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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

18 Criminal Gangs fight for Guerrero territory

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat with info from Milenio and Reforma
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In Guerrero, there are a minimum of 18 criminal groups some with national presence and/or state presence, which are fighting for control of various regions of Guerrero.

“Many groups boast of being a part of a national power cartel, to intimidate rivals and the population.”  But they are not cartels, they are local gangs with around six with presence on a national scale and twelve local criminal gangs.” says Guerrero Security Chief, Pedro Almazan.

He explained that the messages posted on social networks are aimed at creating fear among the population.

Almazan warned that the messages posted by gangs have to be read with reservation.  He said “Our message to the public is that no one should be alarmed by these gang messages, while we don’t discount them, they are sent to generate fear and uncertainty.

At his press conference in Acapulco, he said the state police and their various “elite” groups, maintain a permanent presence in Ciudad Renacimiento, Emiliano Zapata, and currently in Los Jardines with Mangos, Palmas, Azteca and others such as Costa Azul.

When asked about the presence of CJNG, the security chief replied, “that is being investigated and so far that has not been confirmed.”  He followed up with “Not all those who claim to be in Guerrero, are in Guerrero. 

A rather odd statement.  CJNG has been in Guerrero for at least 6 years and controlling the far western area and along the Pacific Ocean, in cities such as Zihuatanejo as well as those  that border Michoacán, in the Lazaro Cardenas area.

State administration officials have notoriously skew facts in an attempt to present an illusion of security being well under control.   An example is the recent murders of two priests.  State officials attempted to portray them as in collusion with cartels.  Same with the murder of family members of a nun and 5 artisans who were murdered, immediately the administration said they were narcos.

Remarkably, in the presser the security chief reported that in Guerrero, “violence is now contained.” 


  1. Guerrero security chief is a HOAX, we can see clearly all the way through his lyin ass, sanababitch, he is just trying to bring more people to "his state" to rob and kill them, that is Cacapulco for idiots, better catch Colombian drug lord John Leguizamo's Latino History for Idiots, and "go fund me" to go see it, thanks for helping, I will donate the money left over to my favorite lap dancer to keep her quiet...

  2. Sounds like CJNG has bought protection in Guerrero that's why their presence is denied.

  3. I'm from Guerrero..and I can assure you that we live in peace and that all is well. (Sarcasm)


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