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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Cemei Verdia Zepeda Calls for Reunion of "Los Autodefenses" in Michoacan

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Universal

Feb 28, 2018

Five years after the first self - defense groups were set up in Michoacán to fight organized crime and four years after the municipality of Aquila freed itself from the siege of the Knights Templar criminal group , the leaders of the armed civilian defense group gathered this weekend. .

Summoned by Cemeí Verdía Zepeda , commander of the Community Police of Santa María Ostula, the self-defense leaders of Tepalcatepec, Chinicuila, Coahuayana and Aquila , the group endorsed the fact that  in their municipalities there is no room for criminals , or more narcogovernments.

On the whole, they agreed that even for these elections they will defend their peoples with greater emphasis in order to prevent the cells of organized crime from taking over public positions and returning to power.

                   "The fight between the political class and organized crime is out of control ."

Cemeí Verdía, commander of the community guard of Ostula and the armed civilian defense group in the municipality of Aquila, warned that as long as there are no public institutions that guarantee the security of their municipalities, they will continue with this task of vigilance.

He recalled that four years ago, the citizens, tired of kidnappings, extortions, murders, rapes and plunder of their lands and mines, managed to banish the Knights Templars  narco criminals of that region of the Sierra Costa.

Verdi Zepeda reiterated, that although they were also attacked by state and federal authorities, their struggle was successful thanks to the courage and bravery of men and women who stood up for their communities and , literally put their chests to the bullets to defend their families.

"We did not want any more dead or missing; we were also fed up with the  kidnappings, extortion and dispossession of our natural resources. That's why we had to leave our families , work and /or jobs and face those bastards that were protected by the narco-governments, " he said.

He also stressed that five years after they took up arms and banished the criminals from their lands, the cost of their armed struggle has been imprisonment of their leaders and judicial persecution.

"That was the cost we had to pay for doing the job that belongs to and should be done by our governmental  authorities, but we could not wait; they were killing us; It seems that they wanted  to disappear us all,  all peoples that is, " said Cemeí Verdía Zepeda.

He also lamented the attacks of those who have been victims of municipal presidents related to their armed movement, as in the case of José Misael González Fernández de Coalcomán and José Luis Arteaga Olivares de Aquila.

"But we also have well in mind that in this fight there are more innocent people who have died and justice has not been done, as in the case of the boy killed by Mexican Army bullets, Edilberto Reyes García, for whom we demand the imprisonment of the guilty, "he said.

The meeting was attended by Héctor Zepeda Navarrete, commander of the self-defense groups in Coahuayana and its people, as well as members and leaders of the community guards of Tepalcatepec, Coalcomán and Chinicuila.

In an interview with Universal in mid October 2017 Cemei Verdia Zepeda told Carlos Arrieta that he is predicting the 2018 elections in Mexico and in particular the State of Michoacan to be the bloodiest elections in Mexican history.

He lamented the fact that only six of the 113 municipalities in Michoacan have remained free of criminal activity, ie organized crime and cartel activity. He named the Municipalities: Cheran, Tepalcatepec, Coalcoman, Chinicuila, Coahuayana and Aquila. 

Cemei Verdis also does not believe his Community Police or self defense groups will be able to completely shield their communities much with the security situation surrounding the elections. "People are confused, no body knows what to do or who to believe, these elections are just about power versus more power."

NOTE: As I type this another PRD pre-candidate was just assassinated in Zihuatanejo by six bullets.

Homero Bravo Espino was shot in his car by a group of armed men in San Jose Ixtapa. At least seven local candidates have been assassinated in the State of Guerrero so far.


  1. Best way to go, away from Narco government s and Cartels. But be ready for a surprise attack from both groups. As they want complete killings to continue. All for power and money.

  2. Many of us applaud his honorable work for change. An impossible task to combat violence and its associations to government corruption.
    Many have fallen victims to this epidemic of violence in Mexico.
    It’s this admirable behavior that citizens can rise to make change. An example for all those to fight for justice and true government.
    I often wonder what reaction will Mexico’s government undertake if demonstrations like that of Arab Spring were to transpire?
    Many saw the mass numbers of protesters when gasoline prices increased in their country. Why not protest the injustices of government practices and its inept leaders?
    Will the government slaughter its defenseless citizens? Would it sit with delegates of such movement and negotiate?
    Last ; Will such strides in better government be overshadowed by world leaders?

    Any thoughts?

    We all know the power of ruling is not fond of change. Especially if it’s not in their best interests.

    1. Get real LOL - Mexico has never had a decent government. What would possibly happen that would ever change that?

      Their economy has advanced admirably (thanks to being next to the US) but politically and culturally they're in the dark ages. Like it was the year 1800 only with ATMs and cars.

    2. Obviously you have never been to Mexico buddy

    3. @ 5:12
      Yes I have been in Mexico.
      Have many family members living in Mexico.
      Moreover, of Mexican decent.
      So what’s your reference to what you state?

    4. Mexico's Aztec emperor gave the Spanish a beat up that left them crying right before he fell to their pestilence and smallpox.
      Vicente guerrero, Benito Juarez,
      --Porfirio Diaz that beat up the French Legionnaires and kept the US out of Mexico for more than 30 years.
      --general Lazaro Cardenas who beat up the cristeros, nationalized Oil, and created PEMEX, PARDONED El Gitano Valdez gramps of La Barbie, and created the world''s greatest siderurgical plant at Las Truchas, michoacan. Now owned by corrupt or Arcelor Mittal.
      --Adolfo Lopez Mateos created Instituto Mexicano del Segura Social, nationalized power generation and mining industry and instituted free school lunches for grade schoolers promoted free public school and free textbooks for all more than 50 years ago, these kinds of institutions rarely become part of american society and do not survive from one president to the next on the US...

  3. His life is in great danger, he's going against the cartels and crooked local government. Hopefully there is change in Tierra c aliente it's a war zone right now. Brave man

    1. They are with CJNG. They seem to always forget that El Abuelo Farias is the leader of CJNG in the area of Tepeltapec and the main finacer of the Auto defenses at that time.

      The true reason the KT were taken out were these Nazario and his group were taking money directly from every municipality of the state and directly from the government and even the governor was paying up. He told them since we placed you in power you have to pay us.

      They weren't giving anyone kick backs except for the president. That is how Calderon at the time announced his death and took El Chango down.

      That is apart from taking money from anyone who had land or a small to large business they were starting to take money from anyone.

      Today things have changed and every municipality president, military commander, feral police commander, the state governor and the president are being paid to allow the remaining groups do as the please.

      Their are pictures of Viagra members standing right in front of the military in Pinzandiro Michoacan.

      This past week their were shootouts but fortunately for the Viagras the military came to their aid.

    2. Actually the fake outodefenzas are Viagras and nueva familia that are against cjng.

    3. Trying to extort too much from Miguel Angel Gallegos Goody alias "El Migueladas" was the end of the Kabelleras Cagadas,
      He just called Los Pinos to pin down the enemies.

  4. Tierra Caliente we’ll be partying with you guys in Apatzingán during spring break. At least for a few days while we head out to Ixtapa. Let the tequila and mezcal flow during the 2 weeks of partying because I can’t think any other way to spend my spring break.

  5. Yes indeed he is a brave man. I knew him well in his earlier days. He would always pick up the kids in the outlying villages and made sure they made it to school.

  6. Don't announce your plan. Just implement it and eliminate those who stand in the way.

  7. People r trying. While the rest of the country man run and hide

  8. Brave nen...keep on fighting


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