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Monday, January 29, 2018

9 killed : Another suspect arrested, implicated in San Nicolás massacre

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat  from Proceso

MONTERREY, NL (appro) .- The Attorney General's Office of Nuevo Leon announced the capture of Iván Alejandro Cisneros, another person suspected of being  involved in the murder of nine people in a house in San Nicolás.  Two other men have already been arrested.

Saturday at 9:00 pm, three hooded men broke into a house on Raúl Murrieta Street, in the Constituyentes de Querétaro neighborhood and shot 12 men, nine of whom died.

On Sunday, the capture of  two, who authorities say were involved.

First, the prosecutor, Bernardo González Garza, announced the arrest of  Raúl Sergio Esquivel, 32,  a taxi driver, after  searching  in a house in the same neighborhood.

Hours later, the agency announced that Ivan Alejandro, Kiko, 38, who works as a printer, had also been apprehended. His capture occurred in a raid by state ministerial agents at an address in the Niño Artillero neighborhood, north of the capital.

Both were remanded to the Topo Chico Prison from where they will face their judicial process.

González Garza revealed in the house where the shooting occurred, two months ago a ministerial movement was made because of the suspicion that drugs were being sold there.

The neighbors told the police that the site was known where drugs were sold.

The incident occurred in a house where about 20 people gathered to watch a soccer game.

Three hooded gunmen, entered the home and locked the women in a bathroom, they then ordered the men to kneel, they were then shot.

Seven people perished on the site and five others were wounded in a firearm. In the course of the following hours two of the injured perished.

The local press reports that the aggression was directed against Federico Martínez, Pirri, 47, who was one of those executed. This person is designated as the one who controlled a group of drug dealers.

Next to him, his brothers Constantino, Juan and Guadalupe also murdered.


  1. When you worked in the fired you always have to have a six sense sleep with one eye open like we say in my town this are risks of the job thats why i always have 38 super with a bullet in the chamber
    Negro Veneno

    1. .38 Super seems to be a popular sidearm in Mexico whereas in the US it is nearly invisible. If you agree, any reasons why it is popular in Mex? Thanks.

    2. Magazine capacity

    3. For the most part all other calibers where considered for military personel use only and restricted to the general public. The .38 or .38 Super was and is as common as the .22 or 12 gauge

  2. My understanding is the government there does or did only allow smaller size calibers. Of course, as with any heavy gun control it leaves law abiding citizens out gunned by criminals.

    1. You can own a .357 revolver which is not small.

  3. 38 super is considered a non military caliber at some point in Mexico civilians were allowed to carry firearms with the proper paperwork but you could not carry military calibers like 9mm or 45 same law was used for hunting rifles

  4. The people caught, we're they vigilantes or another Cartel trying to get rid of thier competition????????


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