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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Morelos State Police claim they never heard the screams or cries of women or children at Temixco, El Senor de la V promises revenge

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from Milenio articles

Subject Matter: Temixco Massacre
Recommendation: see link to original report on events

Reporter: Milenio Redaction
The State Police that participated in the confrontation in Temixco with members of an alleged band of criminals, in which four women died, a minor of 13 years old and a baby of three months, related that they heard no shouts or voices of women or children that would have alerted them that they were inside.

"If someone had said there were children, today would be a different history", said one of the uniformed officers interviewed by Carlos Puig for Milenio TV.

The gun fight that happened with the people of Jose Alberto Valdez, known as El Senor de la V, and alleged leader of a cell of the CJNG, with links to the Beltran Leyvas, who had been detained on two occasions, but set free with judicial orders.

Later they leaned about Valdez's criminal history. Now they live in fear for themselves and their families. The uniformed officers assure that they have no guilt, that they have the backing of their corporation and that trust that this has been clarified. "They have made us believe that we are monsters", but they asked that their versions be heard as well.

Anonymously, the officers said that after the shooting, when this individual finally gave himself up, he left with a child in his arms, who they say, did not look scared.

"We never saw crying or tears, or anything. "Instead, the alleged capo threatened each of the police; We are going to fuck you all".

The story of that night began when the police officers received an anonymous report via telephone that armed individuals with hooded persons arrived at that address and shots were sometimes heard.

"We decided to go to the site to corroborate the facts reported. Upon arrival, they saw some people, of whom, two were carrying side arms.

"Stop, State Police, carrying out a search!" they shouted at them. But the subject ran towards the house. One of the policemen ran after them and managed to catch one of them by the left shoulder. But this guy turned, grabbed the policeman by his vest and dragged him into the house.

Then, shots were fired from inside the house towards the officers. I returned fire at the muzzle flashes, my colleagues shouted are you ok? said one of them.

After him, other officers entered to try and rescue him, in the middle of the crossfire. The police listened to insults and threats from inside the house, which as in darkness. "There was always a person who said that we were going to get fucked, that they were calling for support and that we were going to see what happens, and that was when we called in for support, said another officer.

One of the police explained that the construction of the house did not favor them, as they could find no refuge, there was many windows and a corridor through which they entered had no roof.

"At all times, we were exhorting these people to stop. "State Police, lower your weapons, do not shoot", but the shooting and threats did not stop. They said it sounded like the voice of one man.

"We were vulnerable because of the corridor, it was not roofed in. Natural light dazzled us from inside the house, I think they saw us because we heard how they whispered, there there there is one, there you have one", added another of them.

There were women and children

Soon the shooting stopped. We could hear the voice of a man saying that he was going to exit the house, then the voice of a woman who said they were just going to change. After that they did not shoot anymore, despite receiving fire from inside the house. It took about an hour and a half for the subject to come out with a child in his arms. The child was quiet, not crying.

My colleague was shouting at him to put the child down, he wanted to check what the man had in his hands, the man did not care about his family, I do not know how he kept them quiet in the bath room, said one of them, I could not believe what I was seeing, he added.

The police looked into the bath room where there were people who were injured, from other rooms came four children and four adults. The ambulances and other patrols attended to the children and the women.

Otis: also from Milenio
El Senor de la V advertises that he will have vengeance for every drop of blood

Reporter: Ignacio Alzaga
Every drop of blood spilled from my family will mean a litre of blood spilt of yours, said Jose Valdez Chapa, El Senor de la V, to the police who captured him after the shootout of 10th of November in Temixco, Morelos.

While carrying a child in one arm and holding up his cell phone in the other, he threatened officers of the State Public Security Commission with death, during his arrest after the death of his mother, wife, two children a niece and another relative.

The alleged criminal was placed at the disposal of a Judge, who finally released him by dismissing evidence provided by the authorities of Morelos. About 40 men about 10 pickups in a convoy collected him, according to intelligence sources to which Milenio had access.

According to authorities of the State Commission for Public Security of Morelos, Valdez Chapa is linked to the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion in alliance with Guerreros Unidos and Los Linos.

El Senor de la V has alleged links with the CJNG, however there have been narco mantas allegedly signed by this organization in which death threats have been issued to the authorities in Morelos and a reward of 100,000 dollars for the head of any policeman from the Morelos Mando Unico.


