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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mireles: I ask Pena Nieto to keep his hands off the election

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Sinembargo article

Subject Matter: Dr Mireles Valverde
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

They ambushed him, imprisoned him, shaved him, took off his hat and everything that identified him as the leader of the self-defense groups of Michoacán. However, José Manuel Mireles Valverde survived and, he says, never lost his dignity even though he was about to be broken by the psychological torture to which he was subjected.

In an interview with SinEmbargo, in Morelia, Michoacán, where he currently resides, the man who rose up in arms in February 2014 to cleanse Tepalcatepec, his people, from criminals sends a message to President Enrique Peña Nieto: "Take your hands of this election. We guarantee that you can retire in Santa Paz and that the history of the Mexican Nation judges you. It does not go clean, because it takes shit up to the scruff of the neck, he and all his people, but if he takes his hands off the election he will go calmly and peacefully, even if he brings corruption to all his subsequent generations. "

José Manuel Mireles Valverde defines himself as an autodefensa, and although he has been nominated by the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) party to a plurinominal local deputation, he does not consider himself a politician. The former leader of the self-defense groups of Michoacán says that, after facing death on more than one occasion, he is not afraid of anything and notes that the State is preparing to "kill Mexicans" in the face of social irritation that could lead to electoral fraud 1st of July.

"I ask Enrique Peña Nieto, and all his team of henchmen: take your hands of this election that follows. We guarantee that you can retire in Santa Paz and that the history of the Mexican Nation judges you. It does not go clean, because it takes shit up to the scruff of the neck, he and all his people, but if he takes his hands off the election he will go calmly and peacefully, even if he brings corruption to all of his next three or four generations, "he says. in interview with Sinembargo.

Sitting at the table of a well-known restaurant in Morelia, Michoacán, José Manuel Mireles is shown as that surgeon who took up arms on February 24, 2013: white hair, thick mustache and black hat.

Although in prison they shaved, shaved and removed everything that physically evoked that Mireles who took up arms in Tepalcatepec to defend his people from the violations, vexations and crimes of the Knights Templar cartel; torture and isolation did not manage to change his essence or break his dignity, he says.

"The Mireles who rose up in arms brought a lot of courage, a lot of pain, a lot of resentment. The difference is that now I bring it 10 times greater. Because it results from the fact that when they arrest us after having taken up arms and dominated two thirds of the state of Michoacán, we thought that maybe with our arrest the state's social peace would be achieved, but when I leave I realize that it was quite the opposite. Much of what has already been won was lost again, "he says.

Mireles Valverde was arrested on June 27, 2014 on the orders of Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, then the Security Commissioner of Michoacán, and held in a federal prison in Nayarit, and then in one of Hermosillo, Sonora.

Far from his own, completely isolated, the doctor began to write a book on pieces of sheets, pieces of shirt and toilet paper. He suffered three pre-infarctions and a heart attack. Before the jailer began his day of psychological torture, he saw himself in the prison mirror every day and said to himself: "I am Dr. José Manuel Mireles Valverde", narrates the social leader.

So he survived the confinement, so he wrote his first book "We are all autodefensa: the awakening of a sleepy town" and so, now, from Morelia, the man of 1.92 meters tall and with a little more years, he says strong to follow fighting for the reconstruction of the social fabric and peace in Michoacán and in the country.


-What is the difference between the Mireles who is here today, the one in 2013, the one who took up arms?

-There is a very big difference. The Mireles who rose up in arms brought a lot of courage, a lot of pain, a lot of resentment. The difference is that now I swallow it ten times greater. Because it results from when they arrest us after having raised us in arms and having dominated two thirds of the state of Michoacán; We thought that maybe with our arrest we would achieve the social peace of the state, but when I leave I realize that it was the opposite. Much of what has already been conquered is lost again, so it is very sad. Not because my colleagues did not do their job well defending their positions in the territories already cleared of criminals, but because there was a lot of participation of the Mexican State and the State Government so that the criminals had again the boom and the power they had when we we took it from them.

-When they apprehended you, they took what was yours, they shaved you, they took off your mustache, they took off your hat, did you feel at some point annulled in your identity?

-They did it physically, but morally they could never do that. The hair comes out again, the mustache grows again and my dignity they could not touch  because it is something, one of the greatest values ​​that all human beings have and if we give it up, we are not men. I dare say that we are not even human beings. I took care that that did not happen to me. It was not easy, it was very difficult to get up half an hour before the jailers arrived to shout at me, to stand in front of the bathroom mirror; which is nothing more than a very polished metal, and say to myself: 'I am Dr. José Manuel Mireles'. That helped me for three years, to remind myself who I was: an autodefensa, not a criminal. And I survived.

- What was the most difficult part of being in this prison?

