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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Alleged Murderer of Activist Miriam Martínez is killed in San Fernando, Tamaulipas

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Animal Politico

Juan Manuel Alvarado López was accused of the murder of activist Miriam Rodríguez, co-founder of the Citizen's Community in Search of Missing Persons in the state.

Miriam Elizabeth Rodríguez Martínez. 
The representative of the group of missing persons in San Fernando, Miriam Elizabeth Rodriguez Martinez, was killed by a group of armed men on the night of Wednesday, May 10 at her house. Especial  

Juan Manuel Alvarado López, alias "Alushe", identified for the murder of activist Miriam Elizabeth Rodríguez Martínez, was killed in a confrontation in San Fernando, reported the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ) of Tamaulipas.

The alleged offender's death occurred after state police tried to defend him from assault Saturday afternoon in downtown San Fernando. Police captured four members of a criminal group, probably engaged in kidnapping and extortion.

Miriam Elizabeth Rodríguez Martínez was murdered on May 10 when gunmen shot her outside her home in San Fernando. The activist was cofounder of the Citizen Community in Search of Disappeared in Tamaulipas. Rodríguez Martínez was looking for the remains of her daughter Karen Alejandra, who was kidnapped and murdered in January 2014. 

In June, the head of the Tamaulipas Attorney General's Office (PGJ), Irving Barrios Mojica, detailed that the participants in the murder were four men. On May 18, in an incident unrelated to the murder of Rodríguez Martínez, agents of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, captured Edwin Alain "N", alias "El Flaco", one of those involved.

"First we located the van that he fled away in on the day of the homicide. We met with the owner of the truck, Alfredo Misael "N", one of the arrested. So we located "El Flaco" Esparza Martinez, the second arrested," said the prosecutor at a press conference on June 29, 2017.

Meanwhile, the PGJ offered a reward to locate two other suspects: Erick Leonel "N", alias "El Diablo" or "El Toro" and Juan Manuel "N", alias "Alushe". The latter had left the Directorate for the Execution of Sanctions (Cedes) of Ciudad Victoria on March 3, 2017, after 6 years in prison for home burglary; he also has a history of carrying weapons.

Alvarado López was given the order to kill Miriam Rodríguez, according to the PGJ. The order would have been given by men convicted of the disappearance and murder of her daughter Karen Alejandra. Juan Manuel was considered one of the relevant targets for the Tamaulipas Coordination Group.

Police had already located Alvarado López and were about to arrest him for his involvement in the murder of the activist when the attack happened that injured Gustavo "N". At the home, located at Calle Miguel Hidalgo con Canales, Maria Ines "N", Francisco "N" and Valdemar Guadalupe "N" were also arrested.

The arrested, including the injured, were put under order of the ministerial authority, had two handguns, a long weapon and a shotgun, as well as a vehicle, five wrappers and a package containing grass with the characteristics of marijuana.

Five months after the murder of the activist, only Edgar Leonel "N", alias "El Diablo" or "El Toro", remains.


  1. The killers could all get it in the aniseto.

  2. The nick names they give themselves! One name will do for all, Los Losers From Hell! ,,, and that is putting it mildly

  3. How somebody dies from police trying to protect him?
    THE FUERZA DELICTIVA TAMAULIPAS IN ACSHUN, atasquesemen anque truenen.

  4. Yeah yea, kill any pendejo,
    then hang the murder of miss journalist on his neck,
    Now make me a believer if you can...

  5. What is the matter with commenters ?
    Does anyone out there CARE about the real tradgedies in these conflicts ,ie politics , that is Free Speech, thanks to journalists all over the world putting their lives in danger , not to mention that of their families/ familiares ?
    WassupWiddat ? you people are like tv soap opera watchers .............geeeeeeeez

    1. Dude you are sooo right. Real tragdey #1 is whats going on in Mex thanx to the WoD. Real tragedy #2 is the entertainment it provides to us outside who are oblivious to what life is like in the land of corruption whilst slowly but surely the same development creepingly is happening here too.

      Brainwashed as we are we will never wake up and the worse things get the more we will demand a stronger state (which actually is the root of the problem)

    2. 4:43 the root problem of problems in government is money from the rich used to lobby, buy, pay select and elect government officers and lawmakers that live to please their money makers.
      Government is necessary, and it is necessary to keep their corrupting power away from the government.
      There are plenty decent people to do the job and they need no baby sitter watching their every move, Preet Bharara and Sally Yates are two of them.

  6. '6 years in prison for home burglary' !!!
    Serial killing narcos never make that long. Proves to you what paying a good lawyer who has good connections to the judges can do for you.

  7. Hola Compas,
    Que pienses ustedes , no hay un platica sobre esa tema ?
    Que pasa ? holllllaaaaaaa, mexicanos ??
    No viven en temor ? No hay un Presa Libre , Andale , pues !!


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