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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sonora Mexico 2017: The Worst Year on Record for Feminicides

Translated by Yaqui for BorderlandBeat from: Diario del Yaqui

Dec 31, 2017
By: David Vazquez and Universal

With the aim of preventing violence in Cajeme, the Sonoran Feminist Network announced their achievements of 2017, as well as the challenges for 2018, with security being the greatest challenge reported Leticia Burgos Ochoa.

The president of the organization said that in the last 10 years, 2017 has been the worst for Sonora, according to the Citizen Observatory for Security, as far as murders are concerned, placing the State of Sonora above the national rate, while Cajeme occupies the first place, followed by Guaymas and Navojoa.

Burgos Ochoa noted, likewise, that 2017 has been the worst for the Municipality of Cajeme, concentrating 37.8 percent of intentional homicides throughout the State, with an increase of 56.7 % over the previous year.

                             Leticia Burgos Ochoa, President of the Sonoran Feminist Network

Of the 1.1 million women 15 years and/or older : 61.1% have confronted violence and /or aggressions  against them of all types. The numbers as of the end of Nov 2017 are: 53 murdered, not counting survivors or disappeared. As of the end of Sept 2017: 41.8% of the assassinated women were by firearm, an average statistical number since 2010, 15.1% by " Arma Blanca" and the rest ''unspecified" ; (think strangled, etc) 

"Of the 210 investigative folders registered in Cajeme of intentional homicides,  our account is 58 folders of feminicides which are still open, among them  disappearances, supposed suicides, as well as attempted feminicide murders," she said.

PRI Governor of Sonora: Claudia Artemia Pavolivich Arellano; one of the First Female Governors of a Mexican State who ran on a platform of Anti-Corruption; altho accused of corruption by Opposition Candidates.

Burgos Ochoa lamented the fact that the ALBA Protocol (see below for link to entire UN Document ) for Sonora still has not been implemented despite recommendations by international organizations, including the United Nations ; although they have an Amber Alert System for disappearances of women and children. She also complains that the Governor of Sonora is talking about running for National Office yet still has not put in place a state system of support for orphans of assassinated women. 

 The Women's Rights Organizations lead Many Peaceful Protests Demanding Equality and Security

"With the request of Gender Violence Alert for Cajeme, it is possible for the state authority to comply with the mandates of the law, even with resistance and inertia, it is still possible to start up the only Justice Center for Women in Sonora, located in Cajeme, a refuge, a statute granted to the Sonoran Institute for Women and Cajemense; and the local Congress needs to tackle the legislative harmonization of the General Law on Women's Access to a Life Free of Violence with the General Law of Gender Equality, (between women and men) which are still incomplete, " concluded Leticia Burgos Ochoa.


  1. It is ok. It is CDS controlled territory and because of this everything will be fine and ladies will always be treated like kings by those drug dealers of them once they abolish every lady that does not soccumb to them. NOT!

  2. It is ok. It is CDS controlled territory and because of this everything will be fine and ladies will always be treated like kings by those drug dealers of them once they abolish every lady that does not soccumb to them. NOT!

  3. Good thing they we have a neighbor state where they respect woman 3 years since I left to sinaloa for my security since in sonora some drug Lord name Chapo Trini will kill woman basically for satisfaction thanks BB for making this public sonora is no safe place

    1. Chapo Trini is dead -

  4. This is a special (serial killer) crime just like in CD Juarez for decades. Is the same dude or some copy cat.

  5. This is Gente Nueva de Sonora. Thinking they can do what ever they want. Since breaking off from the chinolas. Give it 2 years. Pura Gente Muerta de Sonora

  6. The great news is that the state or federal governments and the United Nations can'take help, or just won't.
    The municipal security secretariat also has no money to compete with the campaign for heating up every state until they cry loud enough for the imposition of the "Empire of the Law" through a brutal autocratic government, there is barely enough money to pay a few top earners to come up with the daily excuses for their failures.
    Of course, the citizens or the women can't come up with solutions of their own, like women's defense committees or neighborhood watches, they are against the law "because they usurp government functions"

  7. Serious social issues,admiring capos and criminals,kidnap,the murder of women in 1000s,hate,cartels,hero worship of chapo,botas blancas,lazca,AFO,nacho,m1,barbie,on and on,how can so few make it seem as though criminality is in the cultural mindset?
    It was not ago another post about femicides was up,and the ridiculous assertions by some of serial killers?Most violence against women is in the home

  8. The Baca Lavahs are a blood thristy gang that preys on women. They inject them with drugs and do bad things to them. They are roaming all over Sonora. El Mencho's people are backing them and hooking them up with the drugs to prey on women and female children.


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