-Don't let me break my will. Yes I doubled many times, I am a human being. I got to cry, I got to scream at night; There was only one time I felt that I was going to go bankrupt, but at the end of that night, a great person from the social work team of the Nayarit prison gave me great advice and I was able to overcome that situation. That was independent of the three pre-infarcts and the general stroke that I suffered on March 19, 2016.

- That day they almost broke you, what happened?

-It was part of the psychological torture that they applied to me every day, every day. The one who came from the department of social work and said: 'your daughter and grandson is coming to see you', and in a while another will come mocking and saying: 'it is not true, we do not let them in'.

 That was part of the torture, because in three years they only allowed my children to visit about twice, sometimes three times. He was totally incommunicado, always with stupid reasons why. They blamed the judge in Uruapan, saying he had not authorized any of my children or relatives to enter.

 I sent many letters to the judge of Uruapan until he answered me one day that the only person responsible for the visits of a prison was the director of the prison, not the judge, that my letters were addressed to the director of the prison and obviously the director of the prison had decided that they could not visit me.

We waited and I could check. After 15 days of my release, one of my daughters arrives with a large package of letters and says 'look at all the ones I sent you, they just came back to me'. Then another of my children arrives and says 'look at all the ones I sent you here.' Because he did not even have the right to receive correspondence.

When letters arrived they told me 'these letters came for you'; I saw them, I was very excited and they told me 'you need to sign for them'. Innocently he signed for them and they said 'but we can not leave more than one or two per month', but I never saw them again. They did the same with white sheet paper, they never let me have any.

I was left grabbing pieces of toilet paper, grabbing the letters that could enter, between lines and pieces of shirts that they gave right there, in pieces of sheets, with a piece of charcoal pencil and a spare pen that someone forgot one day, I started writing a book. It's what holds me up right now.

- Was that book an escape from the conditions you were living in ?

-Yes, but the book does not narrate anything about the prison, the book narrates the social movement of the self-defense groups and that is why it is called 'We are all autodefensa', but it does not narrate anything of what happened in prison. That is already part of the second book that is being made [...]. The famous meeting in January and February where Alfredo Castillo Cervantes is present with the self-defense leaders and representatives of the Government, the Army and the State Government. There was the Governor of the State of Michoacán at that time, signing the pacts and agreements that were made with the self-defense groups so that we could continue the struggle to clean up the state of Michoacán.

- What did you feel at that moment? You were in recovery, what did you feel when you met there in your town?

-I had already commented on the 14th of January of that year, of 2014, after I awoke from the coma, I left on the 13th. I made a statement that the moment the federal and state governments took charge of the persecution organized crime and crime in Michoacán, all of us would return to our normal work, we would stop being autodefensa to return to our work as civilians in the region of Tepalcatepec.

 I had said it myself. I agreed that these gentlemen representing the Presidency of the Republic and the Government of Michoacán and the National Defense were in that meeting. Although I was still in my intensive therapy, I saw with pleasure the intention of that meeting. Unfortunately on the third day I realize that it was pure theater, that it was never going to be respected and carried out.

Hence the fact that under a request I personally made to the Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, that all self-defense groups who wanted to continue armed and defending their people were incorporated into the security infrastructure of the State Government, the State Rural Police and also inscribed them in the famous rural defenses of La Sedena [Secretariat of National Defense], which they also did with some cattlemen.

Obviously, the entire structure disappears in 2016, because they consider that the self-defense groups had completely disappeared and considered that the rural police of Michoacán did not have the need to exist and with a stroke they disappeared, but insecurity did not disappear and the legitimate self-defense groups, the originals do not disappear either, they continue defending their peoples.

- what became of the Rural Force doctor? This Rural Force that  Alfredo Castillo armed.

-Some joined the municipal police, others without uniforms continue to defend their towns. They are the only towns in the entire Mexican Nation that have efficient public security. They are the municipalities of the entire Nation of Mexico with zero criminality and they will find Aquila, Tepalcatepec, where the self-defense groups continue to take care of their people and their families.

Great difference, crossing the Coahuayana River, on the other side of the bridge, is the municipality with the highest rate of murders and kidnappings per day, throughout the Mexican Nation and there they have Army, Navy, state ministries, they have everything and crime does not go down. Before I used the example of Morelia, because it has 50 thousand armed men, between the 21 Military Zone, the state, municipal, judicial, even the firemen carry pistols, but every day in the region of Morelia there are 10 murders, every day there are at least 20 stolen cars, and every day there are 100 assaults in the public light.

Where is the security ?, Why in my towns where there is no Gendarmerie, where there is nothing that, do not miss a pin? The only murders and shootings that there are in all my region are those that the Navy causes, and without any order, because from the air they arrive shooting at the groups where they are eating, having dinner, or at particular individuals with their hugging their two year old grandson, they want it derail everything. Who gave those orders? No Maríne is sent in without orders, nor a soldier, even if he or she is of the lowest rank, dont open fire without an order, without authorization. Those who do  many times are the prosecutors, the state judiciary.

