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Friday, December 1, 2017

Two hour shoot out in Morelos between CJNG and Security Forces leaves 6 Dead

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article

Subject Matter: CJNG
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The Commissioner for Security of Morelos informed that the gun battle in which 6 persons died, one of them a minor, was between Police and alleged members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion

Reporter: Milenio Digital
The Commissioner for Security of Morelos, Alberto Capella, informed that the gun battle of this morning in which 6 persons died, among them a minor, was between State Police and alleged members of a cell of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

In a press conference the Commissioner detailed that the confrontation was registered during a security operation and citizens denounced a series of criminal events in said location.

Around 03:00, State elements detained the son of a man identified as "El Crispin", who allegedly is the leader of a criminal cell of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion in Temixco.

"Said subject was detained in a vehicle type Mazda, as well as carrying a 9mm sidearm, he had bags with a green vegetal substance with the characteristics of marijuana", detailed the functionary.

After the detention, Police located, in Calle Venustiano Carranza of said town, which according to a citizens denunciation, was a safe house in which they found kidnapped persons.

"After arriving at the site, we saw some subject who, when noticing the arrival of the Police began to discharge firearms at the Police," said a local functionary, who added that six uniformed officers were obligated to return fire with their weapons.

In the cross fire, four women died, a minor and a man, alleged family members of the detained that were encountered inside the building, also two minors who were wounded were reported as stable.

"The alleged criminals were found with enough weapons and spare ammunition, to prolong the gun battle for more than two hours approximately. Time which, the Police elements repelled the aggression and secured the perimeter while asking for extra Police support units."

The Commissioner for Security said that later the State elements launched pepper gas canisters at the aggressors they encountered. At the location were detained: Gilberto N, Carlos Alberto N, Jose Antonio N, Jose N and Brenda Elena N.

The elements that participated in this event were put at the disposition of the Attorney General of the State who will determine the judicial situation, and for them, the State Commission for Public Security will give any information that may be required, as well as legal and moral support for their employees, he emphasized.

Otis: Proceso have a completely different take on the event.

Police of Morelos accused of massacre of four women a minor and a baby.

At the time that the Police elements of Graco Ramirez Unified Command confirmed the death of six people, four women, a teenage and a baby of months old, because of an alleged crossfire with criminals, the boyfriend of one of the victims denounced that soldiers acted with viciousness against the victims, who did not identify themselves and only arrived at the house to open fire on the inhabitants.

At a press conference, Luis Daniel Preciado Garcia told how, at 03:40 on Thursday he received a phone call from his girlfriend, Mario de Rosario Valdez Chapa, in which he reported that uniformed elements shot at his home, so he asked for the Mexican Army to attend, because if the aggressors were Police, he supposed only the military could stop them.

"I called emergencies at 911, there they told me that they were already in support, but then I found out that they were not letting anyone in, that they had a special operation. My girlfriend told me that they did not identify themselves, that they only arrived and started firing. My girlfriend called me and she never hung up the phone, I guess when they shot her, I kept listening to everything they said."

He then assured that he heard clearly when the Police entered the house and shouted at the terrified inhabitants that, if they did not come out with their hands up, they would kill them all, as they had done with the victims.

He also maintained that there are several videos of what happened, because the neighbours realized what happened during the early morning hours. He assured that nobody could enter or leave the place until "the Police officers finished off the killing."

Preciado Garcia reported that the people killed are Faustina Chapa Avila, a family mother; Camelia Rodriguez Vazquez, her daughter-in-law and mother of the dead baby; Leticia Valdez Rodriguez, Faustinas niece, and her girlfriend Maria del Rosario. He did not talk about the teenage boy who was also killed in the events.

He also explained that there are two children injured, one is year and half old and another three months old. Meanwhile after 12 hours had passed, the State Security Commissioner, Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, offered a press conference accompanied by other Police Commanders, in which he presented the official Police version of events.

The official said that prior to the events, they managed to capture the son of a dangerous criminal, who later pointed to the house located in the Ruben Jaramillo neighbourhood.

When arriving at the place, according to the Police chief, they were shot at by the criminals, and this was the reason the Police opened fire. For more than two hours the Police and alleged criminals exchanged gunfire.

Then, the Police ended up using pepper spray to force the aggressors to surrender, which they ended up doing.

During this, unfortunately there were lives lost of the relatives of the detainee who were in the interior and caught in the crossfire, four women, a minor and a man; In addition two minors were injured, of which, fortunately their heath is reported as stable, justified Capella Ibarra.

He also reported, that as the law indicates, the Police officers who participated in the these events were placed at the disposal of the State Attorney Generals Office, which will determine their legal status, and for this the State Public Security Commission will provide all the information that is required, as well as the moral and legal support to our companions.

In the afternoon, the Morelos Public Prosecutors Office issued and information card confirming that six people were murdered; a two month old baby, a 13 year old boy and four women aged 65,40,27 and 22 years old.

