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Friday, August 4, 2017

Deportee Kidnap Victim Freed: Talks of Beating and Starvation

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US / Mexico Border between Laredo,Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Thanks to Tu Fren for the Heads Up and Link
By: Michael Sangiacomo, The Plain Dealer
Additional reporting by: Alfredo Corchado, The Dallas Morning News
Extra Material from News5Cleveland
Aug 2, 2017

PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- The Painesville man who was kidnapped Tuesday night by a Mexican crime cartel after being deported to a dangerous city in Mexico, was released Sunday night after enduring five days of beatings and starvation. Francisco Narciso was released after his girlfriend in Painesville wired two payments of nearly $4,000.

Francisco Narciso said he was accosted by two men with guns Tuesday night shortly after he was taken to Nuevo Laredo by ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

"He had just bought a bus ticket to another city when he was approached by two men with guns," said his girlfriend who is the mother of his two children but does not want to be identified. She talked with him by phone Sunday and he told her about his ordeal. "They went to either side of him, put the guns to his side and ordered him to get into a truck," she said.

Nuevo Laredo One of Mexico's Most Dangerous Cities
US State Dept Has Issued Travel Warnings
He told her he was taken to a building in the city of Neuvo Laredo, in the state of Tamaulipas, described by the U.S. State Department as one of the most dangerous states in Mexico. It is town were crime cartels rule and law enforcement is "limited to non-existent," according to the state department.
ICE is being criticized for deporting people and depositing them in Neuvo Laredo, where crime is rampant and deportees are favorite targets. ICE has not responded to numerous requests for answers about why Laredo is used as a deportation point.

Narciso told his girlfriend he was locked in a room with many other hostages, including another deportee from Painesville. He said the number of people, including children, kept changing as victims were taken away and more were added
Another Day in Nuevo Laredo
ICE Often Deposits Deportees at Night  
"They beat him the whole time and starved him," said his girlfriend through a translator. "He is still suffering from head and neck injuries (suffered in June when his car was hit in the rear by another car in Mentor) so he is in a great deal of pain. They kept saying they would kill him."

An undercover investigator said the scenario is common.

"These homes, holding cells really, are far too common in border communities, especially along the Texas-Tamaulipas border because the criminal groups essentially run the area," said the investigator who declined to be identified. "These houses serve two purposes. You have rooms for migrants held for ransom and other rooms, or houses for migrants smuggled north."

Narciso's girlfriend said she was first contacted late Tuesday night.

"Around 11 o'clock my phone rang and it was a man I did not know," she said. "He said someone wanted to talk to me and turned the phone over (to Narciso). He said he had been kidnapped and the men wanted $3,000 wired to them or they would kill him."

She said the kidnapper got back on the phone and said he wanted the money immediately or he "do what we always do, kill him and dump his body." She begged for more time, said she did not have that kind of money. He said he would call back in the morning.

The woman spent the night asking friends and acquaintances for money.

"The next morning (Wednesday) they called and said if I did not send them the MoneyGram I would never see him again," she said. "I went and sent the money, $3,000, and waited. They called again and I said I sent the money. I asked when and where he would be released so I could arrange to have someone meet him. They just laughed."

The ordeal was not over. They told her they wanted more money, another $800. She is not sure when it happened, she said she lost track of the days. She scraped the money together and sent it to the kidnappers by MoneyGram. But then the kidnappers wanted even more.

"They called and said they wanted another $200 before they would let him go," she said. "I tried to send it, but it would not go through because I had reached the limit of how much I could send to one person. I told them that when they called and I was very afraid about what would happen."

The answer was silence all weekend. She said there were no calls and she feared for Narciso's safety.
Then, at 11 p.m. Sunday, the phone rang. It was Narciso.

David DeJesus Casillas, Husband of Beatriz Morelos Casillas,
who is Being Deported to Nuevo Laredo from Painesville, Ohio
The Morelos Casillas Family has Four Children
"He was crying and was very frightened, I still don't know exactly how they set him free," she said. "He said he was released with another hostage. He said they were treated like animals and the men kept threatening to kill him. They beat him over and over, which worried me because of his other injuries. They did not feed him."

