPECTED, they got a better deal than International money laundering banksters,
    Sheldon Adel son just bankrolled the Republican party with a big chunk of millions this year only as he does on every election that helps him triplicate OR BETTER his political investments all the time.
    In the name of gambling more and more money get squeezed out with impunity than by banking, (looks like), and it just gets parked there until needed to break the bank here and there...

  8. Of all the bs interviews pablos son did where he complains of his fathers illicit activities and how he wants nothing but a clean life. All bs.

    1. Lmaooo I know right. How he doesn't want that legacy put on him. He almost asked for the attention by trying to deny it so obviously like RCQ

  9. Looks like he ran of daddy’s money gotta get his ass to work! Lol

  10. Assets were worth $1 million USD. Not soles.

  11. Is people dealing in dollars or argentinian pesos in argentina?


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