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Friday, December 15, 2017

Mexico's most sinister serial killers + Otis list of the worst cartel killers

Written and Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article

Subject Matter: Mexico's most notorious serial killers and Cartel killers
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

A record of the history of impulsive men and women with a cruel impulsion of death ( Otis: plus a selection of the worst killers from Cartels, who for some reason don't make this articles list, despite killing sometimes for pleasure, when it was not required ).

Reporters: Infobae and Otis B Fly-Wheel
He was called El Chalequero. He killed 20 women in eight years. All prostitutes that he beat, strangled and decapitated in the central zones of Mexico City. He was compared with "Jack the Ripper", because they were contemporaneous and he was the first serial killer registered in this country.

His history is contained in the first of four volumes of the "Red Book", edited by the Foundation for Economic Culture (FCE), that is a compilation of the crimes and criminals in Mexico's history, but it is not unique.

There was before, another Red book, published in 1870 by liberal writers such as Vincente Riva Palacio, Manuel Payno and presumably even Manuel Zarco, who made a compilation of the most famous crimes of his times.

Since then, the Red Book has been a strong element in the information on offer from Mexico, of the serial killers and the main protagonists. Through the recounting of crimes and murders, both of the individuals, and the collective ones that shake us by waves, it is possible to narrate a chronicle of the country, wrote the journalist and playwright Vincente Lenero in the prologue of the first volume of the Red Book in 2008.

Here we present a record of the history of the most famous serial killers in Mexico, from El Chalequero to the Mataviejitas, named by the media, real name Juana Barrazas, a woman arrested in 2006 and sentenced to 759 years in prison for the murder of 16 adults.

The term serial killers is attributed to FBI agent Robert Ressler, who in his book "serial killers" of 1998, narrates that he coined the name when recalling the television adventure series he saw as a child, because at the end of each chapter the viewer was left in suspense until the following weeks episode. He assures this sensation remains in the serial killer when they discover that the crime has not been as perfect as they live out in their fantasies.

Says Ressler: " after every crime, the serial killer thinks of things he could have done to make the killing more satisfying". That is a fixed idea that leads him to act again, writes the former agent.

In Mexico, forensic psychology has delineated some of its characteristics, but the best knowledge of the cases of Mexican serial killers is the Red Book of events, which has served to document their histories. Here are some that caused a stir at the time.

Francisco Guerrero, "El Chalequero".

Between 1880 and 1888 this man killed 20 prostitutes. The chronicles of the time describe him as a man who, despite being almost illiterate, acted in a very polite way with women to gain their trust. But in reality he was quarrelsome, vile, self serving and manipulative. The nickname of El Chalequero came from his style of dress, as they say he used to wear fitted pants, sashes and a vest. The Police arrested him on February the 13th, 1888, after being denounced by the neighbors of one of his victims.

The authorities could not verify his responsibility in the rest of the murders, but one was enough for him to get the death sentence. However, the then President Porfirio Diaz revoked his sentence and ordered a 20 year prison sentence in San Juan de Ulua, Veracruz, where he was released by mistake in 1904. Upon leaving prison he had one last victim, Antonia, an elderly woman whom he raped, beat and killed. His arrest is attributed to a reporter who investigated the case and compared the murder to those that occurred years ago. He returned to prison in 1908. This time to Lecumberri, where he was sentenced to death in 1910 at age 70.

Gregorio Cardenas "Goyo"

Known as "The Strangler of Tacumba", he committed his crimes between August and September of 1942. His victims were a work companion in chemical sciences, and 3 prostitutes. He first had sexual intercourse with them, then hanged them and buried them in the garden of his house. In 1942 he confessed his crimes after his mother admitted him to a psychiatric hospital.

He was imprisoned in Lecumberri, Goyo kept to himself in prison: he attended psychiatric classes, received family visits, maintained relationships with nurses and even had a license to leave whenever he wanted. He obtained his freedom in 1976 by a pardon of the then president Luis Echeverria and that year, the house of representatives paid him a tribute for being an example of social re adaptation.

Higinio Sobera de la Flor "El Pelon"

His first murder reported by the press occurred in 1952. His victim was the driver of the then Miss Mexico, Ana Bertha Lepe. He was a captain of the Army who he shot in the central Insurgentes Avenue in the streets of Yucatan, in the Roma colonia. The press reported after the crime, El Pelon took refuge in the arms of his mother, who protected him from a violent father. Some books identify him as an industrial or landowner in the state of Tabasco.

His mother took him to a hotel and from there he went looking for a woman to have sex with. His next victim was a woman he did not know and who refused to drink coffee with him. He kidnapped her, took her to a motel and killed her. The authorities could only prove these two homicides, but they suspected that he was responsible for other deaths.

