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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fighting for the Plaza: CDS Vs CJNG in Pacific States

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Economiahoy
Feb 7, 2018
Extra Material from: Universal

Mexico, which in 2017, experienced its blackest year with 25,339 homicides, is living a reconfiguration of the map of violence with three municipalities in the western state of Colima among the most dangerous in the country, warned today the NGO Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice.

"There is a change in violence, in the configuration of the clashes between criminal groups; from the north of the country, which we had before in the states of Tamaulipas, Chihuahua and Coahuila, now it is moving towards Colima, in the Pacific Region," said the president of this civil entity, José Antonio Sanchez Ortega.

"The change towards the Pacific is due mainly to the fact that the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG) and the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) are fighting in this area for control of the plaza and drug trafficking routes " the expert said.

1 Tecomán                                                      

2 Manzanillo                                        
3 Chilapa
4 Acapulco
5 Tijuana
6 Beaches of Rosarito
7 Los Cabos
8 Apatzingán
9 Chilpancingo
10 Navolato
11 Zihuatanejo
12 Colima
13 Iguala
14 Tlalnepantla
15 Zacatecas
16 La Paz
17 Fresnillo                                                 The Most Violent States and Municipalities of 2017 :
18 Guadalupe                                                                   Guerrero and Colima
19 Center
20 Victoria

According to the president of the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Justice , José Antonio Sánchez Ortega, the Cities with the most violent deaths during 2017 are Tecomán and Manzanillo , in Colima; Chilapa and Acapulco , in Guerrero; Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito , in Baja California.

Los Cabos , Baja California Sur; Apatzingán , Michoacán; Chilpancingo , Guerrero; Navolato , Sinaloa; Zihuatanejo , Guerrero; city ​​of Colima; Iguala , Guerrero; Tlalnepantla , State of Mexico; city ​​of Zacatecas; La Paz , Baja California Sur; Fresnillo and Guadalupe , in Zacatecas; Centro , Tabasco; Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

Sánchez Ortega affirmed that Tecomán, with a population of 129,000 inhabitants has become the most violent Municipality in Mexico with a rate of 172 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, 3 among the list of 20 most violent Municipalities, not only entered the list for the first time, but did so to occupy the first place.

However, the activist said that the most dramatic change in the map of violence in the country is the inclusion of three Municipalities of Colima: capital Colima, Manzanillo and Tecomán, that no previous ranking had figured among the list.

The City of Colima registered 223 intentional homicides last year and obtained a score of 103.8 in the municipal violence index.

He said that with 103.3 points in the Municipal Violence Index, which is the highest recorded so far and more than four times the same indicator of national violence, which was 23.40 points in 2017, Tecomán is the most violent municipality in the country .

"Apart from the capital city of the state, the two most violent ones in 2017 were added to Zacatecas; Fresnillo and Guadalupe, " Sanchez Ortega said at a press conference.

This index score is based on the NGO's  own calculation from data obtained on homicides,  kidnappings, robberies with violence, extortion, violations and injuries.

 The ten most violent Municipalities in Mexico are: Tecomán (103.8), Manzanillo (77.21), Chilapa de Álvarez (75.92), Acapulco de Juárez (72.85), Tijuana (70.16), Playas de Rosarito (70.08). , Los Cabos (70.05), Apatzingán (67.51), Chilpancingo de los Bravo (65.8) and Navolato (65.4).

Thus, three of the ten most violent localities belong to the southern state of Guerrero, two to Colima, two to Baja California, one to Baja California Sur, another to Michoacán and the last to the state  of Sinaloa.

In intentional homicides, Tecomán also tops the list with a rate of 172.51 per 100, 000 inhabitants. It is followed by Chilapa de Álvarez, with a rate of 134.8, and Manzanillo, with 118.01. Acapulco is in sixth place with 834 dead and a rate of 97.7 per 100, 000 inhabitants.

The twin city tourist center of Los Cabos, in Baja California Sur, is in ninth position with a rate of 96.57 homicides per 100, 000  inhabitants and 317 murders.

The study includes the 230 municipalities which  had 100, 000 or more inhabitants in 2017, according to the demographic projections of the National Population Council.

In the 230 municipalities in 2017  had a total of 81,100,000  inhabitants, who constituted 65.68 % of the population of the country and where 82.26 % of the six crimes referred to also take place; ie : intentional homicide, kidnapping, rape, assaults, frauds, and  robbery with violence and extortion.

