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Monday, September 18, 2017

He brought death and bullets to Tijuana, El Guero Chihuahua,will be extradited to the United States

Translated by Oits B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from an El Debate and Zetatijuana articles

Subejct Matter: El Guero Chihuahua, Oscar Adan Rodriguez Guevara, CAF
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Detained in coordination with the Government of the United States, he will be sent to that country. Even thought the Attorney General of the United Stattes has not published the charges against Oscar Adan Rodriguez Guervara. According to the coordination group of Baja California, El Guero has interests in the businesses, Tabule, Futbol 7, and Charey; as well as a relation with the family of Ayon Diaz of Centro Cambiaro Bulevar, accused of money laundering and criminal service to two heads of the CAF, Jose Manuel Lopez Nunez, Don Balas, and Juan Lorenzo Vargas, El Chan.

Participating in the transit of drugs to the United States, laundering funds of illicit activities for old members of the Cartel Arellano Felix, as well as investing in real estate and establishing lawful businesses, these are the operations of Oscar Adan Rodriguez Guevara, El Guero Chihuahua, as reported by the Security Coordination Group in Baja California. However, US prosecutors continue to fail to report the charges which will be raised against him.

According to the investigation that led to the capture of the criminal, for purposes of extradition to the United States, according to authorities, Rodriguez Guevara will be linked to money laundering to at least three companies.

El Guero Chihuahua
1. Restaurant Tabule: dedicated to the service provision of the restaurant bar, that have live bands, promotion of live sports on video, a disco, sales of drinks of all kinds, buying, selling and importation and exportation of drinks, and food. In the public property register, there appears business partners, Esthela Castaneda Esquer and Mohammed Reza Sadighian.

2. Futbol 7: In the public registry, Futbol 7 appears linked to the State Association for Footbal (soccer); this association was registered on the 25th of May of this year and is dedicated to Futbol 7, Futbol Rapido, Cascajita Callerjera and Mini-futbol 5; as well as an organization to unite all of the sports, officials and directives of the different areas that it covers, and affiliate leagues. The administration has a directive council that is led by Jorge Alfonso Hernandez.

3. Salon Social Charey: Located on the banks of the Tijuana river, of which there is no information in the public registry.

The official records of these companies do not contain the names of Rodriguez Guevara, or the lawyer identified by the State Security Council of Baja California, as a partner of El Guero Chihuahua, Niuton Chavez Felix,  who owns two properties on the public registry, a house of 74 square meters in Residential Insurgentes and a plot of 14,000 square meters in Las Juntas Tecate, acquired in 2009, which is also registered to another owner.

Restaurant Tabulate
According to a report of the security authorities, Rodriguez Guevara, since his appearance in the criminal organizations of the state, in 2004, from his first capture has expanded his criminal services and currently operated with three ring leaders:

* Jose Manuel Lopez Nunez, Don Balas, has some type of kinship, has served as head sicario, head of escorts and Lieutenants. On September 26th of 2008, he was arrested, tried and released along with him for crimes of organized crime, crimes against health, and carrying firearms.

* Juan Lorenzo Vargas, El Chan, with whom he operates the criminal logistics for drug trafficking in the south of the country to Tijuana.

Of his criminal partners already detained, they identified he was also head of bodyguards for Don Balas, Azael Hernandez Pena, El Jaguar, arrested in February of 2014, in the company of Jose Alfredo Baena Ibarra, in possession of two rifles, three pistols and 100 rounds of ammunition of various calibres, in the vicinity of the shopping centre of Pueblo Amigo, as well as two Sinoalenses, Omar Guadlupe Ayon Diaz and Osvaldo Contreras Arriaga from Colombia, in September of 2015 he was extradited to the United States for having laundered in two years, 45,000,000 dollars, belonging to the Sinaloa cartel, through exchange houses in Tijuana, one of them the Exchange Center Bulevar. In fact, Pedro Ivan Ayon Diaz, also noted for his involvement in money laundering is also the godson of El Guero Chihuahua.

FROM EL DEBATE, for those newcomers to BB who have no knowledge of El Guero Chihuahua.

His nickname is linked to the wave of violence that is affecting Tijuana, El Guero Chihuahua or El Traxx.

The Police detained him nine years ago. In the company of a Lieutenant of Javier Arellano, El Tegrillo, he had been made in the streets of the frontier town, cleaning them of Municipal Police and rival groups.

His accomplice, Jose Manuel Lopez Nunez, alias Don Balas, who was set free in 2011. But for him this had not happened, I don't know how or when he was liberated.

He had been commander of one of the most violent cells of the Cartel Arellano Felix, and had been accused of the attempting to take the life of the Director of the State Preventative Police. Those new to the street and the cartel sicarios that fell into the hands of the authorities refuse to talk about him.

Oscar Adan Rodriguez Guevara, El Guero Chihuahua, started stealing cars aged 14 in San Diego, which were later sold in Mexico. In Los Angeles, thanks to Don Balas, he got to know Benjamin Arellano Felix, later he said to authorities that Benjamin had given him his first opportunity.

