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Friday, January 5, 2018

Grupo Sombre of CdG giving out Xmas dinners in Veracruz

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Fuerzas Especials Grupo Sombra, Cartel del Golfo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The Secretary of Public Security (SSP) and the State Attorney General informed that in the last few weeks they have captured various members of "Grupo Sombra", who are part of the Cartel del Golfo, a criminal group with a strong presence in zones of Huasteca de Veracruz, as well as Hidalgo, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi.

Reporter: Zoe Zavaleta
According to Police Chief, Jaime Tellez Marie, the detained were accused of various crimes such as kidnapping, extortions and homicides. Even though nothing specific was given in relation to the numbers of persons captured, and assures that they are in the custody of the corresponding authorities.

Grupo Sombra (Shadow Group) came to the authorities attention in the first three months of 2017 in the municipalities of Tuxpan, Poza Rica, Coatzintla and Tihuatlan with narco mantas that threatened the authorities, as well as other criminal cells at those places and Policemen who had "fingered" them, as well as other cartels such as Los Zetas and CJNG.

This situation has exacerbated the violence in the northern area of Beracruz, especially in the Totonacapan and Huasteca regions. On Xmas eve and New Years eve,, in central neighborhoods of cities such as Tuxpan and Poza Rica, vans marked and unmarked distributed dinners and drinks on behalf of that criminal organizations.

The cartulinas stuck in the vehicles indicated: "These dinners were sponsored by Special Forces Grupo Sombra, happy festivities".

In an afternoon press conference on Thursday, the Coordination Group for Veracruz reported that, in addition to the dismantling of the Grupo Sombra, four criminal gangs dedicated to kidnapping had also been taken down.

"In a year, 247 criminals have been arrested for aggravated kidnapping and 38 gangs dedicated to this crime have been dismantled," said SSP head Jaime Téllez and attorney general Jorge Winckler.

The authorities alleged that they have dismantled organized crime groups in Tuxpan and Coatzintla. And they highlighted that in Xalapa the capture of the gang of kidnappers who kept Dr. Gerardo Ahued, brother of the candidate to the Senate by Morena, Ricardo Ahued Bardahuill, was deprived of his freedom.

Prosecutor Winckler Ortiz explained that 23 arrests were made and four gangs dedicated to kidnapping were dismantled, in compliance with five arrest warrants.

During his first 12 months in office, the headache of the government of Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares has been security.

Statistics from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) indicate that 163 kidnappings and 2200 homicides have been committed, according to Yunes Linares, 70% of the victims were organized crime syndicates and crime workers.

The platform of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) also accounts for 19343 robberies, of which  2492 vehicles with violence stand out, as well as 234 house invasions between December 2016 and October 2017. In these figures, Victims who do not report criminal threats or distrust the authorities are not counted.

In the presidency of Javier Duarte the criminal groups of Gente Nueva, Matazetas, Zetas and CJNG predominated. With Yunes Linares there is a maelstrom of adjustments of accounts between cells of Los Zetas, CJNG,  Los Antrax, Sinaloa Cartel, Grupo Sombra, Cartel del Golfo and independent groups of Huachicoleros, which have left hundreds of executed and bodies planted on the banks of the road and vacant lots.


  1. sad, they are not helping. they murdered, raped and robbed for the items. a positive gesture does no good when people were butchered to get the food. in the following weeks they will be back to collect on their ‘good’ deeds and imagine how many more will be executed for refusing over a plate of $1 food. fucking putrid scum, their PR work needs help.

    1. Sounds like a nasty horror movie.

  2. Hopefully the apprehensions took place after the distribution of meals. It’s the least that municipal officials can do on behalf of its citizens.
    But we all know it’s Propaganda.


  3. Damn 6:18!!' Some people you can never satisfy. Not everyone ate a xmas dinner.

    1. Bought and paid for with murdered victims funds, money and food. Kill one family to feed another? Hardly makes sense.

    2. 1:34 How many people had to get killed or murdered even robbed for you to enjoy that nice car, life, phone etc..

      What do you think your home nation does to allow you and your fellow citizens to live how you live?

      If you are from the states or any European nation you have also benefited from the blood that has been spilled or am I mistaken?

      Their will be a time and a place where we will see wont we and it will be when we are still walking or sitting.

      Everyone that has something has had to dirty their hands if it was 500 years ago it doesn't change that fact.

      Se mata parejo is my motto

      It doesn't make sense does it.

  4. Reminds me of South and East LA in the 1980s, 1990s, thru today.

  5. Attention Enjoy the Christmas dinner, it was brought to by your local Cartel, Los Tigers del sur, funds from extortion and kidnapping.

  6. Grupo Sombra son puras fuerzas especiales de alto comando que entrenan con Delta force y Navy Seals y La Mossad de Israeli .pura gente de accion.

    1. Dime la verdad and I will grant u a hamburger or a taco jijijiji

    2. Y comentarios pura maruchan. Don't forget that .

    3. Pure low-life scum if you ask me. A cancer to society born out of poverty, corruption and demand for illicit drugs.

    4. Gtfoh. Special forces ni que special forces.

  7. I always found it humorous when criminal groups do things like hand out toys or food during the holidays.

    One day of half-assed gifts doesn't make up for a hell of terror.

  8. Stories like these are not worth printing. Imagine, half the families given food probably had family members butchered by these assholes and now with the handouts of free food they are going to owe the cartel now. Payment well beyond a few pesos of food and when they refuse to repay a few pesos or centavos of grub will be executed on the spot. Also, the food is no doubt stolen or was extorted from stores and those that wouldn’t kick out free food were instantly murdered. This all goes without saying.

    1. I agree! Murder one to give to another for payment later of the debt! “Remember we gave you a few tacos on Christmas instead of raping and killing you? Well now you owe us or we will kill your whole family. We want you to join our sicario squad and start killing your neighbors so we can use their properties. Lest you forget that you owe us now.”

  9. what cdg factions have establish presents in veracruz ?

  10. Los antrax jamas an estado en Veracruz, eran G.N.

  11. This Grupo Sombra have released some real sick videos,not sure but it may have been them who released the horrible video of the poor guy whos face was peeled off and his hands cut off all while alive,unbelievable video,telling him"you chose the wrong side guey"This is the group who left this

  12. Replies
    1. Nah. Matamoros cdg still live and kicking.

    2. Yes, and CJNG/Matazetas claimed that cdg/zetas were going to be finished by 2009.

  13. How many dead bodies has that van carted around, before it had those Xmas dinners in it?

  14. No commentators question if the food was poisoned or had human flesh in it? Toy vs Food. Sell toy, buy food with plenty of appreciation to spare

  15. Thats pretty cool of the cartel to do that.
    I wonder what they had
    Did they have in n out come cater for them?
    Did they give them chili's gift cards?
    I wonder if they hired guy fieri to come and cook something bomb for then.
    Hppefuly it wasn't Mexican food get they eat that everyday.
    Did they have desert ?
    That was nice of the cartel hope they were able to take home some left overs u know how u get lazy to cook during the holidays?
    Wow great gesture cartel del golf


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