Already in the prison of Lecumberri, doctors Alfonso Quiroz Cuaron, Alfonso Millan and Jose Sol Casao examined him and diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. He was sent to the asylum of La Castaneda. There he was called the " psychotic muralist" because with his own excrement he painted murals on the walls. Upon obtaining his freedom, many years later, the legend ran that he was seen wandering through the forest of Chapultepec, throwing bread crumbs to the animals.

Macario Alcala Canchola "The Mexican Jack"

There was only ever proof that he murdered two prostitutes, but there was suspicion that he killed 12 more. His crimes occurred in the sixties, in Mexico City and the press called him "Mexican Jack" because he identified himself this way during his trial. He came from a low income family, he had a basic education and his life was marked by failure: for a time he was a member of the Presidential Guard, but was fired for his incompetence and indiscipline.

Later he wanted to dedicate himself to boxing, but he never managed to stand out. Then he went to work as a preventative police, and adopted the false name of Fernando Ramirez Luna, but he was also fired after being accused and found guilty of charges of abuse of authority and excessive use of force during arrests.

He was married and had several children. During the investigations into the killings and subsequent trial, his wife declared that Macario "feels superior to everyone around him". He was arrested for the killing of a woman named Julia, who was found dead in a hotel in September 1962. In the mirror, Macario left a message written with lipstick that said: "Mexican Jack, I challenge Cueto", the then Police Chief.

That same month he was arrested and taken to prison, and sentenced to 60 years.

The Gonzalez Valenzuela sisters "Las Poquianchis"

This is how the Gonzalez Valenzuela sisters, Maria Luisa, Delfina, Maria de Jesus and Carmen were known, and to whom there is attributed at least 150 murders, most of them prostitutes who worked in their brothels. The authorities alleged that many of their victims were buried alive. They were originally from El Salto, Jalisco, and during their childhood they were victims of family violence. To escape the abuse of their father, Carmen eloped with her boyfriend when she was a teenager. But her father found her and had her imprisoned in the municipal prison.

The sisters worked as labourers in a textile factory, where they received miserable salaries, ( Otis: not much changed there then). When their parents died, they received a modest inheritance and used it to open a brothel and began their crimes. They gained fame for their bar in San Francisco de Rincon, Guanajuato, where they were called "Los Poquianchis". They recruited women using deceit and forced them into prostitution.

On January 6th of 1964, they were arrested after one of their victims escaped and reported them. The authorities found a small cemetery with human remains. Their story inspired Jorge Ibarguengoitia to write his novel " Las Muertas", which served as a script for the same file directed by Felipe Cazals.

Juana Barraza Samperio "La mataviejitas"

As a fighter she was called " The lady of silence". This woman was found responsible for at least 12 robberies and 16 murders of elderly people committed between 1990 and 2006, in Mexico City. She went to their houses posing as a nurse and then killed and robbed them. That is why the press named her as "La mataviejitas". She was sentenced to 759 years in prison and is still imprisoned in Santa Martha prison, where she claimed her innocence in various interviews with the press.

After nine years in prison, in July 2015 she married another inmate but a year later they were divorced. One fact was that she always wore red when committing her crimes.

Raul Osiel Marroquin "El Sadico"

He kidnapped all his victims, all homosexuals, whom he hanged, butchered and placed their bodies in suitcases the he left in the vicinity of the Metro Chabacano and Asturias colonia, in Mexico City. "I do not regret what I did, if I had the opportunity I would do it again, only that I would be more careful not to be caught, and would not make the same mistakes that lead to my capture, the only thing I regret is what my family is going through now", he said after his arrest in January of 2006, he was sentenced to 288 years in prison for the 4 persons he was charged with killing.

Jose Luis Calva Zepeda "The cannibal of Guerrero"

Authorities said he was responsible for three murders of women: his partner, a former girlfriend and a prostitute. But not only that: they found that he ate parts of their bodies and that's why they called him " The Cannibal of Guerrero", because he lived and operated in the Guerrero  colonia of Mexico City. He was arrested on October the 8th of 2007 and died on December 11th of the same year after committing suicide in jail with a belt.


This list must be subjective and not exhaustive as there have been so many, with very few cases ever proven and much of what is said has probably been exaggerated to inflate the climate of fear required by the cartels to operate in the manner they do.

No 1. Los manos con ojos, Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya “El Compayito”
Affiliation: Beltran Leyva Organization

Garcia Montoya is said to have personally committed 300 murders and ordered up to 600 others during his criminal career which began in 2002 as a sicario for the Beltran Leyva brothers. During this time he was a high level operative for Arturo Beltran Leyva, Édgar Valdez Villarreal "La Barbie", José Gerardo Álvarez "El Indio" and Jose Jorge Balderas “El JJ”. 

