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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Victims at Temixco died in cross fire revealed the Morelos Prosecutor

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Civilians killed in Temixco
Recommendation: Read this article on the original reports of the events

Reporter: Jaime Luis Brito
On social networks there have been two photos published, that appear to have been taken by Forensic staff who attended to remove the bodies of the victims of the massacre of Temixco, in which one can see the women killed in a bath room, in contrast, the Attorney General Javier Perez Duron, claimed it was false that the victims had received a "coup de grace".

In the images one can observe a baby of three months who was killed. The body in an orange colored romper suit was found within a meter of the bath room door. In the interior of the bath room there are four bodies crammed in, with the markers of the Forensic unit marking out the wounds. Two Forensic experts can also be seen, wearing the regulation clothing.

In a press conference in which he would not take questions, the Prosecutor Javier Perez Duron read a brief statement to clarify the information which had been published before, with respect to the statement that the bodies had received a "coup de grace", "this is false", he said.

"It is false that the people who died at the scene of events had received the so called coup de grace. There is no scientific, technical or expert element that indicates it. The autopsies, carried out will full adherence to established protocols, determined that the bodies do not present any characteristics of that condition", he said.

He then insisted that "unfortunately these people died as a result of a crossfire".

On the other hand, he warned that, faced with the decision of a Judge to release the last four detainees, who were charged with the crime of attempted murder, although not linked to trial, the Prosecutors office will file an appeal, as it is considered that the elements to prove the crime are the same that should link them to the crime.

He also said that, having considered that there were elements to prove their guilt in attempted murder, decreeing their detention was legal, that would allow them to be linked to the crime, so " this prosecutor will present an appeal against non attachment to the proceedings, within the deadlines set by the legislation itself, to continue with the investigations and thus demarcate responsibilities and apply justice within the framework of the requirements of the legal system.

In relation to the police elements of the Mando Unico that participated in the operations of November the 30th, in which they arrested five people and a minor, and also resulted in the deaths of two women, a teenager and a three month old baby, the prosecutor pointed out that, " the case is still open" regarding the investigation of the agents.

At the end of the statement, the prosecutor did not accept questions from representatives of the press.

On Thursday, November the 30th, elements of the Mando Unico carried out a series of operations in the Ruben Jaramillo neighborhood of Temixco, where they detained several people.

The Commissioner of Public Security, Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, maintained that the victims perished in the crossfire, however, all the detainees were released in the arraignment hearing because of the fact it could not be demonstrated that they had fired any weapons.

The Temixco massacre is one of the most serious violations of human rights involving the state police under the command of Capella Ibarra.

The Mando Unico is the corporation with the most complaints lodged with the State Commission for Human Rights, above all for arbitrary and illegal detentions, torture and abuse of authority.

Milenio also report on this issue

Four of the six killed in Temixco had bullet impacts in the skull

Victor Hernandez, Lawyer for the families of the six people who were assassinated in Temixco, Morelos, said that four people had bullet impacts in the skull.

"We are not saying that these were coup de grace shots, we are saying they had bullet impacts in the their skulls, the four victims that had impacts in the skull, the images are grotesque", said the Lawyer in an interview with Azucena Uresti of Milenio TV.

The Lawyer denounced that someone in the Attorney Generals Office of Morelos had released photographs of the victims killed in the Temixco house this passed 30th of November.

Hernandez enumerated that the elements to make them believe that the six people were executed was the alteration of the evidence, the experts evidence that looting had taken place, to say that the police entered an open door, when all the locks had been forced and report that the shootings took place inside the home, when outside there were spent cartridge cases from rifles, among others.

In an interview with Carlos Puig at Milenio tV, the Morelos Security Commissioner, Alberto Capelo denied the Lawyers statements about the shots to the skulls and said the investigation will be supervised by the Human Rights Organizations.

"We are transparent, we have purified the corporation as much as possible, but there are still scoundrels inside it, this has to be transparent for the sake of the police officers who participated and for the good of the Morelense society, and what we must not lose sight of, is the danger of the suspect that was released by the Judge", said Capella, who revealed that no police had been injured during the operation.

The Commissioner said that Jose Alberto Valdez, El Senor de la B, was highly dangerous and that during the confrontation with the police he had put his family at risk, as he took refuge in the bath room with all his family members and from there attacked the police.

According to the police officer who participated in the confrontation, Valdez decided to surrender, but left the house with his three year old son in his arms, using his son as a human shield.

The Commissioner reiterated: "We submitted an investigation to the police and are subject to the part of the public ministry and any human rights body that wants to investigate the case.

Capella does not know why Valdez was released when he had a criminal record, when the police confiscated an arsenal this year, and for a homicide in 2015.

Reforma have also published a small piece

1. Is it possible to have cross fire in a bath room ?

2. By whom and from where were the victims shot?

3. What weapons were used to kill the victims

4. Why were the shell casings found at the scene not corresponding with the arms carried by the Police?

5. Why were the ballistic proofs of the alleged criminal Jose Valdes, who was set free, negative for having fired a weapon?

