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Monday, October 9, 2017

430 Year Sentence for Homicide of 11 Women in Chihuahua

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Milenio

Pedro Payán, a member of ‘Los Aztecas’, caught the girls, promised them work, then drugged them and forced them to prostitute themselves in a hotel in Cd. Juárez between 2009 and 2012.

Chihuahua- Pedro Payán Gloria, aka El Pifas , a member of the Los Aztecas gang, was sentenced to 430 years in prison "for sexually exploiting and depriving eleven women of their lives," indicated during the court hearing held in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

The victims were drugged and forced to prostitute themselves at the Hotel Verde between 2009 and 2012, stressed the agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Specialized Women's Office (FEM) to fully emphasize the guilt of Payán Gloria. 


El Pifas and other individuals, several of them already sentenced to 697 years in prison due to these same events, threw the victims into a clandestine "cemetery" located in the Arroyo El Navajo, which is located in the Valley of Ciudad Juárez . 

'El Pifas' y otros sujetos arrojaron los cuerpos de las 11 mujeres a un ‘cementerio’ clandestino ubicado en la zona del Arroyo El Navajo, de Ciudad Juárez.

"Payán Gloria, together with other members of the Los Aztecas gang, recruited 11 women who were held captive at the Hotel Verde in Ciudad Juárez, where they were forced into prostitution," the MP agent said at the trial.

With testimonial and scientific evidence, the investigator recorded that El Pifas actively participated in the recruitment of young women, who were promised employment, then drugged and forced to provide sexual services, selling drugs through threats and physical punishment.

Each of the young women were made contact with in the historic center of the border city, where many women look for work, and take the bus to go to work or housing. On the way they were caught by the human and drug traffickers that operate in this area.

”After evaluating the evidence presented, the Court of Appeal finds sufficient components to convict, for which it issues the exemplary sentence that further establishes the payment of more than half a million pesos for repairing the damage," reported the WEF.

It should be noted that on July 27th, 2015, five subjects belonging to the same gang were sentenced to 697 years in prison for the femicide of the 11 women and payment of more than 9 million pesos for damages.  


Manuel Vital Anguiano, Edgar Jesús Regalado Villa, César Félix Romero Esparza, Jesús Hernández Martínez and José Contreras Terrazas, took advantage of the moment of violence in Ciudad Juárez to kidnap vulnerable women, due to their age and socioeconomic level, said the president of Court, Catalina Ruiz Pacheco.

The victims were identified as: María Guadalupe Pérez Montes, Lizbeth Avilés García, Perla Ivonne Aguirre González, Idalí Juache Laguna, Beatriz Alejandra Hernández Trejo, Jesica Leticia Peña García, Deisy Ramírez Muñoz and Andrea Guerrero Venzor, Monica Liliana Delgado Castillo, Jazmín Salazar Ponce and Jessica Terrazas Ortega. 


  1. Finally justice has prevailed!
    Can only imagine the countless of other women who have yet to receive any closure.
    Great news BB.

    As much as I want to refrain from advocating
    suffering and torture upon others. I do admit that
    a feeling of pleasure would be appropriate to overcome these individuals.


  2. Pinche basura that puto gots no balls messing with women.look at him he scared knows he getting the dick up his ass as soon as he arrives to his new home.pura basura esos barrio aztecas.

  3. is that in dog years? give me a break.

  4. They are convicted, confessed, case has been made, here is where the death penalty should be mandatory, and their "azteca" bosses should be tried with them, they are every bit as guilty.
    --Maybe if these convicts were offered something to cooperate, like the ability to sue their employees and confederates,
    we know the confederates are never any good.

  5. Breaks your fuckin heart reading stories like this.These poor girls,sometimes their beauty is a curse to them with rat bastards like this,that ugly fucker sitting there smirking,man it makes you so angry,whatever time he gets,it somehow doesn't pay for what hes done.THEY AREN'T MEN THERE SCURRYING LITTLE FUCKIN RATS

  6. I agree a father, I hope these individuals live the remainder of their lives, just as their victims. But without drugs. I'm sure they could be well used by fellow deviants. As a human these things sadden me to the point of hopelessness for our societies.

  7. Literally breaks your heart to read...hopefully they get passed around in jail

  8. These are not the guys that had been killing all the women in Juárez though

  9. Que le den por el pedorro.

  10. How long until an (financially motivated) amparo sets him free?

  11. Notice the small sloped forehead. Small frontal lobes and low IQ!
    The lower the IQ the more violent without conscience.

  12. 430 years? Whatever. Bullet to the head and a 50 cent fee to his nearest relatives.

  13. Fucked up are also the Men that see these young girls drugged and still have sex with them.


  14. "Do what you must, i already won" 😈😎

    1. 9:56 and what oh selfish queen ain'tcha won?
      What was the contest and who were the judges?
      Who lost?

  15. I never understood these long 100 year sentences..dude aint makin it past his 70s..both US and Mexico..why not just put them in Deathrow..n avoid gavin to support these mothafukas for the next 30-40 years..I mean..theyre goin to die right?? RIIGHT?? Scott Patterson should have been dead by now..(I know its not related to this) and any other motherfuker thats doin 100s in prison..smh..

    1. Would make perfect sense if not for those
      corrupted government officials whom will kill their political opponents. Moreover, or anyone
      who opposes their agenda.


    2. Too many appeals....I agree that every convict should get one appeal. I think that if appeal is denied, or some sort of technicality. Conviction stands. If DP is the sentence, said sentence should be carried out in 90 days. It would save gov millions. But, as said above, that means politicos and lawyers lose $$$..will never happen.

  16. Makes me want to hurt this sonofabitch for a long time.


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