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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Assasinated in Sonora: The Assasinator of Journalist Miroslava Breach

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Radio Formula

Miroslava Breach Velducea
Murdered March 23, 2017
Dec 22, 2017
Extra Material from: Proceso
and Knightcenter.utexas

His indiscretion cost him his life, since the same group he worked for, "Los Salazares", of the Sinaloa Cartel, are the ones that allegedly murdered him.

Nearly nine months since the murder of Miroslava Breach, a correspondent for La Jornada and Norte de Juarez, on December 19 "Los Salazares" murdered the alleged material killer of that crime, in Alamos, Sonora, according to people from the same community and confirmed by personnel of the Prosecutor's Office of that state. 

According to people from the region (Álamos is near Chínipas, Chihuahua), where the criminal group allegedly executed the crime against Breach, Ramón Andrés Zavala Rodríguez, 25 years old, boasted that he killed a very important journalist on March 23, 2017. 

Ramon Andres Zavala Rodriguez
Alleged Assassin of Journalist Miroslava Breach
According to sources consulted by Proceso in the local prosecutor's office of Chihuahua, the characteristics of the alleged assassin of Miroslava Breach Velducea correspond to those identified as the man that was found assassinated himself ; that same man who was being searched for as her presumed murderer.

The Salazars group was denounced by the journalist on various occasions, but the information that generated death threats was when she reported that the PRI candidate for mayor of Chínipas, Juan Salazar Ochoa, was a nephew of the Salazar Cartel's leaders: Adrián and Crispín Salazar Zamorano .

NOTE: El Heraldo de Chihuahua reported on Oct 11, that the PGR had reviewed hundreds of hours of security camera recordings and concluded that the murder was ordered by Gente Nueva, the armed enforcement wing of the Sinaloa Cartel that operates in the southwest of the state of Chihuahua .

The damning electoral information published in La Jornada y Proceso, forced the PRI to change its candidate in the municipality of Chinipas and in Bachíniva.

As of that day, there were threats to not spread the information around Chínipas, but on the other hand, there was a request from people linked to the PAN party, to reveal the sources of the published information. 

The mayor of Chínipas at that time was the PAN's Hugo Amed Schulz Alcaraz, whom Miroslava Breach pointed out in her own notes and in the column of Don Mirone, in El Norte de Juárez, as a protector of the Los Salazares group. The reason for requesting the sources was to separate Shultz from having leaked information. 

Mirolsava Breach pointed out that, despite the accusations against the former mayor of Chínipas, the state government tried to place him in a public position under Javier Corral Jurado's government.

After the murder of Miroslava Breach, Hugo Shultz continued in his position as coordinator of the state subsystem, Zona Serrana. The official resigned more than two months ago due to media pressure, and he returned to his position as deputy director at Chínipas High School. 

Social communication from the Attorney General's Office stated that they have not opened any investigation against Hugo Shultz, because there is no evidence to do so. 

It should be noted that on September 13, a nephew of former mayor Shultz was murdered in front of his family. According to sources from the Prosecutor's Office, he could also be involved in the murder of the journalist.

In the FGE they indicated that they still do not have information on the motive of the murder of Adrián Shultz, the nephew, ie; which occurred in the parking lot of the Sam's Club shopping center, located in the peripheral of Colonia Juventud of the Ciudad Chihuahua. 

The state agency did not make public the identity of that murder, but the same relatives of Adrián who posted it on Facebook, thanked their contacts for the  condolences that were expressed to them. 

In addition, it is not known whether or not there is an investigation into the nomination of a member of the criminal group "Los Salazares" due to financial reasons or the reasons why the PAN candidate was replaced by the PRI candidate who won, Jesús Ramón V Agramón Ramírez, now governor of Chínipas.

Shultz Under Investigation :

The Superior Audit of the State (ASE) detected irregularities in four public accounts of 2016, of Chihuahuan municipalities, among these, Chínipas. 