6. Why were no sidearms apparent for the alleged criminals?


  1. A crossfire with 6 dead and 5 bullet holes is really quite amazing. To be expected - especially in a cramped space like a tiny bathroom - are 6 dead and 500 bullet holes!

    Yet another extra-judicial execution. Mexico has become a sad sad sad place :-(

    1. why did he not surrender when police knocked on his door, he give a fuck to his family and to the police, so why should they do. do you forget the 2hrs shootout.

    2. The women were hiding in restroom while there was an extrajudicial killing going on outside that restroom somehow perhaps baby crying they were alerted that people in that restroom just witnessed the extrajudicial killing so they did what they had to do to cover their tracks and opend fire on the women perhaps knowing or not that a baby was amongst them they might have picked baby up and moved him to see if he was alive realizing he was dead they laid him back down on his back this means baby was not an intended target and gave any survivors the coupe de grace shot. Someone really tried to cover up their identity something sicarios dont do but dirty cops do.

    3. 12:54 that is very deep and true, Wow! I can imagine everything that went on and it creeps me out, you are absolutely right ! I'm thinking about this ......

    4. 5:32 You're forgetting that cross fire could take many directions not just only one.

    5. 1p:39 NO CROSSFIRE, according to the state fiscalia that went to check the crime scene, and no gun powder residue on the hands of the dead or the arrested.
      Just one more mass murder and crime of state, and it is on the record of the chief director of the Mando Unico murdering officers, that sent them to kill and rob at that address...

  2. I wouldn't be feeling very proud of being one of the law enforcement or armed service right now.That is a sad sight,women and children terrified hiding in a bathroom,is there not one commanding officer to try and defuse the situation and let them come out somehow ? They just don't give a fuck.


  3. Thanks Otis,
    When I saw this yesterday morning I just about lost it.

    1. 7:46 no no no no no, don't lose it beibi,
      post and repost and tweet one million times, make sure that the world knows about the shit of the Morelos state.government...
      even polar and russian bears know that.
      Mexican police.gorillas throwing shit our way after.doing their specialty, murdering innocents like dumb asses and trying to desperately cover it up.
      And these are the Mando Unico assassins they have been trying to impose on Cuernavaca and its Mayor Cuauhtemoc Blanco, with murdering and mayhem all over the city at very inflated prices and to all of mexico, some real "unique" gestapo and KGB...

  4. Update to Border agent death. FBI filed affidavit that agent was murdered. They have 2 suspects and are waiting for the search warrant to seize the vehicle with possible DNA evidence inside. LATEST UPDATE Apparently information was gathered from illegals who entered the country. They have the names and the vehicle.

    1. I saw the report on Fox news and several other sites. The affidavit and warrants are sealed in federal court and apparently one brother is being held but right now for Immigration. They want the warrant for the car as it is said to contain DNA evidence possibly connecting the 2 brothers to murder of the border agent.

    2. So, they call it murder for hit and run by non-american citizens, and vehicular man slaughter by American citizens? Sounds like tax payers losing ground

    3. 8:06 it is murder. The affidavit noted the agents were brutally attacked by these individuals. Nothing about a hit & run, the agents DNA are INSIDE the car. Apparently the one brother inititiated the attack and actually did bash and club the agent to death. Waiting for them to unseal the affidavit once they search the vehicle.

    4. It is taking a long time to cook up the evidence, now the trailer truck has become a car, nice going.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. CJNG Narco Manta appeared yesterday in Temixco, offering 100,000 pesos for the death of any member of the the Morelos State Police or Mando Mixto:

    “Llegamos para quedarnos CJNG y a la ciudadanía inconforme se le comunica $100,000 pesos por cada cabeza de un policía Morelos o Mando Único”, se lee en las mantas.

    “Alberto Capella Ibarra, jefe de la CES en Morelos, hijo de tu puta madre, te pasaste de verga matando gente inocente, ordenaste a tu bola de pendejos que hicieran tu trabajo sucio, pero ni eso pueden hacer bien, ya están todos tus putitos policías ubicados, que se pasaron de verga con la gente de Temixco (José Abdiel Martínez Leana, Pedro Gómez Valeriano, Fernando MEdina Bahena, Arturo López Borja, y tus comandantes Lauro, clave Aquiles, Veledias Alfa 8 y el puto Pegaso”.

    1. Can only imagine how many of these Sicarios are hunting all of these policemen.
      A hazardous profession indeed.
      Better off choosing a career where corruption seems not to favor a criminal organization.
      Question is? What career or profession?
      Where even the common worker is subjected to a criminals piso.


    2. 1:06 si se van a putiar a las Casas de citas de graco ramirez, the pinchis polesias may have more success.

  7. So this message is intended to make everyone feel better about the event?
    I, will feel better only when the fuckin cartels can learn to work together and or simply stop fighting each other.
    Of course this is asking to much from starving shitheads that make up the cartels begenning with the CAPOS!

