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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 DOJ-DEA National Drug Assessment Report

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article regarding some information derived from a new DEA Drug Threat Report.  I had hope to follow the first article with a follow-up, but have been away since that time.  To read that original article use this link:  2017 Drug Threat Report: RCQ leads Sinaloa, Mexico is greatest heroin source, 6 major cartels

Below is the full report from the DOJ and DEA
Table of contents click to enlarge

Table of Contents


  1. And I just saw on the TV news this morning that Afghanistan's poppy production went up 87% over last year.That's a lot and I'm wondering if Europe had the same problem as North America with doctor's overprescribing opiates?

    1. Canadiana,

      Whereas signs are objective and symptoms are subjective, for doctors' to over prescribe opiates generally means doctors trusting their patients' statements of "I got robbed," "I lost the prescription," or even "I left the bottle of pills at a friend's house." Statistically, opiates are prescribed more, however the reason of this is patients are describing their pain as higher on the scale and ethically the medical workers are taught to adhere to this subjective manner as an objective symptom. Any prescribing of opiates or any drug for that matter does not prevent addiction or over dosing. Although many Mexican citizens are left without choices or options, this does not include other countries citizens

    2. 12:26 I am appalled that "mexicans are left without choices, or options", which canadiana does not even mention.
      On the US, doctors and judges depend on the patients honesty, which their commi$$ions from Big Pharma influence treendously bigly, the only other suppliers of essential goods the public abuse are weapons merchants, followed by buyers of Bible Thumping snake oil from vendors straight from the devils' hells'halls themselves.
      Opioids effects, mainly addiction and lethal were diminished by Big Pharma, that then subcontracted production to smaller manufacturers and then to street gangs, because the $$how must go on, then blame the "patients", specially the mexicans and the narcos, in spite of the opioid deaths being much worse than the narcos' products, one early victim Kurt Cobain, fed "medicines" since he was a small child.
      Canadiana is right that afghanistan's production skyrocketed to the heaves, 1000's of tines since the US went there, the taliban had almost extinguished farming and consumption, and they had no dollars and no armies to do it, they certainly do not have Air America or seasoned drug trafficking armies, navies, or flotilla to move their crap to colombia, staging point for world distribution...
      mexico is famous, you can't farm opiates or cocaine there because the government sponsored narcis will steal it, because "a share" is not good enough, many do the traffick successfully, hit and running como pedo de indio, always playing catch with the Blind Lady and her greedy sicarios in law "enforcement".
      Wish Big Pharma companies, their lobbyists, the lawmakers that made the laws to favor opiates prescriptions and marketing to screw a few more americans lives had made it into this report, BUT THANKS ANYWAYS CHIVIS, I understand it was a lot of work, I hope the rabble likes it, I likeee, thanks AMÁ👍and 💓

    3. 3:11 I have no idea what your point was supposed to be?

  2. Fresnillo ZAC, shooting in broad daylight in crowded socccer field.

  3. just that you have numbers to compare.
    germany, 2016
    1333 deaths due to illegal drugs
    74.000 due to alkohol, yes we really love beer
    100.000 due to smoking, we like this too
    about 3200 deaths due to car accidents,less of 10% of them got killed on our famous autobahn.

    You can get alkohol so easy in germany, you just dont need much pills from your doc.

    For europe, less then 10.000 in 2015 got killed due to illegal drugs. 30% were english men, germany 2nd.

    someone, who beats every pinche mexican when its about tequila.

  4. just found the european drug report 2017


  5. this is one great article about Guzman, and the only article that will tell yoj that la emperatriz is not Claudia Ochoa but Blanca Salazar

    1. 4:16 thanks for the help,
      And many more thanks for NOT BITCHING!

  6. Well Chivis , whats your take on this ? I know you think it should be legalized . That's not what I am getting at . I think of many things and wonder . I wish I was a writer and I would present my hypothesis to you . It would take many days to put it together and it would piss off a few . The reality is there are many reasons that we are where we are . Not just one reason . Each one contributes and there are probably so many that I personally don't even know is in the mix . C'mon Chivis How'd we get here ?

    1. Such a big broad question my friend. If you are wanting an answer to how we got to a substance abuse or illegal substance use, us humans have always been there and will always be there. whether it was medical marijuana used by Chinese emperor Shen Nung, [before Christ], ancient Egyptians beer, chinese opium, South American indigenous peoples, chewing chewing coca leaf...whatever, getting rid of drug or substances to abuse, will not happen nor will prohibition do anything. There will always be a portion of people who forever will gravitate to the high, or to numb whatever hurts. At one time Mexico had no Prohibition, drugs were legal, and they did not have violence and destruction they now have. and our attempts to prohibit the drug alcohol briefly took us down a stunning path of mass disobedience. The best we can hope for is federal control. make it legal, thereby relatively safe, regulate, tax, etc. And There will always have a small % of those with an inherited component, environment, mental disease, chemical imbalance or other factors that will look for the high to medicate themselves. making it difficult to obtain just has them turn to unconventional highs-like the impoverished homeless orphans in SoAm getting high on spray paint, at first for an innocuous answer to not think of hunger or coldness. I know first hand many/most addicts can be functional addicts. This is probably way more than you asked for but that is my dos centavos in abbreviated form.

  7. So wher is the chart that says drug consumption is at an all time low or that supply is scarce?
    Wait, there are no charts like this because the way this "drug war" is going these outcomes are IMPOSSIBLE in the fullest sense of the word!!!

    1. 6:41 honey the only outcomes that matter is the government, banksters and involved stake holders "income", capisci?
      Si, captas? Why kill a good thing?

  8. Chivis, an old tio once told me that that famers in the golden triangle were introduced to morphine by USA personnel during WWII. They brought Chinese to teach the farmers how to cultivate and produce morphine. After the war some farmers like the Herreras decided to continue producing and united with the Juarez Cartel.


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