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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Griselda Triana, Widow of Journalist Javier Valdez Sends a Message to EPN

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

Griselda Triana in Madrid Spain

Griselda Triana, Widow of Murdered Journalist Javier Valdez and Co-Founder of Riodoce in Culiacan ; Speaking in Madrid, Spain.

Mexico City:  Griselda Triana, widow of journalist Javier Valdez, reproached President Enrique Peña Nieto for impunity in the case of the murder of her husband, which occurred on May 15 this year.

In a message posted on her Facebook account, Triana said the president has shown that he "can not" solve the case and punish those responsible.

RIP: Our Hero Javier Valdez , Shot Dead w 12 Bullets Outside his Office of Riodoce
Culiacan, Sinaloa May 15, 2017 
Griselda's FB Message :

"Tell me, Enrique Peña Nieto, what do I say to my children?

What can your government not do? What is so incapable? What do you not want?

Why can they do more?

I keep asking myself, what will you do on December 24?

My family, my children like yours, would have liked to celebrate these Holiday dates with their  father, Javier Valdez.

But that may never be because there were those who took care to make sure that was not possible on May 15 in this city of Culiacan. 

You, in charge of this country, have shown that you can not preside over our country. They rule, that they can rule more than their government and all the institutions. (I believe she is referring to DTO's)

The perpetrators of my husband's murder now have more than seven months of impunity!

You know better than anyone that here, in our country, almost everything is possible except justice.

You know who is in charge here and it is not you!

What is it about the pain and helplessness for the lack of results about who and why they killed my children's father that makes me write this?

Of course, yes, this is what I expected!

I am afraid that those who murdered the father of my children, my husband and my companion, have the same end as those that ended  the life of Miroslava Breach and a dozen other journalists so far this 2017!  Of course! 

Those who did it, those who pulled the triggers of the weapons that ended Javier's life must pay (if they still live) and you must solve this crime ; it is the responsibility of your government.

Shame, We must have for the dishonorable place that our country occupies in crimes against  journalists and freedom of expression  through a free press.

Nothing more and nothing less than the First place, Mexico together with Syria!

I am ashamed of myself, and I wish that no family member of journalists in this country had to experience the pain that I and my family is going through. 

In the absence of results of the crimes, aggressions and disappearances of journalists in this country, who has the answers? 

Who rules?

Who controls this country?

You, President Enrique Pena Nieto ?

Or them? The Criminal corrupt ones ?

Our table will be served and the best of the toasts will be to Javier. I will celebrate, with all the pain that his absence implies, having shared thirty years at his side. We will celebrate the father, the son, the brother, the husband and my companion. We will celebrate our life alongside one of the best and bravest journalists in this country in recent years.

But be clear, Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto:

We will never celebrate impunity!
We will never celebrate injustice!


  1. All of Mexico feels your pain senora many have gone through what you are going through but you are wasting your time with EPN he is BOUGHT and paid for like a WHORE well at least whores get to pick not this but who is nothing but a wimp like Hernandez and Harrington so pray and wait next year maybe the new presidente will go after everyone for a better Mexico God bless Mexico and it's honest hard working people like you.not the criminals and corrupt officials like el Pri.

  2. Americans would DIE before living under a narco rule!! Or any unlawful rule!! Man up Mexico, for your children, families and dignity.

    1. Americans are dying because their government managed to put itself above the law and decided to invent weapons of mass destruction and create all the "evidence necessary" to delude and misled the deluded, for benefit of their political campaign contributors... and employers...
      Luckily Obama didn't bite and went to war as so many courageous provocateurs demanded...
      But there is Qatar, mophakkas refused to invest 4.5 billion dollars on a great business oppertunity with jar-ed, and they were soon declared terrorist sponsored nation to help them "decide and make a deal"
      There is venezuela, with all its oil, undergoing blockades and terrorism to punish them for not allowing the privatization of their national treasure, VENEZUELAN OIL,
      THE WHOLE BOOK OF TRICKS (AND SOME NEW ONES) DESCRIBED IN "the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins.
      --Syria? Same shit, forget about "assad",
      beware of Frontier Services Group", and confederates...