Official reports indicate that his background highlights that he operated in Guerrero with the criminal group Cartel del Sur and later formed an alliance with Guerreros Unidos, and that he was responsible for the wave of violence that has been generated in the municipalities of Cuernavaca and Morelos.

On January 21st of 2017, narco mantas were placed at kilometer 87.5 of the Mexico - Acapulco highway in Cuernavaca, and in 19.5 of the Cuernavaca - Acapulco federal highway, municipality of Xochitepec, in which a criminal group calling itself Comando Asesino identifies itself as head of the Southern Sierra Cartel, producer and exporter of poppies and cocaine in Guerrero and its surroundings, responsible for executions and disappearances.

Valdez Chapa, 42 years old has houses in the towns of Ahuatepec, Cuernavaca, in the Tlacotepec,colonia in Guerrero and the Ruben Jaramillo colonia in Temixco, the last is the place where he was captured on the 30th of November, even though the property had been identified as belonging to Crispin Gaspar Cortez, El Crispin.

Before, authorities sustained that he was dedicated to the sale of vehicles, that his wife was Camelia Rodriguez, with who he had children, Jose Antonio, Carlos Alberto, Vanessa Giselle and Alejandro.

Consultations carried out on Palataforma Mexico detailed that on the 13th of January of 2017 he was detained for the crime of violation of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives in the Papayos colonia of Cuernavaca.

That day, around 21:55 hours, a call was received on the emergency 911 in which someone denounced that at this address there were approximately 20 men that fired off 200 shots inside a house. He was also linked to the homicide of State Policeman Ivan Gonzalez Penaloza, perpetrated on the 3rd of December of 2015.

The confrontation

On the 22nd of May of 2007 he was detained for violation of Federal Law of firearms in Chipancingo. The gun battle of the 30th of November in which he was detained and 6 members of his family died derived from a denunciation in which there was a complaint of kidnapping.

Allegedly Valdez Chapa is the friend of Isaac Navarrete, El Senor de la I, leader of the Cartel del Sur in Guerrero, who continues with his support to expand his dominion in the mountains and ceter of this state, as well as states like Morelos, Mexico State and Puebla.

El Senor de la V is the Godfather of Rafael Medina Hurtado, El Gordo, lieutenant of Isaac Navrrate, and is plaza boss of Filo de Caballos and has at his support 50 sicarios that operate in this place and surrounding villages, who dress in t-shirts of the Upoeg to go unnoticed by the military forces, according to an intelligence report.

The criminal history of this subject, who was released along with three men and a woman, is that he belonged to Los Rojos for several years and at the time was plaza boss of Tlacotepec and subsequently in Chilpancingo.

He was also credited with giving the order for the beheading in that town of eight soldiers in 2008. On August of this year, two sicarios infiltrated a children's party of General Helidoro Castillo and threw two grenades into it where there were at least 40 children and their families.

His intention was to kill several leaders of the newly created community police, however the grenades did not explode and the criminals were arrested. In their statements they said that they had been hired by El Senor de la V and El Gordo.


  1. Looks to me the sorry piece of shit took the shootout to the women and children . This sorry piece of shit should die soon . The sooner the better and the world will be a little better for it . Fucking coward .

  2. Well when you're out having a firefight for 30 minutes or so other sounds including innocent screams can be muffled by the gun and rifle blasts of both the enemy and the cops.
    Still does not excuse intentionally targeting these innocent victims like the way it appears to be have been done by the authorities. Surprised there was not a photo of the now deceased baby with holding a pistol in his hand the way photos appear anytime an extrajudicial killing occurs in Mexico. Do not mean it as a joke but as a reality check to show how authorities there work quite often.
    Fuckin Mexico should be looked at for human rights abuses committed by cops by the U.N. the same way countries in the middleast, Asia and Africa are investigated.

    1. I doubt the police carry enough ammo to fire constantly for two hours, which is the official version length of the shoot out. So there would have been pauses with no firing.
      There were no police deaths so i think the police man that got pulled inside did survive the events, if he got pulled inside.

    2. 10:25 got pulled inside under a rain of bullets,
      and the "sicario" that pulled him in also survived, but no bullets were found on the walls that had been shot by the murdered.
      "They" are trying to feed us a pack of lies...again...

  3. Read this few days ago on Mexican Daily News.
    The inconsistencies of investigative reports from officials and evidence have raised concerns with Human Rights Organizations.

