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Thursday, March 22, 2018

VERACRUZ: Another Journalist Murdered Overnight

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Aresteguinoticias

             The journalist Leobardo Vázquez Atzin is murdered in Gutiérrez Zamora, Veracruz.

By: Violeta Santiago Feb 22, 2018

Gutiérrez Zamora, Ver.- During the night of Wednesday, March 21, journalist Leobardo Vázquez Atzin was murdered , who had worked for media such as Noreste , La Opinión de Poza Ricaand Vanguardia de Veracruz and who had recently opened a Facebook page called Enlace Regional Informative .

The first inquiries indicate that it was at his home in the municipality of Gutiérrez Zamora , where the lifeless body of the communicator was found, although the form of the homicide has not been specified.

Ana Laura Pérez Mendoza, president of the State Commission of Care and Protection for Journalists, confirmed the murder of Leobardo Vázquez.

Enlace Informativo Regional
20 hours ago
** Desconocen quien es el propietario
Gutiérrez Zamora, Ver. Es encontrado un automóvil completamente calcinado frente a una vivienda de lacolonia Nuevo Ojite, se desconocen las causas de este suceso.
Una llamada anónima reportó a la comandancia municipal sobre el hallazgo de un automóvil tipo Tsuru, placas de circulación YJT1692, este se encontraba abandonado frente a una vivienda a pocos metros de la capilla de esta localidad de Nuevo Ojite.
El auto fue trasladado al corralón de este municipio para su aseguramiento mientras se reporta quien es su propietario.
Image may contain: car and outdoor
Image may contain: car and outdoor

The most recently published note in Enlace Informativo Regional, the Facebook page opened by Vázquez Atzin, is about the discovery of a car burned in front of a house in the Colonia Nuevo Ojite. The publication was made this Wednesday at 12:29. See above

In its portal it covered information of Gutiérrez Zamora, of general nature and also police reports , shootings and other criminal acts.

According to people who knew him, he started at Noreste and later became a reporter for La Opinión de Poza Rica and recently worked in Vanguardia de Veracruz . "I was very happy," he told  nearby sources, although he later left the newspapers .

This is the fifth murder of a journalist in Veracruz during the biennium of Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares: Ricardo Monlui Cabrera, Cándido Ríos Vázquez, Edwin Rivera Paz (Honduran refugee) and Gumaro Pérez Águilando in 2017, complete the list.

These cases are added to the 17 journalists murdered between 2011 and 2016 under the governorship of Javier Duarte de Ochoa, that is to say, that in the last 8 years there have been 22 homicides of journalists in the State of Veracruz.

Leobardo's murder occurs eight days after a year of armed aggression against Armando Arrieta Granados , editor of La Opinión de Poza Rica , who has managed to survive, but who is still in serious condition.

Note: It is still early, hopefully details and an update will follow, RIP Leobardo Vasquez Atzin.


  1. What happened to the pinchi government of Mexico, that had said, they will get bodyguards to protect reporters?????????Neito lies.

    1. Bodyguards for all reporters? Are you insane? Do you think most companies can afford trained and armed bodyguards for journalists in general? Holy shit!

      On top of that, if you do give bodyguards to journalists covering "sensitive" topics, then what about their families? Should they not get "bodyguards" as well?

      Where would it end? If journalists get bodyguards, then shouldn't taxi drivers get bodyguards too? This is a can of worms Mexico cannot afford to open. This is just my opinion. I love Mexico.

    2. How where there is no money to be allocated for such? Where it’s either stolen or given to those for operating costs ( Mordida ).
      This is ridiculous how many journalists are being killed!
      Politicians, and journalists in Mexico are a dying breed.
      Literally speaking that is.

      Such a shame.

    3. I agree with E...If this we're any other country the US would've already smashed those responsible for these type of crimes and feminicide. It's time we issue UN an ultimatum. Go clean up Mexico, or we will.

    4. @ Grande
      Wish it were that easy my friend. Certain things / structure are not meant to b changed. Fixed upon the order of things. Despite the outpouring cries from those suffering.

      Good to hear from you my friend.
      Best wishes to all.


  2. One thing I do recommend is to allow people working in "sensitive" occupations to have the choice of arming themselves with a handgun of no larger than .40 caliber. They should all pass background checks and be required to train periodically.

    1. Staying anonymous is the only way,
      people need to find other occupation to make the beans and the tortillas, if they treasure their lives.

  3. There was an anonymous call made to some authority that Leobardo was shot from a moving motorcycle and it is known that he has previously and lately received threats.

  4. No surprise here, Mexico is #1 when it comes to killing reporters

  5. What a brave, honorable man, who had the dignity of at least fighting to make things better for others.

    1. There needs to be some samplings of the murdered journalists, and there should be the names of their killers or the reasons for their murders somewhere.
      the Mexican governments WILL NEVER SOLVE ANY OF THESE CRIMES,

  6. Sad Story.Rest in peace Sr Vázquez Atzin.


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