Garcia Montoya served in Mexico’s Marines and under went counterinsurgency training in Guatemala by a unit of Los Kaibiles, an elite Guatemalan army unit known for its extreme violence and human rights abuses during the civil war against leftist guerrillas in that country.

Garcia Montoya, 36 years old, was born in Guasave, Sinaloa, and served in police forces in Baja California and Sinaloa after leaving the military.

Among the executions attributed to Garcia Montoya was the beheading of 24 laborers in the La Marquesa area of Mexico City in 2009, a crime which shocked the nation at the time for its brutality that is commonplace today. 

(Otis: without doubt Garcia Montoya loved killing, a psychopath with few equals for the amount of kills he racked up. How he didn't make the list above is any one's guess.)

No 2. Jesus Ernesto Chavez Castillo, The Camel
Affilitation: Bario Azteca/Juarez Cartel

In shocking testimony during the murder trial of an alleged Mexican drug cartel enforcer, the star witness in the case - himself a cartel hit man - told jurors that he stopped keeping track of the number of people he had killed when the number approached 800.

Jesus Ernesto Chavez Castillo, the star witness in the trial of his former boss, Arturo Gallegos Castrellon,gave grisly details about how Castrellon grew the Barrio Azteca gang from a Texas prison gang into the band of contract killers for one of Mexico's most violent drug cartels, the Juarez Cartel.
Chavez testified that he had a daily murder quota he was expected to meet to instill fear in police, elected officials and the public at large.

Chavez - under Castrellon's rule - says he helped earn Juarez, Mexico, the title of 'Murder Capital of the World' by killing thousands of people over a four-year period while working for the cartel.

In addition to the staggering number of murders for which Chavez has taken credit, the manner in which he killed is as brutal as it is shocking.

Chavez told jurors that he often beheaded or dismembered his victims as a means to impress his boss, Castrellon. The goal of each murder, he testified, was to make it as brutal as possible so 'that it would be big news.'

(Otis: another psychopath who enjoyed killing immensely, felt not a single second of remorse for any of his victims, like many others making this list, he could butcher someone, then sit down and eat dinner like nothing had happened).

No 3: Manuel Torres Felix, El M1, El Ondeado
Affiliation: Sinaloa Cartel

El Ondeado makes the list not because of the amount of kills he racked up, but because of the amount of people he killed in just a few short weeks after the death of his son and wounding of his daughter at the hands of the Beltran Leyva Organization. Allegedly he ordered anyone from BLO or Los Zetas, and all their support staff rounded up and brought to his ranch where he personally sadistically tortured and killed them himself. The butchers bill was over 200 persons in just two weeks.

4: Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, El Diego
Affiliation: La Linea/Juarez Cartel

Acosta Hernandez admitted after becoming the head of La Linea in 2008 that he had personally ordered or participated in more than 1500 murders. Even if we take that ratio of 3:1 he personally killed over 500 people. Another ice in the veins, cold blooded psychopathic killer that the world could have done without.

5: Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, El Lazca, The Executioner, El Verdugo
Affiliation: Los Zetas

El Lazca pioneered a lot of the torture and killing techniques used by Los Zetas for maximum psychological effect on the Mexican public, his enemies and the Mexican Government. Another killer who personal count was in the multiple hundreds, and who enjoyed cruel and unusual means of killing animals as well as humans, with being killed by immersion in boiling oil among his favorites. He had no compunction in killing women, children, men or animals. El Lazca has been accused of cannibalism.

Certainly his own men were more scared of what he might do to them than the enemy cartels might. He took brutality to new heights in Mexico, and the antagonistic cartels rushed to catch up in their brutality.

6: Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, El Z-40
Affiliation: Los Zetas

El Z-40 has a reputation for sadism matched by very few in Mexico. If even half the stories attributed to him were correct, his reputation is well founded. Trained by El Lazca himself, his personal love of killing is legendary even among the list above and below. His pleasure in seeing his victims suffer, and his bloodthirsty methods and at odds with the manner in which he was captured, without offering any resistance.

Rosalio Retta, aka Bart Simpson, the Zeta hit man said that Z-40 was the most blood thirsty man he ever met in Los Zetas, and that he was never happier than when torturing or killing someone. Z-40 is thought to have a body count into the hundreds, and enjoyed a guiso, stuffing a live person into a 200 litre diesel container, dousing them in gasoline and setting them alight. George Grayson RIP who wrote several books on Los Zetas designated El Z-40, the most sadistic sicario of all. He, like El Lazca, has also been accused of cannibalism.

7: Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda: La China
Affiliation: Sinaloa cartel

Our list couldn't be complete without at least one female, and she is Melissa Margarita Calderon Ojeda, aka La China. She worked in Baja California Sur for Fuerzas Especiales del Damaso. She rose quickly through the ranks to take charge of the Los Damaso in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. She greatly increased the murder rate in BCS and would arrange for people to be kidnapped, and after killing and dismembering them, she would have their body parts left on the doorsteps of their houses.