We asked all the respect in the Tierra Caliente, but when we saw after a kidnapping, a murder, that the cartel bosses themselves were in the best restaurants in Apatzingán, Buenavista, Tepalcatepec, eating with those in charge of giving us security, we said : 'bastard if they are paying them to defend us and eat with those who are killing us'; It was when we made the decision that it was not appropriate, that it is very clear: I am a surgeon, I am a humanist, I am an enemy to raise the arms of any other human being.

I am a hunter by nature, because that is how they raised us in my region, but that of raising the arms against a human being, I have never in my life. Yes, I coordinated many actions, I was the one who gave my face to the entire self-defense front of the whole nation, because the interim Governor accused us of being criminals by displacing other criminals to take the plaza: how can I not fight with someone to let me live quietly and peacefully in my town? That's not being criminal, that's being a patriot.

-In the light of everything that happened afterward, the persecution that you suffered, of the prison, if you were in the same circumstance that you were in that moment when you made the decision, what would you do again? Would you rise again in arms?

-Of course yes and not just me. Look, right now, there are many states in the republic where citizens like me, when they no longer have a state that protects them, when they are 12 years old filing complaints, and there is not a single answer, they do not arrest a single criminal; I am talking about what Tepalcatepec lived for 12 years and that we had no other way than to take up arms, they are going to take them again. Right now they are taking them in many states.

I have noticed all the raterillos, all the delinquents of the State of Mexico when a couple of slugs arrive, assault and rape a little girl and someone from the colonia discovers them, they are killing them, because if they deliver them the next day, they are free. If we Michoacanans are left again by the Government in the same situation of total and absolute abandonment, without public security, without a fair dispensation of justice and without the rule of law, we have every reason in the world to take up arms against anyone, uniformed or not.

 It is part of our Constitution. Article 10 of the Constitution makes it very clear that every Mexican citizen has the right to possess a weapon for self-defense. What good is it if a bandit enters your house and kills you and your whole family? For that is the Constitution and the legitimate defense, we have no other way. I am not a people of arms, but it is the only way left to us, we had to do it, and it is very clear that it is written in national jurisprudence.

-I read in an interview you gave to SinEmbargo last year, that your mother died as a result of a second kidnapping in the family. Was that the moment that made you act?

-It hurt, but that happened on December 4, 2010 and I took up in arms February 24, 2013. Not just what happened to my mother, it happened to a lot of my family. At the end they left the heads of three neighbors in front of my house, they left them in the roundabout of Los Reyes; They were murdered just because they had the elector's credential of Tepalcatepec. We still can not find the bodies, they left the pure heads, neither the Mexican State, nor the state of Michoacán, nor the municipalities, have done anything to help us locate the corpses.

The entire Mexican nation does not have the minimum equipment necessary for the identification of a corpse, it does not exist. We know that there is somewhere in the world for foreign films that we see where they are experts; that with a pinche hair that are in a brush they already know who the owner is, when he was born, what cigars he smokes and here the Government is useless.

 It does not serve to provide protection, to give justice, for that reason we do not have justice in Michoacán, we do not have public security in Michoacán, although there are billions of pesos of budget that go in those areas although they never offer it. An old woman from Guerrero said that the police are experts in counting corpses and putting yellow ribbons, but to investigate, to stop, never. Right now, the General Hospital of Michoacán, the largest one, has no improvements, does not have syringes, ah, but the Public Safety budget pays my respects! That is what I call an unfair dispensation of justice. Justice is giving everyone what is his. The rule of law does not exist:

-When you were in prison were you afraid that you could be killed?

"Look, before we took up arms, I had all those fears. From the first day I decided to join the social movement, they disappeared; I do not have them anymore. See how many armed people I bring around me taking care of me: do you think I'm afraid? Do you know why I'm not afraid of anything? Because I was taught that the one who is afraid dies every day of his life, every day he is dying of fear. Those of us who are not afraid know that we are going to die only once, the day it touches us. I've had seven ambushes, I've had a plane, I've had two bullets, 48 ​​plates and screws in my head and I'm talking to you. I know I'm going to die, but the only one who knows when, how and where is up there, not somewhere else.

-You said once that Silvano Aureoles Conejo [Governor of Michoacán] offered to leave the country in exchange for his freedom, why did Silvano Aureoles want it?

-On orders of his dad. How do I hurt Silvano Aureoles by being inside the Nation?  Just as I have not harmed him by being here in Michoacán since the first day I left, I am already more than a year older. What is a fact, is that many people do not like what I say, because I say what I see; That's the big difference, that's why they put me in jail. Not because of the war we did, that is worth nothing to all, to all the world, to the federal government, to the state, what hurts these gentlemen is what we say.


