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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Baja Ca: 3,396 Narco Tienditas in BC, More than 1,000 in Tijuana

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from : Zeta Investigations

                                                PEP interacting with local TJ drug dealers

Despite the fact that 90 percent of the murders are related to the sale of drugs in more than 1,000  tienditas , ie " shops "or points of drug sales, specifically in Tijuana,  which have been denounced, the C4 Coordination Group does not work together on the information they collect from the detainees for narco-trafficking and murders. At the moment the operatives against narcomenudeo, ie, daily drug sales, are fighting those of the Cartel Tijuana and "Los  Achilles", but they also  give operative freedom to the CJNG and "Los Uriarte", in zones where crime is out of control.

In Tijuana, the Sánchez Taboada, Presa, Presa Rural, Pinos and Zona Centro neighborhoods are identified as the areas with the highest sales of narcotics; they are also those that concentrate 50 percent of violent homicides. However, with the exception of the Zona Centro, the rest have a poor record for busting the  narcomenudeo activity that according to the Coordination Group, causes between 80% and 90% of the homicides.

Corporations have concentrated on reducing the criminal operations of traffickers in La Zona Centro, which has been classified as a "safe zone", but where 92 homicides as of  September have ocurred, and 400 narcomenudistas have been captured so far this year.
However, they have given greater criminal freedom to the representatives of the CJNG,  Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación : ie Edgar Alejandro Herrera Pardo, "El Caimán" and José Pérez, "El Piolín" and CDS, ie José Luis Mendoza Uriarte, "El Güero Chompas", because according to official statistics in the areas they dispute, there are more dead than arrested for narcomenudeo aka "normal daily/weekly/ monthly drug sales.

Presa: 200 dead, 83 arrested.
Pinos: 173 murders, 59 detained.
Presa Rural: 136 dead, 102 arrested.
Sánchez Taboada: 166 homicides, 152 detained.
Zona Centro: 92 murders, 400 detained.

In fact, there are delegations with less incidence in homicides that have done more work against drug outlets such as Otay, with 21 registered executions and 69 narcomenudistas apprehended; or La Mesa, with 32 violent murders and 94 drug dealers captured.

The Toscano brothers: Marcos Rafael Toscano Rodríguez, "El Mono" or "El Cuate" and Roberto Carlos Toscano Rodríguez, "El Mono" or "El Cuate".

So far in 2017, the locations of 1,150 "tienditas "or " narcotic stores " have been reported to the C4, ie, Control, Command, Communications and Computing Center . 2,155 narcomenudists, ie drug dealers have been captured and prosecuted in the city, but the State Attorney General's Office (PGJE) has only charged 241 and only six remain in jail.

"For narcomenudeo, it is just more of the same," invariably responds to the press Jose Maria Gonzalez Martinez, deputy prosecutor of Special Investigations, when asked about the origin of violent deaths, without exbounding further.

While prosecutor Perla Ibarra and state security secretary Daniel de la Rosa point to variables for the gradual increases in mortal numbers, they speak in fact relevantly and exemplify:

In May, Filiberto Parra Ramos, "La Perra" and Carlos Gamiño González, "El Karateca" were released and there were 156 homicides in the month of May; now September closes with 211 murders; on September 9, with the false news of the death of "El Piolin",  the number of homicides doubled, on the 20th of the same month his capture was announced in Jalisco, and in the next four hours eleven people were killed; and on September 22, the capture of Roberto Carlos Toscano Rodríguez,"El Mono- Cuate", was reported and executions were reduced for the next four days.

What has changed over the course of 2017 has been the percentage of drug-related deaths, which started at 80% and in some months has reached 90%, which means that of the more than 1,340 murders in this year, that 1,200 could be related to El Narco's War; that is, their infighting and rivals cartels fighting.  Executions for which there are only 148 suspects in jail and /or awaiting trial and there are only 140 more arrest warrants in process.

"The Grudge":

The May 30, 2017 murder of the daughter of "El Mazapán'', Ashley Castorena, 5 years old was killed and flogged with the gun that had already killed her. That job was thrown to them, "El Fresh'' and ''El Pilón'', and the boss, "El Kora'' had "El Pilón" picked up and from him they extracted all the info ; that job was thrown to those of the NG, (New (Generation) because we are from ''El Chompas'', ie José Luis Mendoza Uriarte.

''El Pimpón'' is down, ie good for the entire Zona Este, the boss ''El Kora'' is the one who brings the  heat in and is responsible for settling the scores, " all of which is based on the statement of Cristian Rangel Guillén, " El Dicho ", who was arrested at the end August for homicide.

He also stated that "El Wiwis", "El Canicas", "El 020" and "El Terremoto", belong to NG, New Generation.

Rangel  Guillen is one of the thousands of men and women, young and old, linked to the internal market of sales of drugs  in Tijuana. The statements of "El Dicho" relate in a generic way  to how the disputes between the CDS and the CJNG has developed, in confrontations since 2015, which caused the Coordination Group to lose control of security in Baja California.

Drug thieves and drug dealers, usually men between the ages of 17 and 35 ish , work because they can run and evade the authorities and receive monthly salaries of "between 700 and 4000 Pesos for running drugs and cleaning the plaza, " as reported by the criminals detained to date.

Now, despite the information that could be provided by the 140 people indicted for the criminal murders or the more than 2,000 captured accused of  narcomenudeo, the State Security Council has been unable to redistribute their efforts in order to neutralize or reduce criminal activity of the cartels in the Eastern Zone of Tijuana.