    Nevertheless, the irony of a criminal with a valid issue. The issue being; the execution of family members who were not armed nor portrayed any threat of violence.
    Expressing discontent and vengeance from a criminal towards a legally corrupt system is what I find troubling.
    Who’s right? And who’s wrong? Was justification merited by rules of engagement?
    Doubt that any criminal figure will learn to jeopardize family from ones presence.


    1. Lol it’s nowhere near that complicated. Someone who posts as much as you do here should know that. Shitbags protect shitbags, it’s simple. It’s just in this case, the shitbag who was hiding behind his family didn’t have his method work this time, because his entire family was killed in the process. There have been many captures where the shitbag gives up and walks out way before any shooting takes place because his family is present. This one thought he was smarter than the rest. His family paid for his idiocy. Don’t step in the bullshit, son.

    2. I dunno...he probably was being shaken down, couldn't or wouldn't pay what they wanted, so they whacked everyone but him. BS they didn't hear screams. This was a settling of a debt. Unfortunately his family paid. In Mexico, the cops and criminals are all the same, except for the clothes....sometimes...Be cool to E42. He merely states his views and opinions, like all here. Difference is E42, never belittles anyone else's opinions. He debates fairly and open minded. And, my man's prose is second to none!

    3. His prose is second to none? Yikes! In what manner? Ok, I won't make fun of a 'dignified' writer amongst us here in BB.

    4. I think there is no dignified writer among us here.
      Rather a bit of dignity and self control from silliness is what’s to be expected.
      A stimulant conversation with rebuttal and restraint would be appreciated.


    5. Yes sir...but some must make themselves feel more important if they berate others.

    6. 5:01, my last comment, wasn't directed mainly at you. There are many others on here who hide under the Anonymous tag, that do berate other commentors, BB staff etc. I find it very hypocritical to ever belittle someone for #1 having the stones to at least tag a name for himself when he comments #2 To comment on an open forum, and not respect others opinions, and #3 to question anyone's knowlege or sources. You may not enjoy E's style of writing, but many of us do. I'd rather read his obviously well informed, and thought out comments, than the Chapo Snitched guy, or the corrido worshipping Narco wannabes jibberish. We all are interested in this subject manner, or none of us would be on here. These blogs and forums are here for all of us to voice our opinions, views, and knowlege. I learn as much from all of you, as I do from reading the posts, and other media. Sometimes I learn facts, sometimes I learn that allot are full of bs....I don't agree with many things posted on here, by many, including E42, CDM, Perro, etc. But I try never to be demeaning or insulting in my rebuttals. I may have strong words and opinions on a subject, but try never to berate a fellow reader. Even if there's a bunch of idiot troll wannabes. Peace to all, Happy Holidays, and let's try to be cool to one another!

    7. Belee me, some people deserve no breaks or respect, not because of their promoting opposing points of view, but because they push racist or obviously false opinions like the best of the rest "Fawx News Channel" and many of its reporters, not all of them, just too many of "them."

  4. Otis was the policeman that was forced inside OK or did he perish?You would think the rest of the police would be a little more careful shooting with 1 of their own inside and there's no way they could have heard screams when there was shooting going on and maybe the women and children were told to be quiet because they were hiding.If I was hiding I don't think I would be screaming and give myself away.He was released which puts all those policemen's lives at stake.

    1. He got pulled in, while there was raining bullets on the entrance FROM BOTH SIDES but He held his fire, right?
      And the puller and the pulled escaped without getting hit on the assignment by one single bullet..
      shit, no walls got hit behind the attacking chotas!
      More shit, the high powdered high kaliber weapons used by the criminals disappeared, must have been real expensive, like "Invisible German Weapons of Mass Desteuction"
      Sounds like an "El Rambo de.Tijuana" tall tale, not even the tenants make them like that.
      --So many lies in so little time, must have direct connect to Washington Professional Fawx News Tweeters...
      I blame Alberto Capella, El Rambo DE tijuana, Google his ass.

    2. How many officers were firing their weapons from ouside the entrance?
      Forensics should be able to tell from what distance the dead were shot at,
      the surviving "criminals" should tell how much money was stolen from the premises.
      But the money stolen is safe in Capella''s pockets.

    3. 10:15 ten cops accused shootin' in from the entrance, and one the biiig baaad narcos pulled in from his brassiere.

    4. Door frame is about 30 to 36 inches wide by 6 feet high
      The little patio from the door to the wall may be 5 feet away,
      How many polizetas can you fit around the doorway shooting in?

