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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Judge in El Chapo case rules in favor of prosecution... "yes" to anonymous sequestered jury

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

In little surprise, Judge Cogan in the U.S. case against El Chapo, ruled in favor of the prosecution.  Prosecution had requested an anonymous, sequestered jury.

For background on this story use this hyperlink.

Below is the four page decision.


  1. Chivis . What you think ? I bet you have a very strong opinion against this ruling . Chapo made his reputation and now he suffers the consequences . Now he wants to be treated like everybody else . The thing is he isn't everybody else . He is EL CHAPO . Now he will spend the rest of his life appealing all these rulings .

    1. Not so very strong as I am in the 'education' process, studying trials etc. at first I thought, no problem, but it is highly controversial and thought to go against the rights of the defendant and from GO gives the impression the defendant is guilty.

      Secret Justice has some good overview and Q and A articles about the subject

      I thought chapo's atty had a good compromise that was a win win. . but this judge is anything but fair and unconcerned about the rights in this case, so I knew he would reject it

  2. Enough of this joke of a trial. This guy is leaving supermax in a pinebox.

  3. His a bad hombre but not his fault the government made him like that

  4. So unfair why u want to protect US citizens. We have open and the illegals kill at will

  5. Chapo is truly fucked and before anyone says "he deserves it" this shit could happen to anyone the US has a hard on for.
    Do any of us not think its a little bit overboard the way he is being treated ? He is in hell now with nowhere to turn .
    Worse motherfuckers than him work for governments right now

  6. Whatever all the big brains here think..
    This shit is scary,basically anything goes and no one says shit because its the big bad DEMON El Chapo,he has already had the PR treatment and everyone swallows it and thus anything goes in this almost personal war.Whenever it suits fairness and legality go out the window,they could do this to anyone


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