"We send them this support, let's hope it serves the earthquake victims. We are here to help the people. Attn: Gente nueva del TIGRE, united cartels (sic)", says a piece of cardboard stuck on a wall where they left boxes with food, toilet paper and other aid.
According to local media, donated items were transported by ambulance to the Red Cross, which received the donation notice.

The images of the donation were also published by a Facebook group called Cuauhtémoc without fear, in which most users thank the group and condemn the attitude of the politicians who have helped the town.

The publication has been shared almost 2,000 times and has reached almost 3,000 reactions of "I like", "I love" or "I am surprised".

From well-identified profiles and others that appear to be false, people commented:
"Well, they help clean Mexico of so many rats", "These people should give a scare to the government that protects aid in order to promote [themselves]"; "I rely more on narco than on government"; "What gorgeous fuckers [that show] everyone they are better than the fucking government, that's everything, good luck to all those people and throw out the bastards!"; "Good for you, thanks and Mexico will thank you."; "That's our people GNDT well done"; "How well they did, this God takes into account”;"Aññññ they are not so bad after all then. Can we finally go eat, instead of [drink] a little apple juice? "; "It is curious that the handwriting on the poster is a woman's"; "Those people better support the damn political bunch of rats ..."; "After all the misfortune, we are only brothers"; "In fact, only god judges and I do not get in their way so they do not mess with me. Anyway, this is not the country to introduce double standards! I also believe in you more than in government (sic) ".
Messages against the criminal group are in the minority: "I hope, people of TIGRE, there are no more deaths because human losses caused by the earthquake are not so painful by those made between brothers (there are brothers in opposing groups), hopefully they will recover and no more deaths" ; "Thus they cleanse their conscience by throwing a piece of bread to the people from whom they have stolen a lot"; "Many people here have moved a lot of aid and I do not see them mentioned here and as glorified as [this group]"; "They help as many [others] have and that's good, but they do not stop being what they are. That is why Mexico never progresses, because we put everything on a pedestal."