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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Chilpancingo, Gro: All Municipal Police Under Criminal Investigation as Mexican Military Takes Over Public Security

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

Jan 5, 2017
By: Ezequiel Flores Contreras
Extra Material from: Universal and El Sol de Acapulco
Jose Francisco Zorroza for El Sol

CHILPANCINGO, Gro. The 123 agents of the municipal police of Chilpancingo, including the director of the corporation, Esteban Espinoza Montoya,  are subject to investigation for the crimes of organized crime, forced disappearance and qualified homicide.

Preliminary investigations determined that only 80 municipal police are certified and the situation of the rest of the uniformed is unknown, sources indicated.

Municipal Police Chief Esteban Espinoza Montoya
The government of the State of Guerrero, confirmed that, in coordination with the Mexican Army, they took control of the Public Security of the municipality of Chilpancingo and that as of yesterday, the security was in charge of the state force of the entity. In addition, it indicates that this facilitated "the ministerial diligences carried out by the Attorney General's Office for the commission of various crimes in which presumably preventive police are involved in the capital."

General Pedro Almazán Cervantes, Secretary of Public Security, read a statement in which he reports that "as of 4:30 p.m., following instructions from the Chief Executive of the State" , Héctor Astudillo Flores, and based on state laws, the Public Security is now left to the State.

"In this context as of today, based on Article 91, section XIX, of the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Guerrero; and Article 15, sections I and II, of Law number 281 of Public Security of the State of Guerrero; the public security of the municipality of Chilpancingo will be in charge of the Public Security Secretariat of the State supported by elements of the State Police and the Federal Police, "he said.

Accompanied by the Secretary General of the Government, Florencio Salazar Adame, the State Attorney General, Xavier Olea Peláez and the Federal Police Commissioner, David Portillo Menchaca, reported that the "operation involved 150 elements and 20 patrols of the State Police; 60 members of the Mexican Army and 10 official vehicles, as well as 120 elements and 18 patrols of the Federal Police, without which any incident will be presented. "

Almazán Cervantes detailed that the personnel of the Secretariat in charge "makes a magazine of verification of the personnel and armament that is covered by the Official Collective License No.110, as well as of the patrols and other equipment of charge, in parallel to the proceedings carried out by the Attorney General's Office "" in the facilities of the Municipal Police of Chilpancingo, with strict adherence to the Law and absolute respect for human rights. "

Elements of the Army and the federal and state police broke into the municipal police barracks in Chilpancingo on Thursday and disarmed the uniformed, following the constant public complaints about the alleged participation of agents in the disappearance and execution of young people in this capital .
Later, the head of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP), Pedro Almazán Cervantes, reported that soldiers and elements of the state and federal police assumed control of security in this city.

At a press conference at the official residence of Casa Guerrero, the state official said that a review of the personnel, weapons, patrols and radio communication equipment of the corporation is being carried out, because the Prosecutor's Office investigates municipal police officers allegedly involved in criminal acts, such as illegal deprivation of liberty, disappearance of persons and qualified homicide.

So far, the PRI mayor of Chilpancingo, Jesus Tejeda Vargas has not set a public stance on the situation of the municipal police that shows again the alleged collusion between authorities and crime to perform crimes against society as the Aytozinapa case.

Current PRI Mayor of Chipancingo : Jesus Tejeda Vargas
In addition to the municipal police, also the traffic management agents are subject to investigation and being deposed before ministerial authorities.  

In turn, the prosecutor Xavier Olea Peláez detailed that on December 30, municipal agents arrested Jorge Arturo Vázquez Campos and Marco Catalán Cabrera, for disturbing public order in the facilities of the Chilpancingo fairgrounds.

Later, he said, a person who identified himself as Milton paid the administrative fine for the youths and they left the facilities of the police headquarters, but since that date their whereabouts were unknown, until last night they were found dead north of this capital.

In another incident, relatives of Efraín Patrón Ramos reported that the young man was arrested on December 29 by police officers in the vicinity of the Granados Maldonado central mall, and to date he is still missing.

Guerrero Governor Hector Astudillo Flores
This morning, relatives and friends demonstrated in front of the municipal police barracks to demand the live presentation of Efraín, and denounced the "indolent criminal" of Governor Hector Astudillo Flores and the interim mayor Jesus Tejeda Vargas, in the face of the dramatic situation that lives in the state capital.

Yesterday, the leader of merchants in Chilpancingo, Pioquinto Damián Huato, denounced that since the last week of December and until this date they have documented the disappearance of seven young people, and in most cases municipal police officers had been involved.


  1. police in guerro have no option the criminals know where they live and their families guerrenses are savage ass people one of the most brave man in mexico for sure

    1. I agree with this comment 100%. They have 2 choices and everyone commenting on here would choose the first choice unless you are stupid and don’t care about your family.

    2. Local police can always call on the federal andelitary for help, but won't, because they know they are the real enemy.

    3. Wow... Just get the UN in there. Or beg Trump for help so the scared civilians can get some sleep in peace. The Mexican Army cartel won't help matters much. What a mess. Lol...

  2. Read this recently on Mexico News Daily.

    Disturbing practices conducted by law enforcement. Rather a distrust of service to its local citizens.
    Unfortunately, this behavior of negligence and collusion is widespread throughout Mexico nowadays. An unbelievable and pathetic display of incompetence IMO.

    A never ending cycle of drug infiltrated / organized criminals embedded in political power.
    Although many will dispute the efforts by this shift of change. But I see no hope for its citizens if nothing is done.
    Peace and tranquility is an essential right for all its citizens. Moreover, those who are hired to serve and protect not dismember.
    Maybe militarization of the entire country is what’s necessary?

