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Monday, March 5, 2018

Mexico City: "Cartel de Tepito" and "Los Rodolfos" dispute control of UNAM campus

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from El Universal

A shooting and double homicide speed up investigations against three groups of drug dealers that operate at CU

by David Fuentes

The double homicide last Friday in the area known as El Frontón de Ciudad Universitaria (CU), expedited investigations that the Mexico City authorities already had going, which began in 2015, when information was cross-referenced with the Attorney General's Office ( PGR), revealing that the Tláhuac Cartel had more than 20 various drug vendors in all corridors of the university campus.

The first progress made on this double homicide case points to the fact that after the death of the leader of the criminal cell operating in Tláhuac, Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna El Ojos, and the subsequent capture of who the federal authorities identified as a possible successor, Uriel Isaac "N" El Cochi, who was arrested in Monterrey on January 11, the dismantling of the group is in process.

Another blow to the organization was the murder, on the 27th of the same month in the Tláhuac delegation -also by Navy personnel- of Ricardo Ferro Pérez, alias El Peque or El Richi, nephew of El Ojos who had been the newest presumed leader of the crime group, thus weakening it even more.

This was exploited by smaller cells that began to dispute the points controlled by those of Tláhuac in Coyoacán, Xochimilco, Tlalpan, Milpa Alta and the Chalco Valley. In this sense, the identification of the alleged aggressors, which form part of the file CI-FCY / OY1 / UI-1 / C / D0677 / 02-2018, as well as the victims of last Friday, reveal that the Tepito Cartel and the cell that operates in Xochimilco, identified as Los Rodolfos were responsible for the fight.

Information on the case details that Tepito, once aware of the near extinction of the Tláhuac Cartel and the profits generated by the sale of CU drugs, as well as the benefits - because there are no operatives, checkpoints or policemen around- showed interest in the area and began to infiltrate their vendors, one of who turned out to be one of the victims last Friday.

The deceased was identified as Francisco Axel, who on three separate occasions was arrested for crimes against health, the first in 2008 in the downtown area, the second in 2010 in downtown Coyoacán and the last in 2014, in Playa del Carmen, and according to the authorities, he led at least
five drug dealers who, just last November, began to roam Ciudad Universitaria.

The other group that entered the dispute is the cell that operates in Xochimilco, which the authorities identify as Los Rodolfos. This small group led by Rodolfo Rodríguez Morales La Gorda, was initially an ally of El Ojos and now controls the routes and points of sale that the Tláhuac cell had, including Ciudad Universitaria.

The Rodolfos had control in the area known as El Frontón, the one where El Micky operated for a long time under the orders of El Ojos and from which they obtained profits of between 150 thousand and 200 thousand pesos per week, limiting the sellers of Tepito to the area known as Los Bigotes, where net sales are lower.

Apparently, the dispute began last January, when the Tepito Cartel, wanting to extend its vendors, stormed Los Bigotes and the corridors of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, as well as the surroundings of the Justo Sierra auditorium. At the end of last month, traffickers argued, coming to blows, and fired two shots into the air.

On that occasion there were no injuries, but the university students denounced the incident. Last Friday, the dealers returned to cause what happened next, a balance of two dead.


  1. so what are mexicans buying, low class for sure is that ice.

    more refined snort blow
    and im thinking college students want weed then again i dont know for sure.

    1. Ice is not "lowclass" low class is sniffing super glue.

    2. Plastic pipe cement is not high class like shoe glue,
      but guayabas makes it tastier monas when pulque will not.
      Try it soon, there is no pusher there.

  2. You’re right @7:58 college kids do prefer weed over any other drug but the problem in the main cities like Cuidad Universitaria and other “rich” cities there’s usually only a handful of people selling it. It usually depends if there’s a territory dispute or how strong the cartel is in the area. In areas where there’s a strong presence of ONE cartel the amount of independent sellers is very low because it just isn’t worth having a cartel coming after you for such petty amounts.

    1. Ciudad Universitaria is police and army/marinas free, unless the government decides to go and murder a few cabrones.
      But they should grow the fuck up and have campus police independent of the pinchis students and if the students don't like it then they can go a chingar a su madre, it is bad enough the thousands of pendejos "studying" there and that a pinchi bola de culeros ignorantes can buy their professional degrees in the Mercado La Merced for a few hundred pesos, like MAO osorio chón and EPN WHO EVEN BECAME "PRESIDENTE"...
      --No Mameeen universitarios pendejos!

    2. Oh, I see, BB is free of universitarios pendejos,
      defiendanse bola de güeyes, ni pa mariguanos sirven o qué?

  3. Since when is doing drugs an d snorting high class drugs are drugs what you have are addicts from all economic levels in this world nas they were around before we were born an d they will be till we die so big deal hit the cartels where they hurt in the wallet.

    1. Drugs make some peepol immensely rich,
      and their partners get immensely richer...
      --then they imprison their low level "capos del narco" or their political puppets for imaginary wrongdoings like piggybacking their dirty drugs with the official government loads and selling them at unfairly low prices on US streets or for having weapons and poison gases sold to them by US agents like Donald Rumsfeld and imaginary nuclear waste bombs in their imaginary atomic niukiuliar silos...

  4. 10:04 you can destroy cartels by extorting the last penny from them, but you can't drive all the business out, mainly because it is the life blood blood of many Americans, some of them billionaires...
    Are you going to "FIX" the big horny perras that own it all?

  5. The way to corner any market is lowering prices to the bottom, no narquitos will survive that, but if you "tax drugs" you are inviting the worst of the greediest bastards to come and license the shit and tax people for the money they are supposed to be earning and spending lavishly on their whores and pension plans and retirement funds...the fack outta here


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