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Monday, February 5, 2018

The women that became among the most powerful narcos in Mexico

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Infobae article

Subject Matter: Women in the world of Narcos
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Ma Baker, Narcomami, The empress of Antrax, The Queen of the Pacific are among those who have gained fame and power in the criminal cartels.

Reporter: Elia Baltazar
On August 19, 2002, ministerial police from the State of Mexico arrived at 29 Poniente Street in the La Perla neighborhood, in Nezahualcóyotl, a municipality of Mexico City.The patrols surrounded the street and the agents went to number 414, where she lived with her family Delia Patricía Buendía the powerful drug trafficker known as"La Ma Baker".

She was the first known woman who excelled in the world of drugs She was then 45 years old, had been a secretary, cashier of a Chinese cafe, in charge of a social center and even an employee of the Ministry of Public Education.In the Tepito neighborhood, where she grew up, she started her drug business, which she later turned into the famous Cartel of Neza, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the east of the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, which she operated with her entire family, particularly the husbands of their three daughters.

Delia Patricia Buendía, "La Ma Baker"
Delia Patricia Buendía, "La Ma Baker"The former leader of the Neza Cartel is currently imprisoned in the Santiaguito prison. The Attorney General's Office (PGR) attributed the control of at least 500 narcotics assets, assets that included a wrestling arena and a network of protection,judges and even magistrates.

Only that year, in the months prior to her arrest,Ma Baker had ordered the assassination of three high-level police officers and the capital attorney's office:Arturo Pérez Estrada, head of Plaza in the Iztapalapa delegation;Guillermo Robles Estrada Liceaga, director of Mixed Operations of the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District and Nicolás Humberto del Águila Jiménez, agent of the Federal Public Ministry

Today she is a 60-year-old woman who is being held in the Santiaguito prison;"But her story opened a place for women in the drug trafficking family album in Mexico. As the drug business in Mexico grew, women began to have increasingly active and violent roles.

So much so, that since 2011 the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has included 14 Mexican women on its list of most wanted criminals.Some well-known ones, such as Enedina Arellano Félix, who took the reins of the Tijuana cartel when his brothers, Ramón and Francisco Rafael, were arrested.But other names have appeared since then.Leticia Rodríguez Lara, known as Doña Letyor La 40, who dominates drug trafficking and human trafficking in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Leticia Rodrúguez Lara, Doña Lety
It is said that she gained power by leading a local group, composed of defectors from the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, and allied with the Sinaloa cartel. She is 48 years old, it is presumed that she was a federal police officer and the PGR has opened three investigations against her: one for trafficking in undocumented persons, and two for carrying firearms for the exclusive use of the army. The authorities attribute responsibility for the shootings in Quintana Roo, for clashes with rival groups.

Intermediate boss

Many of the women in drug trafficking have nothing to do with the glamorous image that television, film and literature series have constructed.They are not Teresa Mendoza, the protagonist of the novelLa reina del Sur written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte in 2002.

Nor are the lovers confined to the role of luxury objects of the capos They have taken up arms and control of organizations, along with important narcos from Mexico. But there are some that its appeal has paid to its legend.One on the list is "La Güera Loca", whose name was unknownIt is said that she was born in Navolato, Sinaloa, territory of the cartel headed by Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzman, but she was linked to the Cartel del Golfo and Los Zetas She began as a halcone" that is, a paid look out.

Then she escalated to and gained fame as bloodthirsty and "crazy" to appear in videos in which she killed her victims After a few years, according to the stories that are available on Internet sites, she was already a leader of hired assassins in the San Fernando area of ​​Tamaulipas and had her own corrido, made up of the Sierra Fox group that says: "What men can do women can also/ The Güerita shouts, 'Tell me, how do you prefer it?/ This is the Güera Loca from San Fernando, for all Tamaulipas, Cartel del Golfo operating

She was blonde, with clear eyes and a slender figure, according to her legend and apparently was murdered in 2013 by Los Zetas, after she split with the Cartel del Golfo.

In the same category is Claudia Berenice Ochoa Felix, whom they called " The Antrax Empress" and they called her the "Kim Kardashian of organized crime", for her exuberance in publishing photos of herself on Instagram and Twitter, which have now been made private.

She has denied her links to organized crime on more than one occasion, but has been continuously identified as the leader of a group linked to the Sinaloa Cartel headed by "El Chino Antrax", Jose Rodrigo Arechiga, who was arrested in Amsterdam, Holland.

Claudia Berenice Ochoa Felix
In an interview with the new site El Debate, in 2014, she said, "After a while they will show that I killed Colosio and that Jenni Rivera is not dead, and that she is hiding in my house", stating that she was not involved with organized crime, since then little has been known about her. (Otis: see link to article by BB matriach Chivis on her).

