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Friday, January 5, 2018

Judge issues indictment of Roberto Borge and orders pretrial detention

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Proceso
                     Roberto Borge en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen. Foto: Xinhua / Mauricio Valenzuela
MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The former governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge, was indicted because of his probable participation as a "co-author of operations with illicit proceeds in the form of concealment of property resulting from an illegal activity" .

The Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) charges him with embezzlement to the treasury for more than 900 million pesos.

After filing charges, as a precautionary measure, the PGR requested preventive detention justified by flight risk, which was granted by the controlling judge taking into consideration the request of the former governor's defense concerning his state of health: depression and kidney problems.

Borge will be sent to the Federal Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation number 16, in the state of Morelos, where he will be transferred today.

Judge Artemio Zúñiga, from the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the State of Mexico based in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, began the trial against the former governor and granted six months for the supplementary investigation.

Prosecutors of the PGR assure that Borge devised, structured and executed a strategy to acquire and dispose of Quintana Roo properties at much lower prices than their real value.

For this, according to the accusations, he counted on the collaboration of public servants, friends and even his mother María Rosa Yolanda Angulo Castilla.

During the hearing, which lasted for about 14 hours, Borge’s defense who was identified as Roberto “N”, observed that, of the 86 trial data presented by the PGR, they only refer to the existence of the pieces of land, a commission of conduct probably constituting a crime on the part of third parties, but not to acts directly committed by the former official.

In this regard, the PGR noted that, according to the criminal prosecution process, they only provided for minimum criteria of evidence which will be strengthened as the stages of the procedure advance during the initial hearing.

Borge Angulo was extradited last Thursday after being held for 213 days in Panama, where he was arrested.


  1. Wow, u would think they would have bigger fish to fry than a gov in a real estate scam. Like maybe the governors that killed 43 students, pushed cocaine, help arm cartels, etc, etc. That sounds like a story from up here in the US. They should use their resources to attack the criminals that threaten these politicians into these crimes. "Plata o Plomo"

    1. Totally agree. A small fish compared to the many big ones Mexico harbors and protects.

      What a shame.

  2. The guy used to have a small clothing store in Cozumel before entering politics, pinche ladron !

  3. Your knowledge of Mexico and where specific massacres occurred are very skewed. It appears as they are pursuing justice in this case.

    1. 8:58, who mentioned any locations of anything in Mexico? As far as politicians committing atrocities, I get my knowledge from here amigo. Are u a politician or wanna be sicarios?

    2. 8:58 Google: LatinAmerican Governments' Mass Murdering and Genocide Sponsored by the State and carried out by their military and paramilitary forces and federal and state police.

  4. Just another dirty mexican politician. There's no justice. Just a slap on the hand.

  5. Definitely NOT a small fish at all as QRoo is a major hub not only for drug and immigrant transport but $ laundering as well. Due to its dominance in the MX tourism sector, QRoo enjoys a huge transient population (good for drug consumption and muling), lots of US Dollars visible everywhere (great place to launder US$ in plain sight) and dozens of international flights and cruise ships departing daily for multiple countries (human/drug movement). These "clean" charges are all the newly elected political party (PAN) was willing to try to pin on him for fear of serious retribution. All who live in QRoo are glad to see SOME charges brought instead of the usual NOTHING. The Feds were not the driving force behind pursuing others mention, bigger fish to fry but LOCALLY within the State this IS a big deal because the newly elected PAN party at the Governor level was instrumental in pushing the Feds to try to prosecute him.

  6. 10:34 EPN named some governors as outstanding examples of the New PRI.
    Roberto Borges, Cesar Duarte, Guillemo Padrés, Javier Duarte de Ochoa,
    And missed all the other Mexican narco-governors because they were older PRI, like fidel Herrera beltran (Z1 #2) Rodrigo Medina, graco ramirez or pellejos vallejo, yarrington and Ugenio hernandez.
    "Padrotaje de Estado" by Lydia Cacho
    Casually, Borges studied in Monterrey, cradle of mexico's modern political corruption.

  7. While EPN may have mentioned his name, Borge was not favored by his administration at all and often snubbed him completely in public. Likely due to Borge's flagrant, flamboyant manner of flaunting his newly gained wealth and power once in office under the PRI banner. Borge was nothing more than a willing patsy/puppet of the PREVIOUS QRoo PRI regime and those...who now hold office in DF were more than willing to let Borge fall under these "clean" charges rather than have some full on, deeper investigation that would link him to them and their financial empires that have been growing for decades.

    1. Presidential Candidate EPN was a different person than president EPN who soon forgot who his friends were, even El Bertie Boy Moreira soon fell off EPN's presidential gown train.
      Now on his way out, EPN wants to forget he ever met and bent over backwards for the new PRI narco-governors.

  8. This guy RUINED the beach town Tulum. He took over most of the small boutique hotels and kicked the owners/renters out so he can sell the properties to families and friends before his time was over as the governor. Read about it, the owners and renters were fighting for their rights and land but he hired thugs with machetes and no experience to protect the stolen land. He and his close associates were all involved.

    1. Also sold out to the chinese, giving them all the land they wanted for their Dragon Marts, Boferto "La Puerca" Borges is corrupt to the bones.


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