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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tamaulipas: Another journalist has been killed in Mexico — the sixth this year

Posted by El Profe for Borderland Beat from The LA Times

Beaten to death

                      Another journalist has been killed in Mexico — the sixth this year

As a reporter for the Mexican newspaper Excelsior, Hector Gonzalez Antonio frequently chronicled the violence engulfing his home state of Tamaulipas.

Recent topics included one shootout that interrupted an Easter parade, another that killed six innocent bystanders and a group of people searching for disappeared loved ones. In January, Gonzalez wrote about the killing of a Tamaulipas journalist who was stabbed to death while waiting with his family at a stoplight.

This week, Gonzalez became another victim of what he once described as "the crisis of insecurity" in Tamaulipas. His corpse was found Tuesday on a dirt road in the state capital, Ciudad Victoria. He had been bludgeoned to death, according to the state prosecutor's office, which has not discussed possible motives.
Warning: Graphic foto on second page
A picture released by Mexican prosecutors shows the corpse of Mexican journalist Hector Gonzalez Antonio, who was found beaten to death in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas state. (AFP/Getty Images)

Gonzalez is the sixth journalist killed this year in Mexico, one of the deadliest countries in the world to practice journalism. Eleven journalists were slain here last year.

Jan-Albert Hootsen, Mexico representative for the nonprofit Committee to Protect Journalists, noted that Gonzalez wrote often about security and politics — two notoriously dangerous topics for Mexican reporters. But he said it was too early to conclude whether he was killed in connection to his work.
Brutally tortured-image from Meny Times
The group was not aware of any threats against Gonzalez, Hootsen said.

Despite international outrage — prompted in large part by the slaying last year of prize-winning author Javier Valdez — Mexico has made little headway on preventing violence against its journalists. A government protection program for journalists under threat has enrolled hundreds but failed to reduce the numbers of those killed.

Press freedom advocates say the problem is impunity. Like all crimes in Mexico, the vast majority of those targeting journalists are unsolved.

News of Gonzalez's killing provoked anger among many who had worked with him.
In a tweet, Pascal Beltran del Rio, the editorial director of Excelsior, described Gonzalez as "a magnificent person" and colleague.

"I join the demand for a quick investigation into this case and for justice," he wrote.

Journalist Cendy Robles tweeted that Gonzalez's death is evidence that violence is out of control: "It is clear that in Mexico the government is overwhelmed by organized crime. What's next?"

Last year, Mexico recorded 29,159 homicides, more than any year since the country began releasing crime statistics in 1997. This year, Mexico is on track to break that record.


  1. What happened to bodyguard protection, for reporters, the government said, they would do it and that was a year ago, false promises by the government as always.

  2. Ohh man,that poor dude must have been praying for unconsciousness and death

  3. Chapo continues to kill innocent people

  4. At least he was trying . Another Mexican Hero.

  5. Another soul taken away in tamaulipas. Anybody ever driven Matamoros thru tula Tamps la carretera de la muerte 101? All those crosses on the side of the roads

    1. Hey bro that road ain’t no joke.
      Como dijo los de linares
      En los pueblitos del norte siempre ha corrido la sangre.

      Saludos del flaco desde la escuelita grande

    2. La escuelita de Santa adelaida? Cuanto tiempo le falta pa salir?

    3. 1:07 hasta que lo suelte El Profesor, you know...

  6. If you report on it, you die, if you don’t report on it, the Cartels win. What a shitty situation to be in. I hope your Revolution starts soon.

  7. el mencho hablo con osiel pa dejar pasar jale por matamoros. smoke and mirrors by mencho... flaco sierra is gonna be the sheep sacrifice.

    valencias tamaulipecos (primo hermanos de los cuinis.. they've also married into coahuila, nuevo leon, tamaulipas political, business, and criminal families) still trafficking shit through nuevo laredo and piedras negras.(they contract work out with EVERYBODY) before mencho falls he did something that not even OG GDL cartel did. tijuana/sonora/juarez/piedras negras, nuevo laredo, and now matamoros... soon Reynosa.. pipelines into SEA, Australia, Africa, Europe, and Middle east.. and most of all being able to traffic into all of mainland USA... government just don't declare you the richest cartel in the world for nothing.

    CIA please destroy the CJNG soon. they are getting to big. also i been saying Russians FSB works with CJNG both directly(most CJNG don't even know they are dealing with foreign intelligence agents or assets) and indirectly.

    Russian intelligence(FSB and it's predecessor KGB)------>spetnaz( or russian special forces in general)----->farc------->CJNG

    FSB----->russian mob---->CJNG

    FSB----->corrupt russian arms manufactures----->CJNG

    FSB----->corrupt russian business people/banks--->CJNG money launderers

    FSB----->spetnaz----->CJNG alto mando

    Everybody thinks the cartel war is a mexican only conflict. LOL. Seriously? it's proxy warfare paradise! not only can powerful foreign governments both make money for blackops, train operatives, gain a foothold in mexico(important country geographically and politically)and so much more. i hope our boys in the CIA win. plz Lord bless these men.

    all of this info is public information. just research it. read publically released CIA, KGB, etc documents. read court transcripts. look into companies and where its money comes from. social media. its all there publicly

    1. Mencho does not have or work thru Juaritoz... pure speculation and fairy tales

    2. 2:25 El Americano went to Tejas from califa, and from there to michuacan, on his way to michuacan to sell his carros from Tejas he was dealing with Cesar Duarte, El Capulina, a used car dealer, there must be a connection for CJNG to all of those crooks and Tejas El Paso, Cd Juarez.

  8. I never saw a killing of a journalist like this one. He was tortured until he died, beaten to death. broken limbs, probably internal bleeding, body completely bruised, horrific.

    1. Chivis,Why do they kill journalists?
      Thank you

    2. for writing about narcos when warned not to, or a specific article or even not writing an article they have asked for. Remember Javier Valdez of RioDoce? according to the editor he was killed for the damaso article, chapos son ordered him not to publish it.

  9. This very wrong but what is the government doing about it. Everyone says oh wow look at the poor guy tortured beaten and killed but what is being done? I have come to the following conclusion:
    Mexican government sucks at creating jobs.
    Mexican government sucks at paying decent wages.
    Mexicans at making movies.
    Mexican government sucks preventing and solving crime.
    Mexican government sucks at protecting their citizens.
    What the hell CAN they do right? (Accept Bribes)

    1. Sorry to say, but the government wants corruption to continue, they will try to hide it, they are doing something. Which government official said months ago, we will furnish bodyguards for reporters. It was said, and what do they have to show for it..nada.

    2. 6:54 said, said, said...they must be Arabs or sompim', that all they did, said...

  10. I wonder which cartel he worked for or was he just a puppet of his governmental masters?

  11. The slow death of democracy in Mexico continues...


  12. Thank you Satan in Mexico! or, my bad I meant Mr. Peña Nieto for another lovely display of unhuman being

  13. His picture truly breaks my heart.. one moment alive and well, another being beaten without mercy.
    What is worse is, reading this news and not being able to do anything about it. My heart goes out to the victims families.
    I hope they never stumble upon this article and see their relative like this.

    La Güera

    1. Provecho guera gracias

    2. Gracias porque? No entiendo tu respuesta.

      ~La Güera~

  14. Mexican "government" will do nothing. The Cartels will continue to murder, torture, rape, and leave dismembered corpses all over town for the children of Mexico to see what a hopeless and despair filled future awaits them. Get out while you can.


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