The Jefas

A woman has remained at the top of the drug trade. It is Enedina Arellano Felix, sole head of the Cartel Arellano Felix. 57 years old, they call her "La Jefa", "La Madrina" or "Narcomami" and her right hand man is her own son.

During the 80's and 90's she was responsible for the financial side and money laundering of the CAF operated by her brothers and since 2008 she became its leader, since the apprehension of her brother Eduardo Arellano Felix in 2008.

Enedina Arellano Felix
She was an accountant and together with her husband, Luis Toledo Carrejo, has companies in Tijuana, through which she launders money derived from illicit profits from drug trafficking according to the Time Report by Ioan Grillo.

The authorities say that she had a somewhat different vision of the business, because she is not interested in formenting wars and her objective is the alliances that have allowed her to operate with a certain tranquility. The PGR affirms that her position is held by a nephew, but she maintains her position as a counselor.

Clara Elena Laborin

Clara Elena Laborin was close to the loft heights of La Madrina, identified as the wife of Hector Beltran Leyva and a leader in the Beltran Leyva Cartel. She was arrested in Septmeber of 2017 in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Another was Sandra Avila Beltran, the Queen of the Pacific, who was arrested in September 28th of 2007 and released in 2015, after serving five years in prison for using illicit proceeds in Mexico, and was later extradited to the United States, where she was sentenced to 70 months in prison.

Sandra Avila Beltran
Others have also been arrested including Mireya Moreno Carreon, identified as the head of Los Zetas in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon and Ramona Camacho Valle, linked to Los Rojos, and Sandra Gisel Acosta, who worked with El Chapo Guzman.

Mireya Moreno Carreon
Some fall and others will continue to operate in a world that has long ceased to be reserved only for men.


  1. Interesting article thanks. Women are just as ruthless and as capable of evil as men, sometimes more so.

  2. Zeta used to be credible. these women, exception of one, are/were localized at best. and agent Duncan confirmed Enedina Arellano Felix is not the head and not involved. just as most current reports establish.

    1. La Tia is still in business, just at the very highest level. Enedina doesn’t control estacas or routes, she controls companies. As for Agent Duncan, I’ll believe what narco-blogs report over what Agent Duncan’s press releases say.

    2. Could you
      Please list your sources

    3. I always doubted Enedina's being 'boss', given the government never seemed interested in arresting her.

    4. Didn't agent Duncan report here on BB, a "narco-blog", and not a press release, that Enedina is not in the business? If so then, by your own standard, you should believe Duncan.

    5. Agent Duncan knows his stuff, dont slander the name of innocents.

    6. The worst criminal women in mexico, are not these women, but LA Chaky, Rosario Robles ("Aqui estoy, enamorada"), procurer to televisa pederastas diputada federal Carmen Salinas, but the champ forever is la Chaky, Elba Esther Gordillo the dictator of the teachers Union, not even LA Nacha or Las Poquianchis.
      --Feel free to review your championships and honor who honor deserve...

  3. Trevino sister not included?

    1. She doesn't have any charges in Mexico or u.s. they only arrested her because she is a trevino .... don't believe everything you see on the internet

  4. Enedina looks hella thick 😋

  5. It's a proven fact that female gang members are more violent than males. They are more savage than men are when it comes to beatings and killing.

  6. Poll: Whose hotter? Chivis or Sandra Avila Beltran.

    1. Chivis, by a mile.

    2. Right answer!!!!!

      jaja seriously, sandra back in the day was incredibly beautiful..I wonder what nshe looks like now that she has access to a personal trainer, botox and hair dye.

    3. Mi Reina, nice to see you still have your followers,
      and they have not seen you even once, from afar.
      "MY LOVE FOR EVERMORE" on YouTube has gone from 4 million to more than 12 or 16 million visitors, BB went from about 40 million to close to 70 million viewers, "on the Web version"
      --thanks to all the talibanes in charge of the blog.

  7. Claudia went out with "chino antrax" for a few weeks, had a few kids with "chavo felix" and also went out with "el dorian". She was never the leader of any group. She's your typical "buchona" who goes out on weekends with cartel members to party, get drunk and snort coke. That's about it.

    1. Thank you. I wish BB knew all this. Where can I send videos of her high as hell with Arabs in Dubai?

  8. None of this bitches had any power. La reina del pacifico her son was murdered she the most powerful of these women.

    1. What happened to LA reina del pacifico's argentinian pimp?
      They had a whole ship loaded with drugs caught in Sinaloa but she as a woman did her short time standing on a foot, now she has no proems staying at home.

  9. Women have rights. Ja ja Cool keep up gals. Take control

  10. ... Look Into Her Brother Sergio More As He Makes Really Good Money Just Selling Crepes ... Jejeje ... Wash Through Crepes To Make Clean Money ...

