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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mexico Militarized?

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Reforma article

Subject Matter: Militarization of Mexico
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

These are the measures of the Law of Internal Security approved by deputies and that have been questioned by the Opposition and Non Governmental Organizations

The application of the Law of Internal Security will correspond to State and Federal forces, and in exceptional cases to the Armed Forces.

Where there is major violence, more soldiers

The armed forces could participate in work to combat crime when the civilian authorities do not have the resources

The presence of Armed Forces: by order of the President

The President could petition the State Legislature or Governors, to order the deployment of Armed Forces to a territory for around a year, and the executive could in exceptional cases prolong the stay of the elements past this time.

The Army can also be deployed to streets anywhere in a national emergency, without any other requirements, as an immediate reaction of the Armed Forces.

Civilian Protests will not be considered threats

Social protests or electorial political motives will not be considered as threats to the internal security.

Defense of the country with respect to Human Rights

At all times, the authorities must respect the Human Rights and the constitutional guarantees.


In the case of no emergencies, the Armed Forces can only intervene in any territory during the emission of a Declaration of Protection of the Interior Security.

Segob in command of Interior Security

The Secretary of the Government will be in charge of implementing collaboration schemes for the coordination and execution of security actions.

Work compliance

Federal authorities must comply with policies, programs and preventative actions that are given by the Program for National Security and the National Risk Agenda.

The National Risk Agenda is approved annually by the head of the Executive within the National Security Council at the proposal of the Technical Secretary.

The ANR identifies alerts and threats to the National Security, the probability of its occurrence, the vulnerabilities of the State in respect of diverse phenomena and the possible manifestations of the same.

" We urge alternative thoughts, like the gradual exit of the Armed Forces, with nothing immediate. They also must reinforce the Police." Jon Jarab, representative of the high commission of the United Nations for Human Rights.

"The great challenge for Mexico is the security problems that come from organized crime. This challenge should be solved by designing a policy of Police control." Jose Miguel Vivanco, Director of the Human Rights Watch of the Americas.


  1. I am guessing this is related to the latest news of making the military the police? Anybody have any better ideas on how to control the cartels in Mexico (Other than legalizing drugs here)? The thing I like is that cartels can't threaten military persons families if they are from another state. A big problem with auto defenses is their family lives in the same area and become targets. Maybe PRI realized they are screwed going into the election and this is a last ditch effort to save some votes? Thoughts? State of emergency seems to be the way to go. Really curious on everyone's opinion.

    1. Other than legalize drugs? No, cant think of anything else that would actually work.

      I mean 30 years of WoD has clearly shown that more guns and more 'enforcement' only makes things worse (we are inundated with cheap and powerfull drugs).

    2. Its an iffy of a question!
      There is a strong probability that this is an attempt to illegally legitimize the the drug cartel under one roof. The presence of military is by all means an implementation of government control. Question is ? Under whose government controls? And for what purposes?
      What better way to control the drug trafficking business without the usual violence?
      My opinion. A first step to legally implement the Narco State Status.
      Too much unwanted attention for government has been displayed and ridiculed by many.
      One thing can be evident, the epidemic of violence can be stemmed. Although some resistance will be met from those who won’t be entitled to a piece of the cake.
      Reality is there is an appetite for drugs worldwide. Those fortunes are made by either one group or another.
      Definitely not rocket science to figure in what direction one will align with.

      Just my opinion.

    3. Yea. Just have to end corruption. Quit letting us of a control your economy. And politicians. Mexican government needs to start doing things for the Mexican people.

    4. @1244
      Would make perfect sense that the Mexican government needs to start doing things for its people. But the reality is that it would not make perfect sense to those who reap the rewards.
      Government was never perfected to appeal to everyone. That’s the honest truth!
      History has proven this since the beginning of civilization.
      Nevertheless, laws, and religion are essential to any society for order. There was paper I once wrote pertaining to this topic long ago ( 17 years of age). Using several great thinkers about ethics and morals.
      Nevertheless, reference to Karl Marx, a form of government and religion is essential in every society for rules of order. That mankind needs to to be governed by a set of rules from ones self destruction.
      My opinion; Regardless of what type of governance. Its never perfect. No perfect society exists!

      Please note; that any references used were for purposes of debate for writing assignment.


  2. Los asesinos de Ayotzinapa, Tlatlaya, el charco, and Tlatelolco and many many other "heroics" get a bone to chew, all of mexico
    Mexico, God gave you a traitor in every soldier, kick 'em on the ass!

    1. Aguas blancas y cuantas otras mas... El ejercito mexicano es el
      Responsable de tanta barbarie que de la mano del Gobierno cometen crimenes de estado con total impunidad..i think we are better off with cartels that mostly settle accounts between them than to militarize the whole Country and suffer endless countless human right violations at the hands of the ejericto...but my opinion wouldnt really matter since im a mexican living abroad...just my opinion though - El Guanatos
      Btw before ppl Start drilling me i know that a lot of innocent ppl die at the hands of the cartels but by speaking to ppl in ground zero they actually say that the beef is mainly between rival groups or infighting or settling of accounts..

  3. Your name is on almost every post, or close too it otis.. keep up the good work.. it is much appreciated

  4. In France martial law, or something similar, was quietly intruduced after the muslim terrorist attacks.
    So why not in Mexico ?
    In Mexico far more people were killed than in France !!

    1. 5:25 IN MEXICO, the soldiers and marinas and policia judicial federal heading the FUERZA DELICTIVA ESTATAL of the state police are the worst murderers and disappeared, That makes mexico look like it needs help of Muslim terroristas more than militarization of police work.
      Giniral salvador cienpedos declared the army is not prepared to do police work, their training does not include police training, and he demanded to be sent back to barracks with his muchachos,
      The bluff worked wonderfully, epn felt like his pink panties dropped to the floor with a load of shit, he needs the armed forces to stay in power and to keep his ass protected,
      --We could have the senators protect him and hope for Brutus to be among the senators around epn.

  5. Gearing up for 2018 Elections too, just great.

    1. Theres Definitely a political objective for the ruling party which has ruled for decades. The PRI has fallen to its lowest level of approval.
      An opportunity for those illegal ruling class activities to find a means to continue accumulating its fortunes. It’s going to be an interesting Election Year.

    2. Yes 9:26 verdad

  6. Creepy, I'm locking my windows and double take watching my cameras tonight, eerie scary crap

    1. 9:90 don't forget, tighten 'em up...


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