Narciso took the bus ticket that he bought just before he was kidnapped and got on a bus toward Mexico City. He is now hiding out in a house of friends. His girlfriend does not want to reveal the relationship of the people giving Narciso aid, or even say what city in the Mexico City area he is in, because both are afraid.

"We keep telling him he needs to go the hospital because the beatings and starvation may have made his head injuries worse, but he is afraid to leave the house," she said. "He is very frightened."

Chardon attorney Elizabeth Ford, who has been working with Narciso's girlfriend since he was arrested by ICE after his car accident for being in the country illegally, said it is unthinkable that ICE keeps deporting people to the dangerous area of Neuvo Laredo and abandoning them.

Beatriz Morelos Casillas and her Family
The Attorney is Lobbying the State Dept to Delay
her Deportation 
Tuesday morning another one of her clients, Beatriz Morelos Casillas, is expected to be deported to the same city where Narciso was kidnapped. She has asked ICE to delay the deportation or at least change the city Casillas will be deported to, but as of this evening they have not responded.

"The government itself says it's dangerous," said Ford in an earlier interview. "And just this week a Painesville man recovering from a severe head injury was kidnapped... Why would our immigration people choose that city to send anyone to, especially a mother of four to?"

Nuevo Laredo is in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas bordering eastern Texas and is described on the U.S. Department of State website as dangerous and a place that should be avoided.

"U.S. citizens should defer all non-essential travel to the state of Tamaulipas due to violent crime including homicide, armed robbery, carjacking, extortion and sexual assault," the travel warning says. "The number of reported kidnappings in Tamaulipas  is among the  highest in  Mexico."

The State Department warned of "Organized criminal groups may target public and private passenger buses traveling through Tamaulipas," the report says. "These groups sometimes take all passengers hostage and demand ransom payments...Nuevo Laredo has experienced numerous gun battles and attacks with explosive devices in the past year.

Deporting Mexicans has been a constant source of tension for mexican officials worried that migrants become magnets for criminal groups who kidnap, extort and too often recruit them for criminal activities.
Young Daughter of Beatriz Morelos Casillas
Protesting the Deportation of her own Mother                       
Deporting Mexicans has been a constant source of tension for Mexican officials worried that migrants become magnets for criminal groups who kidnap, extort and too often recruit them for criminal activities. "We have expressed our concerns to U.S. authorities several times in the past," said one Mexican official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. 

This is especially a bloody time in Nuevo Laredo in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas where in recent few years the deadly Zetas organization has evolved into the CDN, Cartel del Noroeste, or Northeast Cartel. The CDN controls not just drug routes, but smuggling and "every criminal activity imaginable," said Arturo Fontes, a former veteran FBI agent now working as a private investigator in the border region. He was once stationed in Laredo and threatened by the Zetas.

"It's a common occurrence," he said. "You have vulnerable people who are dropped off at the border, in a city that doesn't belong to them and they have something precious, whether it's a vehicle, jewelry, or relatives in the United States that these criminals can extort."

9 Immigrants Died in the back of an 18 Wheeler Tractor Trailer July 23, 2017
in a Walmart Parking Lot in San Antonio , Texas
Where over 100 Immigrants were to be Delivered 
Fontes added that cartels prey on migrants who go north or are headed south, adding that he suspects CDN was behind the smuggling operation in which scores of migrants were found crammed in a sweltering 18-wheeler in San Antonio last weekend. Ten people died and more than a dozen others were hospitalized with life threatening injuries.

"Migrants are money makers," Fontes said. "They're vulnerable. They're easy prey."

Protester at HOLA's Deportation Policy Protest
after the Deportation of Beatriz Morelos Casillas
Painesville , Ohio the same town Francisco Narciso was Deported from
One in four people living in Painesville is of Hispanic descent. Recent high profile deportations have many undocumented immigrants there living in fear, but they aren’t the only ones. After the deportation of Beatriz Morelos on Monday, not only are undocumented immigrants fearful of living in Painesville, but U.S. citizens are too.

