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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Manta links Federal Public Ministry with organized crime in Jalisco

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Government collusion with Cartels
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Goria Reza M
A manta that was located in Tonala accuses the Federal Public Ministry of allegedly receiving funds from organized crime and handing over to elements of the Secretary of the Navy to Jose Luis Gutierrez Valencia, Don Chelo, in law of the leader of the CJNG, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho.

The manta, which was placed in an overpass of the Santa Rita colonia, in the municipality of Tonala, said the following:
"Lic, MPF Oscar Cruz Reyes bit the hand that feeds him, you sent the Navy to Chelo, yout truck was stolen, CJNG."

In his twitter account, the Tonala Police mentioned that " we verified under the command and leadership of the MP, at two different points, the appearance of tarpaulins with a criminal message. Gutierrez Valencia was arrested in January 2010 in Puerto Vallarta, under the name of Antonio Herrera, at that time he was part of the Sinaloa Cartel.

On November the 24th, Don Chelo left Puente Grande prison where he was detained from the crimes of bribery and carrying firearms for exclusive use of the Army. During the time he remained in detention he maintained economic control of Puente Grande, through the sale of illicit products.

Gutierrez Valencia is the father in law of Ruben Oseguera, El Menchito, son of El Mencho. On December the 3rd, Gutierrez Valencia was killed during a confrontation with elements of the Navy, at the La Esperanza ranch near Tonala. Another alleged criminal was also killed and a Marines element during the confrontation.


  1. What do they mean Federales are part of organized crime? First of all they are NOT organized. Second of all they are their own fucking organization and thieves.
    They are criminals!

    1. Every government are criminals every cop every politician every governor everything associated with the government are criminals if you disagree then you have a lot to learn and not believe these stupid websites that are paid by cartels or government officials to point your attention elsewhere.

    2. 10:10 - Yeah, Borderland Beat is so popping the cartels and governments have to pay them to publish disinformation. Give me a fuckin break...

  2. Xque te...= por que te...
    Means "b/c", because.
    --Don Chelo left Puente Grande in good terms with the law, I don't think a "stolen truck" would be good enough excuse to sic the marinas on him on orders of the MPF, looks like someone is trying to divert from the truth, the real reason the marinas went looking for blood and executed Don Chelo.

    1. any excuse is good enough to rid mass murdering shitballs from breathing oxygen. great job on behalf of the marinas!

    2. @7:12
      Gotta admit love the response!


    3. I was in Jalisco on December just a few days after they killed don chelo . Word on the street is the army was after him cause they know he could take them to Mencho , I few weeks before his released from puente grande the marines tried to go inside the penal and get him but the inmates didn't let them , they started to burn mattresses and fight them . Don chelo was loved by the inmates in puente grande . He decided to die instead of ratting mencho .

    4. Mencho has some loyal dudes, just like the time someone threw a Grande and one of the guys who was with him jumped on top of it to save his life

    5. 6.59
      Thanks for the input man appreciate it

    6. Great concept moment my ass screw chelo and mencho

  3. The letters XQ is short for “because”. The smallest of details help to better understand Spanish folks. - Sol Prendido

    1. I accidentally reposted this but immediately took it down.
      yes is says because but readers should be able to read between the lines.

      it should be noted that Don Chelo was the father in law of Menchito. he was not an inlaw of mencho.

      i don't buy the truck story either. it must be code for something I am unaware of, or it is ridiculous..

    2. It certainly helps,anyone who contributes is more valuable here and hopefully more appreciated,hopefully?

    3. The truck is code for a lucrative job that was lost.

      So when I mention codes and metaphors understand that there’s a reason to it all. You don’t just learn Spanish and think to yourself that you’ve mastered it all. Understating these things goes a long way in deciphering much more when people talk. - Sol Prendido

    4. Yeah, Stole his money or payment was intercepted and didn’t reach the rigt person: He wasn’t paid accordingly so his luck ran out, CJNG organization is not in good standing with everyone. They’re being targeted for dismantling and only a matter of time before El Señor Mencho is apprehended or eliminated.

      Don Chelo had done his time, and no person is above the law to just go and murder anybody for any reason, the pinchis Marinelas are supposed to respect the rights of all persons?

    6. He was a drug trafficker and a piece of shit. Marines did what they had to do. This shit is chess not checkers

    7. Mexico is full of retired me litany now doing their crimes as polesias, but they used to be zetas and other shit too, it is a long tradition to become a criminal in private life after being a criminal at the service of the Mexican government.
      Retired Lt. Colonel Julian Leyzaola became a police chief after being a graduate of the School of the Americas, like sec of defense "general" Salvador Cienpedos.

  4. People are petty and when you can why not.

    I truly believe that someone stole his pick up truck.

    He thought it was Don Chelo so he sent the Marines to do his work.

    If I am not mistaken this Federal Police head has been a pain in the ass for CJNG for quite a while I recall mantas being sent to him for other reasons.

    With this message he knows for sure that if he doesn't leave his days are numbered.

    1. Why the hell would the marinas go around murdering for some federal police commander's truck that most probably was stolen too?
      More like some capo on the plasa did not want Don Chelo around and paid to get the Piedra out of his shoe, then make up all the excuses in the world.


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