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Friday, June 29, 2018

Brother of "El Bukanas" arrested in Puebla

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from El Universal

                         Elementos de la Policía Federal. Foto:

The Federal Police arrested Saul "N" in the municipality of Acultzingo, identified as the second in command of the criminal group led by his brother Roberto "N"

by Manuel Espino Bucio

The Federal Police arrested Saul "N" in the municipality of Acultzingo, Puebla, identified as the second in command of the criminal group headed by his brother Roberto "N", known as "El Bukanas.”

The general commissioner of the Federal Police, Manelich Castilla Craviotto, reported on his Twitter account that the capture derived from the exchange of information between the governments of Puebla and Veracruz.

"El Bukanas’ ” criminal group is responsible for the wave of robbery and vandalism of freight trains between the limits of Puebla and Veracruz, activities that combine with the theft of fuel in both entities.

Last May, the government of Veracruz raised the reward to 5 million pesos for those who contribute valuable information leading to the capture of "El Bukanas,” identified as the head of the criminal group Sangre Nueva Zeta.

"El Bukanans" rose to fame for being one of the capos that controls the theft of fossil fuel in the so-called Red Triangle, made up of the municipalities of Amozoc, Tepeaca, Tecamachalco, Quecholac, Acatzingo and Palmar de Bravo.

Now, Roberto “N,” who took command of the Sangre Nueva Zeta cell, after the fall of his boss José Eduardo González Barreda, is wanted for the theft of trains between the municipality of Orizaba and Puebla.


  1. On a side note i found comandante perro on youtube hes still alive chivis i can post a link

    1. I posted several times that perro has a youtube channel about 6 to 9 months ago but nobody cared except for one individual.

      Millie also has a youtube channel.

  2. Sangre nueva Z? gente del Z-50 is still alive? I thought they joined CDGMOROS-Z old school cartel

    1. Old school was the real military background original zetas, and El Lazca abandoned them to their luck in z40's greedy hands, when they most needed to hang together to try and save his own ass by hiding,..
      In the middle of it golfa without military background z50 a car thief become drug trafficker "El Taliban" Ivan Velasquez Caballero left the zetas to their greed because they were not paying him and the Half of the zetas he represented and went back home to the golfas until he got arrested in SLP, his people were never caught for the most part and still keep zetones out of their turf por culos...
      Z40 became La Chorrienta for his cagazones and lost "his" tens of millions of dollars racing horses ranch, the horses and the people to the US government while the orphan car washers try to survive by becoming grameros just for the maruchan, their politician sponsors like fidel berrera beltran and tomás Yarrington or el Bertie Boy Moreira nowhere to be seen.

  3. They captured el flaco sierra the latest man to take charge of the metros faction of the cdg. Not related to the sierras from the old school cdg.

  4. I thought it was odd during the mexico game they were talking that it felt like a home game and the cameras turn to the fans and one woman saw the camera looking her way and she hid her face. How many narcos or their families were at that game u think?


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