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Friday, January 19, 2018

7 Sicarios taken down in San Jose del Cabo were Terogripenos or Guzmanes

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

Subject Matter: Terogripenos, Los Guzmanes
Recommendation: Read this article posted by myself on the original event

In the confrontation, Luis Alfredo Guevara Franco and or Jose Guevara was identified by intelligence forces as sicario and right hand man of Luis Fernando Villalobos Graciano, El Guero Rumble or El Guero Ruffles, who was at the service of Los Damaso, In Comondu there are also outbreaks of violence.

Reporter: Zeta Investigations

Just after eight o'clock on the night of January 6, when elements of the Ministry of the Navy made a stop of two vehicles that circulated through the streets of the Costa Dorada neighborhood in San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos municipality. 
At that time, Navy personnel affirmed:"The Navy was obliged to respond, the citizens were already reporting, because of the ineffectiveness of the intelligence strategy that had been proposed by other corporations;
 the confrontation in Cabo is the result of the pressure and the desire to present immediate results. 
"We had in sight two vehicles, a pick-up double cabin green olive, with plates of the State of California, USA, on board three people were seen of the male sex with tactical vests and long arms, apparently of those known as ' cuerno de chivo or AK 47 ' ; a second gray family van, with plates also from the State of California, you could see four people of the male sex with tactical vests and long weapons ".
It was the initial explanation that the troops gave to their superiors after starting a chase that would become a true massacre by the Marine Corps.

In the Homologated Police Report, the elements reported that they chased the "suspects" for several blocks. They passed colonies like Las Veredas, Buenos Aires, El Zacatal and San José Viejo until arriving at Santa Rosa, through the Trans-peninsular Highway San José del Cabo - Cabo San Lucas.

