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Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Missing 43: Ayotzinapa arrests are imminent says prosecutor

Posted by DD Republished from   Mexico Daily News and Reuters 

The missing 43
 (Reuters) - Mexican authorities are preparing to arrest dozens of people implicated in the kidnapping and alleged murder of 43 student teachers in southern Mexico more than three years ago, the prosecutor in charge of the case said on Friday.

Prosecutor Alfredo Higuera told a hearing of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in Bogota he had obtained new information to file charges against 30 people, including local police officers. 

 Higuera explained that the information included evidence about the motive for the disappearance of the students in the city of Iguala on September 26, 2014 but said that the information would not be made public at this stage.

 On the day of their disappearance, the 43 young men were among more than 100 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College who commandeered buses in Iguala to travel to Mexico City to attend a protest march.

 However, the students were intercepted by municipal police, leading to a confrontation that killed six people, injured 25 and left several vehicles destroyed.

According to the government’s official version of events, or “historical truth,” corrupt police subsequently handed over the 43 students to a local criminal gang which subsequently killed them before burning their bodies in a municipal dump and disposing of the ashes in a nearby river.

Many people suspect that the Mexican military played a role in the students’ disappearance.

The disappearance of the 43 student teachers on Sept. 26, 2014, in the city of Iguala in Guerrero state sparked international outcry, battering Mexico’s reputation and undermining the popularity of President Enrique Pena Nieto.

An international team backed by the IACHR uncovered irregularities in the case that undermined the conclusions of the official investigation.

Higuera launched a new probe in 2016, and he said Friday that he had developed new lines of investigation.

Later on Friday in a radio interview, Higuera said he had ruled out a theory that the students, who had commandeered buses to drive into the Mexican capital for a protest, had unknowingly taken a bus with a hidden heroin shipment.

Mario Patron, director of the Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez Human Rights Center (Centro Pro) that represents family members of the missing youths, told the IACHR that there are doubts about the progress of the new probe.

He said that no new charges had been filed since December 2014.

Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz; Editing by Cynthia Osterman


  1. Only in Mexico do you give the guilty police officers notice of their pending arrests so they can flee.

    1. I'm sure half are gone or killed by goverment goons to shut them up

  2. Why don't they use DEATH SQUAD TACTICS on the Mayor and his wife? How is it that the justice system can make other people talk and can't make a silly mayor and wife talk?

    1. 12:18the mayor, abarca and his wife mariya de los angeles were corrupt murderous and cartel members, but they did not call for hudreds of soldiers, marinas, federal police, and c4 communications records to become deleted, secreted, classified police tortured to exact confesions, and you want to kill them without trial? tas mas pendejo valeee
      but you can make secretary of education "la emilia" emilio chuayfett chemor talk, also the cabinet members of EPN's presidency, SPECIALLY SALVADOR CIENPEDOS AND THE AUTHOR OF THE VERDAD HISTERICA, they had been through similar attacks against students in previous administrations like with zedillo.

  3. In Mexico while on vacation. The rumor was that the buses intercepted had drugs stashed in them. Given that most Narcos operate in a paranoid mode, there first thought was that they were being robbed by rival gangs thus resulting in The death and disappearance of these people with the help of authorities without ever asking any questions. Later it was known to them that they were only protesters and the protesters were oblivious to the drugs. Moving drugs on buses is more common than not in Mexico. Again just a theory?

    1. Have to admit that that theory sounds plausible.

      Nice input

    2. 12:24, thank you for offering a theory on this. I could not think of any other reason these students would be killed. It was awful.

      And good to see that my man E42 is back!

  4. Can we really believe what is being said or done pertaining this case from Mexico’s government?
    Feel sort of sorry for those patsies who are being put under the bus. Knowing that the true conspirators will not be prosecuted.

    Someone has to pay for this to go away! That’s what Mexico’s government approach is on this.

  5. 12:24 I think you are right on the money!

  6. 4:59 I also think you are right on the money too that someone has to pay for this to go away and Mexico's reputation will be restored even though the culprits were following orders from the 'untouchables'!

  7. They are going to arrest people with ties to AMLO 2 try n under mine his support. Their scared shitless that he may win President. All bets r off.

  8. It was the Mexican Government plain and simple. They lied from the very beginning. The students were on the bus loaded with heroin. They did not know it was loaded with the drugs, and it was the message to those want to interfere with the narco-routes that the military protects. It was the State, and they will blame others as usual.

  9. Ok, time to 'buy a rumor'. I worked in the area, at that time. The local office secretary said something about the head of the teachers school being paid to cause problems. Prior to that the 'gentes malo' would drive around carrying their guns in open sight! I remember shortly afterward seeing all the LE at the amusement park on the west side of Ig, turned out to be a fosa! I was back in Ig about 2 weeks after that all went down. You could hear shootings at night like I had not remembered before.

  10. Not worth the breath.

  11. The narcos owners of the drugs and the billions of dollars on that bus did not stop and harass the independent investigators, made secret the C4 communications, order the military to follow the students for hours before they hijacked the drug bus, abduct the students and torture the polesias of iguana to make them confess, it was all the PRI/PRD of EPN and the guerrero governor, angel aguirre rivero and the military.
    Any bus with drugs and money is just a red herring bullshit.

    1. Some people need hogwash to wash the BS down their throaths.


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