They are killing "narco administrators":

   Francisco Javier Payán Pérez, "El Nanis", member of the criminal cell of "El Atlante": CDS

Before the accumulation of murders, little progress has been made and less than what the prosecution reports, the number of deaths are much more than reported and so is the general data on how executions occur.

The authorities responsible for the investigation speak of the fighting between cartels, but show no interest in analyzing the characteristics of the struggle as part of the strategy to combat them.

The monitoring of some cases by intelligence groups of the Coordination Group have detected that drug traffickers' cells are not only murdering street level sellers; the clashes have also included homicides of at least two cell leaders since August which went undetected until October. Then the  failed attempt to arrest the Toscano brothers occurred,  leaders of another criminal group.

Official reports shared among the authorities indicate:

Francisco Javier Payán Pérez, "El Nanis", operator of the Sinaloa Cartel for the criminal group of Alfonso Lira Sotelo, "El Atlante", who is currently a prisoner, was placed in the organizational chart  below the Lira brothers; they point Payan Perez out as responsible for drug trafficking and distribution, procuring real estate, money laundering and extortion.

According to statements by a young man detained by the Coordination Group C4, identified as a relative of "El Payan", they were able to identify that the body of "El Nanis" which was located on August 13 in Tecate, BC along with signs of violence.

José David Hernández Inzunza, "El Yogi", who is an administrative operator for José Luis Mendoza Uriarte , controls the points of sale in Colonia October 3 and was responsible for "paying the payroll" of the criminal group.

José David Hernández Inzunza, "El Yogi" member of the criminal cell of "El Guero Chompas" of the Sinaloa Cartel. The corpse of Hernandez," El Yogi", was located on Aug, 25 in Las Jardines de la Mesa. He had been executed.

Marcos Rafael and Roberto Carlos Toscano Rodríguez are brothers of Manuel Toscano, "El Mono",   who was assassinated in April, 2015 and controlled the sale of drugs in El Norte  and El Centro areas for the Arellano Felix Cartel (CAF).

According to the authorities, Toscano, "El Mono" left two groups in control of the sale of drugs in the  Zone Norte: his brothers, identified as "Los Cuates"; and his children, whom they nicknamed: "The Monitos".

On the night of October 5, 2017, a firefight was reported to the C4 in the "Casa Refugio Mica", on Calle Fernando Sánchez in Zona Norte, authorities found four men dead and six injured; the C4 Coordination Group reported that this place is a selling point for the Toscano  brothers, and a space they also use to rent, where they charge from 20 to 30 pesos to addicts for sleeping.

As part of the operation, five men were arrested for crimes, among them Toscano's cronies, who were first identified as suspected assailants, but after making statements, were considered victims.

From the facts came two versions:

1: Roberto Toscano, "El Cuate", said: "I was told that those who had stolen the wiring of my house were in the shelter and I went to ask them for the cables and my lamp but  they went out through the yards , and then came three other guys ( compas ) and they got out of a taxi which they pointed  us into, so we ran out, and got in and sat down with them to talk. "

Answering a direct  question, he said that they are the only left of  CAF in the area and that the people of Alfonso Arzate, "El Achilles", : "bring the shit of the death, the dead are the rats that do not want to line up to work for us."

2: Included in the official investigation are indications that "Los Cuates" were smoking marijuana on the roof when they saw the hooded and armed thugs arrive. Since the place is a point of sales, they assumed that they were after them and decided to escape, after jumping over one or two houses, they went out into the street and were arrested by the first police patrol that saw them and reported that the others were trying to kill them. The cops believed them because they had heard the C4 radio alerts, they put "Los Cuates" in their official units vehicles  and handed them over to authorities.

Tijuana: beginning on October 5, 2017 there were 64 Murders in 12 Days

Narco Mantas against PEP:

As part of the criminal struggle, official corporations are also at odds. In this context, the State's Public Security Secretary, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya,  report read as "internal work" the placement of two "narco mantas" in Tijuana against the heads of his corporation, whom he backed.

At 6:21 a.m. and later at 9:25 a.m. on Thursday, October 12, the Municipal Police found two blankets hung on different bridges, the first one on Avenida Via Oriente, near the Federal Electricity Commission, and the second in the vicinity of Clinic 27 of the Mexican Social Security Institute on Boulevard Diaz Ordaz, both with the same message:

"Come on,  open your eyes  Montoya (PEP): We are waiting for you and your Simon and your bodyguards in Tijuana plus your friend that robbed us".

In the text, they ask the director of the State Preventive Police (PEP) Marco Montoya to take action in relation to the intelligence chief, Simón Rivera, whom they warn they are waiting for, because according to that version, the police chief has not returned to Tijuana since May, when a group of thugs - according to information from the PEP - were hit men of the group known as "Los Erres", now "Los Cabos" who tried to assassinate him when leaving a hotel in Zona Rio.

As for the robbery they mention, they refer to the confrontation in August 2016, where federal and state agents accused each other of stealing drugs from the Pacific Industrial Park warehouse, where they secured more than three tons of enervants, mostly cocaine .

This is the second time that the head of intelligence is mentioned in a narco manta , the first one, hung on May 19, signed "ATTN: Your friends that you put in jail so they can keep cooking the rats in a pot".


  1. Someone stole 3 tons of cocaine?! Yeah, I'd be pissed...

    1. 9:29 state pepos (polesia estatal prebentiba) and federal police accuse each other of stealing them 3 tons of cacaina, the mantas demand SSE Daniel de la rosa take action,
      I mean, the heavy hitters accusing each other is the law enforcement boys in the area, they ran out of narcos and grameros to blame,

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      You don't know about the other hundreds of thousands.

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