The first confrontation occurred shortly before reaching the Santa Rosa neighborhood. The Attorney Generals Office of the State (PGJE) justified the Navy personnel in the actions of discharging their firearms:
"The occupants of the Tacoma truck began to fire their weapons against the elements of the Armed Forces, who, to safeguard their own lives and those of others, returned fire, the aggressors who were aboard the Tacoma lost control of the vehicle and drifted across lanes, impacting on a central reservation barrier; two of the crew members of the aggressor vehicle, again fired their weapons against the elements of the Navy, who returned fire. After the exchange of fire, a paramedic unit was immediately notified and who on arrival at the scene confirmed the death of two male people, while another was transferred in critical condition to the hospital, where he later died. "
The chase continued some blocks until arriving at San Antonio and Candelaria, where the assassins descended from the unit and opened fired against elements of the Marines, firing some shots at the Navy vehicle windshield, so that the agents immediately returned fire .
The shooting lasted a few minutes, until the threat was neutralized. On Avenida La Paz they proceeded to the confiscation, packing and chain registration of custody of:
* Three 7.62 × 39 mm long caliber weapons with their respective charger supplied.
* Two magazines supplied with cartridges caliber 7.62 × 39.
* two tactical vests.
* A Toyota Tacoma four-door, olive-green vehicle and license plates 6KFU957 - of State of California. The pick-up was reported stolen from the city of Tijuana, Baja California.
The balance was of two dead at the scene and one wounded that passed away minutes later.
While in San Antonio Street, between Candelaria and Cabo Pulmo, Colonia Santa Rosa, the confiscation of:
* Three caliber weapons .223.
* A .45 caliber pistol.
* A long gun caliber 7.62 × 39.
* A magazine supplied with eleven useful .223 caliber cartridges.
* Two tactical black vests with five magazines supplied with .223 caliber.
* A gray Hyundai wagon , license plates 7XNT832 from the State of California.
The balance of this second confrontation was of four alleged gunmen killed.
"It was confirmed by intelligence agents that the dead assassins were linked to the Sinaloa Cartel or self-styled groups like 'Los Tegoripeños' or 'Los Guzmanes', which represents a significant hit against those organizations, since this was an important shooting and again the Navy came out to repel the aggression when the rest of the corporations had not responded," said an organized crime specialist consulted by ZETA .
Security forces also confirmed that the seven dead assassins were possibly linked to violent events in Baja California Sur, which could mean a decrease in violence, but "it is known that those criminals  are already preparing a counterattack with more gunmen, they have more resources than the authorities, "added the crime expert.
Intelligence forces identified Luis Alfredo Guevara Franco and / or José Guevara as gunman and right hand man of Luis Fernando Villalobos Graciano "El Güero Rumble" or "El Güero Ruffles",a former armed wing of the Damaso Special Forces (FED) sicario.
But this is not new for the authorities, since on September 10, 2016, Guevara was shot in the arms and legs, and ran to take refuge in the roof of a house in De la Carreta and Antonio Wilson González, Fraccionamiento Camino Real in La Paz. That same night  "El Güero Rumble" was arrested.
At the time of this attack, the criminals were traveling aboard a black car and a gray pick-up ; the truck was hit by bullets everywhere and three were wounded on board: Guevara, Josué Omar Ceseña Moyrón and César Castro Castillo, the latter died after receiving medical attention. It should be noted that he was the son of Miriam Castillo González, secretary of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) in Cabo San Lucas.
Luis Fernando Villalobos Graciano "El Güero Ruffles" fled along with a gunman nicknamed "El Danny" for a breach in Camino Real, where they were arrested.
On December 15, 2016 was the second time that the authorities saw Guevara, being captured in the Belisario Domínguez and Sonora streets of the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood, after leaving the custody of the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) of La Paz, Jesús Rosario Chain Cota.
"We think that the officers who saw him that night protected him, and are already under investigation, because if we move against these sicarios, we do not want police on their side," warned the member of the Navy consulted by this Weekly.
The effects of the firefight
"January 6 was crucial for the fight against organized crime, it was a direct thrust to the operation of those criminal cells, which were operating with total impunity and the police forces that sought to attack the cells stopped because of fear, those fears being raised after the escape from prison and the chance that their families might be kidnapped, to that add the agents linked to the group, "said a state policeman, attached to the Mando Unico.
Three days after the collision between the criminal cell and the sailors, there was a first action linked to the shooting of the Santa Rosa colony; the action occurred in Country Mar, five kilometers from where the attack occurred.
"We are considering that these men were looking to return to the safe house to hide and avoid arrest, and we believed that when they shot at their comrades, perhaps they did it to scare them away and avoid being persecuted, but they continued until they obtained the results they have already been mentioned, "the research paper reported.
In the operation it was possible to confiscate:
* A long gun type rifle with magazine supplied.
* Eight metal magazines for AK-47 long gun, caliber 7.62 × 39.
* Seven boxes of useful cartridges 7.62 × 39 and 40 caliber.
* A 9 mm caliber pistol.
* Two bags with apparently marijuana inside.
* A wagon with Anapromex sheet.
* A sedan vehicle with plates from the State of Jalisco.
In La Paz there were also repercussions, but not from the authorities, but from criminal groups. This was confirmed around eight o'clock on the night of Tuesday, January 9, when an armed commando approached the Añiñi and Gómez Farías streets of the Colonia Puesta del Sol, in La Paz.
The commander general of the Cereso de La Paz, Raymundo Magaña Bautista, was executed outside his home; He was lying on the sidewalk.
"The sicarios approached and fired repeatedly, the commander of guards tried to flee from the attackers but was immediately hit by the shots,  the assailants quickly fled and the attending corporations only went to put the yellow tape," said one of the agents of the Ministerial Police that was in the place of the facts.