With a personal body count of over 180 victims, she became so blood thirsty that her own boyfriend turned her in, after she defected from Los Damaso, when the Sinaloa cartel wanted to replace her with El Grande, freshly out of prison.

8: Edgar Huerta Montiel, El Wache
Affiliation: Los Zetas

Edgar Huerta Montiel, El Wache, has been linked to some of Mexico's worse massacres, including the San Fernando 72, and the Allende massacre. When interviewed by authorities he admitted to personally killing over 600 persons, and given the amount of people disappeared by Los Zetas, this figure may not be that far from the truth.

El Wache worked for Los Zetas in the San Fernando area, kidnapping bus loads of migrants. Organizing gladiator style battles between the bus passengers to see whom had the willingness to kill, so they could be trained as Los Zetas cannon fodder. Witnesses saw him personally kill 10 men from just one bus.

Many of the above sadistically enjoyed killing but does that necessarily make them psychopaths? Indeed not, many cartel sicarios interviewed claim they had no choice in the matter, because if they did not kill under the cartels orders, they would have been killed themselves. This has been seen in many wars where troops who would not attack would face fire from their own side for cowardice.

For all of the peaceful societies around the world, men and indeed women who would not hurt anyone, have been conscripted in armies and become efficient killers for their countries, but the difference being, they stopped when it was not required any more. The killers in the list above all killed when it was not necessary and were seen to enjoy killing and torturing subjects.

A psychopath lacks conscience, guilt and empathy which makes them manipulative, volatile and sometimes criminal, a psychopath is a pathological liar, has a grandiose sense of self worth, no regard for law and order and has shallow emotions.

Below is a list of traits shown by psychopaths and one can see how, many of the above showed most or all of these traits.

glib and superficial charm
grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
need for stimulation
pathological lying
cunning and manipulativeness
lack of remorse or guilt
superficial expression of emotion
callousness and lack of empathy
parasitic lifestyle
poor behavioural controls
sexual promiscuity
early behaviour problems
lack of realistic long-term goals
impulsive irresponsibility
failure to accept responsibility for own actions
many short-term marital relationships
juvenile delinquency


  1. And what is amazing to me is that some of these creeps are held in high esteem by want-to-be morons on the internet. Lasca and Z-40 are sick beyond belief. Who in their right mind would want to be like them?

    1. Agreed. The moment you through the term "gangster" in the mix, they are no longer considered serial killers, even though their body count far exceeds all known serial murderers.

    2. Lazca needs a documentary.

    3. Let's remember that president FECAL sent the Mexican army to Cd Juarez and murder quickly skyrocketed to the skies to the point that FECAL himself shat his pants and pulled the Agua cates from Cd Juarez because the Juareños DEMANDED IT.
      --Before that scandal, the linias were proven to be chihuahuas State Police murdering in Las Casas de La Muerte while the US ATF RECORDED IT WITH LIVE WIRES for atty general John Ashcroft
      --THE GAFES were also trained by the Kaibiles, in the School of the Assassins in Guatemala because the US wanted to avoid being blamed for one more SOA scandal...
      --all the South American juntas and gorilates are the creation of the US government "intelligence", and they murder by the Hundreds of thousands, including now Mexico, like the opiates prescribed and sold on the US legally, that have caused more deaths and overdoses than illegal trafficked drugs, the armed forces all over the world cause more murder and mayhem than all the criminals put together...
      Let's remember the Ayotzinapos, abducted and disappeared by EPN's regime, military and federal police and covered up by everything the government of EPN could throw at it.
      Criminals do what they do, the government betrays the people, that is why the government is worse that the criminals, and then come lying their calzones about the "evil narcos" and criminals that also work their shit for them...
      --About THE NICE "CRIMINAL PROFILE", THE NEW YORK TIMES has published all the lies that they could fit on the front page of their print edition from one single source, and that source has been proven a 99% LIAR and a Mythomaniac, and the rest of the personality traits fit like a fresh bloody glove...
      Nice job.. . (27 doctors deem ...unfit to
      --The boyfriend of the woman kidnapped, raped and murdered by El pelon sobera de la flor was seen years later lost and crying for his girlfriend calling her "tenchita!" Her name was Hortensia Lopez Gomez, she was 23 years old.
      More with fotos de Hortensia from archivos La Prensa, at:
      East Timor, Bangladesh, bermany, iraq, Iraq/Iran war, vietnam, LatinAmerica, laos, cambodia, have cost untold millions of deaths, and trillions and trillions of dollars in treasury, for nothing, and nobody has done any time in spite of being named on public papers...

