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Monday, November 6, 2017

Report reveals Los Zetas control of Moreira brothers’ governments in Coahuila

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Proceso
"The secret story of how the Zetas turned Coahuila into hell" to be posted soon

 Humberto Moreira, exgobernador de Coahuila. Foto: Octavio Gómez

By Juan Alberto Cedillo
SALTILLO, Coa.- While Rubén Moreira offered his last government report in which he boasted that "the big bosses that ravaged Coahuila are no longer" and that peace and tranquility returned to the state, the University of Texas, in Austin, United States, made public a study that reveals that the Zetas gave million dollar bribes to the Moreira brothers' governments.

The study, titled "Control over the entire state of Coahuila: An analysis of testimony in trials against Zeta members in San Antonio, Austin and Del Rio," was previously presented to the Human Rights Commission of the US House of Representatives.

The report collects the testimonies given by the Zetas kingpins Enrique Rejón Aguilar, Efrén Tavira, Alfonso Cuéllar, Héctor Moreno and Humberto Uribe Tapia, among others, who confess to the bribes they paid to the Humberto and Rubén Moreira governments.

"In 2011, Rubén Moreira, the brother of Humberto Moreira, became the new governor of Coahuila. According to Tavira, Rubén Moreira also collaborated with the Zetas," he says.

And it continues: "Tavira described an occasion in which the Zetas delivered a payment to Rubén Moreira at the ranch of another drug trafficker, Beto Casas, through a Suburban truck full of suitcases full of money".

Uribe Tapia also counted the bribes of The Zetas sent to Humberto Moreira:

"It was done through Mr. Vicente Chaires and Jesús Torres Charles. And what they did there in Saltillo, they bribed the Attorney General of the Public Prosecutor's Office and that was for protection and the agreement they had reached with Mr. Humberto Moreira, who was the governor of Coahuila at the time. "

Piedras Negras boss Alfonso Poncho Cuéllar testified that Zetas leaders gave money from 2009 to all the Coahuila state, federal and municipal authorities.

"They paid their fees to be able to move their drugs freely and not have any problem getting the drugs through Coahuila, reaching Piedras Negras, and being able to pass them to the other side and work without having any problem and without being covered”, Cuellar said in a trial held in Austin.


  1. Strange how these types of reports make cartels appear like they have nothing but dimes and nickels left over in their pockets. When is giving millions away considered nickeling and diming one, even for a billionaire?

    1. They hand over millions they say yet the sicarios dont live long enough to receive a nickel or a dime and when they do they dont get paid. I always watch video's where you hear the sicarios say they havent got paid yet. You look at the sicarios and they look hungry dirty sleepy not shaved or scraggly hair in need of a haircut they never make it to Abercrombie they always wearing Aeropostle or american eagle and those fake polo shirts that never match their pants. I dont understand are these sicarios brought down from some mountain where they just don't better.

    2. @9:03 the sicarios are poor, hungry and desperate. Someone promises them something and they get paid the first, second and third time. After that they are involved and cannot leave. Many are fed meth and get hooked. Once a sicario has done enough work and know too much he is spent meat gotten rid of.

      The cartels are the lowest layer in the food chain and within the cartel the sicarios are the doormats. Above the cartels are the polisia above them the military. On top are the politicos, attorney generals, lawyers and bankers.

  2. I don't know who I should believe. Should I believe the liars? Or should I believe the liars?

    1. 5:50 Believe,
      Who seems to make off with all the money and all the impunity all the time?
      EL BERTIE BOY is running for office, his brother still has power, they get private good security paid for by the state, they hide money, and launder it, and the mexican government gets them outta prison all the time.
      El lazca is dead, the treviña niñas is all in prison, el barbas and la barbie are gone, los setas is gone...
      Who is winning all the time? Not the maruchaneros.

    2. when its government vs criminals the criminals are more honorable

    3. 1:16 pos a güebo, usté si sabe compa,
      echese un toque a mi salú, de todo el carrujo con mejoral.

  3. El Bertie Boy Moreira only lasted 2 years as governor of coahuila, and his brother had to come over and "deal" with the state legislators to make the public debt of more than 3 billion dollars contracted by el bertie boy: "the debt of all the cuahuileños, BY LAW,"
    Why is el bertie boy still yapping his gums off about anything?
    He should be in prison earning his kneepads and his trucks full of cigarettes, at two per client 3 times a week.

  4. Who killed moreira's son? 40 or Lazca? Why would they blame Lazca's for the sons death? When the only connection was that morelia killed z40 nephew.

    1. The Gulf was behind it

    2. Z4p's nephew had no ID, or password, so he got killed for his own pendejadas, el Bertie Boy Moreiro did not do it, his brother "EL PELON" had his own state police cleaning up, and el lazca's men in the municipal police escorting lil' moreira whacked his whackamole for "a nephew for a nephew" law...capisci?

    3. 12:35 Anybody ever consider it could have been Moreira that killed his son ? Look at them and ask yourself , what was their standing with the zetas at that time and afterwards . I am ignorant of this but I remember when he was killed . What were the events that followed in relation to this family ?

    4. I think a taped call had lazca saying he took care of "the problem" for 40 referring to that. Joe Lopez

  5. 3:47 the normal is paid for by the US, 5he mexican people just put the dead and their natural resources for benefit of the global vulture capitalistas...
    Normally pendejos just open their yapper to yap yap yap.

  6. Lalito moreira got murdered by his municipal police bodyguards, orders of el lazca, they were one of his death squads.
    Uncle ruben EL PELON moreira had withdrawn state police escorts Lalito had babysitting him, because state police death squads are real expensive.

  7. These moreira dudes should be held accountable

  8. Why do you use the terms of a communist/socialism? Capitalism isn't the problem. Learn even a small bit of world history and see how every wannabe freedom fighter turned dictator from Che to Mao, and dozens more, always end up with a massive body count. If Mexico was closer to true unfettered capitalism, and the government protected private property rights instead of nationalizing any industry of value, it would be a much wealthier and less corrupt society. The corruption exists in massive amounts because the government is the wealthiest, most influential, and largest property owner. All that means an incompetent group of government employees are able to steal and mismanage assets like Pemex into the toilet. No one can tell me with a straight face, that if the dumbass government didn't need to directly control Pemex in lieu of being able to collect enough tax to operate, that private companies who competed with each other ran Mexico's oil industry, that gas would still be outrageously high. The pinche government, just like in the states, hires based on favors instead of merit. A small government who's main focus is protecting property rights is the key to a population building widespread prosperity. It has been proven time and again, governments just screw things up. By all means, keep trying the same things, keep letting your rigged political system point to the Yankees for all your problems. That way you never string up the murdering piece of shit politicians, who should be afraid of the people, not the other way around. Until that changes, Mexico will not truly improve. It will still be a country where the majority struggle and it forces tens of millions to head north.


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