-Words. I am a simple ranch doctor; they did not leave us any other way, I do not agree with an armed struggle between us, for the love of God! There is no one in this world who wins a war! The wars are over when the incumbent politicians say 'you know I got tired of playing bullets. And it's over, not because they've won it,a war it's never won . What did Porfirio Díaz do when the social uprisings began? Nomás went to Europe, but here the war continued. What did they do in the Reform war? All the hierarchs went to Spain and left the assholes killing each other and everyone; They were Creoles, born here. In the Cristero War the church agrees with Plutarco Elías Calles and the war is over,

What did the self-defense groups do? Our war was never against the system, it was never against the Mexican state, against the municipalities, it was solely and exclusively against a cartel full of names and surnames of people, of human beings and that unfortunately were compadres, friends, or beloved of people of the federal, state or municipal government. And what happened? Do they put Manuel Mireles and another group in jail and the war is over? They stopped advancing, it is true, but the self-defense groups are still alive, they have not fulfilled what was promised on April 14 by Alfredo Castillo Cervantes. The thing got worse because now it turns out that those people who were armed by Alfredo Castillo are now the owners of the Michoacán cartels, and only they know who they are, because they gave them weapons. No one gave us weapons, nobody.


- For what country will Enrique Peña Nieto leave?

-Leave a country plunged in despair, a country in flames totally. He leaves some institutions that by the simple fact of being institutions at the service of the people, leave them well corrupted, well destroyed. The Mexican nation no longer has absolute confidence in any of these institutions, although they carry the sacred name of Social Development, humanitarian aid, it turns out that they are using the same poverty support institutions of the nation to force them to vote for them or buy them their elector's credential, or with a copy. And they are doing it through the institutions consecrated to abate the poverty of the Nation.

What is more criminal, Don Gerardo who steals four cans of tuna in Nayarit and gets six years in prison, or the 17 PRI governors who have stolen thousands and thousands of pesos from their states, but which are also resources of the federation? And five other governors of other states are not saved, all are corrupt. Who is more criminal, those who are now buying the will of the people through their voter card to elect them into the Nation? That is the most criminal thing there is. They are abusing the poverty and hunger of the people, the people are not ignorant, they are very hungry; that is the big difference. "There is no work," said the man who was put in jail for his four cans of tuna: 'I am 48 years old, three young children who are hungry and in this state we can not get jobs after 40 years old'.

Who is to blame for that? If the Government is responsible for providing work, health, education and housing and does not do so. But we do see the residence, the white house, the farms, not just in Mexico, everywhere in the world where they have them. And right now they continue to humiliate and disrespect the poor by clinging to the hunger that the poor have. That is unfair. That's criminal, that's how Enrique Peña Nieto is leaving the country. This July 1 we will have a wonderful opportunity to change everything, if they respect the vote of the people, but as we are already seeing all the frauds and how they are plotting in all the states of the republic and in its hundreds of ways that they are doing it.

-If there is fraud, can the tiger come out?

-The tiger is already loose. The tiger is sharpening his claws right now, he already has them sharpened, but that is not seen by the federal government, that are so blind that they are believing that its military supremacy has, with that they are going to succeed in beating the nation. A nation never bows down by arms, there are always bad results. When we were in Zacatecas presenting our book, when we were leaving Zacatecas we found 18 military trailers that were arriving in Zacatecas with war tanks. Each trailer brought a war tank and a tank, where will the war be?

 Is the Mexican Army preparing to assassinate Mexicans in the states of the Republic if we grumble or protest to defend the vote? What is it? See in the future of Mexico? I see it, because I already lived that war in which I participated, and people are still watching soap operas and football. They do not see the military trucks full of tanks of war that circulate around the nation to put themselves in the places where they think there will be an answer.

We Mexicans deserve respect, the Mexican Army is also an institution. The Secretary of National Defense said it very clearly: 'we are also a people but with a uniform'. I summon the leaders of the armed forces of the Nation not to participate in the fraud with the federal Government, which allow us to vote freely, and I call all the people to receive all the money that they give them, but that do not give your voter card, you better vote freely. I call all of you from this place. Do not see the military trucks full of tanks of war that circulate around the nation to put themselves in the places where they think there will be an answer.

-But if a fraud is carried out doctor , will there be bloodshed?

Yes, there will be. Take it for granted. I'm not going to start it, nor am I organizing it, let it be clear. I am an enemy of weapons, I used them in my town, because they did not leave me another way, in my land. But the whole Nation is the same as in Michoacán.

- In this 2018 all Mexico is as fed up, as at some time was Tepalcatepec for the impunity that there was, for the crime?

