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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Another Culiacan Birthday Party Gone Awry

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Debate

Extra Material from: Universal
By: Javier Cabrera Martinez

Feb 17, 2018

Culiacán, Sin.- Elements of the Military Police burst into a birthday party that took place in a auto workshop at 3:30 am on Friday, Feb 16 and held 62 attendees for 16 hours. The 62 people included men, women, seniors, children and the musicians, waiters and a taquero and his wife hired to cater the event. 

Unofficially it is reported that the auto shop "qualified as a ballroom ", the building was often used as a  salon for events and parties in the Colinas de Riviera neighborhood in Culiacan. 

The celebration had  entertainment provided  by the group of musicians , in the hall there were horns and mounted musical instruments similar to those used by "chirrines".

The Mexican Army arrested nine people , secured AK 47s, AR15s , pistols, cartridges , cash and a jaguar (a cat not car ). The nine men arrested were taken to the headquarters of the PGR.

The convoy of soldiers arrived at the location on Calle Liberalismo between the Bulevard Obrero Mundial and Calle Manuel Kant , across from Valladoloid  Private School where the birthday party had allegedly started on Thursday night.

Antonio Casteneda Verduzco, the Municipal President of Culiacan, Sinaloa, announced that due to the military operations it was necessary to suspend classes at the school. He also reported that the Municipal Police were not involved or required by the Military , so he had no more information to report.

The hours were long as the Military held the partygoers at the facility, later there were complaints of no access to water , food or bathroom facilities. 

Hours passed and it was eventually revealed that the guns were found inside vehicles parked outside the building, including a trunkful of automatic rifles in a gray Mitsubishi ASX.

The State Commission of Human Rights general spokesman , Miguel Angel Calderon Espinoza , gave a statement in response to complaints lodged by telephone from party goers, two of which came to the office to collect  reports to send to the National Commission for Human Rights. 

The CNDH has already been notified of the complaints received for the retention of all 62 attendees.

All persons not arrested were released to leave the festivity building in intervals of 10 minutes. Most left in groups of 12 - 15 in private vehicles and none gave a statement to the media.

Jose "N", a high school student who lived nearby was the only who volunteered the  information that near dawn gunshots were heard coming from the celebration and that was  when the Military intervened.

             No other local or Federal authority issued official information on the events either.


  1. If these idiots want to keep showing up at parties, the armed forces will be more than happy to continue catching them. As for the partygoers complaining; they were at a party where men were firing weapons and walking around with a leashed jaguar. Do they expect sympathy when they get burned for mixing with organized crime?

  2. They sent thousands of soldiers and armored vehicles to culiacan last week. Messing with the locals like they always do. The narco are gone before they even get there.. All a big show.

    1. Good. They should shoot all those idiotas too. Why not? If you want to hang around with narcos you should be shot in the asshole like a narco deserves.

  3. No offense but why would the name of the kid, the area where he lives and what stage of schooling he's in would be thrown out there? He obviously did something good in reporting but it can come at a cost if the involved seek him out...

    I congratulate him but disagree his mentioning in the story. Like I said, no offense to the writter just stating something I believe is wrong.

    Peace be with everyone.

  4. el universal reporta la presunta muerte del Arabe jefe de plaza del cjng en tierra caliente.

  5. Has a foreigner who lived 10 years in sinaloa culiacan i can tell you they are the most humble party happy people who love to laugh and woman there are very beautiful competitive. People who like to criticize a fellow brother because of their Narco Culture remember all Mexico has that problem Sinaloa just stands out cause Of the Big Drug Lords Who where born there
    RESISTENCIA Venezuela

  6. sorry folks... Blogger is still having issues with comments :( we may try something tomorrow.

  7. LOL . And when you go to cartel parties , you may get treated like cartel when the raid comes down . You know dogs fleas ?

  8. Seems like they shouldn't have been partying so loud in the city. What I mean by loud is shooting guns. The city is different than the ranchos. If I were in charge of that part of the city id be mad that some jibblet heads caused the military to come hence burning the spot.

  9. The military sure is hunting someone. El Mayo better stay in the Sierra.

  10. Amá y quén te quere, béibi, HI!

  11. Hmmm nothing like bringing your guns and big kitty to a birthday party in case u need some fireworks. Smrt

  12. Who is Luis Gabriel Valenzuela Valenzuela? He's a CDS operative that got caught that day. El Liebre made fun of him for being caught on his IG

    1. I think Luis is IAGS

    2. Oh shit my bad read it wrong. That would be frieken crazy. I have the picture of Luis and it does not look anything like Ivan though Ivan is way shorter and more slim and hair slicked

  13. Hey Deelucky do you know who that Luis Gabriel guy is?


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