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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CNDH: Violence Against Journalists Will Continue

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

                                                            Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez
CNDH Ombudsman: "Violence against journalists will continue as long as the killers remain free".

By: Gloria Leticia Diaz May 15, 2018

Mexico City - AP ; The president of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Luis Raúl González Pérez, condemned the killing of journalist Juan Carlos Huerta, and warned that while "those responsible are not in jail" the spiral of violence against the union "has the risk of continuing".

Interviewed at the end of the inauguration of the international forum "American Declaration of Rights and Duties of Man, First International Instrument for Human Rights", González Pérez stressed that with the death of Huerta - occurred this morning in Villahermosa, Tabasco - add 134 reporters killed in the last 18 years.

After highlighting that in the last three years of Enrique Peña Nieto's government "violence against journalists has been sustained", the ombudsman regretted that the murder occurred just on the first anniversary of the murder of Javier Valdez, correspondent of La Jornada in Sinaloa and founder of local newspaper Ríodoce .


The president of the CNDH recalled that in February 2016 issued the general recommendation number 24 related to attacks on journalists, which was taken to the National Conference of Governors (Conago), where the leaders committed to "assume it as public policy" .

In a statement, the agency announced that it sent deputy visitors to the state of Tabasco to support the Huerta family, and requested the government of Arturo Núñez precautionary measures to safeguard the life and safety of the journalist's relatives.

                                                                        Juan Carlos

In the same way, it demanded from the competent authorities "a prompt and integral investigation that prevents this case from remaining in impunity, an investigation that must necessarily consider as one of its lines the one linked to the journalistic work carried out by the victim".

The organism pointed out that since 2000 the majority of journalists' crimes "remain unpunished, so the CNDH strongly calls for the protection schemes for journalists and human rights defenders to be reviewed and updated, as well as for instances in charge of the investigation of these cases assume the clarification of them as a priority ".

For his part, José Antonio Lara Duque, president of the Center for Human Rights "Zeferino Ladrillero" (CDHZL), warned that the crisis of violence against journalists and human rights defenders in Mexico could intensify.


After knowing the murder of Juan Carlos Huerta in Tabasco, Lara Duque said that this situation - unpublished in Mexico - could increase exponentially in the framework of the next elections in our country.

According to the lawyer, the climate of impunity and insecurity is increasing in almost all the national territory, against the journalistic activity and the defenders of the individual guarantees, since the murder of Juan Carlos Huerta is the fourth one that registered in 2018 in our country.

"There are 43 journalists killed during the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto and it is number 116 since Mexico experienced a change in its regime with the entry into the presidency of the Republic of Vicente Fox Quesada through the National Action Party (PAN).


"Particularly this May 15 is when it is one year since the murder of the writer and journalist Javier Valdez in Sinaloa, and within the framework of a day that takes place around the world to remember the importance of professional journalism" .

He continued: "Mexico is experiencing a crisis of unprecedented violence against indigenous peoples, indigenous communities, journalists and defenders of human rights, derived from the neoliberal policies imposed in the last decades."

Lara Duque recalled the words of Jan Jarab, representative in Mexico of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OACNUDH), within the framework of political campaigns: that the atmosphere of violence could increase as a result of its magnitude and the political culture of our country.


He explained that the construction of mega-projects (highly polluting of our environment), the exacerbated violence against women, the constant criminalization of the organization and social protest, as well as the armed intervention of the State in the territories, has left hundreds of people disappeared, imprisoned or killed by members of paramilitary groups.


Similarly, he added, the commercialization, the annihilation of culture and historical memory, as well as the precarization of employment, social-territorial exclusion, lack of access to justice and access to basic rights such as decent housing, water, electricity and medical services have plunged the country into a spiral of violence.

                                                             Mega Mine Development

"We are not going to stop our social work until the aggressions on the part of the State stop and the systematic and permanent attacks against our territories, our resources and our life, the profit and the barbarism that neoliberal capitalism represents," he said.

                                                               Mega Dam Development

He also accused the State's intention "to shield itself through the deployment of repressive laws such as the Eruviel Law and the new Law of Internal Security, to legitimize the deployment of the use of physical force in cases of protests and popular demonstrations; to hurt or kill us and, even then, go unpunished. "
                                                                Indigenous Wixarika

He added: "It is urgent to have a comprehensive protocol (administrative, legislative, judicial) of protection for defenders (meaning any person acting in the defense of human rights in a broad and peaceful sense, without needing to be attached to a organization or association, or previous professional studies) that has as purpose to avoid the possible aggression or criminalization of the State ".