-I have traveled several states of the republic presenting my book. Mexico City, I presented my book at the UNAM [National Autonomous University of Mexico] and a few days before there were executions inside the UNAM by some drug dealers; in the UNAM, which is the warlike heart of the national youth. I was in Queretaro and heard the threats of kidnapping and murder of a group of businessmen from Queretaro, which is supposed to be one of the most peaceful states.

Before I was in Zacatecas, people who approached me to sign the book told me: 'they just kidnapped my brother, my father, they murdered my relative last week'. I was in Nayarit before one thousand 200 students and the same. The whole Nation is just as desperate. I do not believe that the federal government is prepared to prevent a social uprising, they are prepared to kill unarmed Mexicans. The Navy, the military, the federal police, the state, even the municipal practice target shooting in fixed cardboard silhouettes, we do not want a social uprising.

We Mexicans are not prepared for a revolution, a war. We Mexicans have not recovered from the wars of independence. There died all the brave men and women that the nascent nation had in 1818. Their children were the ones who waged the war to expel the French from the Mexican nation and also killed all the brave men and women that Mexico had in 1857, and their children make the Mexican Revolution and all the brave men and women of the Mexican Revolution die again; and those who did not die, the assholes killed each other for a presidential chair. The sons of the revolutionaries made the Cristero war, we waged the self-defense wars. This is my son, the third one, ask him what he is thinking ... that it is already their turn. Do you believe it fair? We do not need a civil war.

I will say it again: I ask Enrique Peña Nieto, and all his team of henchmen: take your hands off this election that follows. We guarantee that you can retire in Santa Paz and that the history of the Mexican Nation judges you. It does not go clean, because it takes shit up to the scruff, he and all his people, but if he takes his hands off the election he will go calmly and peacefully, even if he brings corruption to all of his three generations or four following ones. But let us decide to the Mexicans freely the election.

- Peña Nieto is the enemy of the Mexicans?

-Always, from the first day he took possession. Or do you know that he has done something good for Mexicans? He has done well to his core of friends, his family, but to the people of Mexico, what good has he done for them? Point out to me a benefit that we Mexicans have, thanks to him, with one only goes to heaven: the oil misfortunes, the mines were unfortunate, the forests degraded, the water of Mexicans is now a disgrace, and even Mexicans can not step on their beaches; we're going to take them away, everything. Everything he has sold we will take away, I am sorry for the big businessmen who are as corrupt because they have done business with him, because they know they acquired stolen goods from the Mexican nation. And Peña Nieto is not the Mexican nation, the Mexican nation is the well-born Mexicans in our country.

-I was going to ask you precisely if Peña Nieto had to be judged  after the election. What is your take on the amnesty proposed by López Obrador?

- I was a political prisoner and in two national federal jails I personally saw that 97 percent of the prisoners are not criminals, they are innocent. Those who should be imprisoned are their bosses, but those bosses are the ones who have lunch and breakfast with the people of the Cabinet. That is the amnesty offered by Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and he is right.

The people can not distinguish between a criminal and a criminal, because all our lives have taught us that these are the bad guys, but those who teach us who the bad guys are, are the worst in the world: a child from Quintana Roo says they arrest Don Miguel,who stole a chicken and was given 10 years in prison, and his Governor stole 1,700 million pesos and did not set foot in jail for a single day. The same day that they sentenced Don Gerardo in Nayarit to six years for stealing four cans of tuna, that same day they mentioned a man who stole from Banamex, I do not know how many millions of pesos, the judge set a finance of seven million and Mr. he stepped out of the jail.

Where is justice? We already know that the biggest criminal in the world is the Government. What has the government given you? I know and respect the comfort that many Mexicans feel to be on a state, federal or municipal payroll, they feel that their life is already done, that good and that they continue to feel that way, I congratulate them, but we are 120 million Mexicans and the only ones that are covered by the federal budget do not exceed five million, and the others? the judge fixed a finance of seven million and the gentleman left jail.

- For this elite that you are talking about, for the Government that has plunged the Nation into corruption, for them there should be no amnesty?

- I agree that an in-depth analysis should be done with the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation [SCJN], but unfortunately they are also involved in national corruption, all of them. Why is there no justice for Don Miguel and Don Gerardo, but is there justice for [Miguel Ángel] Yunes Linares or those who ransacked the Nation? But is it not criminal for children with cancer to give them water from the tap, not to give them chemotherapy and to charge it as chemotherapy? Is not it criminal to kill children in that way? That is worse than a chacalismo.

And now we have it even as a candidate for President of the Republic. I know that many assholes will vote for him, many of them because they take away the comfort of their fortnights, but there are five million Mexicans who vote for the system, and the other 115 million Mexicans, can not we defend ourselves, fight against that? Our best weapon is the vote. Our best trench is the polls, that's where we should all go. I call on the Mexican nation to become electoral autodefensa, I continue to be autodefensa, and my book says 'we are all autodefensa', all of us, defend the vote.