Ramon Arellano, known as the most violent of the clan, if you laughed and he was in a bad mood, he would kill you, if you didn't say hello to him he would kill you, related El Guero Chihuahua to elements of the AIC, who finally achieved his capture.

At the side of Don Balas, Rodriguez Guevara formed part of a group of sicarios know as Los Omega, and who according to the authorities were in charge of executions for the cartel and extortion of rival organizations.

According to El Guero Chihuahua, the fall of the Arellano Felix brothers only led Tijuana in chaos. "It was chaos since the brothers disappeared", he said, " everyone did what ever they liked".

The Sinaloa Cartel intended to exploit the situation. The remnants of the CAF made an alliance with the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, this is the cause of the violence that still affects Tijuana today.

Before it was all about the drugs, now its not, confessed El Guero, Like other members of what he called " the old school", he opted for a change of direction. He dedicated himself to business, opening restaurants, currency exchanges, and party function houses.

But that was many years after. At the moment El Guero Chihuahua only exists in some witness testimony and corridos. The corridos put me in the shit, my name left the light he admitted.

The team from the AIC that were sent to capture him, described the old sicario as controlling all that occurred in Tijuana to do with the halcones. Their investigation detailed 28 safe houses. But there were all under false name and were for family members and straw men.

El Guero was never visited by anybody. Later he was known to be the Director of a private security firm, and that this firm was in charge or protecting people or making them invisible.

One of his sons published a family reunion picture on face book. El Guero was at the back and the restaurant was one of the most exclusive in Tijuana. After several visits to the restaurant, the agents were sure that the place formed part of the chain of businesses that laundered money for Rodriguez Guevara.

There they located a woman. They found that the woman had 16 registered addresses, all that all of them were false. They obtained the plate numbers for the Toyota Highlander that she used. The vehicle led the investigators to a fraccionamiento.

El Guero was not seen there, but the fraccionamiento had many strange occurrences. In the night various blacked out vehicles drove around slowly, very slowly so they wouldn't disturb any dogs. When the occupants of these vehicles saw something strange, a pair of lovers inside a car, they immediately called the Municipal Police.

The last day of August saw a motorcyclist with a black crash helmet arrive at a house. After a little while, the Toyota left the garage and went to the restaurant, two people left the vehicle and went into the restaurant.

The agents of the AIC reported this to City of Mexico, there was doubt as to whether El Guero Chihuahua was in the restaurant. They were given the green light, there were five people in the team of the AIC so they requested the support of State Police.

When Guevara Rodriguez left the restaurant, a pickup mounted the entrance, El Guero was calm, "I am Guero", he said. He was transferred to the Capital city by commercial airliner and left behind 25 years of bullets and death.


  1. Where does the mone lead too, who is the King Pin of the AFO? Where does the cut go? The Sisters or did the last surviving brother take over.

    1. 3:00 jorge hank rohn still campaigning for governor of all the baja californias he and his brother carlos and their billionaire drugs and weapons trafficking friends and associates, just like their daddy always laundering money on the US, no matter how many operations "white tigers" the US springs on them, they ran to califa aafter the US kicked their ass in tejas and made them run away, there was a new governor coming with a lot of great plans

  2. Cjng vs aquiles CDS Kidnappers Extortionists
    Esta de moda ser michoacano y jaliskillo join the team & serve a purpose to not harm the Mexican community & help out

    1. Los michoacanos nunca van a estar De moda son unos gueyes y puros ratas ke se creen mucho que michoacan esto que michoacan lo otro y los muy idiotas cargan Bandera De Jalisco no mames

    2. En tijuana el CJNG la raza que pelea contra CDS es pura gente de Tijuana pero tambien de Sonora y sinaloa.. nada de michoacanos

    3. 10:29 Es donde empeso la plaza el mencho y los cuinis que son de Michoacan, igual que los areyanos que tenian la plaza de Tijuana y el cartel de Juarez tambien son chinolas. En el cjng los meros jefes son michoacanos

  3. @10:06 dude women and family are the weak spots of all of us, criminals no exception. It has always been like that and it will always be like that

  4. Very clever criminal to have survived 25 years under reign of AFO and the years of chaos since in Tijuana. I would have been far, far away after the arrest with Tigre. Interesting what he said of Ramon. From Ramon, Barbas, Lazca, Trevino, Manuel Torres Felix, etc these show boat murders never make a full career with a clean exit.

    1. Very clever indeed!
      But like all things in life,there comes a time when one has to answer for his misdeeds.
      Moreover, that 1 dedicated officer who continues the pursuit and affiliations for apprehension.
      Great story and nice posting BB!


    2. Cont.
      The question is? Whether proof of such can be proven in a court of law? Reading from the article. No direct link as to his associations of business are tied to him. Other than suspicions? Unless someone is talking?
      From what I see . Nothing that many here do to conceal income!


    3. grameros always tell on their suppliers, from there it is easy to get to the top players, the polesias do not get more narcos because they work together.

  5. Hopefully all of them...

  6. Ramon arellano was an asshole and died like an asshole.

    1. Most definitely! What they did to do guero palma's wife and kids was savage!

  7. The last of the CAF, now it's just cjng and cds in Tijuana.. CAF is losing ground fast and most switched to work with mencho


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