He also made it clear that the fight for our human rights is everybody's job, and "only together and organized can we win the battle in the face of so much violence, insecurity and impunity. The road to that horizon of community and prosperity is, then, something that we will have to continue building hand in hand, "he concluded.


  1. Journalists are easy pray for anyone. They are however not always innocent of anything. Although the majority of journalists are innocent of any wrong some are paid by cartels or even politicians for many favors. These could include information on enemies, political opponents, good publicity for them or bad publicity for others. This might not seem to other journalists as something worth being shot up by sometimes but the people that harm is comming their way because of a paid journalist who might seem to cover their tracks by saying they are only "reporting" tend to disagree.
    Journalists of course are targeted for other reasons as well but how well does anyone know the intentions or life of any journalist murdered? I, mean once his or her proffession is mentioned by his collegues after their death how many times will that life be investigated for any wrong if and when their is a possibility that the reason of their death was possible corruption?
    Regardless I, admire most journalist for their courage to work in places like Mexico and sometimes do uncover stories people have the right to know about. For those honest journalists...keep up the good work!

  2. An outpouring of support will only come from citizens who simply had enough. Those citizens outnumber those political powers which have engulfed their reign of terror and injustices.
    Simply gathering of all citizens to walk and protest their nearest government / municipal building will bring talks to the table. And possible change!
    Note; All Governments fear of rebellion by those masses who can disrupt operations and management!
    Something government can’t risk nor afford. Moreover, try to avert.

    Imagine the millions of citizens united for change? Imagine the strength / power of such a movement? Imagine the tossing of political corrupt officials by its constituents from their offices?
    Now that would truly be a sight to see. A priceless picture worth hanging on any wall. Better yet for the history books!

    Organize yourselves Mexico! Change has always been in your hands!


    1. 3:40 the Mexican government specializes in eliminating the noisy leaders of social movements for justice in mexico, they have behind them the counterintelligence training the US gives them for 100 years on their side, on top of institutional i.ounity created for them by the US to complement the sovereign impunity the US grants to all of God's Corrupt Mexican politicians small and big...even doctor James Herriott would be proud that such animals are so well treated...

  3. Pense que CDNH era un cartel

    1. Comision Nacional De Los Derechos Humanos, CNDH is a cartel of making the fool and playing possum, they only exist to prove the Mexican government does window dressing, and to smooth ruffled feathers everytime a distinguished person gets hit by the shit.
      A careful review of the reports of a journalist could say why he got hit, they usually let down a politician or the Party...

  4. Crime will always continue in Mexico.

  5. la gente de México está cansada de ser esclava de los políticos y los ricos. Por eso hay pandillas. México tiene el ejército y la marina para mantener un tipo de paz. cuando MANUEL sea elegido, tendrás una Rebelión Real.

  6. They allegedly cought the lider of la linea el 80

    1. 9:16 killing your compadres is a sin, ask Osiel Cardenas...
      and John Gotti, the Mata Amigos from el gabacho imprisoned and isolated to make room for the Red Mafiya of rudi giulianni's or El Chapo...

  7. Honestly many of this so called "journalists" in Mexico got what they deserved.. they think they are untouchable

    1. So exposure of those corrupt policies, politicians, government contracts / business practices ect, justify the means?
      If not for those heroic / courageous reporters the world would be more in a disarray than it is today! Where injustices reign and corruption practices will continue with impunity.
      Suggest a little soul / humanity searching within yourself. Believe if the shoe were on the other foot you would think otherwise.


    2. @10:19 Borderland Beat has published many stories about murdered journalist. As administrator on BB I have read every comment posted (and many that didn't get posted) and I never saw a comment that said those journalist deserved to be murdered. So I am at a loss as to your thought processes that caused you to make a statement like that. The only logical reason I can come up with is you are a sicario for a cartel that those murdered journalist wrote about.

      As to them thinking they were "untouchable", as I said I have read every story on BB and a few others on other media sites and everyone of those journalists thought just the opposite from "untourchable", They were scared and afraid. They knew they could be killed at any time the cartels or corrupt officials wanted them dead. But as journalist, whether man or woman, believed that as a journalist they had a duty to shine a light on the horrors happening in their country. I think that would be called bravery.

    3. @ 10:19 who and where do you come from ? Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech are hallmarks of Democracy which Mexico professes to practice.

    4. Apparently,Professing & Practicing this seem to be at odds in Mexico. The killing of politicians / journalists in Russia’s is by far a small fraction compared to Mexico’s assassinations!


      Appears that the term to define Mexico’s government as a “Democracy “ is all for show!

  8. 7:36 Mexico looks like shark bait, with so many sharks bitching for their share of the bounty and so many pirañhas expecting their table scraps.


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