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Saturday, October 28, 2017

“El Cadete”, Cousin of RCQ Arrested at San Ysidro Border Crossing

Posted by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from Riodoce

By: Alejandro Monjardin
October 27, 2018

Sajid Emilio Quintero Navidad, "El Cadete", cousin of Rafael Caro Quintero, was arrested in the United States for drug trafficking and money laundering, the Justice Department has reported. The United States Government considers Quintero Navidad to be one of the highest ranking leaders of a Mexican Drug Cartel to be arrested in the United States.

The drug cartel leader's name flew on banners in Hermosilla, Agua Prieta and Nogales taking credit for a number of murders in Sonora, Mexico. In Sinaloa, he is linked to the attack of singer Javier Rosas who was injured in March 2015 and the murder of singer Tito Torbellino  but Quintaro Navidad will not face charges for those criminal acts in the US. 

"EL Cadete" was one of the main partners of Ismael "Mayo" Zambada , current head of the Sinaloa Cartel , but since 2014 Qunitero Navidad has been the head of  the Beltrán Leyva Cartel in Sonora, responsible for the trafficking of drugs in the Sonora-Arizona corridor. Federal Authorities have detected relationships between leaders, lieutenants, and associates involved in money laundering for the criminal groups of Rafael Caro Quintero and the Beltran Leyva Cartel.

Quintero Navidad has been on the radar as a major trafficker for some time. In Aug 2014 the US Dept of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control labeled him a "specially designated narcotics trafficker" ; a Kingpin Act designation that prohibits US citizens and businesses from any financial transactions with him and also freezes any of his finances in the US. 

Quintero Navidad was indicted by a San Diego federal grand jury on Sept. 22, charging him with conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine for importation, conspiracy to import the drugs and conspiracy to launder money. A sealed warrant for his arrest was issued the same day.

His arrest is the result of a long and complicated investigation that has been carried out by the DEA,
DHS, and special agents of HSI in Calexico, according to Dave Shaw, Special Agent in charge in San Diego. "It is the culmination of US Federal Agencies in collaboration with State and Local Officials and International Authorities."

In the United States, Quintero Navidad is designated as responsible for coordinating the transport of tons of cocaine from South America, Bolivia and Guatemala through Mexico and controlling important shipping routes through the US.

On October 11, " El Cadete" was arrested at the San Ysidro port of entry  he was jailed immediately without bail, after declaring himself innocent of all charges. That same day, the judge presented all charges in the Southern District of California.  


  1. so he's the head of all that other nonsense you said but he himself was carrying a measly 5 k's and 1 of H that dosent add up

  2. So they have him by the nuts. Most wont cross the border because of the difference between here and there . Used to having so much control and now the fate of his sorry old carcass belongs to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . He is now owned .
    My hopes is Caro Quintero can soon convalesce in a real prison . Somebody knows where that piece of shit is .

  3. FYI 25 de diciembre corrido is about this guy


  4. CORRECTION...He was not caught with any drugs, that was a error/mistake.

    1. Hey chivis, what happened to the post about the slave labor camps in the Tarahumara mountains? It disappeared!

    2. The translator was being a prima dona. I never saw that happen before. I was going to translate it and report but
      DD decided to let it go. I am sure he did not have proceso permission to post, but not a big deal overall

    3. Salio mal con su tio juanjo el pelo chino y se sintio desprotegido muy cabron wl sajid.pero antes de que lo mataran pues prefirio entregarse . y lo mismo fue al chapo trini ppr maatar una perdona aun siendo familia.. Y de don RCQ no tiene nada que ver en el entierro. JAGL

    4. @10:42

      Mato a raza que no debería tocar y la gente de Culiacán se cabronadron. Andaba como topo escondido por todo Sinaloa y asta estaba un rato en Mexicali. como usted dise antes de que lo mataran prefirio entregarse por culo. Tiene mucha gente buscando lo asta se dise que la raza del mayo lo sacaron de Badiraguato y Mocorito. Salió de Culiacán por la presion de la raza del macho

  5. He turned himself in because he and Isidro Flores have big money disagreement. Emilio killed a lot of people in NW Mexico and since BLO has dissolved he has no authority or protection. But if he can be out of custody in few years with new identity and family safe he will be fine. And so will his children’s children’s children.

    1. You mean his grandchildren's children?

    2. 8:49 Yes thank you. Grandchildren is the word I was trying to think and write 👍

  6. So la Chapa Chila is biting his associates over money issues?
    "When the bitch is mad she even bites those in the household"
    Let's say El Mayo Zambada is next, but why would they release the chapitos guzmanes menores?
    People had been saying that was La Mencha's people and that La Mencha even killed the kidnappers like La Zeta Chorrienta has been proclaiming he got the San Fernando/ Allende murderers executed, but he had nothing else to do with any of it.
    Some colombians extradited to the US for drug trafficking are not being tried for any mass murdering they did in colombia, it applies to mexicans too, I see, the LAW is trying hard to be as blind as possibol, giving a break to past, present and future parnas,
    nobody alive is being tried for the mass murdering, no generals or presidents, except for guatermalan Otto Perez Molina for public corruption, he will be summarily slapped on one hand at home.


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