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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

CJNG’s “Gerardo N” Arrest Leads to 270 Kilos of Cocaine

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Universal

             Authorities Claim this Cocaine Bust Proves Ties between CJNG and the Tláhuac Cartel

May 29, 2018  By: David Fuente  Extra Material from:

On May 19, federal authorities carried out an operation in the Tláhuac delegation, which resulted in the seizure of 270 kilos of cocaine , the largest cargo shipped in the last decade, allegedly belonging to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG). 

The federal official stressed that the arrest was achieved thanks to the actions of the Escudo Titán Operation and the Anti-Drug Division of the Federal Police, in coordination with the Attorney General's Office. The discovery was made after the search of three houses that were used as warehouses.

The confiscation was derived from the statements made by Gerardo Botello Rosales  "N" or Ricardo "N" "El Cachas", detained in the state of Jalisco, and whom the federal authorities indicate as the link of the CJNG with Mexico City, as well as operating El Bajío and particularly in the entities of Guanajuato and Michoacán.

The Secretary of Government, Alfonso Navarrete Prida claims that "El Cachas" is a principal operator and regional CJNG boss who was arrested in Zapopan, Jalisco and that his detention led to the operation in which Rosalinda Gonzalez Valencia was detained, wife and financial operator for her husband, "El Mencho", Nemesio Ruben Cervantes, " the supreme leader of CJNG".

Later it was learned that the warehouses were under the guard of José "G" and Alfonso "B", arrested by police of the Public Security Secretariat on May 25, in the vicinity of Xochimilco.

The two subjects brought with them samples of the confiscated cocaine, as well as ice, which they were trying to sell to the narco-menudistas groups in Mexico City.

It was also learned that the detainees in the south of the city belong to the Cartel de Tláhuac and that they were at the service of "El Felipillo", son of Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna "El Ojos".

The drugs were found in a house in the La Conchita neighborhood, Zapotitlán, the same area where "El Ojos" was killed by the Navy. As part of the investigation it emerged that "El Richi", in addition to confessing the location of the warehouses, revealed to the authorities that the drugs entered the city through the State of Mexico, specifically through Valle  Chalco .

According to the Anti-Drug Division of the PGR, the cargo is valued at 100 million pesos and with the confiscation the distribution of approximately 870,000 doses of cocaine was avoided.

Yesterday the capital prosecutor, Edmundo Garrido Osorio, said that the 270 kilos of cocaine confiscated were only for "transfer"; However, he said he did not know the final destination and did not rule out that part of the drug had been used to sell it to the narco-menudistas groups that operate in the center, north and south of the City.

"What the delegate of the PGR tells me in Mexico City is that it is a matter of transfer, it is not a shipment that was going to be used in Mexico City.

"Apparently there is an investigation that comes from other entities and there were three search warrants issued, in a building in that area, in the Tláhuac area, granted by a federal judge.

"The subject is ponderable, they are violent criminal groups. I think that in Tláhuac it was very clear the action of this type of crimes that we have fought in a frontal way, this band that has been violent was disbanded with federal and local authorities. 

I think what we have been reporting lately are isolated arrests and yes, indeed, there is an increase in the issue of homicides with violence, which we have been fighting, "explained Garrido Osorio.

The prosecutor even mentioned that the increase in executions in the City is related to the struggle of narco-menudistas; a fight, he asserted, that is fought in coordination with federal authorities so that the situation does not get out of control.

Garrido Osorio also highlighted the results they have had during the year : 113 criminals put at the  disposition of Authorities for murder and and another 90 warrants issued for people wanted for murder which have been detained ; ie 203 people captured who are wanted for murder.

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The detainee is also linked to the attack and thought to have ordered the attack that occurred in the Palenque of Purísima del Rincón on March 22, 2018. At least 8 men  died and 11 were wounded in the attack. A group of sicarios in various vehicles fled the horrific scene towards Union de San Antonio, Jalisco. ( see our post on this event by putting it in the search engine )

"This subject is likely responsible for the commission of various homicides against police authorities and members of antagonistic criminal groups," said the federal official. 

"Also he is charged with crimes to participate against health, kidnapping and extortion. He was already linked to criminal proceedings, " Navarrete said.

In a press conference, the Secretary explained that Botello Rosales has an arrest warrant for extradition to the United States for a homicide that occurred in 2002. An official report indicates that "El Cachas" began its criminal activities in 2006 in Guanajuato, related to the extraction and illegal commercialization of hydrocarbons.