 We wear a white shirt on the day of the election, the system has to realize that for every 20 white shirts, there will be a different color and still want to proclaim that they won the election: assholes; Who are they going to cheat if it's not us? There will be electoral observers, we will have many tests and if with all those tests they dare to declare the fraud, with all due respect, I already did what I had to do, that others do their thing. Our best trench is the polls, that's where we should all go. I call on the Mexican nation to become electoral self-defense, I continue to be self-defense, and my book says 'we are all self-defense', all of us, defend the vote.


Despite the fact that José Manuel Mireles declared on several occasions to the national and foreign press that he was not interested in politics, in view of this year's electoral process - the largest, most expensive and most important in the country's history - the former leader of the self-defense groups of Michoacán said yes to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of the coalition "Together we will make history".

Morena, the party that the Tabasco founded, postulated Mireles Valverde to a plurinominal deputation for the Local Congress; however, the Electoral Institute of Michoacán (IEM) decided to comply with the decision of the Electoral Court of the State of Michoacán (TEEM) and revoke the candidacy of the doctor as a violation of the political rights of Francisco Cedillo de Jesus.

Today José Manuel Mireles says he does not know what will happen with his candidacy, because that is in court. But even with his decision to enter the Congress of Michoacán as a Deputy, he assumes himself as a social fighter and not as a politician.

- How is the approach with Andrés Manuel López Obrador? How do you know each other?

-First of all, I owe a great debt of gratitude to him, because from the first day of my arrest he organized marches, rallies, sit-ins, in the main states of the Mexican nation demanding, demanding my immediate freedom. On the other hand, I want to be honest: I've never read your work plan for the nation, but I did mine, I'm not a politician.

 We organize the Mireles Foundation in Michoacán and there are links in the United States, France, England, Canada and several countries, they are direct links, and we all agree on the same, to participate in the reconstruction of the social fabric of the nation proposed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador I gave him mine and I said 'I have my own and it has not been possible for me to become one of yours', and he says' I already know yours and it does coincide, I see that the coincidences can be mutual and the support can be mutual. " I know he does not need Manuel Mireles to win the election; He already won it with a closed eye and he won it, now what all Mexicans have to do, not only Manuel Mireles, is to defend the vote, that is why I have installed the National Electoral Self-Defense Council, we just installed it internationally on the 26th. and May 27 in Aquila, Michoacán.

People came from 20 states of the Mexican Republic and 15 states of the American Union. It is already armed and started, now we are going to adopt the electoral self-defense shirt. That's why I installed the National Electoral Self-Defense Council, we just installed it internationally on May 26 and 27 in Aquila, Michoacán.

- How is that shirt?

-It's a white T-shirt, with a tiger on the side of the heart with a black hat, in case anyone has doubts about who organized it. I had the opportunity to accompany Andrés Manuel this weekend and luckily we coincided in my social struggle, and he in the national project that he has. As a kid, obviously, I only dream of the social peace of Michoacán, with the reconstruction of the social fabric of Michoacán, but he is the nation.

- How can people get this white shirt with the tiger?

-Well, one does it. There was a person who promised to give me a thousand shirts. The day he occupied them he told me I just got you 32 and they have not done them. There are many noble people, of very good will, of many noble intentions. I say: 'do not give me one, make one for you' and the same thing I say to you: 'make one for you'.

-Doctor,  what made you change your mind about politics?

- I have never been a politician, nor am I going to be a politician: I am a social fighter. But I am one of those who think that every social fighter should always be in the place where decisions are made so as not to have to take up arms. That is the biggest mistake that the government commits, plurinominales put their compadres, friends, godchildren, nephews or leaders of parties that leader, have no mother, none of them, because they lie with the blue shirt and they get up with the yellow, the green. It has more natural leadership any social fighter of the Mexican Republic, even a representative of taqueros have more capacity for leadership than those who call themselves national leaders.

That is a farce, a stupidity, a lie. I am not a politician and I do not belong to any political party and I will never belong to any party. I am not a puppet of any political party. If I participate in the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it will be because I am interested in working together with him to rebuild the social fabric of the homeland; not for him, much less for his party.

They are very different things. I admire him and appreciate him, because he is the only one that has publicly fought against the corruption of the system for 18 years. My lawsuit was local, it was from Tepalcatepec against bastards who murdered and kidnapped us every day, and even though I put hundreds of demands there was never an answer. When that happened, I spoke to the Governor of Michoacán and he said: 'understand that I'm just a citizen occupying a government post. I can not help you'.

- What is going to happen with the candidacy? They have already lowered it, is there any other way? Will they challenge this decision?

