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Monday, October 16, 2017

17 Dead in Cadereyta Prison

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Processo
see Mexico Prison Massacre Linked to Zetas Takeover

                 National Human Rights Commission Reprimands NL                     Government for its Lack of Attention 

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Following the riot in the Cadereyta prison that left 17 people dead, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) expressed concern about the lack of adequate response from the authorities to address the problem in detention centers in Nuevo Leon, which has been warned by the commission before, and urgently demanded to restore order.

In a statement, the Commission pointed out that Deputy Inspectors, in coordination with personnel of the State Commission on Human Rights, went to Cereso de Cadereyta to verify that the current situation is a result of violent acts, in order to verify that human rights of inmates and their families are not violated.

In addition, according to the CNDH, precautionary measures have been issued in order to take necessary actions, provide information to the relatives of the inmates and give them appropriate treatment in accord with the law within authority of the penitentiary system.

The agency mentioned that visitors met with officials from the Human Rights Directorate of the Undersecretary of Government, the Social Reintegration Directorate of the Prison Administration Agency and the institution itself, and contacted family members in order to check their treatment  anytime there were groups of 5 people entering the penitentiary.

"The reported results registered 17 inmates dead and 37 injured, whose status is confirmed by going to the University Hospital, where they are tended to," he said.

He also said that the prison, which reports damages in technical areas and some dormitories, is protected within by guards and state civil force.

The CNDH recalled that it has issued recommendations derived from violent acts in the state as well, "both in Apodaca and Topo Chico penitentiary centers, where 43 inmates were killed and 73 were injured, and in two incidents in a period of 4 months, 52 inmates died and 55 were injured. "

Likewise, the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture in its Recommendation M-01/2016 reported on the violations in the three [prisons], including Cadereyta, "and which constitute a risk factor that generates situations such as which currently exist in this institution, where there is a similar history of violent events last March, resulting in loss of life of 4 people and 21 injured."


  1. They all could get it in el pedorrin.

  2. El Bronco - ya bye to President post.

  3. Fuck em all. Let them massacre each other inside the prison walls. Hell, even throw up a cable site to watch these scum live murder each other.

    1. Gladiator stile, Netflix wtf is waiting for?

    2. Murder each other? Watch the videos, obviously states one inmate died from other inmates and the police and military stepped in using lethal force.

  4. What do you expect? It's Mexico. There is no law in Mexico. These prisons are just a place for the Cartel and criminals to lay their heads for a while.

  5. Dead penalty does exist in corrupt mexico.

    Keep it up boys, those 17 lacras aint coming out to ruin other peoples lives.

    1. 6:44 all the extra-judiciary killings in the world can't force the death penalty in mexico into a contitutional cause or chapter or a "law".

  6. El Bronco Rodriguez, alias "la Mula Bronca" siempre ha sido zeta,
    Los une el amor a los caballos, y al gallo, al perico, a la chiva al zacate y a los centavos...

    1. 8:01 También el amor al fundillo de carlos salinas de gortari, su mero padre.

  7. The ‘authorities’ (using the term lightly) should let the riots just get full blown then have armored Marina’s go in and finish the revolters off with a few in the head.

  8. Golfas no tetaz damn r tamps People really that gay?


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