In the press conference the Interior Minister, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, said yesterday that "this subject is likely responsible for the commission of various killings against police authorities and members of antagonistic criminal groups , " said the federal official.

"El Cachas" maintained a personal escort that was part of official state vehicles of the state of Michoacán.

He started in crime with Huachicoleros (clandestine taking and selling of petroleum products) :

Gerardo allegedly began his criminal activities in Guanajuato in 2006, related to the extraction and illegal commercialization of hydrocarbons.

Gerardo Botello began to be linked with crimes since 2002 , in the United States; however, it was in 2006, 12 years ago, when he began his relationship with criminal groups in Mexico.

According to a Federal Police report on the arrest, "El Cachas" has an arrest warrant in Oregon, California for a homicide he allegedly committed in 2002, which is why federal authorities initiated the extradition process.

According to federal authorities in 2008, he approached the now semi-extinct group based in Michoacán , Los Caballeros Templarios , three years later he could have taken the position of local boss in a municipality of Guanajuato.

In 2015, he joined the criminal group Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación and continued to operate in Guanajuato. According to the federal report, by the end of 2016, Rubén and / or Nemesio Oseguera, "El Mencho", named him regional chief/ head of the criminal organization in Michoacán and Guanajuato , where the violence linked to the territorial dispute has intensified.

Gerardo "El Cachas" is at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Federation in the facilities of the Delegation of the Attorney General's Office in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Authorities of the State of Guanajuato have not provided more information as to whether "El Cachas" will be prosecuted in this state in order to face charges for the crimes that link it in at least one attack to police commanders and is linked to the deaths in a palenque of Purísima del Rincón.

As Chivis already Posted: There are alot of extra "security forces" at the ready.

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  1. Chapo betrayed mencho just like he betrayed mochomo

    1. Chap is in a New York jail cell what are you talking about. You beltrans blame him for everything. I lost my job its Chapos fault,My dog ran away its Chapos fault. LOL

    2. Actually Mencho betrayed chapo and a lot of other people. I guess karma for chapo

    3. 11:50 alcontrario mi amigo. El. Galo traiciono al mencho y por eso paso lo q paso

  2. El richi is not going to be alive much longer, he's the guy who told the officers ALL the information... He's the reason for the arrest if menchos wife and that coke and cash, crazy..

  3. dropping like flys

  4. So whats the deal? These guys are taking a lot of hits lately. Do attribute this to the elections or not paying enough? I remember when CAF were getting hit constantly for a time.

  5. @ Chivis:

    Read this article by business insider

  6. Lots of families will be killed for this.. sad to think of the bloodshed that happens when loads get caught.. it's even worse when it was snitch that was the cause..

  7. Sooooo, has it been resold already? That’s the real question.

  8. 270! Sheeesh, Somebody is gonna die 270 times for that one. Good thing I don’t have those types of worries.

  9. no one else sees the point here? its a whole different and unusual case here compared to the other news reported. its not about cjng taking hits we see that with all cartels, The United States is the biggest reported drug consumer in the world no doubt in that, we wont dispute that, theres even people that blame it all on the USA, "if the usa wouldnt do drugs we wouldnt have this violence in mexico", we cant always blame the usa and we cant deny that mexico is in a transition from producer to consumer, the narcos know it and mexicos government is in denial. I believe mexicos second biggest costumer is its own people why else would whats said to be "the largest cargo shipped in the last decade" be making its way south rather than north? a cartel is not going to send that amount south to later move it back north its too risky and time consuming, its not making its way to central american countries they wouldnt pay what americans and europeans pay so they wont send the largest shipment to the lowest bidder, the favt that it was being broken down as it moved south means it wasnt going to any port either it wasnt meant to be shipped abroad the largest shipment was meant to stay for domestic use. the mexican government tries to downplay it by saying it was transitional wasnt there to stay but wether it was transitional or not the point is that it was going south meaning it was meant to be sold in mexico. this also highlights the struggles cartels are facing smuggling is getting tougher, shipments are seized more and more and money is not beimg made, Now even tho in mexico they wont make nowhere near as much as selling it in america, little money is better than no money. expect to see more on shipments that sre meant to be distributed in mexico and not abroad. if anything i believe other countries will start shipping to Mexico it will reverse, it will begin with Marijuana making its way south to Mexico.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. The real way to gauge that would be to know if this was really the entire haul. Let’s say the amount coming off the boat was 2500 kilos, then 270 doesn’t seem like much. It’s all relative in the big picture.

  10. She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t liee... cocaine.

  11. This guys got killed already in prison. Also that’s the wrong picture


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