-Look this is what the party is doing, not me. I'm not interested. I feel that I am more useful to my people from my trenches, if they exclude me. Of course, if you give me the possibility of having a seat in the state, some people tell me that if I'm an asshole, why did not I accept the five senators that they offered me? But, what does a landlord in a Senate do if they will never let him do anything? Here I can do everything I want to change things, in the Senate I can not do anything; in the federal deputation I can not do anything, as a local deputy I can change everything in Michoacán. I do not need to be a governor, nor president of the Chamber, just to be a multi- member deputy I have the faculty to walk all over the state, because the deputies who are going to win their seat have the possibility of walking for five, six municipalities nothing more, and I'm going to walk around the state of Michoacán to change things; yes, if they dont exclude me.

- Who is operating to exclude you?

- Whenever I speak ill of the PRI candidate [Institutional Revolutionary Party] to the Presidency of the Republic [José Antonio Meade Kuribreña], the first time of this man in Tamaulipas, he said stupid things about  half of the self-defense groups, I protest and I say: ' you do not have the right to speak and I do not allow you to speak about the self-defense groups, you do not have moral quality, because he is one of the culprits that there is so much murder in Michoacán and throughout the state of the republic because of hunger. He is guilty, he increased the hunger of the Nation, if his employer paid him to do it is fine, but now he wants to be President of the Republic, he will never arrive, the good thing is that he is leaving. At an hour 20 minutes after I answered him, I received the answer from the Court of Michoacán, What chance?

The answer had to be given the following Wednesday and they give it on Friday at midnight. The same thing happened this weekend. On Saturday I walk with AMLO throughout Michoacán and on Sunday at midnight again. They are the games of it, the crap of politics that is inheriting the system that we have; that they follow me does not affect me, nor does it interest me either. Maybe I'll have another better position on another side, and it will be worse. It is not revenge, I am going to change things in the state of Michoacán to achieve social peace in my state, but through the reconstruction of the social fabric [...]. The people of Michoacán are working people, our land is biblical, it is the one that produces milk and honey, in any part of the state what you sow will be reaped in thousands;

-With this desire that you have to change the social reality of the country, would you like to get a governorship or the Presidency of the Republic?

-Ah no! If it is the best place to change things, forget it, everything is facilitated. For that reason I have a lot of faith to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because he has already proclaimed it for many years, now we have to support him to be there. We are also going to take care of him to fulfill it, he knows it, but I am not his enemy. He told me that he considers me his friend, me too, because we have the same dream,change the national system but for the benefit of the people. I want to see that crystallized, and he will help me see that crystallized in Michoacán. It's my only dream, I'm not going back to arms. I am raising trenches in universities, with academics, students, but to awaken reason and conscience, so that we do not have to sell our will if we want to have a Nation in peace.


  1. Was this drug related?

    1. Where is the video to this, too much shit to read. Thanks.

    2. The video is in spanish, there is a link at the top of the article to the spanish version on Sinembargo, you can see the spanish video there.

  2. Big hug to Otis for this Story.thank you so much.

  3. Hahaha he should remember how they traumatized him in prison. He should be like Papa Pitufo and stay in the sidelines

    1. 6:48 you are one little jealous bitch, ain't you?
      Pitufo sold out...
      --Dr Mireles has not sold out, he is writing a book and working on the second one at the same time, he put his ass on the line, you would not put your calzones on the clothesline

    2. smurf was a narco plant all the time

    3. My dude... this guy aligned himself with amlo; that is selling out at the highest fucking level

  4. AMLO and the Good Doctor. That is a combination that will worry many in Mexico City. Can AMLO be influenced? He already has been. Can the Good Doctor change his opinion of AMLO? I wouldn't count it out. Mexico is sliding closer to the edge, but perhaps going over the edge is what needs to happen. Perhaps that is how Mexico finally solves it's corruption issues. Interesting times ahead for Mexico, that's for sure.

    1. 7:26 mexico going over what edge?
      Looks like you are trying to scare somebody with your dirty granny's panties, I mean "with her dirty panties", convicting somebody you don't know anything about but what propaganda from the RATS that have Mexico hanging over the edge and promise to throw a fits and to have temper tantrumps "IF AMLO WINS", because their pinche hueso is in danger of being taken Away.
      No more OHL, ODEBRECHT, HIDDEN INVESTMENTS OF MEXICAN RESOURCES IN PANAMA OR OTHER TAX HEAVENS TO STEAL THEM, or running to the US to buy millions of dollars worth of residences and "yatchs" like La Chaky Gordillo or millions of dollars worth of apartments in New York like yu es linares and his son or oaxacan governor Murat and his daddy or EPN's two floor apartment in Florida to hide La pinche gaviota and so on and on and on...
      7:26 shut your pinche yoyo.

  5. Just curious, how well protected are Mexican presidents after they leave office? Im just surprised nobody's tried to hit Calderon after he started his war on the cartels.


