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Friday, April 6, 2018

There are 35,000 dead in Mexico not identified

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Reforma article

Subject Matter: Unidentified dead
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

There are 35,000 dead persons not currently identified in the country, revealed the Sub-Secretary of Human Rights of the Government Secretariat, Rafael Adrian Avante Juarez. As part of a meeting with the collectives and relatives of missing persons in Morelos, he explained that these bodies are in mass graves, ministerial vaults and forensic medical centers.

"We are talking about 35,000 deceased persons not identified in the whole country", said the undersecretary, according to local media reports.

" It is a very important fact and consequently the efforts we have to make, it has to be ordered and systematic because of the number of people we have to identify".

Avante said that this figure makes clear the need to have digital records of all the bodies found who are not identified. He announced that the Federation will initiate and intensive process of searching for missing persons in about 60 days, through the existing records of unidentified bodies.

The undersecretary stressed that this will be one of the first actions of the General Law of Forced Disappearances, a rule that, he said, seeks to eliminate "bottlenecks", in the general process.

"It can not continue happening, that we are saturating the forensic medical centers and ministerial pantheons with unidentified bodies and we are not even able to link with identification of the people we are looking for", he admitted.

According to Avante, the number of complaints filed for disappearance amounts to about 30,000 throughout the country, so he recognized the need to combat the problem comprehensively.


  1. The disappeared is one list.
    The unidentified is another list
    The unknown found is another,
    Disappeared found and unidentified
    Etc etc etc...
    They could start checking every ody for car papers, registration and make sure to know who are the drivers, checkpoints do work, what if the crooks can't buy gas without ID?
    Smart Chips for car locating were being developed by some partners of genarco Garcia luna and Carlos slim belu in florida, according to Indigo, what happened there?

  2. Sad but Mexico real murder rate will never be known because the politicians don't want it to get out but murder in Mexico is like going to the store happens all day with the cops and military helping the cartels never thought Mexico would get this bad I believed they would fix their problems because of the dollars that tourist brought in but I guess the drug dollars are way more. Fell bad for the honest people who try to make a living off tourism only to be let down by a government who is only goal is to make money of the drug trade can't believe Mexico has truly became a narco state only Colombia back in the day has been controlled by cartels like Mexico is now

  3. My nephew disappeared 5 years ago and mexico government could careless

  4. That's just the 35k the government decided to report, no mention of the rest missing and presumed dead.

  5. Very well said 2:50!They would also have to put a lot of funds aside (without stealing) to set up a huge forensic dept. which would be bigger than anything north of the border and do it quickly before they run out of morgue room before they will forced to cremate the bodies or bury them in mass graves but I think they are hoping they don't have to deal with it and that will happen.I don't think they have any intention of throwing money at the problem and even if another country offered to go in and help they would reject it like 'the 49 'international investigation.Maybe authorities might get implicated in some of them after all.I think they prefer the secrets to be buried with the victims unfortunately.

    1. About 5p years ago, Chile went through the Pinochetazo, in one gear estimated 30 or 40 thousand disapleared, and people still find clandestine Graves once in a while...the "heroic Chilean department of Defense still denies their crimes against humanity and venerate pinochet's tomb, but the traitor is not there, people shot and oils on it every day.
      Mexico will never get done finding carcasses or clearing up crimes, forget about identifying anybody.

  6. My cousin disappeared walking home from the carnival near Sabinas Hildago. A woman that witnessed said 2 black SUV's drove up and commandos jumped out, shot him in the leg, and then abducted him. She was too scared to talk to the policia, but she did tell my father. The government keeps telling my family they have no record of his disappearance. Uhh....hello!! We are reporting it to you every time we call you about it!!

  7. Sad this happens to anybody. it happens in all states of Mexico. Mostly young guys i bet that get picked up/levanton/secuestro. I dont think all secuestros are due to cartels. Some secuestro rings work independent and that is scary. The lack of money is behind all this. The lack of a good paying job makes humans desperate. Honestly , i have a young cousin that lives at a rancho in Zac, and there is no employment for him. just helping his dad but they dont get much .


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