    4. for 9:11 NEVER, one does not need to glorify that sick demented bastard

    5. 1046
      Take your meds

    6. This is for 10:46– you are an insane lunatic. Get back on all your meds.

    7. 2:01 we do not necessarily hold the drug trafficking criminal capos in high esteem.
      It is only that we have them in higher esteem than our Mexican government drug trafficking capos, murderers and criminal gangsters the US government seems to love so much.

  2. El Chalequero looks creepier than all of them, must be the tejana/sombrero.

  3. Again from a previous article with Chivis and other commentors. Where is the actual proof of the gladiator fights and the fights to the death. I personally believe it happened but where is documented video proof of those atrocities? Shit like this would video the fights it was nonly brought out in depositions, trial testimony and affidavits. To this day it has not been proven in all actuality it ever happened. I believe it did and so do others but there is no actual photographic or video proof. Words and statements from cartel psychos cannot be relied upon and the only witness allegedly to have survived the massacre stated it happened but again, these roaches would have videotaped or took pictures of this massacre as they have down with others. Every word out of a mass murderers mouth cannot be taken with a grain of salt. They enjoy padding their resumes. Fucking trash losers who need to be executed on sight to prevent their spawns of Satan to keep killing either inside or outside the prison walls by themselves or by their orders.

    1. So if there's no proof, it didn't happen?

    2. for 7:05PM no proof no events. It has never been proven that it ever occurred. Kilo bragged about it to authorities but who believes a mass killer with no emotions? These fucks enjoy killing and like to make up stories.

    3. ok 11:04 or is it Z-0? zip zero yea right, a full blown cartel killer in our midst. go back to your fantasy world and big bang reruns.

    4. I am skepitcal they occurred it is mostly rumor. However one can not put most atrocities aside as these cartels gangsters are some very sick mentally unstable motherfuckers. mexico should be like Iraq, they just executed 38 ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists by hanging. Arrest, detention, trial, appeal, then carry out the sentence immediately - EXECUTION. No waiting no release like fucked up Mexico’s injustice system. Arrest mass killers then release them to massacre more.

    5. 2:29 5 000 or 3 000 fragments of human bones, belts, dentures, dental fillings, teeth, tell forensics scientists those people did not do it to themselves.
      There may be some piling the crap on the cartel sicarios, but there is nobody that does that murdering like Mass murdering genocida criminals from the army and polesia federal and estatal, or the CISEN, heir of the DFS, ANOTHER FIRST CLASS SERIAL OFFENDING SERIAL MURDERING CORPORATION.

    6. I wonder why Chivis has not remarked to this. She of all people know more about this then anyone here. I went back and read many comments from her and others and simply put, like from @2:29PM where is the actual proof except by hearsay and second had reports. I can’t put nothing past these monsters but to them this would be the ultimate mass murder unlike all the other cowardly acts including locking in innocent people in a casino and then torching it. I had read 2 different reports saying that there actually does exist a cellphone video of some of the fights that day that was brought out in court for some sort of enhancement in Texas. But unconfirmed reports are all FAKE NEWS. Help us out Chivis we need some input or closure to the “facts.”

    7. So you all believe all the murder stories on here, but no one can seem to fathom that a bunch of drunk and high sicarios would make captured victims fight to death.... unreal. What a bunch of morons. Of course the "Gladiator" shit is real, and if you make it to the end and they don't like you they toss a hand grenade in and let you bleed to death.

      It's way worse than you could imagine, specialy family vs family.
      There is video, its just not available to you.

      (O Y O)

    8. 2:29 I see what you're saying and I think that you are right people like to make uip shit and also only certain news gets spread... like how they want to say that the people were innocent from that bus... news media is not telling you that those people were headed to work for the Golfos and they were caught and killed who cares how... in the midst of an ongoing cartel war you better believe that they were getting recruits sent by the busloads.

    9. The cartel gladiator fights were prolly not recorded, but the abductions of the 43 ayotzinapos were recorded, taped, transmitted by the C4, 5heor phones were.still being used on Mexican military. Ases, the military camp #1 and CISEN offices whose leadership were accomplices on the dirty deed, but none of it is availablessed to the nosy peepol.
      On the US, gladiator fights have been reckrded by prison guards that sold them or had sold out to Private Corrections Corporations bent on proving that government can't run
      Poor mexican criminals will go tu prison if they get recorded doing that shet.

    10. chivis is correct, rumor was it happened multiple occasions and there would have been vids or pics. they would post on social media for terror and or pride. look at the source, that punk low life in prison with no proof. people believe because they want it to be true. just like boiling babies attributed to the z's. retta spreading the bullshit is playing to an American audience. he knows it will be accepted because many americans know nothing about mexico and think of Mexicans as savage. not all, not majority, but it is true and since they are in the dark about mexico they go with it. but mexico for the most part shakes their heads at the naiveté. same with the brutality of trevino. in one article I read dispelling this, noted that he did not even have a arrest warrant for murder when arrested but el lazca did.