    It’s only getting worse due to upcoming elections! A strategic objective I’m sure by those who have a political agenda (Organized Crime).


    1. Political agendas are useful...
      to the puppetmasters that finance them and their useful idiots.
      --Beware of "quick solutions"
      All politics is local, and should be left to the citizens 's living on the ground, not to foreign mercenaries from other countries or polesias federales and soldiers serving their masters in Mexico City.

    2. Nice post. Love Mx, feel sorry for the people. It nerds to start with the children, give them opps to get educated, learn Arts, music, life skills. Yet i know the system is rigged ahaonst them. All else fails, pass a 2 Amend and arm the living shit out of everyone luke here in Miami

  3. Will the military return the cars and trucks used by the police to the United States where they were stolen?

    1. Really? Is that your biggest worry? Pretty sad. Anyway, do we really want vehicles that have been driven on those rough ass roads and beat up? They can keep them. You seem to forget we have insurance to replace stuff like that. You should rather worry about things that can't be replaced.

  4. Everyone knows the Muni’s are fake police. Paul Blart mall cops lol. But they will kill for pinball change and always get caught. Always! They are scapegoats for the mafia’s like any Transit cop is too. They will kill you for a cellphone or pocketchange.

  5. If the military have been awarded the contract on Mexico by law, this is just a practice run, helped by the universally k own "federal police" does nothing to make things better.
    Let's remember that the 43 ayotzinapos the soldiers and federal police abducted and disappeared after tracking them all day have not been returned after 5 years,
    --that the C4 reports and recordings have not been released
    --that some Cell phones property of the disappeared have been used at CISEN OFFICES and military camp #1
    --federal police and military is real expensive, and the towns receiving their protection will have to struggle to make ends meet or else, these mother fakers are just all out for money.

  6. PS the military and federal police are usually the ones abducting and disappearing people to heat up the "plasas" they then come to save.

    1. Definitely not true. Fake news comment.

    2. 11:52 i wish it were not true. they are on the payroll and pick up people for cartels. In fact the story I referred to of 35 killed and dumped in Boca del Rio Veracruz, were all picked up by police.

    3. The mayor of iguala, his wife and their polesias could not properly kill and disappear 5 guys, the night they murdered mining engineer Arturo Hernandez Cardona, a Union Popular PRD leader, two captives escaped and 3 were barely buried in a shallow grave.
      But the Mexican military polesias federales and marinas sure know how to do the job, they also have the wherewithal to disappear the C4 records and the manpower to use and disperse as they see fit and buy trolls to defend their nasty arses.
      The Ayotzinapos were hijacking buses since MEXICO 68 To go to Mexico City to protest the Tlatelolco massacre, an affront EPN was not going to accept, and his secretario de educacion Emilio chuayfett chemor "la emilia" would please his beloved "quique" by nipping it on the bud...
      The Butchers of Atenco and Acteal-Chenalhó got with the Butchers of Tlatelolco for the butchering of the Ayotzinapos.

  7. Ya les dijimos hijos de su reputa madre o se alinean o los alineamos

  8. The ball is just going downhill faster, no hope for political or diabolical ramifications.......

  9. Gee beam me up Scotty, I mean the army taking over from the munis is like trading headache for a toothache. Same shit in different disguise :-(

    1. and this is nothing new. it is theater. In Boca del Rio after CJNG killed 35 innocents saying they were Zetas, the entire force quit or fired. the feds took over.

      we see how that worked out

    2. 10:41 ... and you can bet your chones, the federales did the murdering to earn the contract.the more me litany are stuck in any "problem area", the more crimes against the population augmented, including femininicides.
      --Remember FECAL had to take his melitary out of Co Juarez?

    3. There was a long tradition that the Mexican military would not be used against mexicans, ever!
      But corruption need to do what corruption needs to do.

  10. I'm reminded of New York City's Frank Serpico and his gutsy challenge of the corruption of that city's police department, which led all the way up to the governor. Afterwards, he had to leave the country for fear of his life. Ten or fifteen years later he returned and declared that everything was back to what it was before he stuck his neck out. How to cure this virus? No vaccine has yet been found, north or south of the border.

    1. Serpico never left the country for fear of his life. After he retired he left to convalesce from injuries and everyone new his whereabouts. He never fled the country in fear of his life. He stood up to the corruption in the NYPD and was attempted to be killed by his fellow officers on a fake drug bust where he was shot in the face and his comrades turned their backs on him. HE NEVER FLED NOR DID HE FLEE ELSEWHERE out of fear. You make him sound like a running coward, he stood his ground and faced everyone. Important thing is that everyone and anyone knew where he was while recuperating and he made a point to let everyone know should they want to attempt to kill him. He had balls of steel and “never fled out of fear.”

    2. 6:24 but NOW, because of 9/11 all the police officers on the US have been granted Untouchable National Hero Status, insurance and protection if they get taken to court.
      That costs billions of dollars to the taxpayers and their municipalities...
      Corrupt cops need no protection from their brotherhoods, and they need to pay their own Insurance in case they are found guilty, as usual.

    3. @ 12:00
      It helps to check the facts before you shoot your keyboard off!
      "He went to Switzerland to recuperate and spent almost a decade living there and on a farm in the Netherlands, as well as traveling and studying."
      "In an October 2014 interview published by Politico entitled "The Police Are Still Out of Control... I Should Know", Serpico addresses contemporary issues of police violence."

  11. I am with you 100%!!!!! But at least give them a trial, however not in Mexico.

  12. You respect the Columbian cartel because they dont murder family wow you are ignorant. Pablo Escobar practically invented murdering family to make army police rivals do what he needed. He is one of the first to find everything out on his enemy as far as kids wife mothers when nobody was yet using this technique oh and guess what it was a Colombian Cartel menso.


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