“I call it a nightmare because you don’t know what’s going on in your life,” said Oscar Ornelas, a Painesville resident and employee of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. “People, going out to work, not knowing if they will be coming back,” said Ana Padilla, a Mexican Immigrant who has lived in Painesville for 23 years.

Ornelas and Padilla are both of Mexican descent and both U.S. citizens. Both, though, are living in constant fear. “Two landscapers were just asked randomly and it was not a traffic stop or anything, they   ( ICE agents ) were just asking for documents,” said Padilla.

ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids, Ornelas and Padilla say, are a common occurrence in Painesville where the population is a quarter Hispanic. 80 percent of those Hispanics hail
from Mexico.

“Everybody has the name Mexicans. Doesn’t matter if they’re Puerto Ricans, South Americans or Caribbean and that’s very sad because that makes us feel like the worst country of the world,” said Oscar Ornelas. 
HOLA organized protest against ICE Deportation Policies
Since the beginning of 2017, HOLA – Hispanics of Lake and Ashtabula County – estimates there have been hundreds of undocumented immigrants deported from Northeast Ohio.

When asked what it’s like living here, Padilla said, “If you’d asked me this six months ago, I would say, an amazing place to live, an amazing place to raise a family, now I cannot say the same.”

According to the U.S. Immigration Courts website, so far this year, nearly 2,000 people have been deported from Ohio. You can view that website here.

                                       HOLA holds a rally protesting deportations
                                          Hispanics of Lake and Ashtabula County

Several hundred people turned out for a rally in downtown Painesville protesting the deportation of Beatriz Morelos Casillas. The Painesville woman was arrested on a traffic stop last weekend. The mother of four is expected to be deported next week. July 27, 2017 (Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)

David DeJesus Casillas is introduced with his children at a rally protesting the deportation of his wife. Beatriz Morelos Casillas was arrested on a traffic stop last weekend. July 27, 2017 (Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)


  1. “after being deported to a dangerous city in Mexico”
    A dangerous city in Mexico, cute!

    1. And in the middle of the night.
      Murder she said.
      The protocols of exchange of prisoners does not instruct that illegals returned to the "port of entry" should be delivered in the middle of the night, unless they are agreed upon in dark smoke filled rooms "for both sides to better sa e face and make some dough in the process".
      this shit stinks to high heavens, back in the day in Ojinaga, the mexican army was there to receive deportees by the busload from uniformed US Immigration agents, with a Captain cheering us up and advising that there would be free trains to Chihuahua next day in the morning, courtesy of the mexican government owned Ferrocarriles Nacionales de.Mexico, now owned by US high level pederastas and drug traffickers with "new hearts" that do not transport lazy hooligans for free, unless they are special cargo coming in from SouthAmerica...

  2. If the air conditioning in my house is broken on a hot summer day why would i break into my neighbor's house and demand to use theirs ? It makes no sense to demand something from a host of which i am an uninvited guest. Protest in the country that birthed you and demand from the government that governs YOUR land.

    1. 1:51, well, if my loved neighor stole my air conditioner...
      Even if thy neighbor really owns his AC because of his honest work, he needs to voluteer or be volunteered to a good deed like saving his corrupt drug trafficking neighborr from a heat stroke

    2. @ 1:51 pm

      the dumbest analogy ive ever read lol

    3. 1:51 Say that crap to the Native Americans. And then we'll see how much your comment applies.

    4. @9:04 two wrongs make not a right.

      _Canadian girl

    5. 8:07 but it make a point.

  3. Bad things happen in cities at night. I heard back and fourth gunfire for 20 mins in east Dallas early this morning and never saw a cop - just helicopter flying above. Nuevo Laredo is not the hell hole they make it sound like and actually the murder rate is higher in east St Louis, Chicago and Baltimore. Nuevo Laredo's plaza is quieter now than it's been in years and that's good for our business up here.

