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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CJNG sends bloody message to CJNG faction

Posted by "Char" for Borderland Beat

Message reads.
“This happen to me for stealing and for being an asshole we are going after police that are helping the scums like: Águila 1 (B-17), El Gato (s-1 b-17), Ivan of the group U.I.C.P.. Reptil and his group of scums of B-12 Lawyer Cristina Piloña you are helping this scums and Policemen in Tlaquepaque I am going after all of you who are helping the scums.
Sincerely Ex Government/
 So far in February, about 94 executions this month in Jalisco. Information via GDL Informa.

On the weekend of February 3rd  and 4th 21 murders were recorded in municipalities of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

According to those carried out and recorded for the weekend, four people died in Guadalajara, nine in Tonalá, six in Tlaquepaque and two in Tlajomulco.

On Saturday the 3rd, the bodies of 13 people were found, in different events: seven in Tonalá , all with gunshot wounds; three in Guadalajara, two killed by gunshot wounds and one by a knife; two in Tlaquepaque, a body wrapped in blankets and another of which the cause of death is unknown; and a corpse "encobijado" ]wrapped in a blanket]  in Tlajomulco.

On the other hand, eight violent deaths were reported on Sunday the 4th : four in Tlaquepaque, two bodies wrapped in blankets and two others apparently killed by a firearm; along with two in Tonalá, a body "encobijado"  found next to the road and a person killed with a knife; in addition to two people who died from gunshot wounds, one in Tlajomulco and one in Guadalajara


  1. Lol not even CDG/Z broke out this fast. Obviously mencho is not a real leader m

  2. The group is starting to crack. Gonna get interesting.

  3. lmao cjng is going down there done

  4. After denying MAO Ilusorio Chón the presidential dedazo for El PRI, EPN gave it to Jose Antonio "El Gasolinazo" Miados, who is being rejected all over mexico.
    Ilusorio Chón made his own political party PES, for "Percepcion Extra Sensorial" and must have took his own cartel confederates to make his point, member he was El Lazca's Hidalgo State bossman governor military chieftain, and is a partner of argentinian POS Carlos Ahumada Kurtz on their Lines Aeras Executives de Pachuca and surely on the sales of uranium mined from guerrero state to China.
    As the cartels fight in the gutter for 'the plasas',
    the politiratas of Mexico bitchslap each other for the power

  5. Blogger is working on the comments issue.....stay tuned.

  6. Sinaloa and golfos are in the same situation, just small groups that wanted to go independent but getting killed. I doubt cjng is done like many are saying, the reason there is so much publicity of cjng is because they are all over Mex, even that baseball player that got caught with dope in Cali was working for cjng..

    1. thats the same thing they said about cds but people are getting popped left and right

  7. Blame "PRIISTAS ADICTOS AL PODER", they even have expert marinas doing undecover operations their supreme commander Manuel Mondragón y Kalb trained then to do as a Mexican navy commander, reminds me of argentinian junta "admiral" Emilio Eduardo Massera who had his marinas doing his crimes and his Montoneros making him money to pay his putas.

  8. Could this Chuy Gonzalez be the same from BLO? Was he relocated to Monterey?


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