    1. at 10:45....THANK YOU! Finally someone else that realizes how stupid these cartels truly are. Yes they can come up with some pretty inventive means to get drugs across the border, but if they actually worked together, they would increase their profits. No matter how many cartels there are, they all work against a common enemy....Border Patrol. So why fight each other in Mexico and spend more money fighting, recruiting, restocking, training, etc??

    2. 1:12 PRIISTA POLITICS: divide y vencerás,
      or en Inglis: Divide and Conquer

    3. 5:57 in their quest to demonize the cjng, the federales do not think twice about murdering 50 people in Tanhuato, and they would not have any qualms about dinamiting one young boy, but in any case, the vengeful actions of one cjng does not mean all criminals and narcos are the same or that all the mexicans did it.
      The narcos are divided by design, who wants them all in one powerful lobby?
      --That Lobby belongs to El PRI, or El PAN, or PRIANAL, that where they become stronger CULEROS.

    4. Oh, hey that's my Name!
      My mexican friends think I am indian, because of my bronze skin, and they calle "Cool Arrow"
      BUT i'm no indian, I am good, all good genes unlike Pocahanas,
      Enriquee, are you lissinin' Enriqueee?

  8. Entonces, muy fuerte

  9. El puto de Jorge Juan Torres Lopez exgobernador de Coahuila y profugo de la DEA esta en un hospital de Coahuila le dio un infarto al puto ojala y se lo lleve la ver....

  10. R.I.P. August Ames

    1. Was about to laugh but then googled. its real.... Daym

  11. Awesome!

    Washington, DC — Mexican newspaper Reforma reported today that the U.S. State Department decided to not issue a report to Congress stating that Mexico had made sufficient progress in meeting the human rights requirements placed on select conditioned funds for the Mexican military, meaning $1.25 million in U.S. security assistance will be withheld from Mexico. As previously noted by the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), a leading research and advocacy organization, Mexico’s human rights situation has significantly deteriorated over the past year, with elevated levels of violence and attacks against human rights defenders and journalists, as well as ongoing impunity for human rights violations.

    1. 5:50 the other 999 millions of dollars will be delivered on a timely basis, the middle men on the US are very well connected to the US war for profit lobby, and they ordered the Mayhem in mexico to militarily hijack the police powers using corruption of the polesias, the mexican Department of defense, the federal legislators or "lawmakers" and epn's lambehuevos...
      --FEDERAL SENATOR Manuel Bartlett says so, he is well connected to the US CIA since he directed the murder of KIKI CAMARENA FOR THEM IN 1985, orders of CIA AGENT cuban emigré felix ismael rodriguez, According to former DEA star agent Héctor BerreLLez and El Paso station chief Phil Jordan and their witnesses...

    2. @5:50
      I wish I can express my feelings and concerns properly without offending many. Moreover, with a solution to the violence and drugs at hand.
      But what I will express is the approval of the elimination of any US assistance to a government who lacks willingness to eradicate the drug trade. Moreover, lacking Human Rights.
      Many will say it’s a correlation of both government powers for financial purposes.
      However, I will have to side with the ethical and moral issues of ones country. Which where I live and reside. An epidemic of grave proportions of misery and destruction.
      Although of Mexican decent with family residing in Mexico. I feel strong as an American patriot to
      enforce any measures necessary who assists this criminal behavior.
      Moreover, punish those government officials whose sole purpose is to keep flooding poison to American society.
      I am aware of the high demand for drugs in America. But governments have a duty to secure and enforce laws and proper behavior!

      Seems as though no real solution has yet to indicate improvement. Other than the continuous waste of tax payers money!


  12. Just like what happened in San Migue de Allende GTO awhile back. Kids shot and killed by Ministeriales in a bathroom, there father falsely accused.

      El Rambo de tijuana who used to repeal attacks.from his.enemy narcos purged the tijuana police with confidentiability "tests" used all over mexico now by the regime in charge to fail and replace police.officers with tested sicarios that then go and do the crimes the mexican politicians live off these days...
      Capella used to be Julian Leyzaola's boss, and the former mexican army captain leyzaola is the same or worse than his "capella boss", leyzaola now wheels his ass around in a wheel chair por hijo de la chingada, nice going, capella .ay still save his mando unico murderers, or have them executed and blame cjng as politicians do all over mexico, but the criminals are catching up, we see more poolice chiefs getting guns up the ass.

    2. Julian leyzaola replaced capella, capella came back to replace leyzaola for the same putas mamadas, abuse of authority, torture, murder, fabrication of guilty parties, and Human Rights violations investigations organization,
      Leyzaola went to Morelos state for a while, AND capella came back to Morelos, like a game of musical chairs, now capella owns these murders of innocent people and being accused of taking bribes, heheheee.

  13. Crossfire my b@lls! This was a hit by the people of Capella, similar things happened in tijuas when he was around.

  14. Fack this crooked cops. Que los maten

  15. Four of the six had impact of bullets in the head. Yea, it's a cover up.. I hate m3xican crooked cops


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