    1. Nuevo Laredo is quiter now? Just recently they killed bunch of pendejos there maybe just for being related to some narco rat or because they themselves were in the whole thing.

  4. If there weren't so many Mexican criminals in America, there would not be a crackdown!
    Once Mexicans reach a critical mass America will become lawless like Mexico!
    Blame your own kind for the deportations and the kidnappings!

    1. @2:12 POP goes your your bubble;
      the 2015 National Academy of Sciences study found: "Immigrants are in fact much less likely to commit crime than natives, and the presence of large numbers of immigrants seems to lower crime rates."

      PolitiFact. In July 2016, it rated Mostly True a statement that Mexican immigrants "are more law-abiding than U.S. citizens and that is a statistic."

      PolitiFact pointed to a July 2015 report by the American Immigration Council, a pro-immigrant nonprofit in Washington. The council analyzed data from the Census’ 2010 American Community Survey and found that about 1.6 percent of all immigrant males (Census does not specify legal status) between 18 and 39 years old were incarcerated, compared to 3.3 percent of the native-born population.

      Immigrants come to the United States to build better lives for themselves and their children, said Walter A. Ewing, a senior researcher at the American Immigration Council and one of the report’s authors.

      "They are very motivated to not blow that opportunity by getting in trouble with the police," he told PolitiFact. "This is especially so for unauthorized immigrants, who can be deported at any time for unlawful presence."

    2. Chicano Studies degree? Lmao

    3. Check violent crime stats in US. Not true.

    4. 2:12 Chismes, gossip from racist mothaphakkkas.
      Mexicans own no money laundering banks, guess who?
      They are the worst frug traffickers, very experienxed, they know their way around everything
      --mexican always get the shitty end of the stick, the bread crumbs and the table scraps.

  5. Law of the land in Mexico Mexico will not protect their. Citizens. Time for change in Mexico

    1. Lots of predators there preying on the weakest stupidest ones. Lots of it fueled by drugs and greediness. Every decent mexican should carry their own escopeta with a pistola to defend themselves against the predators aka cowards.

    2. No pues mejor dos pistolas y una escopeta.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Call the whaaambulance!! Mexico should get it together so people don't wanna leave. Or at the very least, stop kidnappings in border towns. That shouldn't b too tough with all the equipment & $ the US gives them to fight crime.

      BB I hope you let some of this asshole's shit stand if it can,
      I understand some may be too wet like a cow pie.

    2. The U.S. should get it's shit together and stop the addicts from wanting drugs. Or I'll call the whaaaambulance when they come out dying of overdoses!

  8. Its sad and heartbreaking situation facing many deportees. A tough situation where many are good people and with the best intentions.
    However, Nuevo Laredo is not the only border town with violence and criminal gangs preying on migrants. Most of the cities and towns along the border are known to be tough and unsafe.
    Due to its location and logistics, every element of illegal activities transpire along the US and Mexico border.
    Nevertheless, the issue of safety for deportees bears full responsibility with Mexico. The lack of enforcement along those borders permit such cartels to do what they please.


  9. I understand if you deport on going criminals, gang members, and prior felons but if someone makes a mistake like him and gets in an accident then why waste the money to deport him. Sad to see his struggle and pain especially considering He has 4 children.

    1. he was in this country illegally, he is a criminal, americans are pissed that they have to follow every law while border hoppers get a pass on identity theft, illegal businesses, not paying taxes, draining our welfare systems etc... its gotten old, and illegals have worn out their welcome in the states.

    2. Abel Goebbel, your statistics come from where?
      Immigrants do nor qualify for state help, charities do help them, and illegal immigrants ean their keep with low wages that many times do not even get paid, not all illegals are criminals,.. most foreign businessmen in mexico are in fact the criminals but they got papers...
      Illegals are a consequence of their being robed of thr national patrimony and their personal dignity.

    3. de seguro eres uno de esos que teiene la cara de guadalupe pero se cree todo un Billy..LOL

    4. Abeleeva is an easily proved foaming a-hole,
      A' believe his ass is hurting, for some reason,
      --Is it you, Chema Tamalez?
      --LOL, "the Cartel de los Ardidos" is growing their pedorros, all anonymous members with many aliases,
      Go home and shut yo' yoyos, pendejos.