  5. Collateral damage. One way or the other since they wee family with the cartel scum they knew the dangers from the start. They sure as hell enjoyed the blood money from murdered kidnap victims, ransoms, drug proceeds etc. Fuck them I don’t care they are complicit and any survivors need to be cahrged with murdeer of the children. In the US this scum shit would never happen. NEVER! These dope dealing killers, their families and relatives will die by the sword.

    1. While it sounds fcked up I agree with you... When the report first came out and details were sketchy I was cursing the police . But now I'm cursing him first because in reality it was more his fault for bringing heat to his own home and trying to fight with his family in there. He had no regards for their safety so no pity for him .. Yes the police do fcked up shit but he has more blame in this

    2. Even "on the US" they rarely murder the whole family,
      It usually takes a POSer religious fanatic or Fawx Politician to prepare the murdering, the killing, the suicide Kool-Aid, the fuel drums, the plane hijackers, the demolition charges, to create the disaster incident, except for Ruby Ridge.

    3. 6:56 with all the whole smorgasbord of crimes your menu.
      You should be doing some consulting for the actual government of the US, they are trying to function as fabricants of guilty parties and fawx news, based on "alt facts", and accountants to make sure the 3rd Reich of the latter days thrives and grows.

  6. If the very devil was inside the house, and if the dead were all the devil's family, nothing authorizes the polesias del Mando Unico to assault a house where they do not k ow who is in there, without a judicial order, just because "they can do it"...
    On this case there was no evidence of any crimes by the people in the house or that any ody shot atand unico at any time and that is why they got released.
    How do you get pulled by your vest into a house while there is "crossfire" against the entrance from inside and out? And both the polesia getting pulled in and the "criminal" that pulled him get away from it without getting all shoot up? And there was NO EVIDENCE FOUND OF GUNSHOTS AGAINST MANDO UNICO or the weapons that did the firing...
    To top it all, the famous "Rambo de Tijuana" has an extensive record of official misconduct, from extortion to fabricating staged attacks against his ass by the tijuana cartels, and is accused of delivering his Tijuana Police Officers to organized crime for torture and execution until Leyzaola replaced him, but capella returned when leyzaola was kicked out, the leyzaola was himself in Morelos state, doing what? Ma do Unico Commissioner Alberto Capella is a facking criminal himself, otherwise he would not be head of Mando Unico and Milenio is trying to help the Temixco Mando Unico murderers.

    1. he loved his familiy, why he did not surrender?
      he could prevent all this but he did not wanted.
      He is criminal and his family was supporting him.
      I hope next time police is killing him.

    2. Executioners do not warn anybody to surrender, and I am sure "he" did not get killed because the "manndo unico" gestapo ran out of bullets and had sent their expensive weapons away for safe keeping, they buy their own weapons and bullets from their extortion for ransom, robberies and drug trafficking.

  7. Maten a los que mataron inocentes no toquen a sus familias. Las familias no tienen culpas de lo pendejos que son los papas.

  8. Pray for the innocent in Mexico. Shame on the corrupt Mexican police who are cowards.

  9. Pendejo should of just turned himself in and avoid the shoot out in the first place if he knew his family was there.

    1. Pndejo would have turned himself in, but the assault was of the kind of break in that gives No Warning,
      "he" got released real quick,
      --sooo, I don't think surrendering was a "problem"...
      capisci goomba?

  10. Best question, how little did the lives of his victims cost, for him to be a known violent criminal for years and even released once in custody. The problems won't get better so long as the highest rung on the justice system is unabashedly corrupt. The piece of shit judges! It likely costs as little as a few thousand USD to put one in a pocket. I understand a little when it's poor who can't eat, but to sell your soul to buy some shit you don't need, just want, is disgusting. Most of the people I have ever known couldn't sleep if they sold out to evil. Then again, there is so much evil in powerful positions, it's dangerous to be moral. Mexico needs Jesus and drug legalization in the States. I fear we might then see an increase in other crimes, and Mexico may then face an ugly soul searching journey without el Norte to blame for all it's ills.
    Finesse in Texas

    1. When there is no proof of any crime, judges must let go of people, happens on the US all the time. Idle prosecutions and arrests with the motive of extortion are the norm in mexico, on the US it is tickets, tickets and more and more tickets that many people do not pay, and then become subjects to warrants for their arrest that leads to escalation of charges and criminalization of the American drivers, UT the extortion goes on unabated, new court houses, squad cars, promotions, weapons, salaries, protections etc etc depend on giving tickets for made up offenses and trumped up charges ON THE US.
      Imagine mexico, polesias robbing maruchaneros and car washers with second hand or stolen bicycles, nooo, the director of Mando Unico selects his victims, robs and murders them, then goes on to the next victim, governor Graco Ramirez may have blood on his hands, a lot of it, but as long as the money in the bank don't, show it, fackit.