The independent Human Rights Commission of Morelos, through its spokesperson Jose Martinez Cruz, described the events as "barbaric", and said that "it is precedents such as that of Tlatlaya and other crimes against humanity", which is why it was demanded, that these events were investigated and the facts established and those responsible are punished".


  1. cjng especial forces ? more like michoacanos pata rajaida lmao

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. 7:14 those "patas rajadas" include:
      2 women in their 20s
      2 women 40 and 60 years old
      One baby killed
      2 boys injured.
      And one hijo de su puta madre calling them names at @7:14
      We are fortunate that grace ramirez has earned his name as a facking butcher since he started his "period", and his state police "mando unico or unified" has done nothing but murder the citizens of the state with full impunity, and moral and economic support from their state criminal narco-politicians.

    3. @ 7:14....let me guess, eres del Norte de Mexico huh? You brothers up north are racist against your own kind down south. I've commented on this plenty of times here on BB. Why is it that you brothers and sisters grow up like that? Is it that you begin to hate your own when you guys begin school? Maybe it's taught in your schools that your people from the South are nothing more than indios patas rajadas?...I am normally all about unity between my people no matter what part of Mexico, but when I physically encounter a raza that says something like this in my presence I always make it a point to let him know I'm from Michoacan and proud to have purepecha blood running thru my veins. Which is always followed by "un tirito compa pa'ver que tan Gallo es". Needless to say to date I've always TCB....Somos todos igulaes, medicate compa y sacate la caveza del culo.....from Long Beach, CA. Por si andas serca y te animas!

    4. 12:22 you guys are small and fat and only time your people figth are in packs and that's the honest true if he call you pata rajada is guys own fault you guys thing that being from michoacan has to give you some kind of reputation ? 9 out of 10 you guys cant fight with out a weapon , I saw cartel land and 99% of them guys look fat some really skinny and short believe boy you guys stand no chance

    5. @7:53PM After I read your comment I quickly glanced over to look at the name of the person who posted the comment. It sounded exactly like it was a tweet from this guy in Washington DC that is famous for his tweets but I couldn't believe he would be posting comments on BB. You must read all his tweets to be so good at mimicking him.

      But just remember that many of his comments and tweets turn out to not be true.

  2. 7:14-
    Dumb ass people like you miss the whole point of an article like this. Get that bias bullshit out of here. Littering the page with crap.
    My Summary
    Theres a Shoot out , it last two hours, Police murder unarmed people in a house they think is linked to criminals so to force a surrender of armed people they murdered civilians.
    That's what sounds like happened here. And so what they found a guy with a handgun and weed, not exactly someone you think could hold a 2 hour bout. No Cristal no rifle no explosives ... Sounds sketch

    1. 801 are you trying to say, drug cartels are good guys painted in a bad light. You need God

    2. dude u are an idiot all u do is post insane rants all over BB seek medical help puhleeze!!!!!!!!!! u constantly berate and curse at everone u disagree with. u wouldnt survive a day in Mexico with all your trash talk. weak minded typing away at the public library!!!!!!!!!!

    3. 8:01. 2 hour gun fight indicates a stand off situation. 2 hour stand off indicates a hostage situation.

      Either way, the information the police were given by a person with undesirable characteristics led them to believe something of importance. Now, whether where the bullets landed in the gun fight was intentional or unintentional is to be determined.

      The obvious is hitmen/women are more exhausted than police and military. Hitmen/women are more than likely not professionally trained, on drugs and alcohol, eat unhealthy foods, if and when they eat food, and stay up for days without sleep, committing crimes out of character, command, and fear. Some even like the profession. In doing so, police and military are called in to protect and serve at all hours of the night. If something is not investigated first, then yes, mistakes can more easily happen. However, if mistakes are committed, then the big picture must be looked at along with the mistakes. Did the police investigate the alleged assumptions first? Was it a strategic plan from the boy against his own cartel? Whereas other articles state the aggressors were the police, who shot first?

      Statistically by numbers, cartels are shown to shoot first by no help for or from themselves. This may be attributed to a learning curve in defense not survival tactics. If a person was shooting at you, what would you do?
      There will always be stray bullets in a gun fight, and there will always be people who risk their lives for ones they love and care for.

    4. Unarmed but 2hr shootout.sounds funny. Police caught a criminal. His crime familiy did not surrender or tried to rescue him. kill them all. Why did they used pepper spray...40mm would be my they are complaining and tomorrow they start to cut people in pieces again.

    5. @ 8:01. Do yourself a favor and Go back and reread the article

    6. 8:01 i agree. They probably not even cjng people since they have no guns. Just to hype up the story

    7. 8:01 - Spot on.