Everything seems to indicate that since the threat placed in a narcomanta in San José del Cabo after the death of the criminal "Cano Vega", who tried to escape from the medium security prison in that community, it has repercussions; However, "we talk about certain threats that the agent received, we continue to analyze the situation and determine what happened, but I confirm that he is the first private public servant deprived of life this year," the ministerial agent confided.
But the presence and police operations was not enough in La Paz. Only two hours after the incident and a kilometer away, they were even collecting evidence from the previous event, gunmen opened fire on a house located in Sandia and Tecnológico, of the Indeco neighborhood.
"This was practically a blowout and it's just about moving forward with the strategy, let's say that we have already provoked what happened in San José, now we have to get in the way and not let our citizenship be alone," said a Navy operative. .
Specialists in organized crime told ZETA that there is a "very difficult" fight, in which the forces will have to intervene actively and could generate other clashes, especially if the Sinaloa Cartel fights back.
"Another scenario is that the Jalisco New Generation Cartel take advantage of the space and continue with the cleansing of antagonistic groups, this is where we will see the intervention of police forces and they will give us the panorama, if we will have to see a readjustment and complicity, or once and for all the security forces concentrated in the Public Safety Coordination Group do their job and end up with what has done a lot of damage to our State, "the expert in organized crime concluded.
More risk to travel and peace in Cabos: United States
The US Department of State presented what it considers "a series of improvements" to the information that is issued to North American travelers; in other words, it made a reclassification of the alerts it issues, going from a general alert to specifying the degree of danger in each locality of the country.
He divided it into four levels, which are described below:
Level 1. Take normal precautions. This is the lowest recommendation level for security risks.
Level 2. Take more precautions. The existence of greater risks for safety and protection must be considered.
Level 3. Reconsider the trip. Travel should be avoided due to serious risks to safety and protection.
Level 4. Do not travel. This is the highest level of recommendation due to the higher probability of life risks.
In comparison with those that were normally issued, for example in August of 2017, the alert contemplated verbatim:
Baja California Sur (including Cabo San Lucas and La Paz): "Be cautious in the State Capital in La Paz. Baja California Sur continues to experience a high homicide rate. Many of these have been executed in La Paz, where there have been public acts of violence between rival criminal organizations. "
The above "left the alert open to tourists and could be interpreted in many ways, the main one, damaging the tourist destinations, especially in some cases they stopped their co-nationals who wanted to visit certain tourist destinations", said Fabricio, dedicated to the provision of tourist services.
With the reclassification four levels of dangerousness are established, placing Baja California Sur in Level 2, of exercise of greater caution.
The reclassification for Baja California Sur establishes the following:
"Exercise increased caution due to crime. Criminal activity and violence, including homicide, continue to be a problem throughout the State. According to statistics from the Government of Mexico, the State experienced an increase in homicide rates compared to the same period in 2016. "
However, despite the classification and specification of what happens with violence, he says: "There are no governmental restrictions of the United States to travel in Baja California Sur, which includes the tourist areas of Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo. and the peace".
With 728 people killed in the style of organized crime in 2017 and a violent start in 2018, Baja California Sur is not found in the states at risk to visitors. On the contrary, the North American government requests not to travel to:
* Colima, except for Manzanillo.
* Guerrero, including Acapulco.
* Michoacán, except Morelia and Lázaro Cárdenas.
* Sinaloa, with special restrictions to Mazatlan, in the Golden Zone, the Historical Center and direct routes to the airport or the port terminal; in Los Mochis and Topolobampo, within the city and the port, as well as the routes to the airport.
* Tamaulipas, a large part of the territory with restricted movement and curfew between midnight and six in the morning.
While the strongest dispute have been in La Paz and Los Cabos, in Comondú the tranquility has been lost little by little. The citizens themselves are afraid to go out into the streets and witness a shootout, as the main signs of the upsurge in violence were experienced at the end of 2017 and now in 2018.
"The situation on the ground, from the homicide at the end of December, of a man in the Colonia Centro de Constitución, who was identified as having the nickname of 'El Misa', apparently a municipal policeman, is very difficult; that was the reflection that something strong was coming for this area. It seemed that they ignored it, but little by little it has risen in tone in the zone, affirmed the agent of the Mixed Command with operations in La Paz.
The destabilization and confrontation between the cells of Jalisco and Sinaloa, pointed to a new struggle for the square, especially in the fight against those established in Comondú.
At midday on January 4, a white Raptor- type truck was chased until it crashed, in Francisco I Madero and Gustavo Díaz Ordaz streets in the Pueblo Nuevo neighborhood. The attack was directed against José Rene "N", alias "El Pirri", between 25 and 30 years old, who worked as secretary of the Rehabilitation Center known as "Nuevos Soldados". He was accompanied by three people, who were injured in the event.
Four days later, Adolfo Osuna González "El Ganso", 45, was also killed, also the son of the former PAN deputy and current undersecretary of the Legislative Liaison of the State Government, Adela González Moreno.
The homicide of the "Ganso" occurred on the evening of Monday, January 8, on Agustin Olachea Avilés Boulevard, between Corregidora de Querétaro and Agustín Melgar, in the parking lot of Bodega Aurrerá ; the manner of the attack caused consternation in the community and immediately there were mounted operations in the search for the assassins.
The inter-institutional operation has focused on the review of suspects, as well as various operations and tours in the streets of Ciudad Constitución and Insurgentes mainly, but at the end of this edition there were results on these homicides.
After the events, inmates of the rehabilitation center that have left the premises, fear being attacked by gunmen. Meanwhile, the citizens have resented the narco-war as well as in Bahía Tortugas, a community north of BCS, where the reports of armed hit men in the streets has not succeeded in getting the authorities to respond.


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