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Monday, March 26, 2018

Epilogue and Reflections of Mireles, from Todos Somos Autodefensas

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from the Book "Todos Somos Autodefensas" by Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde

After almost three years of the start of the judicial process that appears perpetual, Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde defines from prison part of his ideas both political and human. Like wisp's of the rescue of his actual condition, Mireles positions ideologically about what happened nationally with written reflections, compiled from different letters sent from his cell, and is open to different interpretations.

"People that are sleeping and submissive, will be a people lost and defeated".

It is a key moment for all Mexicans, all united, we can make a true social change, a change that comes to mitigate our lack of trust, a change that will create liberty, peace and tranquility.

It is to awaken consciousness now, to not to have buy the will to act tomorrow. Sometimes I think that for this, I want to finish with public education, because we will learn more. Because we will also learn that when the right contravenes justice, justice must prevail, as it does not come from the hands of the people themselves.

Gentleman of the green olive, please don't carry your cannons to the people, remember that you also are of the citizens, we are brothers, we are Mexicans, we are all Mexico.

I continue and will continue to be from my country where ever I am. We are not going to cry because of our pain or burden. It is a habit that we must leave behind for life to continue... it is essential that it not a habit that we learn that life is like this.

I am not a friend of the way of hate. I cannot give myself the luxury of hating anyone, nor follow those who commit abuses against the autodefensas. Hate is not constructive, it is very destructive to ones life, even of the most noble of people.

To fight for the legitimate defense is essential among men of good faith. I can say , with no fear, that I don't believe in any form of justice in Mexico, well in all its forms of justice are related with the necessity of vengeance against a tyrannical, dictatorial and repressive system, against the weakest protest of a sleeping people, who have sunk into misery and submission.

There exists the enormous necessity to wake up the consciences of the people to unify and remove all the obstacles that the system with its power puts up to eliminate and emasculate the truth and real democracy.

I am not a fanatic of my ideals, I am passionate about my principles. For me, its most important after the constitution and justice, are my feelings of freedom, equality and brotherhood between we Mexicans, my brothers.

It determines our future, but never forget, because how are we going to forget about all that has happened or they made happen? The aside is to know how to overcome it and to live with this, to pardon and eliminate our prejudices.

Above all, education is needed at all levels and in state politics, parties should consider freedom as a way of governing and living. Those at the top are controlling all of the national economy for the government, meanwhile the grand majority of the people, even if they work are dying of hunger for lack of food so the parasites can enjoy the opulence of our nation.

The autodefensas always acted in the legitimate defense of their lives, of our families and our property. The next revolution must be done in the polls and from there to our thinking, without putting the ideology above reality.

Justice, in reality is neither a bandage or a balance, but a sword, if, we are permitting it to be tyrannical oppression. The autodefensas must fight for the betterment of their lives and not for immorality. One knows that we are fighting for ideals, for utopia, but we cannot sacrifice the wellness of the people for ideals.

We must search for a good agreement with the military and they should forget that their obligations are only to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation, but to support the people in cases of disaster.

We need a system of government that can reconstruct the nation socially, without nepotism, and without giving to the capitalist entrepreneurs, generating  self management for the workers, utilizing technologies produced in the big Mexican universities, as well as cultural technologies, without the exploitation of men for the sake of it, and without having the necessity of importing foreign technologies at the expense of the nation.

The Mexican men and women who have already reached middle age, we must eliminate the ideological traps that do not allow liberal thoughts. Self management is a good way to avoid the exploitation of men for the sake of it, or what is worse, the exploitation of men for machines.

For what conjecture, the Mexican political system to an international level, that we are not a prosperous country in all levels and in all social classes, what class have prospered in the last 100 years? it has been the political class, meanwhile the rest of the nation continues being poor, with hunger every day.


  1. Sad no middle class in mexico. The politicos r doing their best to kill the middle class in the U S. That why there is no Revolution in Mexico. Middle-class start revolutions.

    1. Revolution is a very antiquated and very harmful way to look at things. It's an easy non-answer that only looks to punish the current leadership but DOES NOT look for real answers to help fix society's ills. If revolution is "winning" I'd rather lose.

  2. Been watching and reading about Jose Valverde since I saw that Vice or whatever video and even He's no angel himself, but He seems to have good logic and tons of patriotism or patriotic rhetoric anyway.
    And he has some support.
    If he's on the up'n up (As much as you can be in Mexico) then who knows, maby there is hope. But I really don't think at this point the "We the People of Mexico" Kumbaya shtick isn't going to cut it, These people have been violated and fear and hate is real emotion on the table.
    Besides the criminal element is to well established, interwoven and obviously prevalent throughout the country to be defeated by an ideology.

  3. Middle Class mx are leaving the country and go to europe where they find a new home, work, safety and friends and tequila.
    No fucking gangs, no crime, no homicides, no guns no wall.

    Viva JMMV

  4. Bring back Papa Pitufo, Mireles is done

  5. 5:05 even in the poorest prisons all over the world, there is a middle class, that is in Mexico the backbone of support for AMLO.

  6. Education is a must. Raising wages for cops and military would be a huge step, too.

  7. He tried bit the mexican government got the best of him, he survived a few stacks from cartels, survived an airplane crash and survived prison without his meds. Strong guy but even the strong get broken down in prison under critical situations. My respect for this brave man. Arriba michoacan vali!!

  8. Autodefensas paramilitares is what we need! Cleanse the criminals just like Colombia!

    1. The mexican army and the mariunas need to be purged and put on their place, their most corrupt elements need to be brought to justice and confess their dirty deeds and bring down their mands that ordered them to do all their putas chingaderas, be brought back to school and get it drilled in their thick heads that they are there to serve their country and their countrymen and not their "commader in chief" or any of his mother facing ministers and even less their facking 2nd or 3rd hand firstday wivesor like Javier Duarte de ochoa's one that deserves it all and bether that. The best of the best...
      --Francisco I Madero forgot real soon who won his motherfacking revolution of 1910 and forgave the military porfiristas "to attain legitimacy", soon they betrayed and murdered him and his brother Raul and senator from chiapas and vice president Pino suarez, the coup was the idea of US ambassador Lane Wilson one of the traitor participants was general Manuel Mondragon gramps of today's admiral Manuel "el karateka" Mondragon y Kalb.
      The Mexican military are nobody's brothers, they are the regime's brainwashed sicarios, see "La Decena Tragica"/ you tube, google.
      other coup d' etáts like cbile, guatemala, brasil, nicaragua, panama, 3l salvador, colombia...AMLO and Mireles better lose their innocense FAST, VENEZUELA IS STILL GOING ON...

  9. Has he been brain washed by the government, does not say nothing negative of government or Cartels. They made him a puppet.

    1. Not a puppet I hope not. Rather cautious of implications or accusations towards those powers that can end ones life.
      You have to consider what this man underwent.
      He was a fortunate political prisoner. Not like those many countries make example of ( Mandela ).


    2. It's surprising he's still alive.

  10. 500 (more or less) auto defenses were taken to a Veracruz prison about the same time mireles was arrested, WHERE ARE THEM?


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