    8. You don't gk and shoot up a house for 2 hours just because you extracted the address from a guy you torture to make him confess to something, this is not Iraq gademett.
      Nobody has even confessed to be cartel members.
      The polesias could still be shooting the house for 4 months without making it a cartel house just because some idiots learned the word "cartel"


  4. Why do you have forums if you hand pick what goes up? Ive posted and posted news events on cartels and you refuse to let it go thru can you tell me why or what im doing wrong that you wont let it go up. I love my country Mexico as much if not more than most. I was sent here deported after 40 years of living in Oklahoma lost greencard or better yet ICE took it away because i got two DUI. Im now in Tampico Tamaulipas and i love it here wouldn't go back to US if they let me. Anyhow i just want to know why block my post on current events if im just trying to inform the readers of important and current events on cartels that are not being posted in BB if im doing something wrong please tell me so i can do it the correct way according to BB. Un amigo de la gente del pueblo.

    1. 9:51 BB may be shorthanded, or your shit may have been tried before, and it wasn't any good, I suspect the latter, if you was a troll that advocates for the government on either side, for shooting people and asking questions later, if you call for a wall for private profit, or you are a complete asshole, don't waste your time, you prolly burnt your welcome a while ago...
      Also don't try to hijack the whole site wiff your crap, no matter how good it is, unless you pass the smell test.

  5. Michoacanos pero con juevos ayy they can say this and that pero a la hora si le entran no como Otros ... my respect to dead pero Mexico needs to change for the better end the corruption pay better so we don’t have to leave to el norte and we can bring more jobs import export and prosper everyone will win

    1. 10:10 I know what you are trying to export,
      gitattahere pinchi narco barato.

    2. 1:42 how can you just kick up your feet and drink a ice cold cervezas after you just posted crap? You really have a freakin attitude bro

    3. 4:38 The freakin'exports ain't bringing nothing but misery and exploitation to the mexicans with the government and their sicarios extorting and kidnapping and wholesale murdering.
      Up yours.

  6. Damn you can't win in Mexico. You get extorted by the kidnappers, mafiosos, military and the police. And then in a worse case scenario you get killed by the kidnappers, mafiosos, military and the police.

    1. 10:10 Please, the kidnappers and the mafiosos are better persons than the police, simply because they don't have to support the governor and their whole "FUERZA delictiva estatal"
      Support your local kidnappers and mafiosos.

    2. @10:10 it does seem sort of futile doesn't it

    3. Futile is a word that weirdos use

    4. 2:24 it didn't look futile while Dr Mireles was around, people died for reals, and went to prison, 500 autodefensas sent to veracruz? For javier duarte de ochoa to indoctrinate exploit or exterminate.
      People will do it again, just about when they feel like "fack it, I don't have anything to lose"

  7. Sorry but the translation is terrible. You guys need to improve big time. I thing my 5 year old son is a lot better.

  8. this was not a kidnapping areest/shootout. This was a raid on a safe house used as a hideout of José Antonio Valdez, a member of the Cartel del Sur, or South Pacific Cartel. The people killed in the operation were his family who encouraged his drug trafficking for support. FUCK THEM ALL. they were submitting a warrant for his arrest when he started shooting at the police and also his immediate family.

    1. 12:19 One of the women called her husband, died with the phone on her hand, never turned it off, her husband is talking, he should know about kidnappers or hostages, in the "safe house", he would have said something about that, he would be in prison if he had any guilt, the facking polesias facked up
      --Police can shoot houses for weeks, even if nobody is there, and they usually force confessions out of suspects that are a pack of lies to stop the torture, I hope the mexican police catch up with your ass soon, pendejo.

  9. To the follower asking about the alliance between cjng and viagras and why they are enemies now.

    Use this as an example of what I have been saying. Mencho NEVER has a true alliance, he sucks a group in by offering something they cannot refuse. I call them them limited agreements or alliances. this method is used for cjng to acquire something important. Once that is done, he "decapitates" them figuratively speaking. or possibly literally of course. I use this MO to track his movement.

    For example Viagras splintered from Tuta without Tuta knowing they had formed an alliance with mencho. Remember the showdown video? the one where I saw Americano and screen grab the foto that caused him to be questioned by state pgr? It was too late. Viagras with Americano and castillo, took down the genuine autodefensas, and tuta leaving the state for all intents in purpose in the hands of mencho.

    something he always wanted, his home state

    1. One thing is for sure CHIVIS, after the AutoDefensas won, the miagras and the H3 were given Carte Blanche by alfredo castillo de kagada representing epn, and the Butcher of Tlatlaya was there, enrique francisco galindo ceballos, the zeta from the start from San luis potosi fired from his "job" as director of all the polesia mexicana por culero en "Tlatlaya, a crime of state"

    2. Federal police chief galindo ceballos was forced to resign over Tanhuato massacre that has been declared "a crime of state" 50 dead in revenge for the helicopter "dropped by the cjng with RPG" that some say fell because of mechanical failure.
      Tlatlaya with about 20 murdered is a military massacre staged to look like a military action against criminals that also failed the smell test.
      It is time to drum the military out of police style operations it is time to take the police commanders to trial for police abuses
      And it is time for no more excuses from government henchmen.
      The new chief of federal police Manelich Castilla Craviotto is a puppet of Carlos Slim Helu trying to make the mexican police corporations his own personal bitch on his own personal platform.

  10. Michoacan is a profitable plaza that's why mencho wants it so bad..


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