    11. 1:53

      I have made my op many times before on this subject. Bottom line...I need proof. There is proof of the most ghastly atrocities, everything outrages is on vid. If it happened a video is out there. as of yet nothing has been brought forth. There are so much provable evil, why get behind words of anyone without proof especially this thug.

    12. 9:17 FAKE NEWS if there ever were videos or pictures they would have been all over social media. To date, nothing so this is a fairy tale if you ask me.

    13. Chivis, that standard of 'proof' you are asking for is higher than what a U.S. court would need in order to convict. Their standard is low however. I notice you are rather iffy in taking a side, nothing wrong with taking a side as long as one is ready to admit they erred if shown wrong. I for one believe those fights took place based on what the cartels are capable of and have done. I may be wrong but I haven't seen 'proof' that I am.

    14. 2:17......
      did you wake up from a long sleep? I put my op out there or people to consider, and vultures to pick the heart of. I never cared to be right in the eyes of anonymous commentators or trolls. There is NO proof, so yes the standard of proof I am asking for is higher than even a civil court. What I know is Mexico. I was as green as can be when picking one of the hottest narco spots to set up my offices years ago. I was so naive that I asked my assistant if there were any golfos or setas nearby. she laughed and gave me a crash course. within a year the marina had a gunfight and was chasing Zetas thru my town, and in my office storage patio and parking lot, into the street and by the elementary school a few blocks down hitting two mothers waiting for their kids. they killed 2 Zs and captured several others but one mother died. and to read about this incident I had to read it in proceso. no media ojutlets carried the story in my state, a blackout state. I was a quick study and spent until now knowing narco habits and trends. it would be atypical and rare that these fights happened on multiple occasions and not one single pic or vid was up on social media. so I go with that until there is proof...any controvertible evidence that would tell us otherwise. If mother Theresa were alive and said this happened...ok. but for this lowlife to be the proof? nope. I am open to the fact he saw something. I keep thinking maybe he saw the mass killings that occurred in tamps at that time. remember those? pulling people off the bus, kidnappings and disappearances. I was contacted by families who loved ones vanished. mostly on buses. 2 siblings whose mother went to mty and vanished in Roma before getting back into Tx. I remember them the most. Zs would dig rows of holes and throw them in. they would kill a group at a time, some smacking them on the back of the head with a board. I am wondering if he was a part of that. they dug up hundreds including one of the Americans I knew was missing and had been taken off the bus. Since I lived and worked in the region during the times these gladiator fights took place it would be unusual that any of us would not have heard whispers about it. I mean we even knew where 40 and omar were. the little nava coffee shop they met at, where the ranches were, hiding in plain sight because of protection at the highest level. I informed a BB reporter who lives in sabinas that 40 was now living there, this was a week or so before his capture after leaving Sabinas on a backroad to NL to see his new son. We know, but it is best to act ignorant. I believe that people believe in what they want to be true. what fits their belief. and retta knows this. anyway I hope I explained a little of why it is hard for me to believe this happened, not that it is out of the realm of possibility, although I would think of it happening more in the templarios cartel, but I just can't buy into it happening without people speaking about it. people would know. sorry so long...once i get writing of experiences I can't stop, I don't have many outlets to express my history. only 3 family members know about BB and my other life from my humanitarian work. My cousin told me a couple yrs ago "Prima, be careful in Mexico, those narcos are dangerous" i faked a wide eye look, "really primo?" Paz

    15. Sorry Otis from taking so much space. I will take this down in a day or so.

    16. It’s ok Tia, leave it up its a good post. I put that in about El Wache about the gladiator fights, I read in George Graysons book the emperors men. Grayson said it only happened on two occasions but as with most things, third party testimony is inadmissible in court.

    17. I loved grayson but his last books were not very factual. he even went back and edited facts. I hate saying that but I am not alone. emperors men is one I am talking about. My circle agreed :(

    18. True or not, their criminality and their secrecy will convict them of many other things, and never get to the punishment they deserve.
      If someone is so obsessed with "gladiator fights" videos and shit, do your own, televisa may help you.

    19. Thank you for taking time to write a long response, Chivis. There's a difference between 'belief' and actually proving it so which I didn't clarify. I agree with your stance.

  4. Different unique article but nonetheless,interesting!

  5. El Ondeado wearing that flowery 🌺 shirt looking like a Mexican Spice Boy. Lmfao. - Sol Prendido

    1. He was too doped up to realize,he looked like justin timberlake's back up dancer Sol.

  6. That one dude Mano con ojos seemed like the most genuinely sick person I’ve seen interviewed. One bad hombre.

    1. I agree. You can see he is not lying on his shit. Old jugado sicario that killed all over Mex. Shame he didnt get Castillo before he fucked up Michoacan.

