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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Alfredo, the "good boy" who became a sicario

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from La Silla Rota

At 17, the young man was arrested in Obregón, Sonora after the murder of two people in a car wash 

Alfredo, el niño bien que se convirtió en sicario
Alfredo, the good boy who became a hired assassin (Taken from the web)
He was not lacking anything. He is part of a family of average social status in Obregón, Sonora and studied in a private school, but became a hit man.

Alfredo "N", aged 17, was arrested last weekend on charges of murdering two people (father and son) in a car wash.

The psychological studies carried out by the Specialized Prosecutor's Office in Justice for Adolescents and Corruption of Minors reveal that the young person has an intelligent and calculating profile, which goes beyond a simple hit man.

It is established that the academic and personal formation of Alfredo is different from ordinary criminals who starts stealing stereos from cars, assaulting or stealing.
He is a "family" boy, who finished his high school education and then studied in a private school, so he was not in need nor is he a common killer.

Alfredo is linked to at least five homicides, along with Jorge Eduardo and Brígido Manuel, 33 and 45 years old, respectively.

The three were detained by elements of the State Attorney General's Office after killing a father and son in a car wash, and a recent model sedan, small gun, and an AK 47 rifle, known as “goat horn" were seized.


Regardless of their religion, age, sex and socioeconomic stratum, a minor may have traits of psychopathy, because they can even have an incredibly healthy and functional life story, with all the protective factors and life opportunities, but to cross that the line, there are no cases that exist where you can return, said the psychologist Leonardo Aguirre.

A 17-year-old can already present serious and complex traits, although they may appear to be functional people, he said.

"It highlights the dehumanization, which is something that marks a lot psychopathy, because they have difficulty interpreting or feeling certain emotions, for them, the other person is not a person, not a living being, but an object, when they deprive their life, it does not cause them conflict,” he explained.

When traits such as isolation, indifference and altered thinking at dysfunctional levels are noted, as well as drug use and crimes such as stealing or mistreating animals or people, these are indicators to seek help and communication with the person.

"There is always something that can be done, they can be given help so that they do not cross the line that is moving them away from this human connection, because there comes a point where a sociopath or a psychopath can dehumanize to the degree of believing that they are doing a job, an interpreted role, and not a life,” he said.

The 17-year-old who was linked to the double homicide recorded on January 12 in Ciudad Obregón could be sentenced to a maximum penalty of 5 years. He would not be judged as an adult, said the attorney general of the State of Sonora

Rodolfo Montes de Oca Mena explained that the Attorney General's Office in the State (FGJE) is strictly governed by the National Law of the Comprehensive System of Criminal Justice for
Adolescents, which establishes in its Article 145 that a minor who commits the crime of qualified homicide, the maximum duration of detention may be up to 5 years.

He stressed that it is not possible to be judged as an adult, even when he turns18 years of age, due to Article 6 of said law, which states that:

"Persons over 18 years of age who are attributed the commission or participation in a crime designated as criminal offense while they were adolescents will be subject to this Act."

"Likewise, it will be applied in the conducive to people who are in process or fulfilling a sanction measure and turn 18 years of age," he said.

Montes de Oca Mena stressed that although the child had committed several crimes, Article 147 of the Law states that the measure of deprivation of liberty corresponding to the crime that provides for the highest punishability is in this case 5 years .

"Therefore, sentences are not accumulated, on the understanding that the measure of deprivation of liberty imposed on the adolescent may not exceed the maximum limit established by this Law," he said.

With information from El Imparcial and Sonora Opinion


  1. Pinche chavo como todo narco muerto de hambre. No va a durar mas de la edad de 32 el guey.
    Esta pinche ley de no jusgar a pendejos menores de 18 anios de edad como adultos es la que mas lastima a Mexico. Mas que la de la ciudadania no poder portar armas.
    This fuckin law that Mexico has where a fucking imbecil kid under the age of 18 cannot be tried as an adult hurts Mexico more than the law against civilians carrying guns!

    1. Well, on the US a 21 year old guy may claim that he is his little 16 year old and his trial and dates and criminal record will be kept secret, never mind about the charges getting dropped because you did not go to court because the court refused to let you know because he was a minor or the attempted murder.
      Juvenile criminals get encouragement because of these stupid laws and are expressly selected by their criminal enterprise, they need to be tried as adults for their very adult crimeswith consideration for their cooperation in bringing down their corruptors, instead of bending over to the Majesty of Juvenile Criminals, that where the kingpin statutes should apply instead of only using them to get big narcos out to steal their business but nooo, legislation does not get the fix in to complicate their sponsors lives, they's no money there.

    2. @6:47 why don't we let our profeasional law enforcement personel that ocaccionaly readnour posts here on BB answer or explain your concern over the 16 year old here in the states you are claiming was somehow protected from what I, understood from your post. Not many of us know his story me included. Let see what these professionals have to say before jumping to conclusions though.

    3. Ya this sums up Mexico in a nut shell.

  2. So...basically send this psychopathic punk to a gladiator colony for 5 yrs and then turn a real devil loose on society....although a rich kid may not make it too long in there.

    1. Yes. Send him to concollege. Learn how to get away with more murders. And not get caught.

    2. Former federal police deputy commander Luis Cardenas Palomino must be the chief of mister nacho cavazos gang, he was a young kidnapping and murdering for profit tug, captain of federal police Jesús Miyazawa saved his ass before going to Morelos state to continue his criminal career, that where juvenile delinquency comes from, federal police combined with political police at the service of criminal politicians.
      I hope cavazos talks when he gets la chicharra up the ass.