Proceso reports: The State Congress instructed the ASE to initiate administrative and criminal proceedings against the mayors of Chínipas (PAN), Hugo Shultz; Juárez, Javier González Mocken (PRI); Ignacio Zaragoza, Florencio Franco, and Manuel Benavides, Benjamín Ahumada (PT). 

The irregularities detected are in the realization of public works and expenditures that were allocated to former officials who were authorities at that time.

According to the decree of the Legislative Branch, LXV / CTAPB / 0471/2017 PO, published in the Official State Gazette, in the case of Chínipas, the Superior Audit detected irregularities for more than 10 and a half million Pesos in the last year of the management of Hugo Shultz. 

Hugo Shultz responded before the ASE, but they did not resolve the irregularities, so the organism will have to proceed administratively, civilly or criminally. So far there is no complaint in the FGE. 

The Miroslava Breach Award :

Following her murder on March 23, 2017 in Chihuahua, Mexico, journalist Miroslava Breach has entered the tragic list of communicators who have been targeted by violence in Latin America for bringing to light the illegalities of criminal groups and public power in the region.

Now Breach and other colleagues who have been silenced are being honored with a prize that will highlight academic and journalistic works that focus on the theme "Systems of power and violence against journalists in Latin America."

The initiative invites journalists, researchers and activists from all Latin American and Caribbean countries to submit journalistic or academic articles on "Journalism, Violence and Impunity,” "Aggression against the communicative guarantees of citizens," “Economic and political interests of the media above the social interest and the common good” and "Academia, violence and the teaching of communication.” The deadline to apply is Dec. 27.

The texts must be in Spanish and may have up to three co-authors. At least one of the authors should have links with some institution in the Clacso network, which brings together civil organizations and research centers in Latin America.

An international panel of judges appointed by the organizers of the award will select the five best works. The academic articles chosen will be published by Argumentos magazine and the journalistic texts will be published by La Jornada or by Página 12, in print and digital format.

The Miroslava Breach award “aims to be a call for attention to the absolute impunity that reigns in this field: these crimes are never investigated nor their guilty convicted, transforming the State into an accomplice and, not infrequently, as promoter and instigator of this brutal form of violence that grows and is multiplied in our region.”


  1. That's a great idea that turns it all around the other way on the criminals these journalistic awards on articles of violence and impunity.
    It does make me wonder though on who the true assassins are or is this just a convenient assassin the assassins.What a waste of 3 lifes for nothing (more so hers though).These assassins were working on orders ,no?She was murdered all because of pointing out a relative which was probably a fact that at least more than a few knew.What a stupid reason to be killed!And this was the cartel that doesn't pick on innocents?(well in their mind they don't but whose to be the judge of that)

    1. Looks like someone got into the eggnog a little early... :)

  2. Stop bumping your gums!😃

  3. Mexican journalist need to work from America, where your safe, Otherwise your asking for it, your rating out cartels, i guess some journalist are hard headed

  4. 8 momths ago I heard 80's boys killed Miroslava... lol doesn't surprise me know that I saw the video where a women said Mr.Jaguar covers up his tracks and makes it seem the linieros did his dirty work

    1. 5:19 Pos a güebo mi chingòn, and with help of the press and the politicians even the governor javier corral (PAN) ends up smeared with the kagada.
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Its a shame that the real perpetrators will never be punished. A common theme it seems in Mexico’s political association with criminal elements. A government continuously insisting and disregarding the principles of good governance. A political sham enforced by henchmen as noted with this fine journalist.
    Truly doubt that any investigative measures will be applied to those unanswered questions.

    Beautiful gesture on behalf of this fine journalist.
    Awarding those fine and dedicated individuals who truly are the warriors for change.

    Nice ending B.B.


    1. Chiefs of police need to be held accountable, it would take a few sent to the firing squad to make them a bit more responsible to the people they are supposed to serve and protect, not to exploit and murder and submit and get from the tail...
      Name your candidates, E!