  11. Let's see Valdez a cartel criminal, is upset and seeks to avenge the police. But what about the countless innocent people he killed , and 2 policemen.

    1. 9:40 make two lists of the people he has killed,
      one with the civilian ones names,
      Another with the polesias' names.
      And add how hard it is to pin the blame for crimes of state on anybody else, it could be you some day.

  12. venganza for what ? for all the innocent people cjng has kill no sympathy for that scum when you work for a cartel that give 2 shits about killing children or woman like cjng then you know what you sign up for good job to thebpolice

  13. He could have surrendered knowing he would've been freed by the judge without any collateral damage, instead he chose to subject his family to a shootout. Not very bright.

    1. He knows the judges are in the pocket and will release him for a handshake,
      why would this terrible criminal murdering narco-terrorista "resist arrest"?
      Stop thinking with your culos, use your heads.

  14. Yeah what a piece of shit.He could have turned himself in because he would have been out the next day and would have had a family to return to.He didn't want to pay the bribe but risk his family rather than pay.Maybe this is also a lesson for these women that choose life with a narco and choose to have children while putting everyone at risk.I honestly don't know how these narcos get women even with their money because I'm sure they treat their women like a piece of shit just like they do everyone else except the boss,no respect for anything.There's just no future security for these women and their families.They must like the excitement.

    1. 12:15 mexican women do not go around sniffing their husbands asses, and it's nobody's business if they do.
      And if they do, getting murdered with their children on their arms is not an option the government has to decide or that they choose, the government's Mando Unico chose to rip off the household and invade looking for bounty

  15. Its unfortunate that innocent people get caught in the cross fire, but should we really feel sorry for these people?? (the kids...yes). The women that were killed knew what this guy "V" was involved with. Being with him, being around him, they knew there was a risk, whether it be from authorities or other criminals. And why feel an ounce of sorrow for this guy losing his family? This is the same guy that gave the order to throw grenades into a children's party. He didn't feel sorry for anyone, so why should the public feel bad for him losing his family? Sounds like authorities caught up to him and HE turned the situation into a gun fight. Anyone that has heard this story would have done the same thing the municipal police back!!!

    1. 12:41
      --nobody fired back from inside,
      --there were NO WEAPONS IN THE HOUSE,
      -No evidence of shoot from inside the house,
      --The Mando Unico troglodytes just went in shooting
      --They went looking for loot because their commander did not want "tips" anymore, he wanted the whole bounty.
      --capella has a looking history of abuses of authority on the state of morelos, he is called "El Rambo De Tijuana" where he staged attacks against his persona and where he has an extensive record of abuses and accusations of delivering his police officers to criminals to be murdered after torture.
      --Teniente Coronel del ejercito Mexicano (retirado) Julian Leyzaola, an accused human rights violator himself that replaced capella and who was replaced by capella when he came back to tijuas should know everything about Capella, a bigger murdering criminal than El Señor de la V will ever be because he does not use police or military or "Mando Unico Gestapo" to do his crimes

    2. at 12:43....
      Please re-read the article....
      "Stop, State Police, carrying out a search!" they shouted at them. But the subject ran towards the house. One of the policemen ran after them and managed to catch one of them by the left shoulder. But this guy turned, grabbed the policeman by his vest and dragged him into the house.

      Then, shots were fired from inside the house towards the officers. I returned fire at the muzzle flashes, my colleagues shouted are you ok? said one of them.

      Shots were fired at the officers first. If you were one of the would fire back. This scum put his family in danger...he put them in the line of fire.

    3. The polesias do not shout "state police carrying out a search"
      Until they were being Interrogated.
      --when they go to bust someone for the bounty they just arrive shooting and work on the crime scene later,
      --no weapons were found on the murdered citizens, not even the three month old youngster,
      --no paraffin proof of gunshot residues,
      --no bullets on the wall outside the door to the house or anywhere that were shot by the murdered or any ody else...
      --Read other goddamned reports goddamn it, not just the cleaned up versions the corrupt Mando Unico narco-polizetas say in their depositions, no matter the tv channel or blog or bloody rag says.


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