    5. Abel is a fool, a lot of immigrants pay taxes lol more then some citizens, just take a looo at your current presidents tax papers.... oh wait

  10. This makes my heart heavy. I don't have the answers. If I had the resources right now, I'd go pick up Narciso and get him medical care. I don't know why ICE has to go rounding up people that aren't causing problems. We have plenty of other people (on both sides) we can focus our attention on.

    1. so i get a ticket for speeding as a citizen and i'm a criminal, but he can commit identity theft, violate our immigration laws, not pay taxes and he's a perfect angel... riiiiiiight....

    2. You're not a "criminal" for speeding. Okay, maybe if you're going 80 mph in a school zone, that's different. He's not a "perfect angel", either. He violated our laws by being here, but shit..... that dude couldn't get a break. He was rear ended by someone, they throw him out, then he's beaten and starved by people that preyed on him. You have to agree he didn't deserve that. Like I said, I don't have all of the answers. A lot of the people, even if they buy social security numbers, do pay taxes into them. I'm not saying any of it is right, but they're human beings, too.

    3. Getting a speeding ticket does not make you a criminal jackass lmfao how do you know he committed identity theft or not pay his taxes? Immigrants nowadays pay more taxes than your dumb ass president trump has ever paid .. Lol do some research before you go on a comment spree and look stupid. Yea he was here illegally but please introduce me to a someone who hasn't broken a law at one point.. I'll wait

    4. Well, at least the immigrants are NOT being prosecuted or investigated by any special counsels for lies, tax evasions, money laundering or russian ties, that is more than a few billion dollars and rubles above from the #REAL SWAMP SCUM.
      LOCK'EM UP!

    5. Yep. They're treated by people on both sides like human merchandise. I don't have all of the answers, but they are human beings. If we're deporting people, it seems like we could 1) drop them off in a less hostile location and 2) not cheer when all sorts of misfortune happens to them. I know there are two sides to every story, but it looks like he was rear-ended and they took the opportunity to just deport him and dump him in Nuevo Laredo, and even more problematic, all of these people are cheering about "illegals" and the bad shit that happens to them.

      I'm not stupid enough to think that just because I happpened to be born in the US, that I'm a better person or deserve better things. It doesn't make me morally superior just because I have different resources. Some people seem to think this way.

    6. What a fuckin asshoke reply. This kid because he caused a misdemeanor in this country by commingnover here illegally deserves to die say idiots here! Then these same idiots wonder why the rest of the free world despises America!

  11. maybe they should deport themselves before the state has to do it for them and pick up the tab. if the government is going to do something, they're going to do it in the cheapest way, beggars can't be choosers. book your ticket to Mexico city now before the government books you a ticket to Nuevo Laredo...

    1. karma will def take you to meet a nuevo laredo with the hate you possess.

  12. That should have thought about the risk of separation before breaking the law.

    1. A traffic violation by accident dude c'mon. These parents aren't robbing killing assauling or anything of that nature.

    2. 12:39am If they went to the U.S. illegally is what I meant. By being in a foreign country illegally they're already awful of the law so the risk of being seperated is something they should seriously take into consideration.

    3. @ 7:27
      ok yes thats true but 10 - 20 years later and 2 or 3 kids its not so easy when your seperated from your family.

      put yourelf in their shoes, dig deep for some compassion for human life then comment what you think

    4. 1:11am I've been in there shoes and thought about it and it doesn't change my mind one bit.

  13. This is a terrible thing this man went through . Dropping them off like this into a bed of crime should be avoided . That being said , this man always knew he was committing a illegal offence being here . Illegal immigrants have historically been targets of crime on both sides of the border . Not at all anything new . If the ins starts dropping them off in any border town the criminals will set up shop . If they stop deporting , do you think they will stop their extortion rackets ? If you believe they will are a fool . A predator feeds on his food source until that food source is no longer there and then moves on to another food source and continues to hunt prey because he is a predator .
    A very sad sad situation for this man and his family . Was he driving drunk when he had this accident ? This article was clearly written by pro illegal immigration people . It is clearly a one sided story . Not saying he was drinking but the other side of the story is clearly omitted . God help Mexico .