  3. Well im pretty sure this goood kid heard narco corridos drank buchanas with his compas and did two lines of snow

    1. 11:26 I am sure your college curriculum is not the same all over, but the politics of hiring smarter well off kids with some collidge, in Sonora, does not come from illiterate narcos like La Chapa, "mechanics are tools of intelligence".

  4. There you go Mexico!! Que the corridos!! Lemme guess, it was the American movie Rambo that caused him to kill??

    1. Ya you'd get more time for stealing a car here in the US. Then those ridiculous "amparo" will come in to play here somewhere. Prob get 3 1/2 yrs and be back out on the street wiser and bolder than ever. Good job Mexico.

    2. You'd be lucky if this mothaphakka had used Rambo's weapons,
      The weapons he had were de carne maciza como en la que te sientas, no bone about it, all firm flesh.
      The weapons numbers may even lead to the gun dealer on the US like Las Vegas shooter's and his "second person of interest" or their ammunition dealer...police are getting to them, they were no youthful offenders with little pistolitas...

    3. How come only Mexico takes advantage of the guns how loop. I could name about 35 other countries where firearms are banded.

  5. 5 years for two murders seems far too small a deterrent. I'm not one that demands the death penalty or life in jail but I do know how teens think. My own son is autistic and honestly if he was offered tens of thousands of pounds to do that and only faced 5 years in jail, I'm not sure he'd turn them down. He has no understanding for the pain he'd cause someone and only thinks of himself. My other kids wouldn't dream of it but I'm just being honest. If the price was right he'd only consider jail time as a deterrent.

  6. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    Soooo does anyone out there think that a 17 year old man doesn't know right from wrong? Or that hunting down and shooting other humans isn't what he legally or morally should be doing?
    Mexican low says that no matter what he did the most he can spend in jail is 5 years since he wasn't 18 at that time of his crimes.
    All 5 years in jail is going to do is harden this murderer and shape him into a bigger threat to Mexican society. Why don't they put him away for life? Or just execute him?
    Until Mexico revamps its legal system and sentencing guidelines and gets rid of corruption then it has no chance to win this war with the Cartels and criminals. In other words: Mexico is totally lost forever.

    1. "Lost forever" no mames pinchi Panocho, even the US and Russia are not lost forever in spite of the asshoes in charge or the dumbasses that SHOULD BE IN CHARGE...
      Like that, "this too shall pass" said some Great Hopeful.

  7. 5 years? He will be out in 3 years, once a criminal always a criminal. He will kill again.


    McALLEN — In an attempt to supplement their incomes, teachers sometimes take on second jobs. But according to federal prosecutors here, one local man taught middle school Spanish by day and worked as an associate to the cartels by night.

    These details were made public Monday in a criminal complaint filed in federal court against Jorge Ignacio Cavazos, who government officials say supplemented his teaching income by working for a Reynosa-based drug cartel for nearly two years.

  9. A born killer doesn’t have to be born into poverty or abuse in order to become what they are destined to be. They come in all colors, nationalities and walks of life. I think for medical purposes doctors try to place these individuals into some type of psychological category. This kid’s behavior could be compared to soldiers who gain satisfaction from killing their enemy. Is there something wrong with thw soldier on social media footage “screaming die fuckers” while they are blasting their .50 cal into a building. I would say yes but most of you would say “nah he just loves his country”.

  10. Principles and values are upside down in mex. He is just following the paths of what has been taught by govt leaders. Murder and corruption pays

    1. 6:03 you don't measure a country's people by the crimes of a few or of many, the mass murdering caused by American war profiteers around the world is millions and millions of victims of crimes de lesa humanidad, even the soldiers that paticipate on war crimes are not aware why shit happens, but are very aware that shit happens and don't want to get involved in the politics of hunger, depopulation, drug trafficking, rape of even minor aged "enemy combatants" by their military comrades, they just want to frag the lieut sometimes por pendejo.
      East Timor is still waiting for the extradition of convicted mass murdering genocidal war criminal Henry Kissinger, even the family of american citizen Charles Horman assassinated in Chile by the pinochetazo in cahoots with the VIA and the US Navy after torturing him properly of course.
      --Have that present when blaming "Mexico" for the ills of the world or the behaviour of Mexican criminals...

  11. I hate how everyone blames Mexico. C'mon think about it every place that surrounds Mexico has something to do with it. If south America would shut down cocaine and Asia wouldn't supply amphetamine maybe Mexico wouldn't be what it is right now. Many people hate Mexico cuz they locked down the drug trade and logistics. Just thinking outside the box.

  12. Mexico is alway blaming someone else. Its the corruption, that is problem. The Police & everybody up the ladder, including EPN. A guy get ambushed, he doesn't Die, they call Police to send a Medical team, & guess what the Cop call the Badguys, so they can comeback finish the job, then 5 minutes later, they arrive to clean up the Shit.

  13. Plenty of instances where kids start banging and killing when their socio-economic standing indicates they are "well off" and shouldn't have a need to get caught up...
    Narcojuniors de Tijuas...suburban gangsters....menores de familias pesados ( who I'm sure 80% of their fathers wish they wouldn't follow in their footsteps ) etc...
    Comes down to the desire for money, power, respect, y biejas...

  14. one for the culture or the clout

  15. Aguirre's assessment seems correct. The kid is a psychopath. There ain't nothin' that can be done to change him. It's a physiological error within him. He fits the old term, "bad blood." This Canadian guy is the world's expert in the field. These kinds of nut jobs will make you think you're the crazy one. Thus the phrase "gaslighting," taken from the movie of the same name. If you think you can just kill them off, it is estimated that from 1% - 4% of any population anywhere fits this profile. That's a lot of cemetery real estate to consider.


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