    1. Millions of dollars worth of secretaries, offices, office space, 400 presidential guards available 24/7, free food, shelter, armored cars, and health Insurance for life, presidential library and asphalt to improve the dirt roads they used to travel to their rat infested Fincas they turned into Versailles Palace versions for their pinches whatevers....not bad, after stealing from all the Mexicans for 6 years with all the impunity

    2. 8:17 - Damn i figured they had protection. I didnt think it would be that extensive. Corrupt ass politicians, all cut from the same cloth(U.S. politicians too).


    3. That sounds absolutely ridiculous @ 8:17. If true what you just stated I see why Mexican citizens are in a crunch. The extent and costs related to former presidents is not worthy IMO. Much less to the incompetence and thievery most former presidents took into account when they departed.
      Never retiring nor residing within their country. Always elsewhere fleeing accusations and prosecution.

      Sounds about right!


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. His is staying away, did you not read de BB article. Are you part of the Mexican government, that wants to install fear. He gladly showed us the ugly side of the government, perhaps your a mole.

    2. En este mundo no existen los santos. - Sol Prendido

    3. 12:06 he has been criticized for not accepting a federal senatorship, purinominal is a quota, it means he needs not run for the position, it pays good money, and plenty embutes and bonuses, it gives you impunity for whatever for 6 years and Dr Mireles said NO, you need to get your motherfacking facts straight, if he is running now for a STATE LEGISLATURE...
      If now he wants to do something real close to home what is it to you?
      And remember, EPN and all his sicarios Never brought charges for any drug trafficking against Dr Mireles, they still could do it but they don't, WHY?
      --They had him in prison for 3 years, never charged him for anything, WHY?

    4. Imprisoning Dr Mireles was puro pinchi pedo.
      --No word abut 500 michoacan AutoDefensas sent to prison in Veracruz, they were not famous but deserve to be known about.

  7. The Biggest Cartel in Mexico PRI

  8. What has become of the puppet Alfredo Castillo Cervantes?

    1. Puppets are string managed,
      Dummies like Alfredo Castillos de Kagadas use a hand up the ass.

  9. Pinche mireles if you guys knew the shit he got us Michoacános into.

    1. Baboso! You are definitely not from Michoacan. You have probably never even step foot in Michoacan. The only thing you know for certain coming from those lands is the meth you smoke. Put on your ear buds and keep listening to your corridos. Vato retependejo.

    2. Tell us about it 6:50. We don't know if you don't share the info.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. But you Michoacanos, wanted a leader for Autodefensas and you got it, he preserved the lives of innocent people. He was put in prison, by the government, to brain wash him. Can't you see, Mexico wants to continue being a lawless country. Pherhaps you want to lead, I dare you.

  11. 650 is full of it, you're wasting your time, have him read 5 times article and he will still not get it, Otis you need a bunker door to keep away wierdos.

  12. all one has to do is look who spent years I prison, almost died three times and never was charged. he has several amparos and they only work for narcos. he was in prison to shut him up. he is one of the good guys.

  13. Am starting to think this guy could have done something for mexico, or end up selling him self like the rest of auto defensas did. Truth is we will never know cuz he got too much attention and thats no good.

    1. Leaders attract followers and attention,
      but others get the benefits, that when the leaders sell out or get whacked, mireles got wacked for refusing to sell out.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. You forgot to mention Abuelo joined the Dark forces of CJNG, became a Lt. What a traitor. Also Abuelo was caught by the Marina's, caught with military grade weapons and was said free.

    2. 5:00 "caudillos and their caudillism" are despised for their protagonism by nullities and non-entities that only got ahead by spending billions and billions of pesos in propaganda and publicity from televisa and chayote radio and press, all stolen from the public trough.
      Dr Mireles is only now writing 2 books that may make him some money, that might cover the years he spent on campaign and in prison or the retirement he lost for retiring before retirement age, but will never cover the conscience awakening of many Mexicans that got fed up and "hasta la madre!"

  15. Mexican freemasons do good work. as far as that is concerned FM In US have over 2 dozen charitable hospitals, 100s scholarships and countless other charitable works.

    1. So mireles is a mason?
      Before your comment I posted something related but I guess mods didn’t approve it.

    2. No Mireles is not Charles Mason.

    3. @6:40 I notice he had a masonic ring in a documentary on YouTube. I read on online his current or former lawyers are masons too?
      Someone confirm?

  16. Yea, If i grew up in mexico, I would want to become a cop so i could have a license to rob and steal. Its a great career move

    1. No problem, come report to Tijuana police acedemy, we are always hiring, to many of our finest are getting ambushed,killed tortured, we pay 30,000 pesos per month($300 US), we supply revolver, and bullet proof vest, you pay for amor plates. The job is aventurest, never boring.

    2. Rob and steal for others tho

  17. La Marina works for los Viagras as does the Policia Michoacana and a couple of squads of Sedena. From the horses mouth.


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