Mexico closed 2017 with 25,339 intentional homicides, an unusual high figure in two decades of records and represents an increase of 18.91% over the previous year.

The NGO reported today that the data offered by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) is incomplete and lower than the real figure, since they do not count the number of victims, but the number of investigative files opened due to a criminal event.

For the activist it is not enough to deploy more than 5,000 elements of the Federal Police and the Criminal Investigation Agency of the PGR  to complete arrest warrants against the main generators of violence in the country.

From: LetraRoja
Feb 8, 2018

Sinaloa State is ranked as the state with the highest number of alleged crimes of femicide in the country, according to Criminal and Emergency Information with a Gender Perspective published for the first time by the Ministry of the Interior.

Of the 676 officially registered cases in the nation , as of December 31, 2017, 82 correspond to Sinaloa, and both Culiacán and Mazatlán are located in the first and second place, respectively, within the 100 municipalities with the highest number of femicides in Mexico, followed by Navolato and Ahome.

Specialists rate this as embarrassing for a state where gender alert remains active.

According to the data, Sinaloa appears above states such as Veracruz, which registers 79 cases; Oaxaca, with 58; and the State of Mexico, with 57.


  1. The fight against cjng in michoacan is backed by Mayo but mainly it's viagras that are fighting that plaza. In colima it's the chapitos but they don't stand a chance, cjng has that state on lock especially after the Amescuas switched to cjng. In zacatecas its mostly zetas not cds.

    1. Zacatecas is CDG buddy also Talibanes operate in that state

    2. 10:39 talibanes used to be zeta but went back to golfas when z50 seceded for lack of payments from z3, z40 and z42, they cared more about "investing the money to the US", banksters involved made a killing there, and the american huachicoleros that buy their "Texas oil" from mexican zeta huachicoleros and government golfas, at least until they can take PEMEX over for good...I hope somebody can find other fall guys soon, el pinchi taliban z50 has been in prison on the US for about 5 years, how about Rafael Moreno valle? His invisible pipe tankers milk a lot of huachicol.

    3. Just came back from zacatecas, northern Zac is between golfos vs talibanes. I thought they were the same but no they are fighting one another in the northern state. On the borders of aguascalientes it's cds fighting off CJNG n in the southern end by jalpa n juchipila n nochistlan it's cdg panchitos faction fighting off a few attempts from CJNG trying to jump in. This is where I stayed most my stay. But from locals I heard more than few people say chapitos are aligned with the panchitos jalpa to juchipila are ran by an individual named matias n his hit squad are called los sinaloas with there main sicario named el sinaloa drives around town with his folks all loaded in a red Silverado. N moyahua to cuxpala it's a family with ties to CDS they are the ledesmas. Los tucanes played for free last week and all these guys were all present everything free n they played from 11 to 5am but it was very secure with them not letting no one in or out the town with out u passing the gunners in the exits n entrances of juchipila

    4. Los hermanos ledesmas? Arent those from Monterrey, even tucanes made them a corrido its called los poderosos.

    5. Honestly I don't know if it's the same from what I have heard they are working with sinaloas. I kno it's a family and few years back they found one of there labs up in mesquital and linked the lab to sinaloa in the news

    6. 10:39 talibanes are zetas

  2. Being the first major town out of Michoacan to the north on the Pacific Coast highway and next to the turnoff to the highway leading to Colima and Guadalajara, the townTecoman is strategically placed for the drug trade. No surprise it is fought over by competing gangs

    1. The marinas took over the mexican marine ports to stop illegal import and exports of shit all over the Mexican coasts...
      --What is the motherfackin' escuuse now?

    2. The question is for who did they took over for?

  3. Now that elections are coming, the powers that be plan a blood bath until the people cry uncle and demand El PRI comes back, as they did for EPN who ran the zeta blood bath in coahuila Nuevo Leon and tamaulipas all the way to guatemala in cahoots with Carlos Salinas de gortari and the Mexican army and the police, the real sicarios killing mexico.

  4. It must've feel good being el mayo, he experienced two generations of narcos, couple wars, been top dawg since beginning, and never been touched by the government

    1. Read his interview from several years ago and you’ll see how much he’s loved living in exhile with family and his kids being killed or locked away.

