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Monday, December 18, 2017

Tepito, Los Camarillo and their criminal lineage

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Reforma article

Subject Matter: Los Camarillo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Since the start of the new millennium, the organized criminality has been linked to the history of one family: Los Camarillo. This is a chronological report of the the brothers, associates, treachery and killings.

Mario and Fidel Camarillo started as managers of a wine and bathroom furniture warehouse, but later converted into drug Zsars in Tepito. Fidel was imprisoned in 1998 and his brother, nicknamed "El Loco", remained in charge. However, since 2001 commenced a fight between Los Camarillo and political members of his family that culminated in 2003, when Mario was assassinated by sicarios, headed by former federal judicial policeman Alfredo Martinez, El Golda.

El Tanque

The history of  Los Camarillo, and its criminal roots continue today by the groups that control drug trafficking. One of the old Lieutenants of Fidel converted to an enemy of the family: Jorge Ortiz Reyes, El Tanque, who was accused to be the intellectual author, together with El Golda, of the killing of El Loco.

El Tanque is from a family dedicated to extortion of the coreana community in the center. In 1998, he was detained for homicide and arms trafficking, but was only charged with drug trafficking and served only 4 years to continue the war against Los Camarillo.

El Tanque was imprisoned again for crimes against health, criminal association and extortion, he entered the prison in Hermosillo, while his son, Jerzy, had been kidnapped and assassinated from a bar in CDMX called heavens.

The Heavens case

On the 26th of May of 2013, the youngsters below from Tepito were kidnapped from a bar in the Zona Rosa. According to authorities, it was a reprisal for the killing of a drug trafficker in the den of "La Contesa" or The Countess. (Otis: this was reported on by our very own reporter DD see link)

From prison El Tanque made a declaration from prison, when asked who was behind the kidnapping and killing of his son, Jerzy.

"The government knows well who owns the barrio".

The Ostion - Camarillo wedding

In the origin of the union, the principal criminal group actually in Tepito, can trace its roots back to a civil union: the wedding between Armando Hernandez Gomez, El Ostion, and Judith Camarillo Feijoo, half sister of Mario and Fidel.

El Ostion was a collaborator of El Tanque and later founded, together with his brothers Victor Hugo and Francisco Javier, alias Pancho Cayagua, the cartel "La Union", to whom has been attributed more than 50 killings since 2010.

El Ostion came from a family of shoe vendors. He is currently at liberty and still one of the leaders of La Union.

Panco Cayagua

Francisco Javier, alias Pancho Cayagua, started as a sicario for Los Camarillo and converted into a founder of La Union. After the heavens case, the cartel fractured and Cayagua was imprisoned for the murder of two of his cousins.

It was alleged that he ordered the assassination of the drug trafficker in La Condesa that set off the case of Heavens.

On October the 11th of 2017, he was executed in Insurgentes Norte.

The twilight of Los Camarillo

After the imprisonment of Cayagua, it set off a bout of violence that left no less than 14 dead in the Bravo barrio, between the son of Fidel Camarillo, Raymundo, and the son of Judith Camarillo and El Ostion, Adan.

Raymundo was shot dead in November of 2016, and some weeks after the same happened to Adan.

After being the absolute owners of the drug market in Tepito, Los Camarillo were relegated by La Union, when the cartel was backed by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie", associate of the Beltran Leyva Cartel.

La Union then expanded its limits beyond Tepito, its operational area now includes the Ceter, Gustavo A Madero, Iztacalco and Iztapalapa.

Roberto Moyado Esparza, El Betito, is one of the leaders of La Union, he is currently sought for more than 20 killings.

Milenio adds more information about El Betito
Roberto Fabian Miranda( different name there), assumed absolute control of the cartel La Union of Tepito, that operate as a company and in which there are different illicit activities which are entrusted to Lieutenants and eight operators, who are responsible for monitoring the drug markets developed by his predecessor Pancho Cayagua, who was executed on 10/10/2017.

According to a former bodyguard of the deceased founder of the criminal organization, the current leader delegated the illicit coordination of activities in the area controlled by the subject known as El Pulga, a second in command, who watches over the rest of the operators that run they businesses they have in the Cuauhtemoc and Venustiano Carranza delegations.

El Micky carries out extortion on Axis one north, corresponding to the neighborhoods of Tepito and Colonia Centro, El Perro, El Manzana and El Bryan operate in the Guerrero Colonia, while El Huguito and Elvis are responsible for the Centro Colonia and Santo Domingo respectively.

According to testimony of a former member of La Union, El Chori, one of El Betitos main sicarios, also coordinates illicit operations in the Centro Colonia neighborhood of La Merced ( Otis: a long time ago this area belonged to Lola La Chata), while El Pelon, another member of the cartel, is responsible for monitoring the tasks in different colonias of the Venustiano Carranza delegation.

Cell leaders work with at least 50 people, their hallmark is the violence with which they act, in addition to, according to witnesses, enjoy the protection of the local police in their areas.

Each of these key men in the criminal structure develops different activities from the transfer of drugs, to distribution and surveillance in the points of sale.. In addition they are responsible for eliminating those who intend to occupy such places.

