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Monday, April 9, 2018

PGR detain the brother of the leader of Los Tequileros, implicated in the attack and death of Federal Agents in 2017

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Sinembargo article

Subject Matter: Gilberto Jacobo de Almonte, El Chacal
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Mexican authorities in Guanajuato detained Gilberto Jacobo de Almonte, alias El Chacal, brother of the leader of the criminal organization Los Tequileros that operate in Guerrero. De Almonte is accused of participating in an attack against Federal agents that left five of them dead, informed the PGR.

Local media identified Gilberto de Almonte as a member of the criminal group Los Tequileros, known for carrying out large kidnappings and who formed after the split of La Familia Michocana and another criminal group that operates in the Tierra Caliente, Guerrero. He is signalled as the brother of "El Tequilero", Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, leader of the criminal group from Guerrero.

The PGR signalled that, according to investigations, Gilberto de Almonte probably participated in the attack against elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the PGR, which occurred on the 19th of June in the community of La Gavia, in Guerrero.

The agents were ambushed by the criminals while carrying out security patrols, and the confrontation ended with five deaths, four agents, one of the criminals and a further seven wounded.

Gilberto Jacobo de Almonte, alias El Chacal

The capture, that was carried out in the town of San Francisco de Rincon, without the use of violence by personnel of the AIC which was preceded by investigation in the office and field.

The detained has a apprehension order solicited by SEIDO and the Attorney General of Guerrero for six accounts related to the crimes of homicide and kidnapping. During the arrest, agents confiscated a sidearm and a substance with the characteristics of the drug known as crystal.

Gilberto was transferred to SEIDO, with the intention to determine his judicial situation.


  1. Torture for info, then kill slowly, like the scum he is

  2. No sweat
    He will payoff a bribe and will be out of jail, in no time.

  3. That small cartel is being eliminated, no match for cjng or viagras who are both fighting for Tierra caliente, they are better of joining cjng or viagras to get an edge and actually survive

  4. CJNG gaining strength

  5. This just in. Pgr detain douchebag.


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