    2. "400 million pesos for the Mando Unico held by the small cities of Emilio Zapata, Za atepec, Puente de Ixtla, Amacuzac, and Mazatepec are making Graco Ramirez rich according to Major Enrique Alonso Plascencia, of Tlaquitenango..."
      Los Angeles Press, El mambo unicorn de morelos...
      by arturo leon hidalgo / 2 Feb 2016

    3. @3:09
      Well put!


  6. Gente Nueva Salazar? Do they work for Chapitos ?

    1. I have family in te sierras of chihuahua ... it’s rumored that los Salazar have no beef with
      Chapitos but they are aligned with el Mayo and receive orders from Don Ismael

    2. @10:53 that’s my understanding as well .. looks like chapitos have less and less followers as time goes by

  7. Chivi Martinez are u or your family from michoacan????

    1. Chivis it does you no good to narrow down who you are. Being honest in Mexico can get you killed. That shit about the truth setting you free is a big lie. - Sol Prendido

  8. Poverty, corruption and the demand for illicit drugs is what makes many of Mexico's youth be lured or forced into organized crime and the drug's war.

    A war in which the courageous, intelligent and brave are killed off by both the corrupt government forces as well as the cartels from which they collect huge bribes.

    Mexico is destroying itself and everybody knows that, but nobody is able to do anything about it because the everfaster turning wheel is already spinnig too fast for anybody to get off and stop it. Sad sad sad!

    1. The US is ready to pick the remains, so don't you worry none about mexico, all these pinching Guerra of "wars on shit" are and old story, since the war on alcohol ended and released agents to fight the war on marihuana for aislinger, it kept them busy and distracted for Arnold Rothstein to corner 85% of the smack market, until the narcos of Air America recovered it for themselves with heroine from vietnam/laos/cambodia and then with SouthAmerican cocaine...war of shit it is all...

    2. Well put, mi amigo.
      Mexico is like a run away bus with poor brakes heading down a steep mountain road. The driver is an ignorant teen with little experience. It is only a matter of time when this bus flies off the road.

    3. Mexico is like a Burra Parda, (a Grey Jenny) everybody wants to get on her business.
      By the way that where the "grey shades of POÓP" GETS THEIR NAMES, I wonder when Miss Chivis will see me, now?

  9. why this asshole Ramon Andres Zavala Rodriguez
    is on photo with Jesus ?

    he is a devil !

  10. This is one of the more serious aspects of societal breakdown, when serious journalist's are allowed to be murdered with no consequence,the whole of a country suffers..Journalist's are almost sacrosanct in theaters of war even,Iraq,Syria,Afghanistan,this is a serious indictment of Mexico's political and authoritative failure..

  11. Three more arrested involved in Miroslava’s Murder including “ El Larry “ , Juan Carlos “N” , the alleged person that gave the order. All three belonging to Los Salazares.
    YAY !

    1. 2:28 torture exacts confessions, and exhonerations...
      We are supposed to look into things before agreeing with the Mexican narco-government's dictaminizations.
      News of the day for today, Lt Col (R) Julian Leyzaola Perez attended the School of the Americas, also known as "the School of the Assassins", according to School of the Americas Watch.
      This is related to all the murdering all over LatinAmerica, where if any communist socialist, drug addicted drug trafficking sicario want school, health care, decent wages, a job, any job, a home, given to him for free by the government, he is going to find he is barking up the wrong tree...
      --Americans themselves only can have two chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage if they are in debt, mortgaged to the hilt and competing with the smiths and the joneses.
      --but the Americans do not have their own armies and police hunting them like rats, extorting, raping and murdering them, only those whose lives do not matter, thank GAD.
      --But some are working on it, it is only a logistics problem, that why we are safe for now.

  12. This has to stop....IDC about what Narcos do to Narcos or other related scum bags, but this attempt at censorship, and the Femicide has to be dealt with. The UN needs to get involved now!

  13. It's very hard to understand the 3 articles above you Yaqui. Not sure if I support or depose. Why don't the Mexican people get together and form a detailed schedule/map of the corrupt and we'll come in ( as in Iraq ) and decapitate it from the top. And we r very versatile, we can decap from many tops. Give it a try Mexico. Rid ur self of these devils!!


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