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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

You are more likely to win the lottery than see a crime solved in Mexico

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Impunity, inefficiency, Mexican Justice System
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Patricia Davila
The insufficiency's and inefficiencies of the criminal investigations are the heart of impunity in Mexico, above all in crimes of major impact, signalled a study of the incompetence of  prosecutors offices of the country, carried out by the investigator Guillermo Zepeda Lecuona.

In a press conference, Federico Reyes Heroles, president of the organization Zero Impunity, told of the study" State Indices of unemployment of Prosecutors Offices", whose result is that in Mexico it is more probable to get a double win in the National Lottery than solve a crime, which currently stands at a rate of 1 to 0.9 % respectively.

According to the study, only 9.7% of the crimes committed are reported in the country. Of these, only 65% are investigated. This means that only 6.4% of the crimes committed in the country are investigated. According to these numbers, the un-investigated figure, for authorities is 93.6%.

Therefore, the effectiveness of investigations based on the parameters of determining whether or not there is an offence to be prosecuted, and if there is a probable perpetrator, or some other form of resolution is 14.1%.

The figure distributed is 10.2% in the traditional system, and 18.1% in the new criminal justice system.

The study " State Performance Index" concludes that, just a few months after the deadline for the implementation of the new criminal justice system in the whole country, the capacity for criminal investigation has deteriorated, this means that 15 years ago, 23% of the cases and today only 14%.

The States of Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato and Baja California are the only ones in which professionalization and management models are applied with greater efficiency.

According to the study, only nine out of every 20 arrest warrants issued by local judges result in the arrest of the probable perpetrator. In addition, only one in ten Mexicans actually trust a lot in the local public ministry.

A disturbing fact is that, in the accusatory system, one in three cases in which it is determined that there is no crime to pursue, is done without having carried out an investigation, explained Reyes Heroles.

In addition, he informed that, before the criminal reform, in Mexico, the victims pardon was resolved between 8% and 10.5% of the preliminary inquiries.

With the new system, the are solved by alternative mechanisms in the country, on average 6.4% of cases are resolved with the research files.

All this, despite the training and certification of the facilitators, such as public ministries and Judges.


  1. Now that’s something to be ashamed of!
    A country where violence has plagued Mexico and no significant change to hindering.

    Wondering if the Mexican government is amused with such findings. Better yet, with BB reporting and articles!

    1. No actually if it gives you hope to win the lottery. No shame!

    2. 8:53 "mexico", "mexico", "mexico"...
      I wonder if you have ever discovered something where "mexico" is not blamed as if it were the one sole and only reason and root cause of the mexican and the world's problems...
      Please let us know soon, in the name of impartiality, you know?

    3. If feeling offended.
      Suggest you take your complaint to your government.
      Or the reports and articles which indicates the bullshit that’s affecting the good citizens of Mexico.
      Violence in any country should be administered with a stern hand. Rather than a slap in the face to those wishing to live in peace.

    4. 6:12 fack the mexican government And fackiutoo..
      you are too little to offend me, but if you wanna cast aspersions about "all the mexicans" you are full of shit and should be banned from here for being a big mouth,
      Mainly because someone might believe your shit.

  2. But Rafael Caro Quintero we come to justice in the USA

  3. Shoot them, no trial needed

    1. 4:18 in the report they name california, chiuahua, guanajuato, nuevo leon as the ones with good shit going on, yeah, they are murdering huachicoleros, grameros, prostitutes, newspaper minor aged vendors and journalists, with morelos guerrero, oaxaca and michuacan following close. Problem is the Final Solution a la Loco Duterte won't please everybody like forever, these little Hitler's will be crying their eyes in prison some day, I doubt melting henry kissinger will be there to justify and minimize their crimes for them, they are No Hitlers.
      BUT big criminals like Luis Cardenas Palomino, (the secret file) his Comandanta Lore, his Godfather policia judicial federal capitan jesus Miyazawa, (who moved to Morelos state to continue with the legacy of Sam Giancanna when he got fired) genarco garcia Luna, ("business" associate of Carlos Slim Helu) carlos slim helu and his partner carlos salinas de gortari.
      Or la "señora" Isabel Mirada de wallace, fabricator of guilty parties, torturer, who plants the most stupid of "evidence" to convict people, like a drop of blood of her and her husband, STEPFATHER of her "disappeared son" to prove he was dismembered on the premises...hagamen el cabrón favor, please.
      The mexican government has prisons full of drunks that were pissing on the street and don't have the 1 000.00 peisos fines and thousands of poor grameros that stole some maruchan,
      FUCK THAT SHIT, DON JESUS REYES HEROES DID NOT PASS THE SMART GENES TO HIS progenie, maybe that the reason they behave like the street sweeper or la señora de Reyes Heroles' chauffeur...

    2. Jesus Reyes Heroles wa a mexican politician, he was tan, tan, pero tan pendejo, I mean, he was such a fool the mexican politicians confused his ass for a genius, he sponsored fidel herrera beltran z1 #2 all the way to gover or of veracruz where his wife WON THE PUBLIC NATIONAL LOTTERY LIKE 5 TIMES,
      Bitcb must have used the rigged voting machines...