    1. No he wasn't drinking. He was hit from behind by another car. Probably wasn't even his fault.

    2. its so sad what is happening. Trumps deporting family members and leaving them in Crime ridden areas of Mexico. This is so wrong. May God help those who are hurting the alien.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Paranoid motherfuckers that have a simple solution for Americas problems like the kingpin strategy and now the deportation of inmigrants. Then bec
    Fore there was also get rid of Sadam Hussein and the Osama Bin Laden. Like these items by themselves are going to solve this countries problems. Such brainwashing by this countries leaders always trying to point fingers about who causes problems only to divert attention from the real problem within this country like overspending and drug consumption and divorce rates higher than any other country in the world tearing apart the moral or other fabric of families apart. Stupid!

  16. I received complaints re: racist remarks being posted lately. Please send to me any complaints for our review and I apologize if you were offended. We try not to allow racist or political fire starters in.....

    1. What do you mean by racist remarks chivis? You constantly allow comments referring to whites as crackers and gringos. You only delete comments made toward non whites. That makes YOU the racist.

    2. 10:07 I would never allow those comments in. Nor wojuld I the vile ones coming in. like roaches, let one in.... you have no idea what you are trying to address, you are prejudging the situation without facts. That is dangerous. In fact that is what is referred to as being prejudice.

      In your world I am racist against my white husband, and my half Dutch children. Grow up time for a diaper change willito.

  17. This is a problem that the Mexican government needs to deal with.

    It is ridiculous to try to blame the US for a Mexican problem.

  18. El ilegal no es un terrorista
    el ilegal es trabajador
    los terroristas traen pasaporte
    no entran por tierra si no en avion.
    Asi es que dejen de molestarnos
    y reconozcan nuestra labor.
    Somos mojados eso es muy cierto
    pero no es malo ser ilegal
    somos humanos igual que ustedes
    porque nos quieren asesinar.
    Tengan cuidado que somos muchos
    y por ahi vienen millones mas.
    Aunque refuerzen bien sus fronteras
    nos meteremos a su nacion
    ese gran muro no nos detiene
    nos cruzaremos y de a monton.
    Y auque no quieran darnos licencia
    pues viajaremos con a de Dios.
    Y arriba todos los ilegales compas
    Centroamericanos, Sudamericanos,
    Caribeños y Mexicanos.
    Solo queremos tener trabajo
    eso buscamos en su pais
    nos educaron a no agredir
    pero tenemos nuestros derechos
    y lucharemos hasta morir.
    Nos discriminan por ilegales
    pedimos visa y no nos la dan
    quien les entiende su burocracia
    inventan leyes por inventar
    pero pa todo tenemos mañas
    de cualquier forma vamos a entrar.
    - Los Tucanes de Tijuana

    Mis respetos para todos esos que solo vienen a trabajar. - Sol Prendido

    1. Es mejor demostrar respeto que solo decirlo por internet.

  19. All these jack assess been waiting to comment some anti Mexican shit Lmao.. Come on man cut the shit y'all can blame the Mexicans for coming but in reality blame the lazy fucks that won't or aren't willing to do the jobs the Mexicans do.. Who do you see in construction? In the kitchen? In the cleaning business? In landscaping? You are gonna say cheap labor OK sure but we do a good damn job unlike you lazy fucks that want top dollar and multiple breaks at work Lmao. Greetings from East Dallas in case someone gets salty Lmao

  20. The Mexican govt. should be coordinating with the U.S. to received their deported citizens and get them to where they want to be in Mexico. Instead they are paying lawyers in the U.S. to help them stay there. Makes no sense at all.