  11. Claudia??? B.B. clueless like always...10

  12. What about "LA China" psycho killer

    1. 4:41 La China psycho killer was just a murderer, a sicaria who went down from below, and never touched real power, Los zetas used to have a dozen of them a day for breakfast.
      --La Ma Barker is a new friend of ours, gotta check her up, on "The Most Powerful Mexican Female Narcos".

  13. i know this story is about powerfull women in Mexicos Dto.. but i think im sure Zetas had many women involved in lower ranks. more than any other DTo. Some estacas were of women that got busted back around 2011-2013. and in some major shootouts with military i remember seeing women on ground dead. given they were real and not planted by military. am i right on this ?

    1. 5:46 no pinchis mamaes güey, Los jotolones de los zetas train pura chingadera pa que hagan El Maruchan (TM), las pizzas, el quiaser y pa que se mochen con el cabús y a ti, pa que te moches con el que te hace como pato atrás...

  14. You can't count Enedina Arrellano Felix, there is NO source to show this took over.

  15. The advantage of being a woman in the narco industry is that you can get out of a jail sentence if you have a guy to blame your crimes on.

  16. Good Morning. I read this post a couple days back and do not have any personal knowledge of these women except Enedina and I disagree with the author. I did enjoy the article and was waiting for the comments.

    Those who have worked this case know she is not a player and always wondered how her name got thrown out there. I have even sat through Mexican Cartel classes and have heard the experts repeat this information. We should have done something to dispel this information when it started but the case was sensitive, ongoing etc…

    Most of our knowledge of Enedina and the AFO comes from 25 years spent working on the case, interviews of hundreds of AFO members to include family, and several years of monitoring, recording and memorializing communications intercepts. We did a great job of corroborating the information, but we fell short of sharing it with our intelligence community.

    Enedina’s big part of the story is her relationship with Chapo’s partner, Rayo Lopez, when she was a young teenager. In the latter 1980’s, Rayo and Enedina ran off for several weeks. Benjamin and Ramon were livid and saw it as a rape situation. In the early 1990’s Rayo showed up at a cartel party in Tijuana. Ramon shot and killed Rayo. The war between Chapo and the AFO began.

    Most of what is reported about Enedina is false. She is just one of the sisters. She is not the mother of Fernando Sanchez-Arellano, Norma Alicia is.

    I know that Ruth Serrano-Corona, Benjamin's second wife, was very actively conducting business for Benjamin while he was in Altiplano. She would meet with those he told her to meet with and would use Enedina's name. If Enedina's name is being thrown around as a narco, it is because of Ruth.

    Benjamin allied with Osiel Cardenas-Guillen while they were locked up in Altiplano. Benjamin wanted Osiel to send some Zetas to Tijuana to get back his control of the AFO from Javier and Fernandito. There was a group within the AFO who were loyal to Benjamin and fought against the existing regime at the time (2002-2008). Ruth was the conduit from Benjamin to this group as well as Gulf Cartel leader Tony Tormentas. We have documented murders, tortures, kidnapping and other incidents done by this group on both sides of the border.

    None of the Arellano sisters were involved in the AFO business other than to shield and protect their monstrous brothers. They all met for Christmas and Semana Santa, but the Arellano-Felix sisters’ children knew their uncles by another name. Enedina may not be innocent, but she does not deserve the created stardom she is receiving.

    Below is the AFO Family from oldest to youngest:

    1. Francisco Rafael, aka Pancho
    2. Norma Isabel – Mother of Fernando Sanchez-Arellano
    3. Carlos - Mexico
    4. Alberto Benjamin – US Custody
    5. Eduardo - US Custody
    6. Alicia Maria - Mexico
    7. Enedina - Mexico
    8. Ramon - Deceased
    9. Leti - Deceased
    10. Fernando - Mexico
    11. Javier - US Custody

    1. Alicia Maria es una y Norma Isabel es otra.
      Y La Chivis es Enedina. AOK.

  17. Falto la mas famosa de todas, la primera persona (hombre o mujer)pedida en extradicion por los EUA, Ignacia Jasso

  18. Doña Lety was arrested in Puebla last August.

    1. Doña Lety may have been in charge of some shit, but looks like she had to mop the floors on the side, I swear I hope she was beautiful and interesting when she started, there is also the connection of Puebla, former governor pederasta Mario Marin, hid friends like Cancun hotelier restauranteur pederasta prostiturer Jean Succar Kuri and el rey de la mezclilla Kamel Naciff, Doña Lety went into hiding in Puebla, because her partners of patrons live there?

  19. Claudia ochoa Felix. The quiero muncho cabrona mandame mensaje At your service. Kim kardashian looks like quatcha when compared to u chula. Muah!!! Mi armor!!!


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