    2. El Compayito was a polesia, a marina, where he got trained to do what he did, he was not suddenly turned into a serial & murdering narco overnight.
      But he was not so evil, El comisionado de epn in michoacan Alfredo Castillo's de cagada denied he received any 40 000 pesos from El Compayito...
      El compayito said "it was $400 000.00 US DOLLARS... y te me escapaste, porque te iba a matar"

    3. He was in DF, not Michoacan. He wouldn't have lasted there, la familia was too brutal

    4. That guy was one bad hombre. His modus operandi was unique, grabbing street level dealers and forcing them to expose their bosses, like the DEA. then taking out the whole gang. Took their dope money and kept working up the line. He wasn't afraid of shit. Killed everyone unless he found talent that he could use. Is there a credible biography of Manos con Ojos?

    5. At 12:05 I think poster at 9:15 was referring that it was a shame compayito didn’t get to kill Castillo before Castillo made a mess of Michoacán

    6. He said he refused to work with cdg/z when they were at their golden days because of kidnappings/extortions to civilians. So yes, he was a psycho criminal but not a "scumbag" killing/raping defenseless civilians

    7. 7:36 there is always a chance, you are right, but I meant that Mexican government politicos are always in on the worst crimes with the worst criminals and that they are worse than the worst of the mass murdering compayitos, I am sure El Compayito never murdered babies and women, "I can see his heart through his eyes", he is for reals, unlike Bladdermir Putin's eyes.
      --El Compayito also has movie star looks, one of the few,
      -he has my vote for presidente de la republica mexicana,
      -pero El Castillo de Kagada lo hizo pendejo,
      -that tremendously baaad...

    8. 12:05 Alfredo Castillo de Kagada was on El DF too but they were more like in ESTADO DE MEXICO, WHERE EPN WAS GOVERNOR AND HIS ATRACOMULCO CARTEL owns and dominates the whole country, with associates like the Hank Rohn brothers, their daddy Carlos Hank Gonzales, epn's Uncle Arturo Montiel, former governor, and his cousin Alfredo del mazo masa, now the latest gay governor of the state where El Barbas had his own hangars on the Toluca airport in which genarco garcia luna and EPN parked their helicopters before both betraying El Barbas in return for his hospitality with help of THE MARINAS FECALES.
      Alfredo Castillo was also involved in the Baby Farah
      cover-up, and must be family with some high powered narco-politicos, check it for me, will you?
      --Bring me a coffee before you get atarted sweety pie...

  7. El diego noss of la linea killed thousands of cds, this chilango is no joke..

    1. @4:35PM Cartel bosses that give orders that result in hundreds or thousands of deaths may be (and probably are psychopaths) but they don't fit the accepted definitions of serial killers. Hitler was probably a psychopath but he was not a serial killer.l

    2. 6:48 your right, if that was the case chapo would be on top of that list.. He got thousands of people killed too

    3. 7:13 L Chapa is not the one sinaloenses fear and despise, even less now that sinaloenses sees the crimes happening in plain vew, committed by the "new narcos": polesia federales, estatales, mando unico, military perras and real narcos owned by the governors, legislators, ginirals, and all the rest...

    4. El Diego aka el bla blazo was one probably the worst out of all these guys

    5. Genocidal Mass Murderers and War Criminals are a whole 'nother thang, they murder with total impunity and do not give a fack about "collateral damages" that should have known better than being at the wrong place with the wrong people at any time for any reason or for no reason whatsoever...
      --Besides, "they prolly weren't Christians, had college degrees, or paid any taxes at any point in their lives..."
      the favorite kind of terrorista drug traffickers some Ugly Americans love to demonize

  8. I heard el Diego is a freeman

  9. One of the poquianchis was released as an elderly woman and she hooked up with an admirer of the same age bracket as her.

  10. 2:29 it was documented by the only survivor.

  11. I've read el compayito is the dude doing the butchering in that beltran video where the guy is upside...everyone is in fatigues and they castrate and then behead him. Awful video. It's crazy to put a face behind the mask in an execution video. How do these guys sleep at night.

    1. The guys in that execution video were FEDA, they were all wearing FEDA tags on their plate carriers. As far as I know, El Compayito was never part of Fuezas Especiales de Arturo. He had his own cell named after him. But I stand to be corrected.

    2. El pinchi Barbas had his own pet boys, El H had as his job #1 stopping La Barbie, LA Barbie only wanted El JJ, El Indio and La Mano con Ojos del Compayito were asking for too much like La Barbie,
      For their mofuckin' poolitricks they are all got fucked up on the ass.