    2. But we wouldn't DIE to try to legalize the drugs/money that is corrupting Mexico. We wouldn't DIE to make the drugs here. We DIE everyday by consuming too much Coke and burgers. We don't live under Narco rule but more die here because of bad diet rule!! And we do nothing about it. We are not as confident as your post implies. We have as much fault in Mexico's situation, and we should also be taking steps to help our neighbor. They help us currently by taking on all the problems of drug production. It's time we do something real about this.

    3. Americans are dying because they live under frog addiction rule. And the numbers are climbing.

    4. THANKS A LOT for posting @9:55
      There are some that feel like their country is under attack, but a government that has been hijacked by the worst politrics had to offer and their big mouth pieces, may be representing, but their are NOT what makes America US, they are just Making Alligators Great Again!

    5. Hahaha “we”... boy you did nothing to earn the luck of being born a u. S. Citizen, except be born. That’s a mighty high fucking horse you’re sitting on making ignorant comments like the ones you’re making. This is why no one outside the u. S. respects Americans. “We”? You serve anything in the u. S. other than yourself? Go buy another fucking tv, it’s what you’re good at, I mean, as a true blue American.

    6. Beleeme, America and its citizens are respected all over the world, for its science and technology, the military, great history and great men and women, BUT the American businessman and many in "government for profit" are hated dearly even by North Korean Porky Pigs that just won't surrender and 'sherap' and #real decent Americans do not blame them.

  3. They Rule "Cartels" and the killing goes on

    1. The cartels don't rule, their puppeteers do, and then blame the dogs "for making a mess"

  4. How many others have called upon the government for its incompetence?
    Where justice is only applied by those who are committing injustices. Countless of victims have been abandoned and discarded by a system of self preservation.
    This government which lacks control in every sense and infringing (freedom of speech, press and liberties) is no different from those we support to overthow around the globe.

    Unfortunately, President Nietos term is coming to an end. Thus, a bit of concern is likely to emerge from him. Waiting for his day of leave in office and pass on the continuous incompetent government practices which have plagued Mexico for so long.


    1. E:42 unfortunately?
      The EPN FIASCO should have never been given one chance at governing for one day, much less 6 years, he and his buddies own more murdering than the FECALATO, EPN was corrupt since junior high...

    2. Unfortunately referring to his shortcoming of his term. Where discontent by many will not be addressed! Much less give a damn!
      Speechless attitude with no response to any resolution whatsoever!


    3. Haven't you heard one of the canadates Obrador if elected wants to pardon jailed cartel members. What a dumb azz, dumb remark.

    4. This 42 kid gets posted with an alarming consistency and his posts never fucking make any sense. That should be a little scary.

    5. Am aware.
      A political objective in my opinion to legitimize the drug trafficking business. A bold yet risky move in the eyes of many who condemns drugs.
      However, gaining momentum by those in Mexico to stem the violence.

  5. Ask el Mayo Zambada or Caro Quintero or El Mencho, and you will probably get a better answer to your husband's assassination. They are the true rulers of Mexico.

    1. 12:03 the true rulers of Mexico own more than the richest man in the world, Carlos slim helu, more than 70 billion dollars, or his organization, or his Parnassus Carlos Salinas de gortari, who stole or drug trafficked everything they own, but did not do it all on their own, their "nafta parnas" helped.

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your courageous husband, father, and hero to the people of Mexico. This word "impunity" obscures the fact that the Mexican jurisprudence system is broken for many reasons. We all must look in the mirror and ask what are we doing to 'fix' this broken system. We need to work hard at describing not just the scratch but, more importantly, the itch. No one person can fix a system that has been broken for so many years. God Bless.


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