  4. No shit, same goes for USA or most other countries...Gee willikers.

    1. 8:45 most crimes in the USA get solved. You watch to many movies kid

    2. 6:14 on the US, high crimes and misdemeanors like fawx spurious million dollar idle prosecutions do not even get mentioned on the papers, they only get the spotlight for a second from criminal disrespectful muckrakers...

  5. Gee Willikers..pretty sure they clear more homicide cases in the USA

    1. I rescind my original comment, I misread the title of the article. You are correct. Gee willy.

    2. 11:38 yer maff's always full of su razón...
      Atte. FU2/ FU22ball

  6. And north of the border 8 or 9 out of 10 murders are solved.Huge,huge difference.No wonder criminals get away with most anything there whereas us north of the border wouldn't even dream of half the stuff criminals do in Mexico as we would never in a million years get away with it.If you want to be a 'sucessful' criminal Mexico is the country for you!

  7. You have to work a case in order to solve a case. The Mexican law enforcement is too corrupt to actually work a case. They are mainly there to clean up the bodies from the street before they decay.

  8. The reason over 90% of people do not call the police when a crime is perpetrated against them. You are inviting criminals into your house or life to investigate other criminals. Sometimes the police call the criminals that perpetrated the crime and they just come back and kill you. The police in all levels in Mexico overall are not interested in your interests and safety. They are interested in what they can squeeze out of society.

  9. EEEeeeee - Gads, those are some rough statistics.
    Just ridiculous, we all KNOW they could do better than that.
    Poor poor regular hard working citizens of any country should not have to live like that, in a so - called Democracy no less.

    1. 9:45 yes, right on Yaqui, now it is time for you to start wondering about WHY the mexican narco-government is so appealing to the US government to the tune of a few billion dollars a year in charity credits for gorilla training and to buy military surplus at inflated prices that pay very good commissions to the middleman?
      The US government supports the mexican government and their crimes as a matter of foreign policy under Democrat or republican governments, they have some esplainin' to do.
      But an american president put it out before regarding US support for banana republic dictator, "giniral" anastasio somoza:
      "he is a sanababich, but he's our sanababich".
      It is a pity that such criteria still guides the US critters in government while the american peepol sleep like babies.

  10. Donde estan los putos de Sinaloa que dicen que los narcos ayudan a favor de la ciudadania?
    Putos narcos ellos son los que corrumpen a laa autorirades tambien y solo sus bosillos ayudan! Para que nos hacemos pendejos?

    1. 10:53 a ti te hacen pendejo "las autoridades", esos pinchis dignatarios son los meros dueños de todo el pedo.

    2. @3:00 educanos pues chingon no seas hablador nomas y ensena pruebas de lo que dices. Todo mundo dice que los politicos se roban todo pero no saben ni como se corre la politica y una autoridad en primer lugar.
      Digan quien y como lo hacen. No nomas digan todos y hacen mucho!

    3. 1:21 Mexican Police Corruption 101 mandatory reading
      "La Hermandad Policiaca"
      Then you move on to their bosses and political patrons

    4. @7:38 pero si la gente elige a los politicos desde que son desconocidos. Esto de un pinchi libro echo para vender que no dice nombres exactos y si si son de gente pasada no comprueba que cada wuey en la politica es corrupto. Tampoco no dice que cada pinche politico se mete a ese negocio con la simple intencion de robar.
      Tampoco este pinche libro no es escusa para hacerce narco uno. Un mal no soluciona otro mal. Dos mierdas de empleos no hacen un bien.

    5. @7:38 la hermandad policiaca si es halgo pero de casi todo pais pobre de el mundo. No es exclusivo a Mexico. Pero ahora ay mas maneras de grabar corrupcion y o despues pasarcelo a las cadenas de television para difundir todo. Deberian de dejar de ser tan pinche ninas huevonas y lloronas los narcos y mejor meterse a camellar bien. No anden de culitos en la vida.

    6. 1:19 you be "La Dama de las Camelias.
      Blaming a people for the crimes of their high mighty and powerful criminals in government is cowardly, ignorant, and pendejo, we are not yet where an armed revolution takes place just to please the impatient that will be the first to run from the battle, first step is make sure you can take over when others win the revolution for you, like the US Tea Party made up of misguided believers that has fallen on the hands of neo-nazi sympathizing oligarchs and DOTARDS WITH FIRE that are about personal profit and impunity and robbing in the name of their patrons...
      --I am not using names because that makes sure this comment does not get posted ok?
      But you can source any quote you want to fact check.

  11. There is no competent justice or legal system in Mexico. Its the wild wild west down there. Visit at your own risk.

  12. What an enlightening article! It explains so much as to why crime is rampant in Mexico and the impunity that is so widespread. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. 10:21 beware of prematurely getting to a climax,
    There is a lot more behind crime in mexico than meets the eye,
    Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, ODEBRECHT investigations are just starting to get the word out abut the global corruption behind global financial shenanigans in many countries, even the powerful US is getting started on pamana's powerful International Towers of Corruption, full of drug trafficking and money laundering, guess what, Manuel Noriega got brung down just to improve the chances of other worse people than him, to take o er Panama and they still do great damage to the US and the whole continent, check Mossack-Fonseca and their thousands of ghost corporations when you have time.

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