    3. I read El Compayito started out under working under the beltrans and was bounced around from cell to cell before establishing his own crew. He worked for Beltranss, Barbie and Indio. I think it's possible hes the one in the video. But I'm not 100% either

  12. Whoever wrote the article sounds like their trying to advertise a mixed thriller/horror movie. Poor writing skills

    1. 8:25 well, once in a while, propaganda comunista is OK...
      Now what is it you wanna advertise, Mr Wa, wa, waaah?
      --You could have said something heavy, or shit, you know???

    2. otis wrote it jajajaja now you flamed of this beetches

    3. 1130. Appears you like Fiction

  13. I noticed a lot of the earlier serial killers commited their crimes in or around Mexico City. Unfortunately, many on the list are still alive in prison. They should all be dead. Sounds like in these modern times it would be easier to be a serial killer under the guise of being a cartel member. God help the innocent victims.

    1. @ 8:44 I think that is what this article is getting at. Serial killers in Mexico are joining cartels nowadays. There is no need for a serial killer to kill prostitutes to satisfy their hunger for violence. Plenty of killing/torturing to be done in cartels and I think it is attracting people who otherwise would be killing random people to have 'fun.'

      They are sadists and enjoy what they are doing. It's pretty scary if you think about it.

  14. Mexico has so many murders daily and so many go undetected . In a way its a place for a serial killer to operate and go unnoticed .

    1. Given the limited resources and manpower of municipal governments.
      I can see your point bearing truth. However, one must take in account that evil doesn’t ask nor seeks permission to be and do what it does. Furthermore, in any specified place nor time.


    2. Carelessness has led to the Zetas implicating the Moreiro brothers, the Piedras Negras prison, the Guatemala military school SOA, and the LA Macarena colombian military base in the murders OF VICTIMS FOUND NEARBY OR IN THE CAMPUS.
      that is why the military and former military cook their victims into menudos or pozoles, carniasadas or bone fragments
      The Mexican serial killers of the previous war on drugs Mexico are like real angels compared to the motherfukkas in charge of the carnage of our days, ardale a quien le arda.
      At least their crimes were a personal thing, not about spreading Social Justice's legs for nefarious purposes...

  15. Of course this is going on right now, and we don't know who's the #1 for Dec. 2017.

    What I'm struck by is how small or tiny these guys are. Pool boys or gardeners. Little Hitlers or Napoleans. But their aggressive behavior works in Mexico.

    1. Small dogs will always bite because they Are full if fear due to their size

    2. You sound like the gringo in another post claiming that because he is tall he can kick any short mexicans ass. Your mad because you got your ass whooped by someone shorter than you and are now full of fear

  16. Note how many lived in the US then came back to MX to wreak havoc.

  17. Nice Otis as always!
    A personal perspective of evil.
    Where we all know exists everywhere. Not limited to one country nor ones social encompass.

    Evil is evil
    Not rooted in a social circumstance
    Not about being deprived
    Not even controlled by God
    It’s entirely a separate human force.

    Believe this to be Lescek Kolakowski
    A polish philosopher


    1. Kolakowski was a continental philosopher so it's no surprise he just spun out words without getting to the root of the matter.

    2. The personal greed of the billionaires is the root cause, E, they are the ones always pushing their luck from behind their spiderweb curtains and offering their own sicarios tremendous rewards for delivering, but they also cut their benefits after the "victorious struggle"

    3. @8:53
      You are correct as to not finding the root of the matter. Nevertheless, I believe an insight that holds truth to its origin.
      Moreover, @ 11:44
      You stand corrected as to those elite of business
      matters. Greed has always been the cause for the prejudices and unfairness in the world. Moreover, the atrocities and illicit practices which continues to reap those rewards from a system that only applies to those fortunate. All others are expendable. As a matter of fact, most of us fall under this category (Expendable).
      There pockets are deeper than ours.


  18. Where is Mario Almada on this list? Killed lots of people and never had to reload his six shooters. :-). Also he got older and the girls stayed the same age.

    1. What about Agustin Bernal who killed with his bare hands and had all the mamis in his movies.

  19. otis you an bb dont do cheap sensational news,dont you worry at nights about all the violent images online,save us otis jajaja story bout serial killers but he whines about pictures

  20. This article is more fiction than facts. No real evidence just hearsay.

  21. Where is ramon arellano felix

  22. Replies
    1. El Pozolero is not on this list because he actually never killed a single person, he just disposed of dead bodies for the AFO. This list is for trigger men, which is why I haven't included anyone that just gave orders to kill.

  23. You guys forget Doroteo Arango aka "PANCHO VILLA"... he is maybe the most brutal, bloody, cruel person Mexico's has ever seen... you guys should investigate all what he and his people did

    1. It is speculated Yale University SKull and Bones Secret Society desecrated Pancho Villa's grave and stole his skull and crossbones.

    2. In his auto-biography, general Douglas MacArthur describes going to mexico's graveyards at night, disguised as a Mexican peasant, but not exactly stealing Pancho Villa''s head...
      "Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away"

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