    1. Police officers on the US used to drop "disgusting people" in dangerous neighborhoods, until they got caught.
      Believe me, it is no coincidence that this is happening under this racist administration, by the way the donal's construction company only charges 86 million dollars for mile of wall, lighting and signage extra, but Enrique does not want to deal or keep quiet and "vicente fox" himself said in public he is not paying "for that pinche pader", those illegal big mouth fake mexican presidents need to keep quiet and learn their lesson.

    2. 11:38 true in LA they used to pick up gang members in the night and drop them off in a rivals "hood" hell they still do these days.

  21. So name calling and personal attacks are OK as long as they are in line with the administrators philosophies? Got it.

  22. Que pena que no están publicando ningún comentario que ataca la idea de el señor dd y sus ideas. Realmente me encanta discutir con gente con ideas diferentes pero eso no digno de un verdadero periodista. Y este es un sitio de periodistas no? Ojalá que publican este comentario después de no publicar mis últimos dos que escribí en inglés.

  23. Is there a s t standard as to what does and does not qualify as an approved comment. Or is it subjective depending on the personal opinions of the moderator of the moment? Seems to be some censorship is at work that has nothing o do with racial comments or foul language, as I have had at least 2 separate comments not published for no valid reason. Here I am reading comments with personal attacks, foul language and ridiculous ideas, yet my well reasoned and non-inflammatory comments are being rejected. I tell you that such actions do not serve this website nor help enlighten what is happening in Mexico/US. Please continue reporting on narco events, as I feel it is important that more become aware of what is going on. Thank you.

    1. Get a grip !
      Currently LOTS of things are related to " Narco Events ". Who here believes " Narcos" are only involved w Narcotics ? These organizations are are just that, highly organized crime groups, most of which are completely diversified into all manner of organized crime , incl Human trafficking, organ trafficking, prostitution rings, embezzlement,extorsion, gambling, slave labor, oil and other mineral extraction , etcetcetc, with diversified businesses , assets, shipping routes , facilities, money laundering, fake businesses , legit business, HELLO....... the world over is perforated from the lowest to the highest levels in Organized Crime and DTO's are a part of the Medusa head.

  24. What a tragedy. I agree with you 100% dd.

  25. I thought i was reading comments on breitbart article for a minute.

    1. Well mister Cristian Tragos, you got about 3 comments t's posted in a row and you sad nothing but complaints about DD and wondering about puras pinchis pendejadas BYE!

    2. fudge breitbart
      steal from mex blogs without giving credid and ads biased opin .

    3. Breitbart was founded by an extreme right wing tea partier,
      I was seduced by Breitbart's enthusiasm, and then I started thinking by myself and discovered it was all tea party and bullshit cookies porn, lik Alex and
      Now it is run and owned by nazi styled oilygarchs with lots of computer skills they use to milk hedge funds and mismanage investments and support teaparty candidates like ted cruz ruz or the more extremist "don con" supported by loyal servants like Kellyanne Conway the Alt stepford spokeswoman trying to earn some money and an european vacationfrom pushing Alt Antifacts...Who is Rrobert Mercer? And who is Rebekah Mercer?

    4. And CNN was founded by Neo-Liberals. @8:42

  26. Anda fuera el "Muletas" ex CAF y hora raza de Mayo. Asi dise el semanaro zeta.

    Hora si se va poner bueno en tj.

    Ya dijo que va contodo contra el cjng

  27. It's simple. If you are here (USA) and have a job then you are producing. There should be a path to keep undocumented workers in the country. However if the illegal immigrant worker commits a crime then drop them on the streets of Tijuana without apology.
    If I commit a crime in a foreign country I am visiting or living in I expect to be punished and shipped out at my expense.

  28. Wow . Pretty sure some of the posts that are posted and not posted are politically motivated . 5:12 says let the illegals in until they commit another crime . Would another post got his posted if he said "deport without prejudice ? The statistics say 1/3 of El Salvador is here in the USA . I'm sure there some good people but we know there are some very bad people also .

    1. The civil war obviously had nothing to do with the situation of the ppl from that country, it only made it better definetely.


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