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Saturday, January 27, 2018

90% impunity in cases of murdered journalists in Mexico: CNDH

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Proceso
#NoAlSilencio. Periodistas exigen justicia en la FEADLE. Foto: Germán Canseco
Photo: Germán Canseco
By Pedro Zamora Briseño, January 25, 2018

COLIMA, Col.- Aggressions against journalists in the country have increased in a ”very alarming" way, while prevailing impunity in cases of murders is 90%, warned the director of the Program of Grievances to Journalists and Civil Defenders of Human Rights of the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH), Rodrigo Santiago Juárez. 

According to their numbers, from 2000 to date, 131 journalists have been murdered in Mexico (including 13 women), 20 have been missing since 2005 and there have been 52 attacks against media facilities since 2006.

At a press conference held at the facilities of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Colima (CDHEC), the representative of the national body commented that, after an analysis of 176 preliminary inquiries related to killings and disappearances of journalists, as well as attacks on communication media, the CNDH concluded that only in 17 cases there was a conviction, that is, only in 10% of the cases was justice obtained.

"When we talk about a level of impunity of 90% related to attacks on journalists," he said, "it gives us a very complicated and tragic scenario that requires urgent action to achieve change."

Santiago Juárez attributed the high level of impunity to "very poor" work in the investigation of crimes and lack of training of public servants in that area, so "very urgent actions are required to avoid and rebuild this issue" .

In the case of public ministries, he stressed, "in many cases they are not trained to investigate this type of crime, that is, when a journalist is killed many times they analyze it as a homicide, without taking into account the work or the line of investigation that the journalist handled.”

He added: "When a journalist is murdered, what they published has to be analyzed, and under what line of research they did their work and through this, better results can be obtained to see where the aggression might have come from."

It requires, he said, many actions both from the attorney General of the Republic (PGR), and from the 32 states, because "they have to take seriously that the aggression to a journalist not only affects this person. When a journalist is attacked it affects the whole community that is prevented from knowing the work that this person does. "

The official - who visited this city to participate in a diploma course at the University of Colima - recalled that in General Recommendation 24, sent in 2016 to the governments of the federal, state and municipal levels of the country, the CNDH made several requests and recommendations so that they carry out public policy actions that prevent aggressions against journalists and the media, as well as combat impunity.

Among these, the agency ordered that the attorney general’s office and prosecutors of justice in the country have mechanisms and protocols to investigate attacks against journalists and that there are special units to investigate crimes, with journalism as the main consideration.

He also recommended training public servants who have contact with journalists, such as police, public and military ministries, to understand journalistic work and have a good relationship and deal with them.


  1. Of course it’s 90%. What else would we expect from this shiphole of a country. 99% is the odds that anyone that rapes and kills a woman will NEVER be caught or prosecuted. Face the facts. Mexico is a failed state. ALL your politicians, policeman, and judges are corrupt. It’s sad some of you narco cheerleaders can’t see it for yourself. Your to busy blaming some coke head that lives North of the border for your psycopathic serial killers that roam as free as air in Messico.

    1. 2:21 the american addicts are not the problem, the problem is the global and american banksters, their lobby and the pooliticians that allow for their shit to go on and on and on forever, they are the ones that own all the billions of dollars drug trafficking has ever made.
      take the blinders off

    2. If you read BB long enough you'll learn the US has these problems too. No difference! And what's worse is the US is at fault. #desperate

    3. What problems does the US have with journalists? Take your blinders off because Mexico is At war with itself.... go ahead chivis show us how some journalists were killed in the USA over the last ten years... the Us DOES not have the problems that my beloved Mexico does....

    4. Actually, Mexico is not a failed state,very troubled but not failed.

  2. 2:21 demonizing "90% of a country" makes it easier to rape and murder 100% of it, soon the animals working for the US or mexican governments start treating them like traitors to their motherland like animals of theirs to prey on.
    what is worse is that we know the governing class is the guilty party in all the crimes happening in mexico, criminal poloice corporations and military branches helped by private security corporstions, and their many sicarios

  3. 90% eh?Somewhat improved then compared to the general population.Wow 131 journalists killed since 2000t
    Those recomendations above are all excellent the investigative training but the will isn't there and even if it was the investigation itself could be dangerous for the Investigators.So what message does that send then?I can do what I want then with whomever I want and nahnahnahnahnah catch me not if you can but rather if you dare?


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