    2. Yea, with his 3 snitch sons in the U.S prison system?. Didn't one of his sons get killed too? Or was it chapos kid? Chapo had it the worst though... Mayo was good when chapo was out but not anymore, his plazas got invaded by cjng and a lot of his people switched to cjng. I won't be surprised when they catch that old dart.

    3. No man, that interview he gave to the old reporter. Mayo admited he cries about his son vicente being in prison. That was before his other sons were captured. And more family killed or imprisoned because of him. Does he feel good about everything? I really doubt it.

    4. El Mayo! El Mayo!!!
      I swear there is a glut of dumb Cynderellas here...
      But I doubt a man hiding somewhere without drones, airplanes, helicopters, tanks and "generals de arma" or a "presidential estado mayor" and hundreds of thousands of military personAL and marinas polesias federales and secretarios de estadio is beating up the Mexican government with a bunch of grameros...
      --No pinchis mameeen, plis! Ya me dolió

    5. Mayo doesn’t feel good at all. What he cherishes is family and his actions have caused 3 imprisoned sons, brother in prison, dead nieces and nephews. That is what his empire has cost him. He’s never touched prison but the morgue knows many that share his last name. He’s an enigma of a man and someone id really want to have an hour of his time to pick his brain.

  5. Why doesn't somebody advocate for women's brigades of protection instead of just reporting the abusing and the murdering?
    One consequence if deploying soldiers and marinas and federal polesias away from their own women is that they go around raping and murdering strange women they see as pieces of garbage for whome they feel not much more than contempt, even blame them from the way they dress or for being where they were looking for trouble and this is not exclusive of mexico, there were millions of reasons to abuse, rape, torture murder and disappear thousands of men and women in Chile and Argentina not long ago, after the Chilean Democrata/Cristiano and nazi sympathizers campaigns of opposition and terrorism that elevated the military to power and justifications.
    It did not end untIL the US was denounced all iver the world for backing up the banana Republic satrapies and their murdering of even American citizens like Charles Homan after torturing him for days.
    Declassified docs confess about VIA and US Navy in Chile, under orders of Nixon, and kissinger who still manages to infiltrate his as on the US.government the affairs, 72 years of doing his shit since he helped his Rat line nazi escapees get to SouthAmerica...
    This is not narcos, it is all government "forces"

  6. So who has more money, impact: El Chapo, El Mencho, Carlos Slim, El Mayo Zambada?

  7. "Sinaloa ranked as the state with the HIGHEST NUMBER of feminicides".
    Sonora is right around the top also in feminicides. Both CDS strongholds.
    But only in Juarez do most feminicides occur they say. What the fuck do CDS nuthuggers have to say about this now???
    Bola de pendejos habladores!!!!

    1. Are you stupid, Sinaloa isn’t sexist. They kill narco women just like they like narco men

    2. Do you even know what femicide means? Or has the thought ever crossed your mind that Sinaloa has the highest number of women involved in the drug trade than anywhere else in the world. Anyone involved in the drug game is fair game when it comes time to pay the piper idiots.

  8. Oh so that means Tecoman is control by CJNG? I wanna know because I'm from Tecoman but I got years living in the US, so far I don't know shit

    1. I believe Tecomán has always been CJNG the plaza boss of the south of Jalisco El Zopilote had that plaza too before he got caught years ago and it’s the same people that took over where he left off

    2. Colima has always been run by el PRI. El milenio, amezcuas, valencias, cjng is mostly the same people. Thats their home base. I doubt they'll lose it.

    3. Stop lying to these people. CDS is winning the war in Colima for that port. Everyone else but BB has reported that already. Old news in fact

    4. 10:11 your dumb, cjng is cjng.. Cds WANTS that port but can't get to the local governments lol

  9. You have to wounder why cj don't make a move in Durango(;

    1. its looks as if they are going after the lucrative plazas first.. if i had to guess Sonora will be the next state engulfed in war.

  10. Sinaloa is not safe at ALL, even women are not safe.. 😢

    1. Again another idiot who comments bs to just comment. Sinaloa has a high percentage of women involved in the drug trade. In the drug game anyone involved is fair game including women.

  11. wish these guys would shoot the curl instead! some of world's best waves there in tecoman and rest of colima.

  12. CDS is Going To Take Over Again first take out the Tratiors


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