The investigation unit of the cities Attorneys Generals Office has not been able to dismantle the operations of La Union, which in recent months has even extended to the Lazaro Cardenas Central Axis, where merchants assured that the extortion and piso continue.

Due to these facts the head of Government, Miguel Angel Mancera, ordered the investigation of the criminal group to intelligence agencies.

To date, no arrests have been made of the members at the highest level of La Union.


  1. Having had rudi giulianni in charge of fighting crime in Mexico for 10 million dollars for one year did not do any good to Mexico City,
    oh I see, of course, giulianni had to navigate the PRD AND EL PRI AND EL PAN, and leaving the criminals alone, pretty much like on the US where he got the mafiosos of the concrete business in prison to freeze the accounts of important american "businessmen"

    1. Agreed. It is unbelievable how the MX gov spent millions on having Giulianni flown over (early 2000's) help stop/curb crime in MX city.

      Giulianni even had the nerve to say that the crime in MX city and NY during the 70-80's are 'uncanny'.

      I don't remember NYC having blatant day-time kidnappings, mass-shootings, or a quarter of the crime that MXC faces even today.

      All and all, he did NOTHING, as expected, to help stop crime. Wouldn't someone from MX naturally have more knowledge/expertise than someone from NYC? or at that very least, someone from South America?

      The move made no sense and was a huge spectacle that is forgotten about to this day.

  2. Con la pura cara intimida el de la primera foto. La cosa es siempre mostrar zero miedo. - Sol Prendido

    1. He actually looks scared or neutral in that first pic. Don't be so glib.

    2. Entre toros se conocen. - Sol Prendido

    3. That chilango look, you never know if they are taking your wallet or already have it or they are about to shank you, but LA Union sure works with la polesia capitalina, they have thousands of polesis, bankarios, aeropuertos, parking meters, car washers and viene viene, industrial, anything to feed LA Hermandad Policiaca 5hwt really owns crime and criminals on Mexico City in cahoots with politicians and the owner of half of the former DF real estate, Carlos slim helu, the nationalist "mexican" lebanese oligarch bent on owning "his fair share" of everything mexico. If it is on the ground, it prolly belongs to slim, he also owns many in the police where his brother julian used to be a commander of the DFS and then lord it over all the mexicon airports.

    4. Sol, just take a deep breath and don't forget to exhale.

    5. Actually, he looks like he wants to cry.

  3. Good looking family.

  4. When is YOUR book coming out , Otis ??



      BB gone worse with all these fragile little men

    2. I don't get how comments like @1:25 get approved but mine criticizing the Netflix Chapo show doesn't get put through....


    3. 11:57 who cares about anybody's bitching?
      It is OK to post the "mamadas amargadas" of the bitter brethren once in a while, it is good for click bait.
      Then we can popo on their head!

    4. Hi Yaqui, I was thinking of putting something in draft in the new year. So watch this space

  5. What happened to that humble and respectful Mexican perception of Mexican people? Such a tragedy for those who have become an eyesore to many good citizens.
    It’s Apparent due to the high demand for drugs in America, that values and morals have been outweighed for financial gains.
    A Wild Wild West scenario. Not a Mexican standoff!
    We can only pray that this destructive behavior of a once paradise haven will return.

    Nice article Otis!


  6. There are many narcos families that have not been exposed throughout Mexico. When a family has power in their region they are protected and manage operations so they never see the contraband they export.

    1. The question I find difficult with this lifestyle is the morality and its consequences associated with such. . Odds that longevity is kind to one are slim. Whether incarcerated or a victim of fatal circumstance. No guarantees are obtained without means of payment to those who can pull the plug of operations. Which unfortunately are many and with hands out.
      These assurances are regarded as temporary and never fixed. A process which unfortunately has failed in my opinion. Due to the greedy shifting political elements.
      And that’s why it’s difficult to curtail the violence!


  7. Old story huh, now in days cdmx is filled with familia, zetas, cjng, golfos on and on...

  8. They just kill el pirata de Culiacan “asi nomas quedo”

  9. Borderland beat was The first website to publish The vídeo of el pirata de Culiacán talking shit about mencho, and now he was executed in Jalisco, i wonder What does el wachito has to say about that

    1. Im the o e that said that like a month ago

  10. El pirata de culiacan got his caps peelt today

  11. El Pirata was either set up by going to a club in Jalisco, or they geo-tagged his posts.

  12. They killed el pirata de culiacan


  13. Very off topic but since BB readers never let down I have a question. We all know that Chapo is related to the Beltran Leyva and that la Barbie, going a few generations back, may be related to Chapo too; I've also read at least once that Chapo is distantly related to the Arellano Felix family and since they, despite el padrino Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo denying it (I've confirmed they are related), are related to el padrino. Is it true Chapo is also related to the Arellano Felix?? That would make a huge tangled web of a multi generational narco family.

    Posted for anonymous

    1. It's like that in all small pueblos over mexico if you look hard enough you can trace yourself to a common Tio or Primo

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